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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 33



Lin Yu Sen shippers, be warned that Xi Guang gave him a lemon to eat in this chapter, so sob sob…..The next chapter is rather long so I need more time and you need more patient 😛

Chapter 33

“No need to tell Ye Rong, I already feel so relieved.” He slowly put his hand into his pants pocket, “It’s really laughable, as it turns out, someone’s promise is of so little value, can change anytime.”

He…… was talking about me?


When did we talk about promise? Could it be my laughable declaration a very long time ago? —— Zhuang Xu, I will always like you. Even if you can’t accept me now, I will also not change. Wait till I get you!

It was all right that he did not like me and were already together with someone else. Why did he still come here to talk about the past to embarrass me?

The promise was of little value. Even if the promise was valuable, who will cherish it?! Will he cherish it?

I held back the tears in my eyes and said softly: “I’m not hard-hearted. If someone likes me and treats me well, I will be moved, will …… have a change of heart. What is so strange about it?”

Another moment of silence. Then he sneered: “You’re right. Since you’re not hard-hearted, what is so strange to have a change of heart? Who has not changed?”

“Nie Xi Guang, thank you for letting me see the error of my ways so that I may turn back from the wrong path.”

Where had there been a “wrong path”? What sort of “wrong path” had he taken? Really …… ridiculous.

Could it be that the one who was lost and lingering is not me? My eyes were very sore and I tried to keep them open. I tried hard to control, but was unable to control the bouts of tightness in the heart. I just wanted to curl up and disappear.

Zhuang Xu’s figure completely disappeared from the corner of my eye.

I leaned against the wall to support my body, but eventually I still slowly slid down the wall. Then I hugged my knees and buried my head in them.

Acting like this, I knew I was attracting attention. I knew someone will walk along the corridor any time, but I have no other option. I did not have much energy left to pretend to behave naturally, to pretend as if nothing had happened.

“I cannot cry, cannot cry. How foolish to still cry over him.”

Only this sentence was tossing over and over again in my mind.

Because after all, I was a fool.

In this corridor where someone will walk by any time, I buried my head and cried soundlessly.

Until a person pulled me up.

Lin Yu Sen fixed his attention firmly on my eyes, his expression complex and difficult to fathom.

This was too humiliating. I turned my head and rubbed my eyes very hard.

“No need to care about me.” I said in a muffled tone, “I’ll be fine right away, one more minute.”

“How to not care about you? You’re so disappointing.”

He sighed slightly.

“Confessing here will really pull down my class. But with you crying like this, if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I’ll let my IQ down. Nie Xi Guang, tell me what should I do?”

His voice was low and also soft, like the quiet breeze blowing gently. His tone sounded like he was slightly confused and it stirred my heart lightly.

I slowly understood the meaning of his words. Suddenly I felt like being blown by a gust of wind until confused and disoriented.

Confession? What did this mean?

Take advantage of this opportunity? What did this mean?

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“I came across your classmate who is working in Sheng Yuan at the doorway of the ballroom just a moment ago so I said to her, ‘If I were you, I’ll not go over to Suzhou.’ Anyway, I also ate my own words. I said to myself, I’ll be thirty years old in two years time, so I should not be impatient like a little boy, yet I acted impetuously.”

“I am dead set on her yet hope that she will have a change of heart quickly.” He looked at me, his tone so gentle, “Nie Xi Guang, don’t pretend to be dumb.”

“I am not acting dumb.” My mind was in complete chaos. I stared blankly at him and said, “I only realized just a moment ago, no time to pretend.”

Unexpectedly, he laughed out softly, his laughter full of joy.

“Nie Xi Guang, you’re really ……”

When he lowered his head, his warm breath felt very close all at once, enveloping my whole body from top to bottom, making it almost no space for me to move about. I nervously looked up. He paused for a moment, swiftly moved a step back and let go of my hand.

I now realized that he had actually been holding my hand all along.

Time seemed to stand still for a very long time. He steadied his breathing and handed over the bag in his hand to me.

“I went to get it from the car. Go and change into your new clothes. You bought so many beautiful skirts, so it is a pity if you don’t wear them for everyone to see.”

