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Together Forever (至此终年) — Chapter 10.2



Our leads are apart, but you can really see the maturity in their relationship. And, this chapter answers some of the questions that a lot of you have had regarding Tong Yan’s past relationship.

Chapter 10.2 – Wanting Only to Be Together (2)

Afterwards, he and Grandmother talked for a long time downstairs.

Through the window of the third floor corridor, Tong Yan watched them from afar. Even though Tong Yan could not hear their dialogue, she understood that Grandmother would never agree to their relationship. But what would he say? How would he say it?

She was unable to guess.

The discussion that occurred after she was back inside her home was, in her memory, the first time her family member had expressed a stance on her relationship with Gu Pingsheng.

“During the school years, there will always be many students who hold a special type of reverence for their teacher. After you are out of school, you will discover that he is just like any other ordinary person, and he is not for you.”

Although Grandmother had been a primary school teacher, because of the uniqueness of that type of career, she still would always hear many stories of teacher-student romances. The majority of these were about a female student who became infatuated with a male teacher, and eventually, this not only affected her studies; the impact it brought about to the entire school was also very negative. In short, they were all examples that brought about sighs in people of what should not be done.

“He is one of your schoolteachers and furthermore, a teaching instructor of one of your classes. Were it not for the fact that I can tell he is a good boy, I certainly would not have even said anything to him. Yan Yan, in the teaching profession, there are many things that are not allowed. The relationship between a teacher and a student … can only ever be teacher and student.”

The entire time, she did not say anything.

From when her parents divorced in her first year of middle school, she had lived with Grandmother. She had once had a two-year period of rebellion in which, day in and day out, she had roved aimlessly outside, not caring about her studies, and her elderly grandmother had secretly wiped away many, many tears because of her. Later, she had gradually matured and learned, and she had once resolved to herself that she would never again sadden the one and only kin who had ever poured herself wholeheartedly into her.

And so, now, she would not argue.

Only when Grandmother stated that she would bring her to their relatives’ home for the winter break did she finally hesitantly ask, “When will we be back?”

Grandmother went to heat up a bowl of rice porridge for her. Setting a pair of chopsticks on the bowl, she replied, “After the Lunar New Year.” She set another small plate of pickled vegetables beside the bowl of rice porridge and even very thoughtfully sprinkled it with some freshly diced cilantro. “We will come back when it’s about time for you to start school.”

With her chopsticks, Tong Yan picked up a big bunch of pickled vegetables, mixed it in with the rice porridge, and began to eat, one mouthful at a time. Her mobile phone in her pocket lay very still. He had not sent her any messages.

It was past one o’clock before she finally returned to her room. In that moment when she pulled out her phone, she suddenly grew nervous. What had he said? What decision had he made?


Pulling back the window curtains on this particular side of her home, she stared out upon the blocks of buildings that were covered by a veil of darkness and sent a text message to him: It seems, the outcome was not very ideal?

A text was very quickly returned: As I had expected. TK

What did you expect?

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. You need to pay for your meal. TK


Tong Yan stared wryly at her mobile phone: Did a math teacher teach you your Chinese?

Even though his statement was not at all fitting, it did manage to ease her downcast mood somewhat. Turning on her table lamp, Tong Yan chatted back and forth with him for a little while before asking him whether he was home yet.

Gu Pingsheng nonchalantly replied with one sentence: I’m still near your home.

Tong Yan paused in surprise for a moment and then automatically looked out the window. There was no car.

After searching hard for a while, she realized she had confused her directions. He should be on the living room side. When this thought floated up in her mind, her heart seemed to follow along and started beating more heavily. It was fortunate that Grandmother was already asleep at this hour of the night.

Opening her bedroom door, she carefully slipped through the narrow living room and walked over to the window.

She pulled open the curtain.

This was the side of the building that was facing the road.

The traffic was as before, the lights were as before, and the position of that car was as before.

He had put on his coat now but was still next to the vehicle. As if he could sense that she would appear there, when the corner of the curtain was lifted up, he quickly brought his right index and middle fingers together and touched their tips to his forehead.

Someone walked by him and curiously followed his gaze to look up at the building …

Tong Yan could not see the expressions of the people, but she felt that those onlookers must be jealous of her.

Fine. With him around, she always had a valid reason to be a little narcissistic. It was because he was always so wonderful.

The corner of her lips could not help curling upwards. She leaned her forehead against the window, and for once, she felt that the cold touch of the glass in the winter was so very comfortable. Perhaps it was because there was a warmth in her heart.


