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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 45



That’s all for now folks. This is the ending for the online version of the novel. When I get my hand on the physical book, I’ll translate more. The story is nothing to shout home about. I picked this novel because I was suffering from Shan Shan withdrawal. Nevertheless this is still a funny and entertaining novel so I hope you had enjoyed it. Lastly, I want to give a huge thanks to all my helpers for their contribution.

Chapter 45: The End

On the next day, as usual, Lu Jun claims he has to work overtime. After telling me repeatedly to eat properly at night, he goes out. This time I am well-prepared. Soon after he stepped out of the door, I wear a hat and sneak out to follow him. When he goes to the car park to take his car, I book a taxi to wait for me in front of the street. Seeing that he drives his flashy private car out, I promptly instruct the driver to follow him from behind.

The vehicle moves at a neither slow nor fast pace. There are many crossroads, so I warn the driver repeatedly, fearing that he will lose track of him. After travelling a certain distance, even though I am a person with a poor sense of direction, I also notice that the route Lu Jun is taking is not the one going to the office. Thinking of this, my heart hurts. He is really lying to me!

After about twenty minutes, Lu Jun’s car finally stops at an intersection. I pull my hat a little lower to conceal my face better. My eyes watch his figure closely, only see his gentle and graceful movements in getting out of the car and closing the door. Then he goes straight towards a building at the side. I look and find out that it is a very well-known hotel in the city.

A man with a successful career deceives his pregnant prospective wife by saying he has to work overtime. In fact, he sneaks to the hotel. I do not need to say this, but you can guess what is going on!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Jun’s figure has already disappeared from my line of sight. Thinking it is very likely there is a woman waiting for him inside, I angrily pay and get off the taxi. I put both of my hands on each side of my waist and walk to the front door of the hotel. But surprisingly, a welcome staff stops me. Looking at my slightly protruding stomach, she smilingly says in an apologetic voice: “Madam, I am sorry but our hotel has already been booked by Mr. Lu.”

I take a deep breath and ask: “Why did he book the hotel?”

The welcome staff politely replies: “It is said that Mr. Lu booked our hotel for the person he loves most.”

I am so angry right now until I gnash my teeth. Well done big boss Lu! To have an extramarital affair in such stylish manner by actually spending so much money to book the entire hotel! Some more said for the person he loves most. If the woman inside is the person he loves most, then what about me? What kind of vixen to make him so obsessed? I simply must pluck her fur!

Thus I ignore her and try to dash inside. The welcome staff anxiously pulls me back: “Madam, you really cannot go in.”

“Why can’t I go in?” I glare angrily at her and say righteously: “Let me tell you the truth. I’m that Mr. Lu’s wife!”

“Are you Mr. Lu’s fiancée?” The welcome staff looks skeptically at me. So she knew Lu Jun has a fiancée. I am secretly delighted as this will make it much easier. Just when I thought I can finally go in, I see her shaking her head firmly: “Then there is even more reason for me not to let you go in. Please leave.”

What!? I am speechless. Could it be that Lu Jun who is an astute and circumspect man had already told them in advance not to let me go in, so as not to disturb his happy occasion?

Nothing can be done with things the way they are now. In my fit of anger, I am not afraid to have an acrimonious falling-out. Thus I take out my mobile phone and ring Lu Jun’s phone.

The moment he picks up the call, I shout into the receiver: “The man with the surname Lu. I am in front of Hotel XX now. You better come out within three seconds!”

He seems to have gone blank with my shouting. He pauses for a while before asking softly: “Why are you here?? Didn’t I tell you to rest at home?”

I suppress the anger in my heart and snappily say: “Of course you do not want me to come! But if I do not come, how can I know what you’ve done?”

He seems a little surprised: “You …… already knew all about it?”

A guilty conscience, right? I say in a cold voice: “Yes, I knew about everything.  I’ll wait for you in front of the hotel, so you better come out right away!”

After saying that I slam down the phone. The welcome staff is somewhat stunned and staring at me. She does not regain her composure for quite a while. She seems intimidated by my big sister temperament. (Is frightened by your fiery temperament!)