I carried the clothes that were stuffed into my hands and walked to the toilet again. My footsteps seemed like I was stepping on the clouds.

When I turned, I cannot help but to stop and look at Lin Yu Sen. He was leaning against the wall, his gaze rested on the ground. He was always so high-spirited, confident and calm but I actually thought that he looked very lonely at this moment.

He had just said …… he likes me?

Lin Yu Sen ……


I changed my clothes and returned to the banquet table with Lin Yu Sen. After sitting for a while, we got up to say goodbye.

The groom, bride, best man and bridesmaid were already seeing guests off at the doorway of the hotel.

Boss patted me: “Oh no, you actually changed your clothes. Hey, this is also very pretty. Miss High and Mighty, you’ve brought along more clothes than me.”

I was slow in my reaction and glanced at her. My mind did not manage to form a reply in such a short period of time.

Lin Yu Sen said with a smile on his face: “It’ll snow again in the afternoon, so the traffic will be affected. Thus we’ll make a move first.”

Boss behaved appropriately like a host: “Thank you for attending our wedding.”

When we were walking out of the hotel, Zhuang Xu happened to finish seeing off a guest and was turning around. His tall body was in danger of brushing past me, bringing in the chill from outside. I subconsciously moved towards Lin Yu Sen’s side .

It was already snowing lightly outside.

I walked beside Lin Yu Sen and has never felt so ill at ease. Momentarily, I found his strong sense of presence making me not knowing what to do. Both of his hands were inserted into his overcoat pockets. We walked at a leisurely pace for a while, then suddenly he started to talk.

“So my confession also has the effect of making you feel numb.”

My movement was somewhat stiff and I stopped in my tracks. Then I looked down at my tiptoes.

“I am sorry!”

All was quiet for a while.

“Nie Xi Guang, you should not reject me like this.”

“You should confidently and righteously say, Lin Yu Sen, I still have not taken a fancy to you because you’ve not met my requirements. However not like this as if you’ve done something that let me down.”


I quickly looked up and subconsciously denied his statement.

How could he not meet my requirements? Such a brilliant, outstanding and distinctive man. Even when I was fantasizing what my other half will be like when I was young, I also felt embarrassed to fantasize such perfection.

But if I still felt pain and broken-hearted over a person, cannot forget him, so how can I accept another person?

“I just”, I paused for a while. “I just have not forgotten the person I like …… you saw it just now. If two people want to be together, it must be wholeheartedly. However I can’t do it now.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Sen looked at me with a faint smile.

“Actually, I lied to you in the hotel just a moment ago.”

What? I looked at him in shock, the heart suddenly palpitating.

“I said, if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I’ll let my IQ down. In fact confessing to you at that time will really let my IQ down, let down the annual plan that I justified the business case all night yesterday, but …… as it turns out these kind of things are beyond our control, unable to be calculated.”

He smiled, “First time I am experiencing this kind of feeling, truly novel.”

“I know you’ll reject me. But so quickly …… what to do. At the moment, I’m a little, uh, have no face to go back home to see the elders (an idiom meaning too ashamed). However it is within my expectation. Although it is a tumor, fortunately it seems benign.”

He nodded, appearing like he was feeling pretty good, “Well, it seems that I can only make steady progress incrementally. In that case, we’ll end our discussion here. We’ll talk more when we get back to Suzhou?”

Talk more, what to talk more?

Did you see my confused, disoriented and dazed appearance?

I was obviously expressing myself very earnestly. But how come I felt that I cannot keep up with him momentarily?

Tumor and stuff like that suddenly popping up in our conversation, is that really okay?

I tried to sort out my train of thought which had been distorted by him. One minute later, I was still unsuccessful. Thus I have no  choice but to focus on some comparatively simple topics.

“I am not going back to Suzhou, I …… want to go back to Wuxi.” I quickly explained, “Anyway, there is still one and a half day of vacation left. Moreover I’ve not gone back to see my mother for some time. I want to drink the soup boiled by my mother, I …..”

“Do you need so many reasons to go home?” Lin Yu Sen said, amusement lacing his voice, “Okay, then I send you to …… the train station.”

