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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 30



Three quarters of the novel had been translated and only 10 more chapters to go. Gu Man has not announced when book 2 will be released but my sixth sense tells me it will be in 2016. This is because she started writing this novel in 2006 so next year is the 10th year. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, I’ll be busy so update will be fortnightly until 2016.

Chapter 30

We went to the amusement arcade first because it was the nearest.

Actually, this was my first time in an amusement arcade, and now walking in the midst of the deafening music, I felt rather awkward, like my hands and feet were tied. Considering this was also Lin Yu Sen’s first visit, I felt that  we should observe how other people were playing first. But obviously Mr. Lin did not think one needs to learn how to play games. After changing some coins, he randomly found a ski simulator machine which nobody was playing and told me to go up.

Then ……

“Be careful of stones.”

I was struck and killed by a stone.

“Take note of the turning.”

I failed to turn on time, so knocked against the mountain and died.

“There is a truck in front.”

I have no doubt that I will collide with the truck ……

Looking at the enormous ‘Failed’ word on the screen, I felt a little unhappy. Thus I turned my head to look at Lin Yu Sen, waiting for him to continue to insert coins. Unexpectedly, he began to take off his coat. After that he even took off his suit. Then he put the clothes on the armrest. After folding the sleeve on his shirt, he gracefully and naturally said to me: “Come down, it’s my turn.”


Did- you-not-bring-me-here-to-play?

I reluctantly came down from the game machine and glared at him. I hoped he will quickly hit the tree, hit the wall and hit the mountain. However things turned out contrary to the way I wished.  Although it was also his first time playing, his ability to control was obviously much better than me. Seeing that he speedily passed through two levels in succession, I recalled the animosity I felt when he shooed me down. Thus I could not help but start to cause trouble.

He clearly ought to turn left, but I shouted: “Turn right, step on the right side, step on the right side!”

He clearly ought to take the middle road, but I called to his attention: “The road on the left side is a shortcut, so take that one ~~”

Such a pity that Lin Yu Sen did not follow my instructions at all. I cannot even fool him once. Seeing that he was going to pass through the third level soon, a bright idea suddenly occurred to me. Looking at the figure on the screen needing to turn left, I quickly shouted: “Turn left, step on the left side. ”

The outcome was Lin Yu Sen stepped on the right side.

The figure on the screen tragically knocked against the mountain.

“Ha ha ha ha!” I laughed so hard.

Lin Yu Sen has no choice but to stop: “Why did you suddenly stop deceiving people?”

“When did I deceive you?” I will not admit this at all, “Look, this is the consequences of not trusting me. Okay, come down come down, it’s my turn.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Then we went to the cinema.

I chose the movie which was the latest blockbuster released. It was said that the battle scenes are very exciting,  guarantee to keep you on the edge of your seat, guarantee to feel intense, guarantee …… the quality of sleep  ……

“Nie Xi Guang …… Xi Guang.”

“…… I fell asleep?” I rubbed my eyes.

“Yes, let’s go.”

He helped me to brush away the popcorn which spilled on my clothes. Then he stood up, picked up our coats and  walked out. I  followed him from behind. After walking out of the theater, only then I felt a little more clear-headed and asked him in embarrassment: “Did I sleep for a long time? ”

“Fifty minutes.”

…… Why keep track of the time so clearly ……

I felt a little embarrassed so I changed the topic: “What is the ending? Is the female lead saved? Who kidnapped her?”

“The male lead’s father.”

“Isn’t it unlikely? Why?”

“The male lead’s father engages in prohibited drug testing and is discovered by the female lead ……”

Suddenly a girl’s chuckle can be heard, so I turned around and looked over. A young couple were smiling happily and looking at us. They seemed to have sat next to us when watching the movie just now.

Seeing that I was looking at them, the girl gave me the thumbs up, “Your boyfriend can do two things at once, very  awesome ah. Surprisingly, he can explain the plot without any mistake.”

After saying that they walked away, grinning.

What can do two things at once ……

I looked at the rear view of the couple, and also looked at Lin Yu Sen, “…… you can’t also have fallen asleep?”

Lin Yu Sen seemed like he did not hear me. He kept a straight face and raised his hand to look at the watch, “It’ll be one o’clock soon. You better go to bed early since you’ve to attend a wedding tomorrow.”

“Oh …… okay, are you tired? Then better go to bed early. Aiya, senior brother Fang was really bragging. He said after you had  performed an all night surgery, you were still like a lively dragon and animated tiger (an idiom meaning vigorous and lively)  …… ai, why?”

All of a sudden, Lin Yu Sen grabbed my arm and dragged me towards another direction.

“Go up from here to look at the night view.”

The movie theatre was on the ground floor. On the fifty-sixth level, in the same building was the bar. It was so quiet like in another world. From the super noisy amusement arcade and cinema, to such a super quiet place, suddenly I became silent.

The snow was falling quietly outside the window.

Simply lowering the head and before one’s eyes was the brilliant night view of this city that never seemed to sleep.