The following day, Tong Yan went to Tianjin. Because she was with Grandmother for long stretches of time, she could not simply pull out her mobile phone at any time to communicate with him. It was not a long train ride, and the entire train compartment was brimming with the excited joy of being able to return home. Grandmother was smilingly conversing with a mother beside her, who was holding her child.

Tong Yan opened her insulated mug and took a drink of hot tea, remembering what he had later told her.

He had said, he wholly understood this reaction coming from someone who had once been a teacher. Even he had once resisted such a relationship, and for a very short period of time, he had tried to run from it.

He had said, nothing would truly be an issue.

He had said, “I will wait in Beijing for you to come back.”

She rested herself against the window and closed her eyes. Never before had she felt as she did now, where she longed to be able to graduate immediately.

It had been many years since she saw this relative who lived in Beijing, but that relative seemed to have long since heard that she was studying in a prestigious university. Holding Tong Yan’s hand, she pulled her along to introduce her to every person, and incessant praises were heard. Tong Yan could only smile and listen until someone asked her a question along the the lines of whether she had a boyfriend or not. She wavered on how to answer, but before she had an opportunity to speak, Grandmother had already interjected with a smile, “Her studies are the utmost priority.”

And then, what followed was the occasionally lively, occasionally quiet lifestyle that comes during the Lunar New Year period.

When Lunar New Year’s Eve arrived, the family reunion dinner[1] was surprisingly a ten-table banquet held in a hotel. A Spring Festival[2] celebrated with more than ninety people. In all her years of memories, this was a first for her.

Tong Yan had a distant cousin, three or four years younger than her, who had once stayed at Tong Yan’s home when she was a child. As a result, when she saw Tong Yan, she was rather warm and affectionate and insisted on dragging Tong Yan out with her to the hotel lobby, where they sat on a sofa, watching fireworks and chatting.

The conversation topics of young girls, no matter how they may twist or stray, always seem to end up being about romance and relationships.


The last time this little girl cousin went to Beijing, Lu Bei had been the one who had taken her around everywhere, so her impression of Lu Bei had always been especially good, and she could not resist asking Tong Yan how this “big brother-in-law” was doing.

Tong Yan quickly stated that they had broken up.

Her little cousin was astonished by this. She seemed to be thinking, he was such a good person; why would they break up?

Tong Yan watched as a flash of light rocketed up into the sky, rapidly exploding apart and blossoming into a giant firework.

Perhaps it was because, for so many days now, she had been missing someone greatly. Or perhaps it was because she had run into a person who knew the Tong Yan and Lu Bei of the past, but in a certain sense, this person’s life also did not intersect with hers, so this finally gave Tong Yan the desire to pour out some of the things in her heart.

“When he was in high school, he was driving and got in an accident and killed someone. Even though that person was the one in the wrong and had been jaywalking, the other side would not accept any out of court settlements and was adamant that he must go to jail. That family had people who worked in the municipal taxation department, so of course their tone and stance were uncompromising. His family asked for help from many people, but to no avail. So, at the time, everything had already seemed inevitable. He would first go to reform school for one year before being sent into prison.”

“And then what happened?”

“And then,” Tong Yan fell silent for several seconds before she carried on, “very much like out of a drama, one of my high school classmates said she wanted to help him. Later, after a lot of things … the problem was resolved smoothly. And then, he and my high school classmate got engaged. Last year, they were married.”

She could remember every word his mother had said to her.

She also remembered that, in her time of despair, when this scene, which had seemed as if it had been taken from a drama, unfolded before her eyes, she had even felt that she must be in a dream. Fang Yunyun had stated that Lu Bei was a rare type of man and that she absolutely had to marry him. It had been that simple.

That was the first time she discovered that a vast gulf truly can exist between different types of people.

While she was merely crying all day long, a girl of her same age could actually sob and whine, simply because there was a boy she wanted for herself, to have her family pull strings and utilize connections to higher up authorities to pressure others to resolve the issue.

“A privileged family[3] is the deciding factor for everything.” Her younger cousin heaved a long sigh.

“Oh yes.” Tong Yan grinned and continued, “And so, I lost my love.”

And so, just like that, her first love came to an end.

Perhaps it had simply been too dramatic and the shift in events in this story had been too great, for to this day, when she thought about it, she still found it unbelievable.

The image of Lu Bei on that night — the night of his engagement — where he had sat on the roadside, his head buried in his hands as he sobbed disconsolately, would likely be etched into her mind for the rest of her life. That night, she had even wondered, had she been born simply to suffer? Although she had never experienced extremely impoverished days, time after time, life had stripped her of the love and care that should have rightfully belonged to her and that she should not have to beseech for.


