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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 14.2



This is a rather difficult chapter to translate so I need a two weeks break. The cover picture has already revealed what this chapter is all about so don’t ask me any question but use your imagination 😛

Chapter 14.2: To Understand, To Love and To Promise Ourselves to One Another

Xu Mo Ting went to put down the things. An Ning walked around the house once and said, “If only two people living here, I won’t want such a big house because it feels very cold and deserted.”

Mo Ting came down from the second floor with an extra coat in his hand. After hearing what she said, he could not help but smile, “Then how about 120 square meters?”

“Uh, good enough.” Actually still a little big. Mo Ting signalled her to go over and An Ning happily walked over to him. The central heating was on in the house, but the living room was not warm enough yet. Thus Xu Mo Ting gave her the coat. She smiled and stretched out her hands to put on the good quality beige colour coat. The moment she put it on, she felt warm. Furthermore it seemed to have a trace of fresh lemon smell. An Ning hugged him inside his black coat and touched his slender waist, “Really nice and warm.”

Xu Mo Ting helplessly said. “Knock it off”. Although he said that, he was also reluctant to pull away her hand. Then he gently and softly asked: “Hungry?”

Once he mentioned it, An Ning did feel hungry. She did not eat anything in the morning and only ate some noodles in the afternoon. She looked up and asked: “Are we driving out again to eat? It seems a bit far from here to the city centre.”

“No need to go out.” Mo Ting said: “I’ll cook for you.”

An Ning forgot leader Xu was not only good enough to be shown around to the guests but also skillful enough to cook. He was an all-rounder fashionable and good-looking boyfriend. She happily flattered him straight away: “Then I’ll be your assistant and help you!”

Xu Mo Ting chuckled, “Okay, go and wash your hands. Then take a look inside the fridge to find out what is available.”

An Ning went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to find glittering jewels to delight the eye (an idiom meaning a dazzling line-up). She cannot help but remember that the house was untainted by even a speck of dust when she was strolling around the house just now. She looked suspiciously at the person behind.

One look at her expression, Mo Ting already knew what she was thinking, “It should be my relative who got someone to clean and tidy up here.”

An Ning winked, “Really thorough. It feels like a high-ranking official dressed as a commoner in order to go on an inspection tour incognito.”

Xu Mo Ting raised his hand and gently pinched her face, “What nonsense. At most, I am here to visit my girlfriend. Who asked her to be so cold-blooded to abandon me without thought.”

An Ning rejoiced in her heart but her face still looked deadly serious: “Then why did you stay in a hotel previously?”

“A little closer to your home.” A little closer to you ……

An Ning naturally understood what was said. She blushed slightly and said: “I am hungry. Cook for me.”

Xu Mo Ting laughed out, “Okay, always willing to serve wifey.”

This meal was eaten very happily. The dismay in An Ning’s heart was swept away. She only felt the sun was shining brightly. The central heating inside the house was also warm.

After they had finished eating, they went out for a leisurely walk to the lakeside. She still has Xu Mo Ting’s coat on, a bit loose. An Ning’s figure was slender and well proportioned, so she did not look awkward wearing his clothes. Instead she looked confident and at ease. Leader Xu looked handsome and elegant as always. Occasionally someone will walk past them and all also could not help but glance a few more times at this outstanding couple.

The splendor of the red clouds filled the whole sky. An Ning was holding Xu Mo Ting’s hand and walking leisurely around the lake.

When she saw the red sun was about to disappear into the water soon, she excitedly pulled Xu Mo Ting’s hand. He smiled and led her towards higher ground. Waiting for her to stop gasping for breath, he straightened up and looked at a far away spot which linked heaven and earth. The sunset glow dyed the surface of the lake into magnificent gold color. The cool breeze was blowing. Thus they cannot help but take a deep breath. This made them feel particularly carefree and relaxed.

