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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 37



Aiya, you should have faith in Lin Yu Sen and believe him like Xi Guang. All is revealed in this chapter including Lin Yu Sen’s English name is Vincent lol.

For those who can’t understand, read this chapter again or a few times until you understand. It is also advisable to read the novel again from beginning to end.

Chapter 37

“Miss, we’ve arrived.”

“Miss?! We’ve arrived at the place!”

When the taxi driver called me in a loud voice for the second time, only then I regained my composure. I took out my purse, paid the fare and got out of the car.

Before my eyes, was where Lin Yu Sen lived.

After coming out from the meeting place with my father, I took a taxi to come here without the slightest hesitation. However after arriving at the neighborhood, standing in front of his house and looking at the wooden door in front, I have been slow to press the doorbell.

I stared at the pattern on the wooden door and stood for no less than half an hour.

What was I afraid of?

Afraid that the truth will be too hard to take?

No, no, I believed him. This kind of thing would never happen on Lin Yu Sen. Even if I cannot trust Lin Yu Sen’s character, I should believe his IQ level.

But why father said it with certainty?

I took a deep breath and decided not to continue to let my imagination run wild, so I lifted my hand and was about to press the doorbell. But all of a sudden, the door was opened from the inside. A few people came out together. A large man who was walking in front of the crowd, was speaking.

“Hey, we’ll take what they’re throwing at us and use it back on them. This time, they definitely won’t even be able to handle it ……”

Seeing me, his voice trailed away. Suddenly, everyone looked at me. Lin Yu Sen who was at the back, was a bit surprised. A smiling expression immediately appeared in his eyes. He stepped forward, “Xi Guang? Why did you come over?”

My gaze fell on his clothes, “I’ve something to ask you.”

He paused for a few seconds then said okay.

Upon seeing this, other people took leave one after another. Lin Yu Sen sent them off, returned to look over carefully at me and heaved a sigh.

“Have you seen President Nie?”

I did not answer him but go straight to the point and asked: “Lin Yu Sen, do you know Ma Nian Yuan?”

I did not ask whether he ‘courted’ Ma Nian Yuan, because I had really eliminated this possibility. Hence I did not even want to say it.

He immediately frowned: “Who is this person?”

My heart-strings loosened all at once and a smile nearly formed on my face. Yet I felt something was wrong. Why would father tell this kind of lie which can be easily detected? Likewise, Lin Yu Sen will also not engage in such low-level deception.

So where was the problem? Although I felt sick mentioning about that mother-daughter pair, I still suppressed my disgust to explain to him.

“Do you know about my family matter?”

Lin Yu Sen nodded, “I’ve sort of heard about it.”

“Thus, Ma Nian Yuan …… can be considered to be my dad’s god-daughter. My dad said both of you got to know each other at my godmother’s dinner party in the year before last. Then she invited you to go to Wuxi to view and appreciate plum blossoms ……”

Suddenly his complexion looked frightening.

I was startled by his facial expression until I could not finish my sentence.

Suddenly he grabbed my shoulders firmly, “What did you say?!”

I was frightened by his reaction and was momentarily speechless. He looked at me closely, each word, one at a time, coming out sharply from his lips: “You were not the one who asked me to go to Wuxi?!”

I regained my composure from the shock, “How, how can it be me since I did not know you at that time.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He scrutinized my face, as if to confirm something. Then he slowly loosened his grip on my shoulders, as if he had understood everything. With a glimmer of hope, he asked: “We met before at Madam Yu’s dinner party two years ago. I went together with my maternal grandfather. Please think carefully. Don’t you have the slightest recollection?”

Di-.. did we?

Godmother’s party has always been very lively with an endless stream of guests. With so many people, I really have no recollection.

“Oh.” He probably got the answer from my facial expression, since he put his hands down completely.

He clenched his fist, as if to control his emotion. In the end, he failed to control it, ferociously punched the wall and slowly spit out four words.

