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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 14.4



This post is mainly about Xu Mo Ting and An Ning meeting her friends, mum and relatives.

Chapter 14.4: To Understand, To Love and To Promise Ourselves to One Another

Xu Mo Ting stroked the mottled paper with his slightly trembling fingers. She had an accident but he was brooding for many years. It turned out to be like this. Looking at the dried up bloodstain, so much blood. How badly injured was she at that time? He cannot help but feel tightness in the chest.

Mo Ting raised his head to look at the French windows across the street. Her friend will not let her leave. She has a faint smile on her face. The sun was shining on her without makeup face, gentle like jade. His heart felt like being filled fully by something, longing, infatuation and all kinds of love.

Fortunately, he could never give up. Fortunately, from beginning to end, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Fortunately he wanted to try again. Fortunately she wanted him.

Mo Ting watched attentively for a long time. Then he put the thing in his hand into the car, pulled out the car key, shut the door and slowly walked across the street.

Zhou Jin Cheng’s car moved for more than two hundred meters and stopped at a red light. He could not see that restaurant from the rearview mirror anymore.

He looked in front at all types of pedestrians on the zebra crossing, his expression indifferent.

At the beginning, he was really unhappy to see her together with Xu Mo Ting. Setting aside personal factors, the Xu family was not suitable for her. Ning Ning was not aware that, compared to Li Qi Shan, the Xu family was far more dirty. He never expected after one roundabout, both of them were still together. He had also thought of how to make her part with Xu Mo Ting but always cannot bring himself to do it. After all, Ning Ning was very happy when she was together with him. Moreover the grandpa of the crown prince of the Xu family was not someone to be trifled with. If he really wanted to come between them, he may not necessarily be able to succeed. After several collaborations at work, made him realize the style of work, ability and conduct of the twenty-five years old Xu Mo Ting was not beneath him. It should be said the pupil is taught by the teacher except with Xu Mo Ting, it was an old head on young shoulders (an idiom meaning young but prudent and capable), pass like thunder and move like the wind (an idiom meaning vigorous and resolute)?

Furthermore Xu Mo Ting cared about Ning Ning and was determined to win her, which exceeded his expectation.

As it turned out, the Xu family also has a love-struck member.

At that time, Xu Cheng Sheng was romantic by nature and sowed his wild oats everywhere. Although separated, he and his mother still longed for one another. Eventually he caused her to commit suicide and die. His father became depressed, leaving behind two young children under the care of a succession of relatives. A young life depending on the charity of others and the hardships to study, resulting in Jin Cheng more or less still harboured a grudge against the Xu family. However he was also clear that his mother committed suicide because she was weak. She did not love his father, yet also cannot get the person she loved. In the end, she took the most selfish way out. As for father, he cannot accept this kind of failure in love so one stumble, unable to rise (an idiom meaning a setback leading to total collapse).

What is love? He has always been thinking that love is a burden, something empty and splendor but not real.

But Ning Ning liked him and he wanted her to be happy. No matter whether it was out of guilt or something else, he wanted her to be happy, even if his own heart was somewhat empty ……

An Ning kept on looking at the time, already a quarter of an hour. Will Xu Mo Ting grow impatient as he waits? Qiang Wei was still holding her hand and smilingly said to the girl sitting opposite of her: “My friend Meow Meow is an all-rounder who is able to wield both the pen and the gun. When she entered X University, she carried the title of a science scholar so she was the first one to gain entry.”

An Ning glanced at her. She did not perform well during the university entrance examination, so she was a long way from being a science scholar.

“Heehee, oh I see.” The other party also smiling, was holding her boyfriend’s arm and saying to Qiang Wei: “Both of you are also top students of a prestigious university. After graduating from college, we started to work, so cannot compare. But won’t studying too much make people feel like a nerd?”

Qiang Wei said ‘oh’ in a friendly tone and pointed at Meow Meow saying: “Have you seen such a beautiful nerd?”


Okay, occasionally sacrifice a little was acceptable, as long as Qiang Wei felt happy. Moreover right or wrong, Wei Wei was flattering her, so she cannot ‘fail to appreciate it.’