She was about to turn around and want to say something, but discovered Xu Mo Ting was looking at her. Her heart was moved, so she cupped his face and kissed him. Mo Ting slowly tightened his arms around her, delicately, meticulously, yet intensely seeking for more. The enchanting, rosy sky washed its glow of colour onto their clothes and hair. In the entire world, the most beautiful thing, the thing that would cause the heart to flutter, was this embrace, here, beneath the maple tree in this grove.

When the two returned to the villa, it was already nightfall. They stopped in front of the garden gate. Xu Mo Ting consulted softly: “Should I send you back now or …… later?”

An Ning’s face was a bit red. She bit her lip and said: “Can I stay the night?”

Xu Mo Ting’s eyes became very deep and dark. He appeared gentle as always, “An Ning, do you know what this sentence signify? I may not have the willpower to treat you in a refined and courteous manner again.”

An Ning was stumped for words and her ears have also turned red, “Then, forget about it.” When she was about to turn away, Xu Mo Ting pulled her into his arms and said softly: “Call your family and tell them.”

An Ning called home. It was grandmother who answered the phone. To her surprise, the elderly lady readily agreed. This made her feel guilty. She walked to the sofa and sat down. The television was broadcasting a major sporting event. Xu Mo Ting put a ceramic cup to her lips, “Drink a little to moisten your mouth.”

She seldom drinks tea, but felt that the tea flavor was very mellow, leaving a rich aftertaste. Thus she cannot help but sip two mouthful.

“Do you want to lie down?” He chuckled and asked.

She had been busy for the whole day so she was mentally as well as physically tired. Thus she will not pretend otherwise. She languidly lay her head on his leg, treating it as a pillow. Xu Mo Ting was sitting on the sofa watching a basketball game on TV and stroking her hair lightly.

An Ning was thinking, her father will surely be furious if he knew of this. She knew his father’s stand was for the well-being of his child. But she knew even better that she likes Xu Mo Ting. Whenever thinking that she might have to break up with him, she will feel unbearable. Regardless of how the Xu family was, whether complicated or shady, the person she likes is Xu Mo Ting. It was enough that he is very, very good.

Xu Mo Ting did not disturb her when he saw her staring at the screen, lost in thought. As time passed by, it was nearly eight o’clock when the sports program on CCTV 5 finished its broadcast. An Ning sat up. Xu Mo Ting gently asked: “Hungry? I’ll reheat the food.”

“Not hungry because ate too much in the afternoon.”

Xu Mo Ting could not help but laugh out. Then he switched off the TV, “If you are not sleepy, accompany me to play Go.”

She was not sleepy, but the game of Go …… seeing that he has no intention of letting her go to sleep in the guest room, she cannot help but let her imagination run wild. Her face turned hot and her brain was feverish. She hesitated for a while and nodded, “Okay.”

Mo Ting took out the Go board from the cabinet beneath the television. An Ning sat cross-legged on the sofa whereas leader Xu sat opposite and leaned on the sofa in a relaxed manner, “Black or white set?”

“Black set.”

Mo Ting arranged the game pieces properly. With their respective Go pieces, the match began.

Although Xu Mo Ting was not an expert in Go, he was a meticulous planner. An Ning was simply no match for him as she lost two games in less than an hour. This practically ended before it even started. An Ning was frustrated because she was after all his girlfriend but he did not even show a little mercy. When they were in their third game, leader Xu thought of something and said warmly: “Oh, by the way, I forgot to say, our bet is to settle in kind (body).”


“A total of three games.”

“You rascal!”

Xu Mo Ting leaned over with eyes only for her. He put his arm around her neck, kissed her lips and said softly: “I mean the winner will need to settle in kind.”

An Ning stared blankly at him, her heart beating like a drum. She was afraid to look at him again. In the next instant, Xu Mo Ting behaved like nothing had happened and returned to his original position. When she looked up and saw the smile on his face, she could not help but blush and want to get up. Xu Mo Ting pulled her back down and An Ning did not resist. Then he loosened his grip and slowly pulled her close to him, increasing their proximity.

She did not know how long had passed when she was leaning on his shoulder and panting lightly, “I’m going to bed.”

“Okay.” He withdrew his hands and gently released her waist.

