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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 27



When Xi Guang and Yu Sen were on their way to attend his friend’s wedding reception, Gu Man threw in a scenario that is fairly similar to Shan Shan but with a difference 🙂 Later we can compare all her books and spot the similarities 😛

Chapter 27

I did prepare properly what to wear for each of the two wedding receptions on the first and second. The outcome was God’s plans superseded mine (it means best laid plans of mice and men often go awry). Unexpectedly, the temperature dropped at night on the 31st. Moreover it dropped ten degrees all at once. With the blink of an eye, winter has arrived.

This time I was in trouble.

Most of my clothes were at home in Wuxi. The clothes in Suzhou which were suitable for this weather now …… actually …… only …… work clothes ……

If go and buy ……

I looked at the time. I woke up late today as it was already half past twelve now. Lin Yu Sen will come and pick me up at two o’clock, so there was absolutely not enough time.

I struggled between elegance and temperature for a long time. Finally I decided to choose temperature and appeared on time at two o’clock in front of the company.

Lin Yu Sen’s car was parked at the roadside. He probably had waited a while for me. Seeing me, he opened the door and got out of the car. Then he frowned.

I promptly explained: “I am not going to wear it to the wedding reception. I will take it off when we get out of the car. I am wearing it now to keep warm only.”

He looked at me for several seconds before implicitly said: “Nie Xi Guang, this is my first time bringing a female companion to attend a friend’s wedding.”


“So, please can you not give me the feeling that you are accompanying me to work overtime?”

I helplessly explained: “I also can’t help it since I don’t have thick clothes over here. There is not enough time to buy new one.”

He looked me up and down, “Get into the car. I’ll bring you to a place.”


“I used to have a patient in Suzhou who is a fashion agent for some apparel brands. I’ll bring you there to take a look.”

Such a big deal?

I asked hesitantly, “Is this really necessary?”

While he was flipping through the phone book, he casually replied: “Yes, I worry about losing face.”

“……” I can only remain silent.

Lin Yu Sen’s former patient was a very warm and hearty middle-aged woman who called herself sister Wang. When we arrived, she had already been waiting in front of the store. The moment we got out of the car, she came over to welcome us enthusiastically: “Dr. Lin, you’re such a rare visitor. ”

While saying that, she looked at me, “Is this Dr. Lin’s girlfriend? Oh, pretty good. When I was hospitalized, I had been thinking  which young woman will be so lucky to be Dr Lin’s girlfriend in the future.”

I was about to deny it, but she was really too fast. Before I can say anything, she had already run far away, said to go and get me a catalogue and so on.

I felt a little sweaty, looked embarrassedly at Lin Yu Sen and said: “She seems to have misunderstood.”

Lin Yu Sen replied calmly: “It is alright. The misunderstanding can get us a discount.”

…… This sentence was too powerful! For a split second, I actually felt that it seemed not bad to let people be so misunderstood?

However my barely present integrity still weakly reminded me: “This is not so good ……”

“Do you think it is very good if I say I bring my employee here to buy clothes?”


All right……

Since the time to explain has passed now, I cannot rush up to say that I am not Lin Yu Sen’s girlfriend. That will be too embarrassing. Anyway, I guess we will not meet again in the future, yet can …… get a discount, so let it be.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Soon, sister Wang was holding a stack of catalogues and bringing a young woman back.

“This is Anne, the No.1 salesperson in our store with especially good taste in clothes. I will get her to help you to find some clothes to try. You can also take a look at the latest catalogues of several other brands which I am the fashion agent for over here.”

“Okay, thank you.” I took those books.

Anne walked in a circle around me.

“You will look good in anything. You can try a variety of styles. What kind of clothes do you usually prefer to wear?”

“Simple and comfortable one.”

“Oh, then how about these?” She flipped over a few pages for me to see, “Or do you want to try other styles, like this sweet one?”

I was indifferent so I nodded: “Okay.”

She quickly took a pile of clothes for me to try.

I have to say she was a master in her specialized field. I tried several sets of clothes and felt that all of them were also pretty  good. Considering that I have not been buying clothes for quite a while, I might as well buy them all.

“I’ll suggest Miss Nie to wear this to attend the wedding reception. A little formal yet not too formal, very fresh and sweet. We also have matching hair accessories. Do you want me to help you to do your hair?”

Her eagerness really made it hard for people to refuse. Consequently, after some effort and time, I have changed hairstyle. A little fluffy hair bun secured by a matching small hair clip.

Besides attending godmother’s dinner party, I have not felt this grand for quite a while. Suddenly I started to feel a little embarrassed. I cannot help but want to turn around to look at Lin Yu Sen and ask him if I’ve reached his standard of not losing face yet.

However why it felt so strange to let him see after I have finished dressing and putting make-up……

Hence I quickly did a 180-degree turn back and said to Anne: “Anne, thank you. I like all of these clothes so please tally up the bill.”

Anne replied with a smiling expression: “When you were trying the clothes just now, Mr. Lin had already paid.”

That Mr. Lin has nothing to do and was looking at a magazine. When I turned around to look at him in surprise, he calmly looked up and gave me an aloof nod.

My train of thought was momentarily interrupted for a while. It was not because I felt offended by him paying. But because his current posture and action were just too stylish.

After a short time, I only managed to recover from that flashy it made my dog-eyes blind (a meme in the Chinese internet world meaning jaw-dropping) condition. I walked over and felt a bit uneasy when asking: “Did you pay? How did you know that I wanted to buy them?”

“They all look pretty good.” He closed the magazine and said that in a very natural tone.


Who was actually buying the clothes?