“It’s no big deal.” Her younger cousin waved her hand at this, trying hard to console her. “My big sis is pretty, sings well, and is graduating from a prestigious school. She will definitely marry a good man.”

Tong Yan leaned back into the sofa, her thoughts turning to Gu Pingsheng.

“And what about your current boyfriend?” Her cousin quickly switched the topic. “Don’t tell me you still don’t have one. I won’t believe you.”

Tong Yan looked at her with a smile, not giving any answer. After a while, she pulled out her mobile phone and sent a text message to him: Happy Spring Festival. How was your day today?

Happy Spring Festival. I spent the whole day eating with people. So tired from eating. TK

More than ten days had slipped by where they had not seen each other.

This winter break that had originally been all planned out had, just like that, ended up being wasted. She thought about the many plans she had made: They would use a few days to visit the scenic places and historical sites, then another several days to be close and snuggly with one another, and then … She imagined he would not find it boring if they just kept on snuggling together like that.

But, for some reason, things had ended up as they were now.

Because Grandmother had been by her side all along, even their messaging had been very limited.

I miss you.

She suddenly very honestly sent out this message.

Very shortly, he called her on her mobile phone.

Tong Yan answered it directly.

Against the deafening sound of firecrackers in the background, his voice was extremely unclear.

“The temperature in Beijing these last few days has been around ten degrees below zero. I checked the weather report for Tianjin, and I think it said it’s snowing there. Make sure you dress warm. Don’t catch a cold.” After these simple caring instructions, he paused briefly and then carried on again. “These last few days, I have been communicating with the dean. A teacher has been found to take over teaching next semester’s Maritime Law. I will not be teaching your year anymore and will assume responsibility for some second year courses.”

Since picking up the call, she had not said a single word.

Her cousin looked at her somewhat puzzledly and silently mouthed to her, “Is it some call from the Intermediate People’s Courts? Don’t believe it at all. They’re all scams.”

Tong Yan shook her head at her.

“I won’t say much more. There are a lot of other people in the room, and if they see me talking on the phone, they’ll find it very strange.” An obvious smile could be heard in his voice. “I miss you, too. Very much.”

Tong Yan could not hold back the smile that broke across her face. And then, she saw her younger cousin’s even more baffled expression.

The call was very quickly hung up. She brought her mobile phone back down from her ear, still thinking about the words he had said. The topic of changing courses had come up so suddenly, yet it also seemed as if this was something he had planned long ago to do.

“Who was that? How come you didn’t say anything the whole time?”

Tong Yan pondered for a moment before answering with a show of seriousness, “A really, really, really good-looking guy who sings better than me and who went to a better university than me was just professing his love to me.”


[1]团圆饭 “tuan yuan fan.” The “family reunion dinner” is the dinner, usually on Lunar New Year’s Eve, in which the family gathers together to celebrate the upcoming New Year.

[2] 春节 “chun jie.” In China, the Lunar New Year period is also called the Spring Festival and lasts from the first to the fifteenth day of the new lunar year.

[3]投胎好 “tou tai hao.” This cousin had actually said, “a ‘good’ reincarnation decides everything.” When you say someone 投胎好 or “reincarnated well,” you are essentially saying they were lucky enough that this life, they were born into a good family with power and/or wealth.


Additional Comments:

“… time after time, life had stripped her of the love and care that should have rightfully belonged to her and that she should not have to beseech for.” My heart broke for Tong Yan at this line.

So there you have it. As Tong Yan said, her and Lu Bei’s ultimate separation played out rather like a TVB drama. You cannot help but pity Lu Bei. He was not at fault for the car accident, yet he was the one who was proclaimed guilty. He did not want to be with Fang Yunyun, yet when he was in a circumstance where he could not even express his choice, his family decided this for him. He was released from the crime he didn’t commit, but the price paid was being tied to someone whom he doesn’t love nor made a choice to be with. He needed to follow through on his family’s decision for his marriage because if he didn’t, the ramifications of getting on the bad side of people who had such power and authority would likely be very grave, not only for himself but for his family as well.

I’ve said before in comments that I don’t agree with his current pursuit of Tong Yan because, no matter what the reason behind his marriage is, Tong Yan does not want to be involved with a married man and he should not drag her into it. He needs to sever that part out before he goes to find her, and if that is not possible, he really needs to let her go and give her her freedom. However, you can also understand why his heart does not want to accept this. How could he when everything was forced on him? While Tong Yan has clearly and firmly told him her stance, she can never be mean to Lu Bei because she knows that, in the end, she and he and their relationship were all victims.