“Extraordinary shame and humiliation!”

A cold glint flashed in his eyes. After taking a few deep breaths, he took out the mobile phone and dialed a number.

I did not know who he called, only heard his voice was frightening cold.

“Where are you?”

“I’ll come over right away.”

He hung up the phone, came over and grabbed my hand straightaway.

“Come with me.”

His expression and attitude simply did not allow resistance. With his rapid pace, I staggered to follow him all the way until being pushed into the car. Everything happened way beyond my expectations. After the car moved along for a long way, I only managed to calm my nerve and asked him: “Where are we going?”

“We’ll be arriving very soon.”

He drove without saying a word and was on the highway before long. Based on the roadside signs, I guessed the destination should be Shanghai. More than an hour later, the sky was already darkening, the car stopped in front of a villa in Songjiang suburban district of Shanghai. Lin Yu Sen took out the phone and said two words coldly: “Come out.”

In an instance, a disheveled young man was fastening his buttons and running out at the same time.

“Vincent, why didn’t you inform me a few days in advance that you’ll be coming over to let me have time to sweep the couch to welcome you?”

I felt this man was a little familiar-looking. Taking a closer look, he was actually godmother’s son, Shao Jia Qi. He went abroad when he was very young, lived there most of the time and had only come back recently. Thus I was not that familiar with him.

“Jia Qi?”

“Xi Guang?” He was also surprised, “How do you ……”

He looked at me and also looked at Lin Yu Sen, seemingly unclear about the situation.

Lin Yu Sen interrupted our reminisce, “Shao Jia Qi, before my accident two years ago, did you call me to ask me to go to Wuxi?”

Shao Jia Qi immediately pulled a long face: “Aiya, why bring this up again? I know I owe you for the rest of my life for what I did to you.”

“Please repeat what you said to me on the phone that day.”

“For goodness sake! Brother, please spare me. I know I made a mistake, is it not enough? If I had known earlier that woman is so trashy, I’ll definitely not act as go-between. Damn it, I have already severed contact with her. Damn it, I told her that you had an accident on your way to meet her, yet she did not even bother to go and visit you once.”

“Okay, you just need to repeat what you had said without missing a word.”

Jia Qi was distressed and scratched his head in anguish, “How can I still remember?”

Lin Yu Sen’s eyes were very cold, “Well, I’ll paraphrase what was said. You verify whether what I’ll be saying is correct.”

“You said, ‘Brother, you really have luck with women. A beautiful woman took a fancy to you at mother’s party on the day before yesterday. She invited you to go to Wuxi to view and appreciate plum blossoms. Hence do you’ve time on Saturday? Come to look for me in Wuxi first, then I’ll take you to meet that beautiful woman.’ ”

He used an icy and calm voice to paraphrase such frivolous words. A strange atmosphere pervaded the air momentarily.

“I said: ‘Not interested as I’ve to perform a very important operation on Saturday.'”

“Is it like this?”

Shao Jia Qi nodded repeatedly: “Brother, your memory is very good. Yes, it is like this, you’re correct.”

“It is not that my memory is good. After the accident, when I was lying in the hospital bed and could not move, I thought about these words countless times,” Lin Yu Sen said, “Then you said: ‘Indeed a beautiful woman, Nie Cheng Yuan’s daughter.'”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Suddenly I raised my head to look at Shao Jia Qi. He glanced at me and said dejectedly: “Yes, I’ve just returned from abroad at that time. That woman pretended to be pitiful. Thus I was misled into thinking that she is Uncle Nie’s illegitimate daughter.”

While saying that, he looked apologetically at me. Then all of a sudden, he realized something and her complexion changed: “Holy crap, Heavens, how did you guys end up together now? Do you think Xi Guang was the one who invited you?! Holy crap, it is not. You can’t be taking revenge on people!”