Before long, Lu Jun walks out in neither fast nor slow pace. The moment he sees me, a look of helplessness flashes in his eyes. He sighs and says: “Initially, I wanted to tell you later as I did not expect you to find out in advance.”

I cannot bear the grievance in my heart anymore. When I dash over, the welcome staff cries out in alarm. I want to grab him by the collar, but is not tall enough. Thus I can only do the next best thing which is to grab his sleeve. With both of my eyes very red, I sniff and shout: “Lu Jun, I really did not expect you to be this kind of person!”

He is shocked and stared blankly at the spot where he is standing. He looks at me with a frown and reprimands me in an angry tone: “Why are you making a scene?”

He did something bad to me yet dare to reprimand me so righteously! I don’t care about my image anymore. I continue to make a scene by crying loudly and saying: “I know I do not deserve you. You are a young, handsome and rich big boss. Whereas I’m merely a good for nothing ordinary people. Thus it is reasonable for you to find and keep a mistress …… ”

“Mistress?” Lu Jun interrupts me and looks at me like he is looking at an alien.

I sob spasmodically and nod. My speech is already a little unclear: “I already knew about all the things you did in the past few  days. The welcome staff also told me that you booked this hotel for the woman you love most. Where is that shameless vixen?”

Lu Jun looks at me with an expressionless face: “Are you sure you know what I’ve been doing?”

I firmly nod my head: “Any normal person will also be able to see such an obvious thing!”

Suddenly he looks a little annoyed: “How can I forget your thinking is not the same as a normal person!”

I: “……”

While talking, he suddenly pulls my hand and walks straight into the hotel. I struggle and ask: “What are you doing?”

He does not even turn his head and replies in a cold voice: “Don’t you want to know who is that vixen?”

I am instantly startled by this unexpected move of his. Where got a man hurriedly bring his wife to meet the mistress after the wife discovered his infidelity?

His walking pace is especially fast. My short legs have to run a little to follow closely. When I recover my composure, he has already stopped in front of a hall. I lift up my head to see as far as the eye can see. I immediately stand stiff like a sculpture.

This is the most beautiful and romantic wedding hall which I’ve ever seen. This hall is bright and spacious. The design of the bright-colored lights is like a flower in full bloom. From time to time, they flash and change shape and color. Firework  displays  are arranged in a picturesque order along the walls. Bright-colored and festive bouquet have also been arranged to form a big heart shape. In the middle of it is a wedding picture. In the photograph, Lu Jun is wearing a bridegroom suit. He is smiling and his black eyes glitter brightly. This outstandingly handsome appearance makes people cannot stop looking. Whereas the woman  wearing a wedding dress is holding a bouquet of flowers. She smiles until her eyes look slightly narrower, making her look silly. But her whole face is filled with joy and happiness.

At this moment, a few men and women wearing similar uniform come over. One of the women smiles at me and says enviously: “You must be Mr. Lu’s fiancée. He personally designed all the decoration and structure here. It seems like he wanted to give you a surprise. You are really fortunate to be able to marry such an attentive and considerate man like Mr. Lu.”

Suddenly I realize Lu Jun booked here for our wedding reception. As for that so-called vixen, she is precisely me! No wonder I heard women’s voice over the phone last night. It turns out to be the staff member who were helping to decorate the wedding  hall ……

Remembering my tantrum before realizing it is all a misunderstanding, I feel ill at ease. I weakly turn around and see Lu Jun’s face which is as black as the bottom of a pan.

After returning home, Lu Jun who is obviously still angry, goes into the bedroom without saying a word. I consider myself in the wrong, so I am in a much weaker position. I cautiously push open the bedroom door and see him resting on the bed. I walk over, take off my shoes and get under the quilt. Then I snuggle up close like a kitten and hold his waist. I place my cheek on his neck to curry favor with him.

“Hubby, I know I made a mistake.” I apologise in a pitiful manner.

