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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 29



Here is the chapter which everyone is waiting excitedly for. Finally VP Lin meets Zhuang Xu. Read on to find out what will happen.

A few weeks ago, Gu Man had a Q&A session with her fans on her birthday. She revealed some spoilers for Book 2 which I’ll post below this chapter. If you don’t want to know, don’t scroll down 😛

Chapter 29

June until January, it has already been half a year ……

I have deliberately not thought about tomorrow, but I did not expect this moment to arrive so early.

Nie Xi Guang, you must not let yourself down.

I quickly averted my eyes from that figure, took the initiative to step forward, smiled and greeted them: “Oh, how come all of you are also here?”

Nearly everyone was here, Boss, Boss’s husband, Xiao Feng, Si Jing, Zhuo Hui, Rong Rong ……

There was also Zhuang Xu standing beside her.

For a moment, I seemed to have returned to the old days ……

But I did not want to return to my frame of mind in the old days.

I was beaming when looking at them.

Unfortunately, my perfect opening was quickly destroyed by Boss. Looking like she was deceived, she yanked my ear and roared, “Nie Watermelon, didn’t you say you’ve to stay in Suzhou to overtime on the 1st so you cannot come out?”

I felt dizzy. Boss, when will you change your bad habit of yanking people’s ear whenever you feel excited.

Xiao Feng and Si Jing also came over and asked at the same time: “Watermelon, why are you here?”

“Yes ah, some more dressed so beautifully. Initially, we did not even recognize you.”

“Are you working in Suzhou? Boss, when did you manage to contact Watermelon? Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Didn’t you go abroad to study? When I changed my phone number in July, I called you but couldn’t get through.”

I answered one by one.

“I’m in Suzhou.”

“I was overseas in July so I cannot receive any call.”

“I did not go aboard to study. Why did all of you think I went to study abroad? It was a study tour. In fact, it was just to go sight-seeing aboard for two months.”

“Study tour?!”

A deep and repressed voice can be heard. Other people immediately stopped talking.

It was Zhuang Xu.

“Yes ah.” I paused for a while, turned my gaze, and finally fixed my gaze on his face, “Accompanying Jiang Rui there.”

“Not to study aboard?” He took a step towards me. It was probably due to the light, because he looked particularly gloomy like storm clouds approaching.

“No, not ah ……”

Suddenly Rong Rong advanced a few steps forward to stand next to him. She was all smiles when she said to me: “Xi Guang, the Boss was decorating the wedding venue today, so why didn’t you come?”


She simply did not give me a chance to speak. “Actually, you really ought to come and learn because I’ve learned a lot. When I get married, I’ll know how to arrange things. It is very interesting to decorate the wedding venue.”

Indeed very interesting ……

I smiled, “All of you should know that I have always been the most lazy one.”

“Oh, by the way, Xi Guang, I want to apologize to you about what happened before. I’m sorry for wrongly accusing you.” Rong Rong appeared very sincere, “After stepping into society, I only realised our friendship during university days is hard to come by. I’ve found my happiness now so I hope you can also find your ‘own’ happiness! Don’t just look at ‘other people’ happiness! You also have to make an extra effort!”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Ye Rong!”

“Xi Guang.”

Two voices can be heard almost at the same time. I turned my head to look at who has been calling me. In the midst of the gently falling snow, Lin Yu Sen who was wearing a black coat, was walking up the stairs, step by step.

At this moment, I was so grateful to him.

Grateful to him for being so calm, charismatic, elegant and outstanding.

I turned around and ran down the flight of steps.

He was a bit surprised, stopped in his footsteps and watched me ran to him.

I grasped for breath and stopped in front of him. I looked up at him but did not know what to say because my mind was confused.

“What’s up?” He asked me with an exceptionally low and soft intonation.

I stared blankly at him. After a while, I only recovered my train of thought, “…… bumped into my university classmates.”

He raised his head to look at the top of the stairs. Then he paused and did not make any movement for quite a while. I slowly calmed down, turned around and followed his gaze. Zhuang Xu was standing at the edge of the stairs and staring at us. Under the neon lights, the expression in his eyes was dark and unclear.

Suddenly Lin Yu Sen pulled my hand.

“Your classmates? Come with me.”

He pulled me a couple of steps, before I reacted and wanted to break free. But I only managed to move slightly, before he tightened his hold on me.

He led me back to the top of the stairs. Then very naturally let go of my hand.

Boss and others were all looking at us and have difficulty concealing their shocked expression.

Xiao Feng spoke up: “Watermelon, you ……”

Si Jing was the first one to react, “Watermelon, aren’t you going to introduce?”

Introduce what ……

I raised my head to look at Lin Yu Sen.

“So you have such a nickname? Why you’ve never told me?” He looked at me with a smile on his face. His voice was gentle, like the falling snow. Then he turned to look at Si Jing and others, revealing a faint and gentle smile: “Hello, I’m Lin Yu Sen.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Boss was obviously lost in her thoughts for a little while.

“Haha, hello, how are you? We are Watermelon’s schoolmates at the university.” Then she looked at me and pretended to complain, “Watermelon, you said you cannot come to help because you’ve to work overtime. Actually, it is to accompany your boyfriend, paying more attention to a boyfriend than friends! You should have told me earlier, so that I won’t try to force you to come.”