This novel really holds a theme of how sometimes, circumstances in your life are just not in your control and life is sometimes just downright unfair. With Tong Yan, there’s her family situation and her past love. With Gu Pingsheng, it’s his health as well as other things you’ll find out about later. With Lu Bei, it’s being forced to give up the girl he loved. In each character, we see how they make their choices, whether they dwell upon the past or try to make the best of the future. I admire Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan because they picked themselves up, continued walking down life’s path the best they could, treasured the beautiful things they had, and tried their best to learn to let go of what was not theirs or caused them pain.


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32 thoughts on “Together Forever (至此终年) — Chapter 10.2

  1. I pity LB’s circumstance, it was not really his fault but it was fate that played a cruel joke to him. Maybe, they were just not meant to be and he should ponder deeply on how he should face his situation and feelings. Pitiful Tong Yan who had to suffer in the situation for losing another someone who was rightfully hers who she loved and deeply loved her also. Yet its all in the past and glad that she now has GPS in her life. Aww, that phone call was just too sweet in my ears.

    And loved how TY could be so narcissistic and confident about his affections towards her and his own being alone. And darn, she has every right to be.

    • I do, too. Besides currently pursuing Tong Yan, there’s really nothing you can criticize him about. And still, you understand him and pity him. I guess your wish for him is that he can finally let go, move on, and find happiness.

      I may be eerily biased but I think Gu Pingsheng is more the type of man that Tong Yan needs. It truly sounds like LU Bei loved and doted on Tong Yan, but Gu Pingsheng has the maturity and is a rock she can lean upon, something Tong Yan has always lacked but very much desires.

      ❤ That phone call was so simple, but sometimes, the simplest things touch you the most because the sweetness has seeped its way into even the little things.

      Yup, darn right. I love who confident they are in their relationship.

  2. “Time after time, life had stripped her of the love and care that should have rightfully belonged to her and that she should not have to beseech for.”  this broke my heart too… it is lovely however to read how much TY and GPS missed each other despite the distance between them. The loving words from GPS is soooo sweet… with him changing class and no longer teaching TY means that they dont get to see each other in class anymore 😢

    • To have basic familial love and care is something that nobody should have to ask for, but unfortunately, there are many Tong Yan-s out in the world. 😦

      You know I love how mature their relationship is, but what makes it so lovely to me is that the relationship also has certain aspects of young love, hopeful, simple, pure. Love that phone call from Gu Pingsheng.

      Nope, no more in-class interactions, but in reality, that type of relationship would truly be awkward for both of them. This is the more realistic solution. Also, just because they’re not in class together, doesn’t mean you won’t get to read about them together. 😉

  3. Yes, I felt the pain too. For all of the characters. Life can be brutally cruel to almost everyone, then why do we persist in making it even worse for others? Also, it takes so much courage to do whats right, especially in the face of dire circumstances and I applaud characters who can do that – I am not sure I would be able to. Sigh. This chapter was riveting. There are no super heroes or villians, just ordinary people trying to live with a little bit of happiness

    • I agree. It is rare that your life will be smooth sailing to the day you die, and for many, there will be moments where you just wonder if fate decided to toy with you. I’ve always said this book is grounded in reality, and even Lu Bei/Tong Yan’s dramatic break-up, the emotions of the situation still feel so real. Hence, this book is so relatable to me and at the same time, it causes me to pause and reflect. That’s why I find it so, as you aptly said, riveting. Most of us are just ordinary people trying to find our only little slice of happiness. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. my heart really broke for LB. hope he can find his own happiness.

  5. No matter what life is fair or unfair to LB or not, his life and fate has been set for him way before he knew it. He just has to accept it and move on and learn to let go of the past otherwise, everyone included himself will not be happy. He were forced to marry someone who he has no love for and let go of someone whom he loved dearly. Either women that is in his past n present lives would like to move on with or without him, then he should choose to learn to move forward. LB need to learn to heal before he can go back to see TY n even moving forward with his current wife.

    Thank you very much. I feel really sorry for both GPS n TY. They have their own fair shares of hard lives too but what make me admire them the most is they choose not to let those negativity to pull themselves down n choose to thrive for the best n move forward. It take strength n courage to do all those things.

    • Agreed. Lu Bei’s dwelling on the past stands out in contrast to Tong Yan and Gu Pingsheng. In reality, almost everyone knows that they should move on when what’s done is done, but the emotions are hard to overcome. That’s why Tong Yan and Gu Pingsheng have my admiration because they did not grow bitter or even just get by but continued to strive to make their future better.