“…… No need, I can take a taxi there.”

Finally he heaved a sigh.

“Nie Xi Guang, do you intend to avoid me and stay away in the future?”

“No.” I felt awkward and bit my lower lip. I did not know how to express my intention tactfully. In the end, I was defeated by my muddled brain and decided to be a little more direct.

Since he was so smart, it probably will not make much difference whether I did it directly or tactfully.

“Obviously, I did not accept him, yet enjoying his care. Isn’t it too much?”

He frowned slightly, put on an appearance like he was pondering over something, “I don’t have much experience in this, but don’t tell me this is not the normal courtship process? Therefore you mean, not only you are not accepting me, but you are also not letting me court you?”

“Court you”. When I heard these two words from Lin Yu Sen’s mouth, I immediately felt at a loss to know what to do. Furthermore, how come when he summed it up, it made me sound I’m laying down the terms like a tyrant?

“If in the end I still do not …… why are you wasting your time?”

“Nie Xi Guang, even if you have no confidence in yourself, why don’t you have confidence in me?” Lin Yu Sen looked at me with a gentle gaze.

“Didn’t you say I am awesome in everything I do?” He raised his eyebrows slightly, “Such a soft-hearted girl like you who doesn’t even have the heart to say out ‘in the end you can’t accept me’, how dumb must I be not to be able to court you?”

Was he praising me or laughing at me ……

I looked at him dumbfounded. While feeling awkward, suddenly I felt a little laughable.

“You are scared until you don’t even dare to ride in my car ……” He sighed and said, “I am merely wooing you, but not talking about business cooperation. Therefore do you have to speak about the return on investment? Why do you have to think that you’ve let me down just because you did not accept me?”

“My wooing should be considered as a benefit to you, not a burden.”

I stared blankly at him.

“You said you still like the other person, so what is the problem?” He was smiling and watching attentively, when he said resolutely and decisively, “I’ll let you choose.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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23 thoughts on “Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 33

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    I think ZX behavior is a bit nasty? So if the girl does not act according to his own way, he has to hurt her? And since last chapter that he spill the drink on the girl dress, so he could have a chance to talk to her. Cheap. All he need to do is to talk straightly to her and call her first? Not spill the drink on the dress and make a excuse.

    I still find relationship with ZX unlikeable and unhealthy. They don’t communicate and act like they are in teenager relationship. Even if it is their first feeling towards someone but I think people will eventually grow. They are already at the stage of having meet obstacle and having work life already.

    I just don’t see how their relationship will last. Too unhealthy and unrealistic. Liking someone is not enough, they need to work to make the relationship work too, but they still stuck at the beginning.

    Not gonna get down from LYS ship.

    • The problem with ZX is he always think the world owe it to him for coming from a poor family. He always think that he is the only one who is so smart and yet poor. He does not have a gut to tell Ye Rong that he does not like her the way she to him. ZX does not have a gut to tell both Ye Rong and XG who he truly love and just presume that XG mentioned once that she like him and expect her to wait and stay true to her feelings for him forever.

      Actually ZX is a very selfish, self-centre and unreasonable man. He is also a coward by saying that he owe too much to Ye Rong but not breaking up with her. Misleading YR that he like her as a boyfriend to a girlfriend yet has an unrequited feeling for XG yet not telling her the true…just letting her second guess herself and his feelings.

      LYS–he just come upfront with XG and continuing wooing her in a grown-up manly way. He does not forced his present onto XG but gently guiding and supporting her whenever she needs it.

      I have no idea why did XG like ZX so much. I guess love is blind and I am sure it is more like a puppy love since ZX is her first love…aka puppy love.

      Thank you very much, Hoju.

      • Your words is exactly hit the spot. He might feel like the world and XF owe him for working hard.
        And yea puppy love. They never learn from one another, never actually talk and never spend time together. If that is not kind of puppy love, what is?