Had I not once fantasized that I could walk happily together with another person in such a night scene, or that in a similarly tranquil night, we could sit, face to face, with one another?

Had I not once fantasized that person can accompany me to watch a movie together? I would have wanted to buy popcorn, but he would surely complain that this is junk food. However when we were watching the movie together, he will still take a few popcorn in passing.

Maybe I will fall asleep while watching the movie and spill the popcorn all over the floor.

Had I not once fantasized that I will go with him to buy clothes? After I chose a pile of clothes for him to try, he would surely be impatient ……

I have so many fantasies, that I wanted to fulfil together with him. But ultimately it was another person who fulfilled them with me.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The waiter brought the fruit juice that I ordered. Only then, I realized I had been lost in thoughts for a very long time. Surprisingly Lin Yu Sen was also quietly looking out of the window. For as long as I had sat there lost in my thoughts, he was there with me, accompanying me in silence.

Life is so amazing. I have never thought that one day, I would be sitting quietly at a place and watching the night view together with Lin Yu Sen in such a snowy night.

I reached out and cupped my hands around the fruit juice glass.

“Thank you.”

Lin Yu Sen moved his gaze from the window and raised his glass to me, “You’re welcome. No words can express your appreciation of me.”

I immediately burst out laughing.

I did not know whether it was the effect of the candlelight or ambiance. Suddenly I felt each and every move of Lin Yu Sen was so graceful and appropriate to the occasion. It exuded an indescribable lethal effect.

Suddenly I have taken a keen interest in him. Ignoring those complicated train of thoughts, I curiously asked him: “Lin Yu Sen, how old are you?”

“Nie Xi Guang, you knew too little about your boss.”

“…… After all, are you working for me or is my boss?” He switched roles a little too easily, didn’t he?!

He smiled. “This position is pretty good. On the one hand, I can control you. On the other hand, I still have to earn money for you.”

“More like to enslave me.” I snappily said, “Quickly say how old.”

“Six years older than you.”

I calculated, “It cannot be. You have a doctoral degree. To be able to finish a doctoral degree and also worked as a doctor, you cannot be so young.”

Although he appeared young and promising.

Lin Yu Sen seemed to have choked, “…… I started school relatively early. I also got my academic degree relatively early.”

“Oh, like this …… By the way, why did senior brother Fang call you the number one beast in the medical school?” I asked in high spirits.

He coughed once, “Nie Xi Guang, is it appropriate for you to ask me this kind of question face to face? When you’ve time later on, why don’t you ask …… senior brother Fang?” He paused, “Didn’t both of you already exchange phone numbers?”

He was holding his wine glass and leaning on the back of a chair, “How many bad things has he spoken about me? It seems like he had told you about my past.”

“Don’t worry, senior brother Fang did not say anything about your love affair or gossip and so on~”

“Where got love affair?” He smiled gently, “Medical school was very busy. Being a doctor was even more busy. Thus there was no time to chase after a girlfriend.”

“Then how about those chasing after you? You, sir are so talented and attractive looking so it is not possible that nobody chase after you.”

“Perhaps the ‘sir’ sitting opposite you has very high standards.” He was looking at me and there was a flash of light in his eyes, “Why are you so interested in me today?”

I heaved a sigh, “I am bored.”


He choked on the wine.


Suddenly I became aware of a serious issue, “Why are you drinking? You still have to drive home later.”

After I took the money from the bank, the vehicle owner who blocked our car had been found. Therefore we drove over here. Since he drank some wine, how to drive home later?

“No need to drive because my house is not far from here, about twenty minutes walk.”

“Oh, that is good then.”

I turned around to look out of the window. The snow was falling more heavily, “Will the road be filled with snow when I wake up tomorrow? Will it be difficult to get a taxi?”

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

I turned my head to look at him. He was looking at the swirling liquid in the glass, “Your classmate also invited me to attend the wedding. You don’t want me to go?”

Tomorrow ah ……

“Why don’t I want you to go? I’ll prepare the money wrapped in red as a gift and bring you there to freeload tomorrow!” I drank a big mouthful of fruit juice and said excitedly.

“However, please make sure that you look even more handsome than today.”

“Even more handsome?” He repeated the words in a pondering manner, “You’re not afraid that they’ll misunderstand that we are in that kind of relationship?”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter to misunderstand once in a while.” I imitated his speech, “I am a woman who is pretty like a flower, so you are not losing out!”

“You ah …… really had too much fun today.” He gazed at me with eyes which seemed to have stirring emotion.

My heart trembled. All of a sudden, I felt that I probably really played too hard until muddle-headed. Then I cannot help but move my line of sight away.

Out of the corner of my eyes, the candlelight in the glass was swaying.

After a long while, he said, “Go to bed early, or else there’ll be two dark cycles under your eyes tomorrow. Then you won’t be a woman who is pretty like a flower.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

There was a pretty good hotel in this building, very convenient to check-in.

“Need me to go with you?”

“No need!”

It was simply too strange for a man and a woman to do the paperwork together to check-in to a hotel.