At this moment, sister Wang came back with the bank card and was about to return it to Lin Yu Sen: “Anne accepted your card because she doesn’t know anything. How can I accept money when you bring your girlfriend here to buy clothes? I am eternally graceful to you for saving my life.”

Lin Yu Sen smilingly said: “I will still bring her here to buy clothes in the future. Since you don’t accept money, how do you expect me to come next time?”

He looked at me.

I blinked my eyes and immediately echoed this sentiment:. “Yes ah, yes ah, let him pay la.”

Only then, sister Wang reluctantly swiped the card to settle the account.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

We carried the bags and walked out of the store. The moment we got out and before waiting for me to speak, Lin Yu Sen has already handed over the bill to me.


“Did I cooperate well just now? I’ll pay you when we go back.” While I was feeling pleased with myself, I took the bill and glanced at it. I instantly froze, “…… 70%, 70% discount?”

I immediately stopped in my tracks.

“Wait a minute, I just saw another pretty good set. I want to go back to buy ……”

Lin Yu Sen grabbed my arm, felt headache and said: “Miss. Nie, we are going to be late for the wedding reception.”

We were almost late. When we arrived at the hotel, the bride and bridegroom were preparing to enter the banquet hall.

The bride who was standing at the doorway of the banquet hall saw us. She immediately hiked up her skirt to come over and complained: “Dr. Lin, I thought you are not coming! Oh, who is this young lady?”

She looked at me with a curious and gossipy expression on her face.

Huh, she did not know me? Didn’t he say she invited me here? I looked suspiciously at Lin Yu Sen.

Lin Yu Sen gave me a smile: “She is the one who got frightened by you until fell down. Didn’t you ask me to bring her here?”

“Ah ………… you’re right!” The bride exclaimed and apologized: “Right or wrong? I am sorry! I was too busy until I have forgotten! I really did not do it on purpose last time. I have acrophobia so when I see people standing up high, I also feel scared. I am sorry for not recognizing you just now because I was scared to death last time and Yu Sen blocked me from seeing you clearly. You should know that Yu Sen was simply too scary at that time …… ”

She pulled me aside and spoke to me for a full three minutes. Her speaking speed was so rapid until almost without punctuation. Then she introduced the bridegroom to me. He was a big guy with a charmingly naive look.  He also apologized very sincerely to me again.

I was a little embarrassed, but fortunately the master of ceremonies urged them to prepare to enter the banquet hall, so she stopped. When Lin Yu Sen and I were about to walk into the hall, the bride called him once again.

“Yu Sen, I have also invited the teacher here. He has been very worried about you. Since you have brought Xi Guang here, take her to let him have a look and feel reassured.”

Huh, what did this mean? It will not be ……

I stood still.

“Wait, did your classmate misunderstand just a moment ago? She thinks ……”

Lin Yu Sen seemed to be awakened from my own train of thought. He halted his footstep to look at me: “Think what?”

“Similar to that kind when we were buying clothes just now ……”

Lin Yu Sen appeared to be pondering: “Actually, it doesn’t matter to misunderstand once in a while. I did not have a girlfriend for so many years which I feel a bit loss of face. I am a man of striking appearance, so you are not losing out ……”

After all, how many times did you lose face! Some more said you were a man of striking appearance. I almost laughed out and took great effort to say with a straight face: “No way! Moreover there is no discount involved.”

“No way, really?” He questioned closely.

I firmly shook my head.

“Okay.” He did not continue to ask further and looked at me with a faint smile.

Suddenly I felt that I have fallen into a trap …… but at that time, I cannot figure out why I still have this kind of feeling since I have already voiced my refusal.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Dr. Fang has also arrived. The moment we entered the banquet hall, he waved at us. But Lin Yu Sen did not go directly to him.  Instead he went to the host table and stood behind a grey-haired old man.


The old man turned around and was a little surprised to see us: “Oh Yu Sen! You’ve come.”

“Yes, I am here.”

The old man was tottering and wanting to stand up but was stopped by Lin Yu Sen. He bent down his tall body and asked in a deeply concerned voice: “Teacher, how is your health lately? What is your fasting blood sugar level?”

The old man waved his hand: “I am also a doctor, some more is your teacher, so do you need to worry about this?” While saying that, he looked at me and happily asked: “Is this your girlfriend? Very good, very good.”

Lin Yu Sen paused, then said: “No.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed Vice President Lin still have some moral integrity! However looking at the old man’s  disappointed expression, I felt a bit unbearable.

It seemed like Lin Yu Sen has a very good relationship with his teacher.

Then I heard Lin Yu Sen said to the old man in a soft voice: “I’m still pursuing.”

The old man’s expression instantly recovered from disappointment to joy. He sized me up with a happy face. I was startled by what Lin Yu Sen said. My heart trembled and I looked at him in astonishment.

He also looked at me and used that kind of eye expression he used before in the clothing store to hint to me to cooperate.

When I looked at the silver-haired old man and his tottering appearance, I cannot help but nod, “okay.”

After nodding, I realized that he did not say I am his girlfriend. He only bluffed the old man by saying, ‘still pursuing’. Need I also admit to this?

However, I realized that my admission made the old man happier. Looking very pleased, he continued to say: “Good, good, good. It is good that you’ve a target. I am afraid you’ll behave like before. Yu Sen, you cannot hold a surgical knife but life does not consist of surgical knife only. No matter what, you still must live your life properly.”

Although the old man’s words were very common, it was full of deep, protective love. Thinking of Lin Yu Sen’s bad experience, made my eyes nearly tear up.

Lin Yu Sen nodded and said: “Teacher, I will.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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