I did not know what else to say, so I can’t help looking at Lin Yu Sen. He also looked at me, his eyes cannot conceal the turmoil and pain.

Shao Jia Qi may have been affected by us, as he also did not speak anymore. An oppressive atmosphere enveloped us.

A long time later, Lin Yu Sen started the car and said: “I’ll send you back.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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35 thoughts on “Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 37

  1. Ahhhh thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for the update 😄 I so much looking forward with this story. But, I don’t get it 😂 sorry 🙏

    Appreciate more 😘

    • Thanks for the release, I don’t really get it either 😀 I’m guessing MAYBE he courted Xi Guang out of revenge for ‘inviting’ him that day which led to his accident? Though I’m probably wrong because that seems too petty and he clearly refused

      • Honestly there is nothing complicated here so I don’t understand why you can’t get it. Just a simple misunderstanding. Shao Jia Qi who is XG’s godmother’s son misled LYS into thinking XG invited him to Wuxi since he said Nie Cheng Yuan’s daughter. The invitation was actually from Ma Nian Yuan, the daughter of NCY’s ex-gf. That silly Shao Jia Qi thought MNY is NCY’s illegitimate daughter so told LYS, NCY’s daughter invited him. LYS only knows XG as NCY’s daughter. Since LYS thought XG invited him to Wuxi, she should at least go & visit him after his accident but she did not. Hence he is angry at her becos he likes XG from the moment he met her at XG’s godmother’s party. Of course our innocent XG knows nothing abt all these until now.

        • Correct me if I am wrong, another word LYS had been played by MNY instead letting him believed that she (MNY) is XG. Then MNY went and made up an unsavoury story to XG’s dad to damage LYS’s sterling reputation.

          Thank you peanuts for this translation. I have been looking forward to reading and can’t wait for the next chapter to come.

          • I don’t think you are correct. LYS met XG at the party b4 so he knows how XG looks like. If he didn’t have an accident, he would have met MNY & knew she is not XG.

            The person MNY misled is Shao Jia Qi who thought she is XG’s dad’s illegitimate daughter.

            Bcos LYS had an accident on her way to meet MNY, she thought he is interested in her & told XG’s dad. But he was actually on his way to meet XG.

        • Thanks Peanuts for correcting me. So all this are just a BIG misunderstanding from all parties except XG.

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    • Kingkiller by Rothfuss?

      • no, it’s an Indonesian Novel. it published when i was in middle school but i read it when i was in high school because i attend a boarding school when i was in middle school. the second book published when i’m in my senior year following with release cover for the last book. and now i almost graduate fro college there’s no news about the last book. so saad

  4. 😱😱😱. Can’t wait for next chapter. Thank you so much!! 😘😘😘

  5. See … this is how people should communicate and solve misunderstandings. Lol … Goes to show XG had a lot more trust in LYS personality and character over ZX. And I love how LYS just brought her straight to meet her godmother’s son to clear things up.

  6. That’s what happened…. Poor Lys…

  7. Thanks so much dear Peanuts for the clarification, its better to be clear than get lost in confusion 😄

    I guess, LYS did like.. XG on the first meeting without her noticing him. Is he really after for revenge? I’m on LYS boat. I don’t like the other male lead wt bunch of emotional baggage.

    Thanks again 😘

    • What make u think LYS is seeking revenge? I think u watch 2 much kdrama 😛 It is perfectly understandable for LYS to feel angry at XG since he thought he was going to meet her. But he had an accident & she didn’t care. She acted like nothing had happened. Hence he made life a bit tough for her in the office. As he got to know her better & after she cried, he started to treat her better & decided to court her.

  8. Yes VP Lin, I believe you. He is my second fave character and they are my second fave couple after Xiao Nai & Wei Wei ❤️❤️ Gu Man so slow like a turtle T.T

  9. Ah, so much is being made clear now.

  10. Hello guys! I recently discovered your blog and the world of Chinese novels. Thank you so much for all the hard work. I’m on a reading binge, I read almost everything that is completed here. Now I wait patiently for Blazing, Together Forever, and Don’t be so proud updates.