When An Ning went into the guest room on the second floor, she fanned herself with her hands. Finally she went to the bathroom to wash her face to stay calm. Then she went back to the room and lay on the bed. Although it was late at night, she was still not sleepy. After indulging in flights of fancy, she felt even more clear-headed instead. She picked up the remote control on the bedside table to switch on the TV. The television programs at night were mostly boring, so she flicked through the channels. After over twenty minutes, she gradually felt a bit sleepy. Hence she curled up and fell asleep.

After he had finished bathing, Xu Mo Ting stood on the balcony for a while, before walking slowly to a guest room in the south wing. He pushed open the door and entered the room. Then he saw a documentary was being broadcast silently on TV. He smiled, turned off the TV and gently lay on the other side of the bed.

An Ning will always get up once in the middle of the night to drink water. When she was on the verge of waking up, she sensed a familiar smell beside her. Suddenly she felt a burst of peculiar heartbeat in her chest.

Xu Mo Ting’s deep and gentle voice can be heard, “Do you want a drink?”


The bedside lamp was turned on. An Ning took the glass given by him and took a few sips. When she gave the glass back to him, she stared into his eyes. That pair of deep eyes have always been clear and were also gazing at her.

“Only three o’clock, go back to sleep.” Mo Ting put down the glass. An Ning lay down again. In the quiet atmosphere, there was only each other’s breathing sound.

Xu Mo Ting sat for a moment, leaned over and whispered into her ear: “An Ning, do you want me?”

Her whole face was scarlet red. The eyes clear and bright. Her expression was somewhat vague. But her eyes were frank and full of love.

Xu Mo Ting smiled and lowered his head to kiss her eyelids.

Both of An Ning’s hands unconsciously slid into his hair. His hair was very soft. When she ran her fingers through his hair, she felt cold and some numbness.

Mo Ting moved slowly and kissed her on the lips and neck. As it turned out, the impatient in the heart was so unbearable.

He knew very well what he wanted. The cry in the heart was deafening. He reached out to touch her face. He wanted her, only then will his life be complete. Otherwise all will be shattered.

But he still stopped, “If you say no, I will stop.”

His handsome face was also red. His deep eyes were burning fiercely like fire. An Ning’s response was to pull him towards her, and kissed him. She loves him, so she did not want to break up with him.

Any remaining calmness and coolness instantly vanished like smoke in thin air. His movements were gentle and not impetuous but his lips already dropped a kiss on her lips.

When the two people trust one another fully (it also means stripped naked), they were already panting. In their first time tasting passion – desire, they were exceptionally tense. Embrace, kiss, intertwine, were all thrilling and done to the extreme.

Xu Mo Ting worshiped his lover’s body. Both of his hands wandered over every angle of her body. The person below only have him in her blurry eyes. He cannot help but kiss her lips and neck passionately. However such pure kisses were unable to satisfy his heart’s desire. Mo Ting felt unbearable and frowned. The intense desire and longing in his body turned out in full force. He wrapped his hands around her waist and held her gently so that both of her legs were supported by his waist. Sweat oozing from his body. The pleasurable sensation can be felt through every fiber of his body just like being under siege. Even before entering,  the whole body was already wet. Even though he was usually calm and cold, he was helpless, ignorant and loud at this very moment. Taking a deep breath, he gently pushed his way in.

An Ning’s whole body trembled and her eyes were moist.

Xu Mo Ting knew she was in pain, but he could not stop. He felt more painful than her. When he entered further, she felt so  painful until tears were sliding down from her eyes.

He did not know how to comfort her, only kissed her time and again to kiss away her tears.

Every second of the loving process was also torturous. His gentle soothing made her feel calm again. Finally, unable to hold back his desire, he followed his instinct little by little. He cannot be considered skilful, but with slow-moving and powerful movements. The most primitive tacit understanding between a man and a woman crushed all modesty. Only left a genuine passionate love from the heart.

Xu Mo Ting held one of her hands with his damp, hot and trembling hand. He put her hand on his cheek. When desire climbed to its peak, he kissed her hand.

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