The facial expression of the two people sitting opposite was complicated. The woman was brooding but unable to retort momentarily. The man was somewhat apologetic and nodded at An Ning. She was naturally indifferent and said: “In fact, in over sixty percent of the human gene, appearance and intelligence are directly proportional.”

She had just finished speaking, she felt Qiang Wei who has been holding her hand, shaking. An Ning thought back what she had just said and suddenly realized she seemed ‘sarcastic’. She saw the girl opposite squinting. She cannot help but feel a bit helpless, as expected the other person said: “Oh, by the way, Miss Li, you left with your friend yesterday. Is he your boyfriend? Why he did not accompany you to come out together today? ”

Qiang Wei smiled and said: “Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can casually meet Meow Meow’s boyfriend.”

“Heehee, like this ah.”

An Ning was listening to these two who were close as sisters on the surface, but in reality as cold as ice and frost talking. She felt that she cannot stay any longer and was just about to say goodbye. Suddenly the atmosphere quiet down. She saw the people across of her looking behind her, so she subconsciously turned her head. A familiar figure was approaching, neither in a hurry nor slow. An Ning blinked, got up and said: “You ……  why did you come over? Is it because you’ve waited too long?”

Mo Ting was standing beside her, his angle a little shadowy. Thus his facial expression was not very clear, but his voice was still very gentle, “Yes, too long. Can we go?”

> _ <

“Okay!” Qiang Wei also stood up and smilingly said to Xu Mo Ting: “Brother-in-law, long time no see.”

Mo Ting acknowledged the greeting since he has always been very friendly to his girlfriend’s roommates, “I am leaving with An Ning.”

“Oh, take care!” Qiang Wei watched this very attractive couple walked out the door before sitting down again and smiling, “This is called the perfect match, a model couple made for one another.”

After coming out, An Ning noticed he did not let go of her hand and also did not say anything. Although there was nothing out of the ordinary, she faintly felt something was a bit wrong. She thought it might be because she made him wait too long, so she apologized immediately with a smile, “Sorry to keep you waiting for more than twenty minutes, then ―― I’ll treat you to drinks. What do you want to drink? I’ll go and buy.” There was a tea shop directly across the street.

“I’ll drink whatever you buy me.” Xu Mo Ting’s voice was deep and low.

An Ning smiled and said: “Then I buy a cup of bitter nail tea, will you drink it? Very bitter one.”



He can but she will not have the heart to let him drink bitter stuff. An Ning smiled and was about to wriggle free to go over but was unsuccessful. Xu Mo Ting said: “I’ll accompany you to go over.”

They walked into the shop together. An Ning bought two cups of orange juice. When they were walking out, he asked, “An Ning, do you want to go back together with me?”

An Ning stared blankly at him, “Back to X city?”

“Yes ah.” Mo Ting smiled, “Do you want to see your mother? I’ll take you there. Then send you back here the next day.”

See mother? An Ning’s heart was tempted but, “better not because too much trouble.” Furthermore mother will feel sad for a day again when seeing her leave. Of course, she also did not want Xu Mo Ting to travel back and forth twice.

“No trouble.” Mo Ting looked at her and said softly: “Just treat it as keeping me company, okay?”

“Ah ……” An Ning did not know why her face turned red. Xu Mo Ting saw her hesitation and continued to say in a somewhat consultative tone: “The day after tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve. You go back for one day to keep your mother company and pay her a new year visit. Then I’ll accompany you to come back on the following day.”

“Then ……” After struggling for a while, she eventually surrendered, “All right. However you need not send me back. I can take the bus back myself.”

Xu Mo Ting smiled and held her hand tightly. There clearly was a smiling expression on his face.

The car was on the highway at one o’clock in the afternoon. The scenery between the whole journey from G city to X city was pretty good. One mountain peak after another, filled with red autumnal leaves. An Ning liked natural scenery and always in high spirit when riding in the car. Mo Ting heard her occasionally said a few words, but his heart was already very satisfied.

They arrived in X city around four o’clock. An Ning fell asleep after the car exited the highway. When the car entered the city, it happened to be after work peak hour. Xu Mo Ting reduced the vehicle speed to sixty, to avoid the overtaking lane. He has been driving very steadily all along. The stereo sound system was playing soft light music which can put one to sleep. Compared with the busy and noisy world outside the car, the inside seemed particularly tranquil and comfortable.