        Young people sign* lol

    • I totally agree with you. LYS has also misfortune in life, he can’t do what he most like to do in life but he still somehow manage to pull him self together and not hurt everyone around him. He doesn’t force other to love him back but rather tries to make him self deserves to be love. LYS has a decisive attitude, he knows what he want and will strive to get it but doesn’T blame anybody if he fail. ZX is completely opposite, only blame others for his pain… no one could be happy and have a blissfull life with someone like him.

    • ZX is an idiot isn’t he? No matter how amazing he was in school he should realize that our watermelon is a little daft. I had a feeling that the “big grape” he was talking about before was XG but only he (and maybe that mean little Rong Rong) knows it. They’ve spent that much time together can he not tell that when it comes to XG one has to be precise and direct to the point? I mean, even, our sweet sweet LYS is trying his best to tell her exactly what he thinks and she’s still misunderstanding some of it. I never liked ZX for her but she’s the “fairly-tale-in-love” kind of girl so it will take time and a lot of patience to get over ZX.
      I’ll stay with you in LYS ship.

  2. thank you!
    is this the last time we see Zhuang Xu in book 1?

  3. Ok.Now i don’t know and don’t want to know that who’s male lead and who gonna end up with NXG.It is pretty confusing.I like Zhuang Xu and i also like Lin Yu Sen.And i’m so frustrating because of ZX and NXG.So many misunderstanding.According to Zx he’s also right b’coz in this year he live with hope or maybe like he said promise?But now what’s he got.But on the other hand LYS is perfect man.Everyone ideal type.No need to say that he really love NXG…😥😥😥😥😥

  4. ZX is ridiculous. not saying it clearly yet expect people to understand. if he is talking about the promise during the big grape and small grape conversation, nobody will understand la ^^

  5. Thank you very much…^^

  6. 100% Team Lin Yu Sen now! Zhuang Xu just comes across as quite petulant , especially as he seems to insist on talking in circles and vague euphemisms – no wonder Nie Xi Guang is so confused by him. I just want to shake him and say ‘use your words!’ If he straight up told her what he was thinking and feeling he’d actually get somewhere. Thanks for the translation! ❤

  7. Thank you for this chapter, peanuts!

  8. Thank you Peanuts!

    Ahh Lin Yu Sen, you are moving my heart…!

  9. Nie Xi Guang, please forget Zhuang Xu. He is not worth it!! Lin Yu Sen, please grab the girl. She’s a muddle-headed watermelon, so she cannot choose. Omg. I’ll be happy if ZX NEVER appears again. Every time he appears, he breaks both NXG and my heart. Zhuang Xu, please do us both a favor and go far, far away. If at the end, NXG ends up with neither of them just because she was too soft-hearted to choose, I will scream.

  10. … Lin Yu Sen truly is outstanding…

    thank you thank you for the translation!

  11. Sigh … can I say how much I adore LYS? He gets even more awesome later on. And his story is like really sad too.
    To be honest I don’t get the feel that XG really loves ZX that much … but since he’s her puppy love … it’s taking her some time to get over him. She seems very tuned towards LYS and the fact that he could confused her with his confession while she’s still moping over ZX and his nasty ways show that.

  12. Oh and thanks peanuts!!!

  13. ZX is a brat…look what he did to you and how he and all of them treated you. You already decided to move on so XG!

  14. In the beginning I had ZX mixed up with another book I started at the same time as this one. then i stopped reading both for a while and when I started this over from the beginning but my mistaken memory made me think things got better between them early on. I am definitely off the ZX ship by now. At first I thought he was just shy and there was more to it because we only heard one side. But he has only caused misunderstandings and never clarified. The text she sent clearly showed what she thought the situation was and he never denied it. Also if he really cared for her why doesn’t he understand anything about her personality but only thinks the worst of her over and over. LYS was able to drop the past even before the misunderstanding was cleared up because he has so much insight into other people and seems to have come to understand Xi Guang a great deal. Meanwhile ZX who was around her so much in college seems to know her only by the opinions of others. It seems ZX’s insecurities made him think he needs to have money in order to have Xi Guang. He doesn’t even know how she grew up. they never had these kinds of moments of sharing about their lives. He just knows she has a wealthy dad and a rich uncle. Is the promise he mentioned the time she made him smile? I don’t even remember what she said to him but she definitely was not in the same place when she said it as he was. I can’t remember the chapter. Was it when he was helping with her paper?