      Thank you for reading and the comment! 🙂

  6. So sweet of GPY, those caring and love words, even change his class for her.

  7. ah… LB… his story is sooo drama. but then… fate… destiny. I still feel bad for him, but he needs to move on. it’s not the reason to be stuck with one’s love. c’mon…

    GPS!!! aigooo… what should i say about him? im speechless. haha

    thanks hoju ^^

    • Lu Bei will have to learn to let go, especially now that Tong Yan has let go. I think the worst part for him is, if he lets go, what does he go to? Fang Yunyun? The brat whom he was forced to be tied to? Perhaps, as Tong Yan once advised, if he tried, he might discover that Fang Yunyun isn’t a bad person, but it’s hard not to feel resentful toward her.

      What should you say about him? Um… “He belongs to Hoju.” Tehe

      Thanks! (And where have you been lately?)

      • omo.. “He belongs to Hoju.” im getting more speechless 😛

        just here and there.. work hard and play even harder 😛 haha. but i keep reading this even i rarely comment here 😀 i’ll try my best to not skip every chapter 😀

        • Fine, he belongs to Tong Yan and then I’m second in line.

          Just wondering. Hadn’t seen you around, so was hoping that life was being good to you. 🙂

  8. Loving from afar is painful but knowing that your love is moving on and letting go is the most painful of all.

    • As is often said in c-novels, “I thought that I was not the only one who was still standing in the same place, unwilling to move on, but it turns out, the only one still there is me.” That feeling of loneliness must be intense. 😦

  9. don’t worry grandma, certainly GPS has the same mindset as yours. definitely won’t let TY go astray

  10. i love this novel so much
    it’s not about some romance we always read it from a novel,
    but this novel really did tell us about the circumstance of this unfair world…
    this world isnt always that pretty when we look at , but also not always be that unfair,,
    everything happened because of a reason, and see how we can choose the path by ourselves..

    the relationship between teacher gu and tong yan is really sweet… so damn mature and calm teacher gu and a very caring tong yan .. a sweet yet a mature relationship .. adore them so much <3<3

    • ❤️ What I love is about this story is, yes, the world is not pretty, and yes, the world is unfair, but you can choose to make the world pretty by how you face your life. It may not be all butterflies and unicorns, but it won’t be all storms either. Or even if it is filled with storms, you can search for a rainbow or hop in the puddles. You can’t control everything but you can control your mindset.

      I LOVE their relationship. So beautiful. ❤

      So glad you are enjoying their story. It definitely touches me deeply.

      • yeahhh, thats so true … i want to be like them , as mature as them ..
        but i still get myself for some miserable when i face this world is quite unfair for me ><

        this story is so reality, so sweet their relationship , so their mature behaviour and opinions about this world,, kekeke

  11. I feel really bad for Lu Bei… But your comments are right. He’s still married, so he really should stop pursuing Tong Yan. It’s totally understandable that he couldn’t tho…
    As for our dear Gu Pingsheng, time and time again, he just shows us how imperfectly perfect he is ❤
    I lol'ed at Tong Yan last sentence hehe.
    Thanks a lot, hoju~

  12. So sad 😦 poor guy but yeah, I agree that it’s not right to pursue her when he’s completely tied with someone else..
    and god i just love Tongyan’s conversation with her cousin. So cuteee.

    It’s 2017 but I’m so glad that I fall hard for Chinese dramas which led to all this gems… Thank you for translating this hoju!

  13. i feel for LB but you know, if he really love TN he should not try to do things that will complicate thing for TN.
    he cannot just be acquitted of the crime, be married with someone and still get the girl.

  14. Hoju, first of all, I am your silent reader. I was introduced to c-novel from A Smile is Very Alluring and been reading more novels since then and I’m currently reading this really beautiful love story of GPS and TY.

    It hurts my heart while reading their story and yet I can’t stop. I really want to thank you for your translations. And I really hope this story has a happy ending. From chapter 1 until now I have been smiling, squealing and also crying. It has been a new rollercoaster ride for me. This one is really different from the other stories that I’ve read. So again, thank YOU.

    • ❤ Hello.
      Once you become familiar with me, you’ll learn that I only ever translate stories with a happy ending. There will be bumps along the way for Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan, but I promise they will get their HE.

      Thank you for reading!

  15. I love Hoju’s additional comments at the end of some chapters. It makes me backread and take on the sentiments of each character and realize, ah, indeed, indeed.

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