    I think LYS is out for revenge too (he made XG dad lose money) but I believe he fell for XG in the process, oh the drama! I don’t like the Z guy… And all the conversations that never took place. For goodness sake, just talk people!!!!

    • Welcome to the addictive world of Chinese novels 😛

      Go & read back prior chapters. LYS said it is nothing personal, purely business. LYS made XG’s dad lost money in that he was against some of his business plans which benefited himself more than Sheng Yuan the coy.

  11. Thank you…..their misunderstanding are being cleared…but SJQ’ s remark about ‘you can’t be taking revenge on people’ is a bit confusing.

    • SJQ assumed LYS is taking revenge. As far as I can see, nothing revengeful in LYS’s action in book 1. I can’t guarantee book 2 won’t reveal a revenge motive.

  12. That explains LYS’s behavior towards Xie Guang when they first met as boss and employee.

  13. Oh, now I understand why he kept asking her if she doesn’t know him. He thinks that she knows him and just pretend that doesn’t. So he is angry with her. And maybe is a petty revenge make her office life a little difficult but nothing so bad.
    Thank you Peanuts for the chapter. Hope the 2nd. book is publish soon. I like this story.

  14. i got it i got it i got it.

    aiyoooo, i can’t wait for the next chapter. what will happen to this both???

    i think, our Mr. VP seriously loves NXG. i could see some ‘revenge’ action in office at the first time they met each other. but then… it changed. Mr. VP cant help but falling for our lovely NXG. Soooo… is it the last part of book 1?????? on nooo… i still wanna know what will happen? how NXG reacts to this? and how my fave LYS explain to NXG.

    ught… i started to dislike her dad and her dad’s family. thank God, she’s in her mom’s hand.

    thank you peanuts.

  15. So , all the negative attitude LYS displayed at the office when they newly met is based on BIG misunderstanding. Thanks Peanut for the clarification.

  16. What kills me is how often misunderstandings happen because people don’t bother ask the ane of the person or say the name. If he heard the name of the woman who invited him he would have known it wasn’t her. So laughable/tragic that such a huge misunderstanding could happen over this. and he was interested in her from the beginning.

  17. Ah!
    So glad they sorted it out instead of dragging it out forever.
    Thanks for all your hard work in translating these novels.

  18. I hate her father and those two women

  19. The whole mess is becoz of her idiot father. Helping an acquaintance??? Really??? To the point breaking his own family’s harmony?? If really just helping… give them money is more than enough. and why bother to bring that bit*ch god-daughter to xiguang’s godmother party ???? Did he even consider xiguang and her mom’s feeling if they met at the party? 😤😤😤😤. Really assh*le Dad

    • I assumed that he took Nian yuan to the party exactly out of request of her mother to help her finding a good network/prospective husband.
      He wanted to give an opportunity to find a good match.
      But you are right, he is so disrespectful towards his own family.
      No matter what reason, even if there is an old debt, what he did is a total disrespect.
      It is the party of his wife’s “relative”, how could he dare bringing someone who can piss his wife and family off?
      And why does he have to insist taking care of another woman despite being clear that his wife minds a lot about it?
      Why can’t he just pay someone to take care of them and pay the surgery and school fees?
      The house he let them stay in was his family’s house despite being empty, why can’t he just rent them a condo with his private money?
      This is not only about the existence of an affair or not, but it is also about respect towards his family.
      The fact that he even let his family broken for someone insignificant is a proof that he is a trashy husband.

  20. So this was why LYS was cold to XG previously! Also he had to face such hardship due to that lie and now that girl is taking advantage of the situation and tell more lie to XG’s father! Doesn’t she feel a little bit remorse that because of her, a talented man like him had to lose his bread and butter 😤

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