  15. LYS for the win!
    ZX is freakin annoying. Use your words. Stop assuming that a girl will always like you and understand you bcoz she said so. Fire will not continuously burn unless nurtured.
    The only good thing you have shown her was that thesis part, yet you expected her to wait for you until you make yourself equal in status?
    What a child.

  16. Up until now I was a bit sympathetic to ZX but his attitude only seemed to worsen! I get that he is working very hard but dude you haven’t even said XG that you like her back! Why will she wait for you over you saying some riddle to her!! He didn’t even try to contact her after uni! Even now he doesn’t have the courage to talk to her properly in front of other people so spilled wine on her dress! So childish

    I hope XG will be over him and see LYS’s effort

    • I had never liked ZX bcos he has always been nasty and rude towards her. She is rich, is that a sin? He is insecure and can strive to be rich first before he dared to date her, that’s ok, but does.ot have to mean being cold and nasty to her? He had always looked down on her for being not ambitious nor intelligent.
      Well, is it a sin to be not a genius like him nor Ye rong?
      Smart but mean is not commendable at all. NXG may not be intelligent nor ambitious but it should be clear to them that she is not an arrogant spoiled brat.
      I can understand that he doesn’t to owe anything to anyone, but must he be that rude in paying back her kindness?
      His attitude just showed how rude and mannerless he is.
      Is that the attitude of a man who loves a girl?
      How he gave her the thesis was also looking down on her too much.
      And after the incident that he didn’t even try to speak a word to even request for an objective trial, and afterwards not even apology was given…
      No one can blame Xiguang for thinking that he wanted to compensate for Rong2.
      Has he ever learn manner or not?
      No matter what excuse he used, he can not justify his attitude at all…he has no reason to complain that Xiguang moved on…not a single bit.
      What does he think he is that she has to wait for him forever and makes him the center of her world?
      Has he ever promised her anything?
      It is not like he asked her to wait… A thing that he could have asked her long time ago if he was not being a self-rightheous prick.
      Last but but not least…
      NXG might misunderstand his feeling, but she has no mistake at all in this..
      She had confessed, allright?
      And the fact that he just tried to blame her for changing heart giving us the proof that he had always known her deep feeling for him…
      So it is completely his fault all together that she misunderstood and still does.
      Because obviously she didn’t get a positive answer and he never think it was necessary to clarify his relationship with Rong2.
      All he said is calling her “stupid”, so mean… so rude, and he asked her to keep loving him till death??
      How narcissistic is that then.
      Well, ok… Rong2 might have deleted her message when she apoligized to him for confessing without knowing that Rong2 and him was childhood swertheart, but so what?
      That doesn’t make him excusable.
      He even implied that his number never changed, but so does her number.
      Why must she contact him first?
      She had pursued and confessed, thus she had done her part… What has he done? Nothing but humiliating and looking down on her.
      If he wanted to help her he should tutor her, not being nasty to her nor let her plagiate.
      It has always been obvious how Rong2 always tried to attack her using the premise that she likes ZX and as if she is trying to be the 3rd party between them.
      Rong2 has always done it so openly, and…what has ZX done to clarify?
      None. He NEVER even said a single word to ease the tension
      Even if he doesn’t love Xiguang, for him as a friend in the same circle to stay aloof despite watching Rong2 being so nasty towards Xiguang is really unforgiveable.
      How can she claim to love her looking at such attitude?
      How dare he still condemn Xiguang for changing a heart?
      I thought he is supposed to be a genius, right?
      No matter how insecure he is…
      How could he bear watching her sad, crying and so miserable if he really loves her?
      Is his aim striving to be rich actually really to make her happy and live a good life of just to satisfy his own ego and flaunt his ability?
      Sorry for ranting…
      But I really can’t find any reason to like ZX at all.
      Being poor is not a reason to be nasty to every rich people who happened to be less genius than him.
      He and Rong2 actually deserve each Xiguang’s thought: indeed a perfect match.
      Both are arrogant, self-centered and self-rightheous.

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