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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 28



Surprise that the update is so fast lol? Don’t treat this as the norm since I don’t have a fixed schedule on posting. It all depends on my time and mood. This chapter continues with the first wedding banquet and will end with a surprise 😛

Chapter 28

The master of ceremonies stepped onto the stage to announce the wedding ceremony was about to start. We said good-bye to the old man and walked towards Dr. Fang’s table. Lin Yu Sen’s mood seemed a little down.

Although I knew that the sudden declaration ‘to pursue’ me was to comfort the old man, I more or less still felt a little uncomfortable. However seeing Lin Yu Sen so downcast, I could not help but take the initiative to talk to him.

“What happened to you?”

“I’ve not been visiting teacher for more than a year.” Lin Yu Sen said, “Teacher was a leading neurosurgeon with students from all over the world, but he only put his heart and soul into training a few. I was one of them and some more his last trainee. I have let him down badly and wasted his effort.”

“You cannot be blamed for this. He also did not blame you.” I cannot stand seeing him appearing this low in spirit so I quickly interrupted him, “Anyway you’re also very awesome now …… at least your future boss appreciates you very much.”

“Future boss?” All of a sudden Lin Yu Sen laughed in spite of himself, “You?”

“Precisely!” I nodded enthusiastically.

“That’s a deal?” His eyes were deep, “Don’t kick me out the door in the future.”

“It’s a deal. It is people’s wedding so can you quickly cheer up? Taking into consideration my first time being confessed to in public was wasted… you, so you should be happy.”

“Really? Your market is so bad?” He gave me a sympathetic look.


You recovered really fast?

Indeed it was quite awkward for a man and a woman to attend other people’s wedding together. The moment, we sat down at Dr. Fang’s table, we were teased again. His classmate said: “Aiyo brother Sen, finally, you are willing to bring your girlfriend out to let people see?”

This time, Lin Yu Sen’s reply was very serious.

“This is little Nie who is my colleague. Previously, Dr. Lu Sha’s scream frightened her until she fell down from a building. Thus she felt guilty and specially asked me to bring her here to attend the wedding.”

Clear, simple and honest, I was very satisfied.

Dr. Fang sprayed his tea. Under the puzzled gaze of everyone, he wiped his mouth and stirred up trouble by saying: “The old rule applies. Junior, the last one to arrive will be penalised with drinking three glasses of wine.”

“I shall be excused since I need to drive back to Suzhou in the evening.”

“Come on, old rule cannot be changed. Who does not drive here? Worse comes to worst, take a taxi. Come, come, come, fill up the glass.” Other classmates also started to join in. They poured a full glass of red wine with deft movement and handed it over to him.

Lin Yu Sen seriously considered for a moment and said: “I’ll get someone to drink for me.”

Then he gave the glass to me ……

Everyone at the table was shocked.

Of course, including me ……

Dr. Fang was dumbstruck for quite a while before saying: “Junior, I am really no match for you on being shameless!”

I promptly gave him a plus one.

Looking at the red wine he thrust upon me, the last vestige of doubt in my heart was all erased. My mind felt completely relaxed ……

Being so shameless cannot be the rhythm of pursuing people!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The entire wedding was a very happy event.

I did not know whether it was birds of a feather flock together or what, as his classmates were also very humorous. At the beginning, I was a bit reserved, but with Dr. Lin on my left side and Dr. Fang on my right side, it was really difficult to remain so ……

When the newlyweds came to propose a toast, a little awkward thing happened.

According to the custom of my family here, money wrapped in red as a gift will be given to the newlyweds when they come to propose a toast. However in Shanghai here, it seems that the red packet will be given when you arrive at the hotel. Thus when the bride and groom came to propose a toast, I was the only one at the whole table who took out a red packet = =

The bride insisted on not accepting, “You come together with Yu Sen, so how can I accept your red packet? Yu Sen’s gift had been delivered to my home long ago.”

Everyone at the table was beaming and looking at me. I was very embarrassed, “That is his, my ……”

“Accept it.” Lin Yu Sen said.

The bride was hesitant: “This is accepting double ……”

Lin Yu Sen calmly said: “When the time comes, you return her double.”

