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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Chapter 15.1



Isn’t Xu Mo Ting’s singing melodious lol? Don’t ask me why he was singing in Cantonese and not Mandarin. It is a Cantonese song as the Mandarin version has different lyrics. Be warned that this post is PG rated so you know what will happen lol.

Chapter 15.1 – To Read You [and Learn and Understand You] for an Entire Lifetime

After the basketball match was over, a group of people ran to the resting place to drink water and take the towel to shoving and punching each other on the shoulder, very worked up. An Ning cannot help but think that guys are really energetic.

Someone came over and greeted her, “Sister-in-law, this is my first time meeting you, hello hello!”

An Ning was already used to this kind of greeting, so she smiled and said: “Hello.”

The people around saw Xu Mo Ting’s girlfriend was so amiable, they cannot help but flock to her, “Hello, my name is Ah Zheng. Meeting you for the first meeting, pleased to meet you!”

“Xu Mo Ting is such a bad friend for not introducing such a pretty sister-in-law to us earlier.”

“Sister-in-law, do you want to play basketball? I’ll teach you!”


In the midst of everyone’s surging enthusiasm, leader Xu handed over the water bottle to his girlfriend. Then he held out his hand. An Ning naturally stopped her conversation with other people and handed him his coat. Xu Mo Ting slowly put it on and said faintly: “It may be a little hungry. Are you going to my place now or …… do you want to stay here to talk for a while longer?”

Thinking the kitty might be hungry, An Ning said right away: “Let’s go now.”

Although there was no intimate gesture between them, a difficult to describe tacit mutual understanding and closeness were present, which made others unable to get involved.

The people around stopped in their tracks one after another. Then, they looked at leader Xu with envy, jealousy and disdain in their eyes.

Xu Mo Ting cannot be bothered with other people’s thoughts. The time he had spent together with An Ning has been very little, so he cherished the time they spent together very much. He was not an overly possessive boyfriend, but the rare opportunity to be together with his girlfriend, he was not happy for her to pay attention to other people.

Seeing Xu Mo Ting got up, one of the guys cannot help but want to create some disturbance, “Leader, are you going now?!”

“You’re not going to have tea together with us?”

Mo Ting merely raised his eyebrows slightly and was going to say something. However An Ning grasped his hand first and smilingly said to other people: “Next time la, we still have something to do today.” Kitty cat ……

When everyone saw the one speaking was the gentle and amiable sister-in-law, they dared not be rowdy any more momentarily. An Ning gave people the impression that she was warm like spring, without any aggressive characteristic. It seemed like, before her, even any sort of noisy or boisterous personality would still settle down.

Naturally, Xu Mo Ting ‘listened’ to his girlfriend. Therefore he was finally taken away in a relaxed manner.

When Cheng Yu came back, she saw An Ning pulling cousin brother away from the basketball court, “Cousin, are both of you leaving?”

Xu Mo Ting handed his car key to her, “Yes, so you drive the car back.”

Cheng Yu squinted, smiled and said: “Okay.” Then she said to An Ning: “Cousin-in-law, I’ll hang out with you when I’ve time!”

An Ning was still unable to adapt to her addressing her as ‘cousin-in-law’ because she felt it was too formal. But she still smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Mo Ting looked at his girlfriend and said in a soft voice: “Come on, we’ll go and take your bike first.”

Xu Cheng Yu had never seen her cousin speaking so softly, not even a trace of his usual coldness and assertiveness. She was somewhat surprised, yet happy as she was thinking that if he is unreasonable in the future, she will look for Li An Ning!

When she returned to the group, those guys were saying, “After so many years, I finally saw sister-in-law.”

Lao San asked: “When he was in the United States, the leader really did not have any girlfriend?”

“No. Of course, a lot of girls pursued him but leader Xu always said not up to par. After meeting sister-in-law just now, I realized his standard is rather high.”

“Aiya, very high.”

“Was the leader jealous just now?”

Zhang Qi sneered, “Why would he be jealous? Sister-in-law is so considerate. When he held out his hand, she handed him the coat right away. The leader must be very happy in the heart.”

Lao San agreed, “In the future, when we play basketball, we should ask sister-in-law to come more often, a little safer.”


On this side, An Ning has got her bike. Whereas Xu Mo Ting was standing outside the shed and quietly waiting. Seeing that she was pushing the bike and walking in front of him, he tilted his head and smilingly said: “Are you giving me a ride on your bike?”

Xu Mo Ting took over her bike and reached out to tidy up her long hair.

An Ning saw that he was wearing a dark colored jacket which accentuated his tall stature. His black hair always smelt fresh and clean. In addition his handsome face has an outstanding and distinctive charm under the sun. Suddenly she said: “I remember you were different when you were making a speech on the stage during senior high school.”

There was a flicker in Mo Ting’s eyes. He asked softly: “What is the difference?”

An Ning thought for a while, “Feeling …… Very happy to see you, different from other people.”

Xu Mo Ting’s heart was palpitating. Regardless of whether she did or did not remember him in those years, her feelings for him now was obvious at a glance, made his heart itch with restless desire. He cannot help but kiss her forehead, then said: “Let’s go home.”

An Ning felt very happy, sat on the back seat and hugged his waist. Xu Mo Ting felt her hand, only then he started cycling.

During Lunar New Year, the street was full of joy. When they passed by, a lot of shops were playing popular songs. An Ning will follow and croon a few words when she heard a familiar-sounding song.

Until the person in front said: “Out of tune.”

An Ning hit his back lightly, “Then you sing la.”