Lin Yu Sen nodded and held open the elevator door, “Okay, send me a message after you’ve reached your room.”

I made A-OK gesture, ran out of the elevator and turned around to wave at him. Watching until the elevator door was closed, only then I walked towards the hotel reception.

The receptionist warmly greeted me: “Good evening miss, how can I help you?”

“Hello, is there any room available? I would like to check-in.”

“Yes, can you please provide some identification?”


I quickly took out the mobile phone to call Lin Yu Sen’s number: “Lin Yu Sen, where are you now? Please come back.”

Lin Yu Sen carefully signed his name on the check-in confirmation form. His handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly and seemed particularly serious.

But ……

“…… Do you really want to laugh?”

He raised his eyebrows, “You noticed?”


I knew it……

Lin Yu Sen handed over the signed form to the receptionist. Then he turned around and told me: “Remember to lock the door after you’ve entered the room. Don’t open the door to anyone knocking. Any sign of disturbance or trouble, call me immediately.”

“…… No need to be like this la.”

“The room is registered under my name. Miss Nie, for the sake of my reputation and innocence, OK?”

“O ~ K ~” I tiredly rested my head on the counter.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. This is your room card.”

The smiling receptionist handed him the identity card and room card. In turn, Lin Yu Sen gave the room card to me and walked to the elevator with me.

“Thank you, luckily you brought your identity card.”

“It doesn’t matter even if I did not bring since my house is just twenty minutes away.”

“…… I still cannot stay in your house ……”

“What are you thinking?” He glanced at me. Then he raised his head to look at the elevator indicator light with a calm appearance, “I mean it is very fast to go home to take the identity card.”


“Okay, your elevator has arrived.”

He pressed and held the elevator floor button. Then he handed a few of the bags in his hand to me. “The clothes which you left behind in the car.”

Did he purposely go to the underground car park to take them?

I stared blankly for a moment before reaching out to take them, “Ah, thank you …… then I go up la?”

“Go up la. Go to bed early.” He nodded, “I will look even more handsome tomorrow. Don’t forget to look pretty like a flower tomorrow.”

“…… I’ll try my best ……” I walked into the elevator and waved to him in silent, “Good-bye ……”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I really had fun until very late today. When I found my room, I climbed on the bed and lay down first before mustered up the strength to go to wash my face and brush my teeth. After washing the face, I cannot sleep anymore so I was tossing and turning in bed. Thinking of Lin Yu Sen having to brave the snow to walk home in the middle of the night. Furthermore this man was showing off by wearing only a suit and an overcoat. I could not help but send a message to him.

“Are you home yet?”

He replied me directly with a photo.

“I’ve arrived. This is the night view from my home, which should be the same as outside your window.”

The photo was probably taken from his balcony. Bright lights. The Huangpu River at night. There was even half a glass of wine placed on top of the railing in the balcony.

His house looked pretty good. But why was he still drinking alone in the middle of the night? Didn’t he drink enough just now? I reached out to press the switch on the bed head to open the window curtains. Then I readily took a photo of the night view outside and sent to him.

“Almost the same. Why are you still awake?”

“Thinking about how to adjust the annual plan.” (the author asked if you understand the double meaning here?)

“…… You’re really very dedicated to your work. As your boss and also your subordinate, I would be ashamed.”

“I’ll labour and toil with my mind and body, while Ms. Nie waits to reap the profits.”

Teasing me again, I was no match for him. Thus I retreated promptly. “Good night, Mr. Lin!”

“Good night.” He replied me. A short period of time later, he sent another message.

“Miss Nie.”

Could it be that he must send antithetical text message to me? Mr Lin, this was obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I could not help laughing and intend to turn off the phone to sleep.

However the finger paused for quite a while on the off button before moving away. I opened the text message screen again and strolled down. Then I fixed my attention on that name and stared blankly.

I clicked on that name. All the text messages that I had sent to him, as well as the few messages he replied, appeared on the screen.

The last message was still the apology I sent to him but he has never replied ——  “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you and Rong Rong are together. Otherwise I would not have talked to you like that. Hopefully, it didn’t cause you any inconvenience.”

Countless times, I have stared at this page and thought, if I send him another message, will he reply? What will he write in his reply ……?

This was the first time I stared at this page and thought, if I should delete all of the messages, as well as his name ……

In the end, I still did not do anything. I turned off the phone and tossed it far away. Then I pulled up my quilt and closed my eyes.

Surprisingly, I fell asleep very quickly and did not even dream. Hence I slept very well and woke up in the morning, glowing with energy and vigor. After washing the face and rinsing the mouth, it was about nine o’clock. I turned on my phone and just in time to receive Lin Yu Sen’s phone call.

“I’ve already arrived downstairs.”

“Huh? But it’s still too early to attend the wedding.”

“Didn’t the hotel give you two breakfast vouchers when you checked-in yesterday? Miss Nie, we should not waste it.” His voice sounded like he was trying to hold back a laugh, “I came to accompany you to eat breakfast.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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