Finally reaching their destination, Xu Mo Ting parked the car and turned his head to look at the sleeping person. He hesitated for a moment before leaning over to gently kiss her lips. His heart was full of passion, satisfaction and yearning.

An Ning did not move. After a short period of time, only then she instinctively moved sideways and hugged him. She naturally put her cold hand under his clothes. Mo Ting was delighted with her snuggling close and waited for her to open her eyes to kiss him back hesitantly.

Xu Mo Ting has always been a calm and self-discipline person, but he was a bit out of control now. However he felt happy with this out of control feelings for her. He stopped and said softly: “We’ve arrived at the downstairs of your house. I’ll accompany you to go up to meet your mom.”

“Okay.” She was still a little dazed, only habitually listening to his words.

Xu Mo Ting smilingly helped her to unfasten her seat belt. They opened the door and got out of the car. Then An Ning asked: “Do you really want to go up?”

“Why? Don’t you want me to go up?”

An Ning looked at him. Xu Mo Ting was smiling and holding her hand. After walking just two steps, An Ning stopped. Mo Ting gave her a deeply concerned look, “What’s up?”

An Ning looked ahead and said: “Besides my mother, there are also my elder aunt and others.”

Mo Ting turned his head to look and saw several ladies standing at the edge of the flower bed and talking about something. An Ning said in a low voice: “My aunties are very difficult to deal with. Do you want to come another day ――”

Xu Mo Ting shook his head and holding her hand, he directly walked over.

Elder aunt was the first one to see them approaching. She could not help but was dumbfounded, “Ning Ning?!” Then she saw the person holding her hand and was stumped for words again.

Seeing her daughter, Mama Li was already very excited and approached them, “Ning Ning, how come you’re back?”

Li An Ning ran home without explicit approval. Moreover she even brought her ‘boyfriend’. The gossipy relatives immediately became excited and started to speak the very moment they entered the house. Elder aunt sized up the tall and handsome young man before her eyes and was very satisfied. She has been a matchmaker for so many years, but this was the first time that she saw such a handsome young man, also with decent and courteous manner. She smiled and nodded her head in approval, “Ning Ning, you really have good taste.”

Second aunt asked: “Did you attend the same university as Ning Ning? Are you working now? If yes, what specifically do you do?”

Xu Mo Ting sounded calm and smiled faintly: “I am currently working in the Government Department of Supervision.”

“Government Department of Supervision ah.” Elder aunt was surprised, “Very successful for such a young age.”

Mama Li looked at him and said gently: “Mo Ting, how long have you known Ning Ning? She is a little childish so you’ve to show more tolerance.”

Xu Mo Ting smiled and said: “I will.”

Daughter Li cannot help but lament while in charge of making tea in the kitchen together with her cousin sister, “Indeed winning praise from everyone he met.”

“Yes ah,” Cousin also joined in with a ‘tsk tsk’: “Look at my mother, acting like she is seeing her own son.”

An Ning remained silent but seeing her family liking very much the person she loves, her heart felt very happy.

Elder cousin sister used her arm to touch her younger cousin, “Have both of you done it?”

“Ahem! (cough cough)”

“Don’t cough anymore. I am a person with experience. The expression in his eyes when he was looking at you, simply wanted to pledge with his body to marry you. I don’t believe that he has not touched you.”


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    Saying that she’s not a suitable match for XMT just by that reason is just the same like insulting her.
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    She has experienced how it feels to have her family destroyed by an improper love affairs and she herself destroyed a family.
    Either it’s JC’s mom or ZX, both are adults and know the consequences of having a relationship with a married man, so they should be ready with the consequences too.
    No one force their mom to meet XMT’s uncle and indulge in a love affair again even after their marriage.
    If XMT has a self respect and knows exactly that her BF couldn’t offer her a proper status despite his feeling, then she should have left him.
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    JC’s mother was the same responsible with Xu uncle for everything.
    She also hurts other woman by having an affair with Xu uncle and hurt her husband too.
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    They don’t even know yet how the Xu family treat LAN and dare to say that they are not a good in-laws for her.
    It is indeed true… When one pointing one finger on others, one tends to forget the fact that the other 4 fingers left to point in one’s own body.

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