“Please don’t blame her.” Lin Yu Sen smilingly helped me to explain, “Xi Guang was supposed to work overtime, but my close friend was getting married today. She is adamant about meeting her, so I’ve to bring her here.”

Boss chuckled: “Aiya, okay, okay, I am not angry with her. Isn’t it normal to pay more attention to a boyfriend than friends?”

They probably already considered Lin Yu Sen as my boyfriend. I did not want them to misunderstand, but at this very moment ……

I did not want to deny even more.

I turned my head to look at the side of the road, “Didn’t you go to get your car?Why I didn’t see your car?”

Otherwise, we can go back now.

“The car is blocked by another car. The traffic police cannot find the vehicle owner at such short notice. I am afraid you’ll be waiting anxiously so I came over first.”

“Uh, cannot drive out?”

Lin Yu Sen glanced at his watch, “If still cannot find the owner later, I’ll ask the driver to send us back to Suzhou.”

“Oh.” I nodded my head. I almost forgot this was his home turf.

“Wow!” Suddenly Xiao Feng patted on my shoulder, “Watermelon, your family also has a driver!”

“Not my family.”

Si Jing smilingly said: “Got it! It is your boyfriend family’s driver.”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere seemed to turn lively. Xiao Feng chattered continuously to ask a lot of questions, where he worked, where they met and so on …… I answered some, but Lin Yu Sen answered most of them.

He always smiled and handled the questions with ease.

In the midst of noise, Rong Rong’s cold voice can be heard, “Zhuang Xu, where are you going?”

Everyone quietened down.

I did not know when, but Zhuang Xu has already braved the snow to walk down the steps alone.

“I’ll go and get a taxi.” He halted his footsteps for a while and did not even turn around when he said that.

“Why do you’ve to go elsewhere?” Rong Rong sounded stiff, “Can’t you get a taxi here? We came over because it is easier to get a taxi here.”

“You can get a taxi here.”

He said this sentence and went ahead to walk down the stairs without even looking at us.

“You stand there.”

Rong Rong bit her lower lip, glanced at me and quickly turned around to chase after him.

“Uh, Watermelon, we are also going. Come early to the wedding ceremony tomorrow, just opposite the hotel.” After a moment of silence, Boss said goodbye to me first.

“Okay, okay.” I nodded and tried to focus my attention on her, “Then see you tomorrow.”

Everyone said goodbye to us one after another. Before leaving, Boss waved to Lin Yu Sen: “You must also come to my wedding with Watermelon tomorrow.”

“I’ll definitely come.” Lin Yu Sen said with a smile.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

They completely disappeared into the darkness. All of a sudden, the surroundings seemed quiet, only the falling snowflakes.

I turned around to ask Lin Yu Sen: “The car still cannot be driven out? I want to go back to Suzhou earlier.”

“Return to Suzhou for what? I’ll bring you around to have fun.”


He looked away from a distant place and rested his gaze on my face, “Don’t tell me I brought you out happily, but to bring you back crestfallen?”


“Got meh?”

He lowered his head to look at me, “On the brink of tears.”

His voice was extremely gentle and soft. Actually it was unlikely for me to cry. But with him saying like this, suddenly I felt like crying.

“So, you want to go and look at the night view or watch a movie? Or …… if you like to play games, then we will go to that kind of amusement arcade? Exactly that kind of ……”

I stared blankly at him because I discovered that I was not able to keep up with his line of thought.

He probably has never set foot in that kind of place because he was trying very hard to describe it: “Exactly that kind of amusement arcade where you can dance, you can throw at a basket, race car and so on?”

Why did I think every one of the options was also very attractive …… as long as not returning to that dormitory all alone ……

I made a fist. Suddenly I was controlled by my impulse: “Then we’ll go and look at the night view first. Afterwards watch a movie and then go to the amusement arcade?”

“Nie Xi Guang ……”

Unexpectedly, he laughed, took out his wallet from the coat and tossed it to me, “Why are you so greedy? Quick help me to count, to see if the money I brought is enough.”

I must have been affected by his mood, because suddenly I felt excited and emotional. Therefore I really opened his wallet and counted the money. Then I pointed across the street and said: “There is a bank over there. I’ll go and get some money. You are too poor.”

“Really not enough? Still a lot left ah.” Lin Yu Sen moved his head to look at the wallet, “I’ll go and get the money. Miss Nie, tell me how much of my money do you intend to spend tonight?”

“No need la. Are you as rich as me?”

I was holding my bank card and running down the flight of steps.

The ice-cold snowflakes were falling on my face. Some of my rationality returned. I turned around to look at him who was walking behind me. Seeing that I turned around, he waved at me, as if urging me to go and get the money quickly.

Hence I also waved at him and ran quickly into the bank.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Supposedly, Watermelon and VP Lin will break-up and Book 2 can be teary! Gu Man said something along the lines that there may be a “warm, cute epilogue” but who knows if that means they break-up in the middle and get back together again, or they break up as a conclusion but then have a warm epilogue? She also complained that because she had written the novel from the first person perspective, she cannot write about VP Lin and Zhuang Xu’s inner thoughts. Thus she can only torture Watermelon with some angst.

Sob sob, it is okay to break them up in the middle of the novel but she better lets my Sen Ge (meaning brother Sen in Chinese which is how the book fans and Gu Man address him) and Gua Mei (meaning sister Melon in Chinese) to ultimately have a happy ending, be it in the book or epilogue.

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