After a while, he is still indifferent like he has fallen asleep. I know he is pretending to be asleep. Thus I persevere and apologise again in a humble manner: “I really know my mistake and will not dare to make it again.  Hubby, don’t be angry. If you are really so angry until it is unbearable, then you punish me la. You can punish me in any way. I’ll definitely not complain!”

Finally he has a reaction this time. He slowly turns his body around and his black eyes narrow slightly: “Can punish you in any way?”

I nod my head: “Yes!”

He looks at me with evil intentions: “What do you think is the common punishment between a husband and wife?”

“Could it be that……?” I look sadly at him. Could it be that he wants to kick me out of the room? Looking at my questioning expression, his gaze is very firm: “That’s right. It seems that you understand.”

Without any better option, I pick up the pillow and is about to get up: “Well, I am going to sleep in the living room ……”

His face darkens. Without letting me get up, suddenly he pushes me down and kisses my neck and collarbone passionately. Both of his hands skilfully unfasten the buttons on my clothes …… I realize right away. As it turns out, what he meant by punishment is different from what I think!

He unfastens the buttons in rapid speed. Then very quickly, his hand covers my chest. I cannot suppress anymore so I breathe out loudly. As if receiving an encouragement, he rubs and touches even more forcefully. Such an action fuels some soft moans from me. I feel my whole body is burning hot and my mouth is dry. My mind is also muddled. Unconsciously, his shirt has already slipped off. The tight and smooth skin on his strong chest is pressing and rubbing firmly on my bosom. His hands take this opportunity to move downward ……

After the cloud and rain (sexual intercourse), the wave gradually fades away. He holds me in his arms and breathes softly at the side of my ears: “Xia Ye, do you like the wedding hall that I’ve decorated for you?”

I lay happily in his arms: “I like.”

He nods with satisfaction: “Then are you willing to marry me?”

I behave very obediently like a little bird relying on people (idiom meaning cute and helpless-looking): “I am willing.”

He continues to ask: “Will you stay by my side forever?”

I readily nod and agree: “I will.”

He asks again: “Can we do it again?”

I subconsciously nod: “Yes.”

After saying that, suddenly I realize what he meant. I know right away I’ve been tricked. However it is already too late as Mr. Lu transforms into a wolf once again. He turns over and presses down ……

That night, Lu Jun gently embraces me in his arms. His warm and big hand gently caresses my belly. It feels like he is giving me a massage which is particularly comfortable. He rests his cheek on my neck so he is breathing into my earlobe. After a while, his hands start to misbehave and wander around my body. He calls out softly in a slightly hoarse voice: “Xia Ye.”

While trying to stop his hand, I answer: “Ah?”

His eyes darken: “Do you want to know what I want to do now?”

I firmly shake my head: “I do not want to know what you want to do now. But I want to let you know what I want to do now.”

He raises his eyebrows: “Then what do you want to do now?”

I: “Apart from sleeping, I do not want to do anything now ……”

He: “……”

After a while, he softly calls me again: “Xia Ye.”

I subconsciously reply: “Ah?”

He wraps his arms around me and asks softly: “Do you feel happy being with me?”

I firmly shake my head: “Not very happy.”

He frowns slightly: “Why?”

I: “Because I feel too happy being with you. This is too much for me, so I feel not very happy. If you can make me not too happy, I will feel very happy! Thus in order to make me feel happy, do not let me feel too happy, okay?”

He: “……”

Hence his hands finally start to behave themselves.

After another moment, he seems a little depressed and heaves a helpless sigh: “How is it possible for a brilliant guy like me to love a silly and idiotic woman like you?”

I snappily say: “God is so good to you. You not only have a dashing and handsome appearance, you also have an intelligent mind which is more outstanding than others. Furthermore you have a successful career and the cream of the crop. With your favoured circumstances, you still have the nerve to sigh!”

All of a sudden, he asks: “Is there this saying? When God opens a door for you, he will close a window.”

I nod: “Yes ah!”

He: “Then I know why I love you.”

I: “……”

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