Xu Mo Ting pulled her hand to the front and slowly sang: “On this day next year, don’t lose sleep anymore, even if the bed mattress is changed. If we are fortunate to meet, perhaps at a friend’s wedding banquet, I’ll be waiting anxiously for you to appear ……”

His low voice sounded naturally husky. Finally An Ning knew what was called sweet-sounding. She cannot help but close her eyes. Leaning on his back, she listened quietly like a languid cat.

By the time, she reached Xu Mo Ting’s residence, when she finally saw that fat cat, An Ning was very excited, “It has gold color eyes.”

The little animal saw its owner coming back and was not afraid to come over and run circles around their feet.

An Ning picked it up, quite heavy, “Have you been feeding it with a lot of food?”

“Three meals a day, no more, no less.” Xu Mo Ting walked into the living room, switched on the heater, poured a cup of warm water and put it on the coffee table. Seeing that his girlfriend was sitting on the sofa and engrossed in playing with the cat, he went to the bathroom and took a shower first. He changed into some casual clothing and came out ten minutes later.

When Xu Mo Ting saw her dipped her finger into the milk to feed the cat, he smiled and warned her, “Be careful, don’t get bitten.”

An Ning looked up, “It is very well-behaved, not fierce at all.”

Mo Ting agreed, ‘just like its mommy.’ Then he turned, walked into the kitchen and took out some cat food. When the little black cat heard the sound of the food tray, it jumped off the sofa and hurried over. The male owner put the tray on the kitchen floor. The little animal lowered its head and ate from it right away.

Seeing that it was eating with relish, An Ning stopped playing with it. She got up and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. He had just showered, so the hot air inside still has the scent of lemon and the mirror was foggy. After washing the hands and face, when she was about to take a towel to wipe dry, she felt someone was hugging her from behind.

The heat from his body pressing close to her made her felt like there was electric current flowing through her palms. An Ning turned around and Xu Mo Ting lowered his head and kissed her slightly glossy lips. His action was gentle, seemingly like teasing. An Ning opened her mouth to let his tongue in. It gently touched, occasionally sucked, and nibbled, not intense, but lingering.

After finished kissing, An Ning leaned in his arms, her eyes seemed moist.

Xu Mo Ting looked lovingly at her with undisguised desire in his eyes. Then he lifted up her chin and kissed her again.

An Ning became fully immersed in the wonderful kisses, gradually losing her mind and getting delirious.

Everything happened naturally. Xu Mo Ting carried her into the bedroom and put her on the bed. Slowly, gently, they took each other in the fullest way, savouring one another to the finest detail

Afterwards, Mo Ting carried her into the bathroom to wash up. The hand slid along the creamy body, giving rise to desire again. He cannot help but kiss her smooth and delicate neck and shoulder. He has been saving it for a long time. Having tasted the apple now, the longing for its savour grew. It was inevitable that he was unwilling to give up.

An Ning opened her eyes, and in her surprise, she was a bit overwhelmed. Her whole body was still tired and feeble from their love making earlier. She wanted to say let me rest for a while but the other party clearly cannot wait. Xu Mo Ting pressed her gently against the wet and glossy tiles, lifted up her waist and slowly entered into her body.

An Ning moaned, trembled and held his neck, her face pressing closely against his neck.

After seeing that she had adapted, Mo Ting who was relying on his instinct, then only dared to move further.

The passion erupted like a volcano, wave after wave of pleasure continue to hit them and cannot be suppressed for a very long time.

An Ning gasped for breath and felt that he had withdrawn from her body. During the height of passion, he kissed her twitching eyelids.

After they finished bathing, it was already nightfall when they got back to bed.

An Ning felt every bone in the body was arching and lacking strength.

Xu Mo Ting touched her forehead, “Hungry?”


“Then I’ll go and cook, while you rest.”

Xu Mo Ting put on his clothes and went out. There was plenty of food in the refrigerator, so he picked up several kinds which she liked. Then he put on the apron and started to prepare dinner.

Leader Xu was very efficient as he cooked two dishes in less than twenty minutes. The rice was also cooked and was keeping warm. An Ning regained a little strength. Smelling the aroma made her feel more hungry. Thus she sat up and put on the clean clothes he put on the foot of the bed. Then she walked into the living room and wanted to ask whether any help was needed, but with one look, she knew she will not need to lend a hand. The person standing in front of the kitchen counter was handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease (a Chinese idiom meaning to do something skillfully and easily).

After putting the ingredients for making soup into the pot, Xu Mo Ting turned and saw her. She always seemed dazed, lethargic and tired after love making. The face looked like jade porcelain under the light, fair, clear and warm. After seeing that, he could not stop his senses from growing dazed in slipping self control.

“There is still the soup, so you go outside and sit down to eat other dishes first.”

An Ning nodded. When she walked to the dining table and sat down, the door bell rang. Hence she got up and opened the door ―― never expecting to see Xu Mo Ting’s parents. She had met both of them before in separate occasions. Therefore she stood frozen to the spot.

On the contrary, the two people outside did not look surprise. Mrs Xu looked at her with a friendly smile, “An Ning, you are here.”

An Ning regained her composure and quickly let them come into the house. She softly called them, “Uncle and aunt.”

Mrs Xu walked over and happily took her hand, “A while ago, Mo Ting said you were always busy. I was thinking when will I be able to see you.”

Uh, it cannot really be considered busy, just something beyond her control.

Mr Xu hanged up the coat on a hanger, turned around, chuckled and said: “Go inside the house to continue your conversation as it is cold at the doorway.”

“Yes.” Mrs Xu looked at the thick dark colored pajamas on An Ning’s body with a pair of laughing eyes.

At this moment, An Ning also realized that she was wearing his pajamas, so she immediately blushed.


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