“Ah, no need ……”

“That will do.” The bride smilingly took the red packet from my hand straightway. After she left, I sat down and turned to ask Lin Yu Sen: “Why did you ask people to return double to me? Even if it is a joke, it is simply too cold.”

“I take into account …… inflation. I feel that I cannot let my future boss loses out.”

I: “…… Thank you!”

After the newlyweds proposed a toast, the banquet was nearly over. His classmates began to discuss where to go next. Dr. Fang was the most active one. After discussing for a long time, finally they decided to go and sing K (karaoke) after disturbing the privacy of the bridal chamber (Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds).

I asked Lin Yu Sen softly: “Do we have to go?”

“You don’t like?”

I helplessly said: “Just look at my name and you’ll know my attitude toward singing K.”

After hearing that, he stared very intently at me.

I black line: “Why are you looking at my face? My name is not written on my face.”

He laughed: “No, but I was thinking. Nie (聂)? Three ears so your sense of hearing should be sharp. Furthermore there was a composer called Nie Er. All these indicate that you are very good in music?”

“…… Indicate all my talent is with the ear, so can only listen.”

“So?” Lin Yu Sen was not very sincere in conveying his regret, “How about disturbing the privacy of the bridal chamber? Going?”

Why was he not the least bit interested when everyone was discussing about it just now? But he seemed more active than Dr. Fang now?

“Of course not going. Must do good, or else when you get married ……”

“Make sense.” Lin Yu Sen looked at me and nodded thoughtfully.

Dr. Fang came over and asked Lin Yu Sen: “Are you going? Aren’t you eager to get married? Well, advance knowledge of  disturbing the privacy of the bridal chamber to increase your experience.”

Lin Yu Sen replied very honestly: “She told me must do good, or else on my own wedding ……”

Dr. Lin, you really betrayed your teammate!

Dr. Fang looked at me in extreme shock: “Little Nie, are you in such a hurry to get married? You’ve already started to worry about being disturbed in the privacy of the bridal chamber so early?”

“…… Where got?!”

“Not worry? Then let’s go together to play pranks in the bridal chamber!” Dr. Fang said with a wicked grin on his face.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I was pulled to go and disturb the privacy of the bridal chamber just like this.

Initially, I planned to take a look for a little while then leave, but in the end …… to my surprise, I did not want to leave.

This was the first time that I saw people disturbing the privacy of the bridal chamber. I did not expect it could be so fun. Although I will not go and tease the newlyweds, this did not prevent me from watching others did the teasing. At the same time, I clapped to cheer for them.

Ultimately, Lin Yu Sen has to pull me out of the honeymoon suite in the hotel.

Standing in the elevator, Lin Yu Sen said a little helplessly: “In the future, cannot let you mix with senior brother because you get corrupted too easily. Didn’t you say you must do good?”

“Oh, I’ve thought about it. It is still too early to get married at my age. Hence I am not worried to do good this early.”

“Well, not necessarily, it also depends on the other party ……”

I looked at him. Suddenly I recalled Dr. Fang said he wanted to get married, so I smilingly said: “Don’t worry, I won’t use all of these moves on your wedding.”

He glanced at me, “I am very happy that you’ll be able to attend my wedding, but I reckon you’ll not have time to disturb the privacy of the bridal chamber at that time.”

Since I will be attending the wedding, why I will not have time to disturb the privacy of the bridal chamber?

I imagined in my mind for a while what he will look like when he is being teased as the groom and felt a burst of joy. Thus I immediately decided to break the promise I made just a moment ago.

“Wait till you get married!”

“I’ll definitely wait.”

He was all smiles when saying that.

When we walked out of the hotel, we discovered that it had already started to snow. Lin Yu Sen’s car was parked in the car park across the street. He put on his coat, “Wait for me here, I’ll drive the car over.”

I stood alone on the flight of steps, waiting for him to drive the car over. It was somewhat cold outside. I hugged my arms and watched the slowly falling snow. My train of thought gradually relaxed completely.

Hazily, I seemed to hear someone calling me.


Was I hallucinating? Why I felt that I heard Boss’s voice?

I turned around and saw that lean and tall figure which I had not seen for a long time.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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