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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 3.3



SX: “Big Brother He, don’t worry ! I’ll buy the ‘little angel’ for you ! Which is your favorite  brand?!” HZZ: “I actually……….. my aunt (Chinese slang for menstrual) came………..”

Hoju: Updated news. Some of you may have heard that a drama adaptation is being made of this novel. Yup, we’ve been following this news for a long time now. (For more than half a year! Oh my, I’ve been waiting eagerly for that long!) On April 24, the booting ceremony was held and the cast was also announced at that time. I, personally, have mixed feelings on the cast, but I’m still hopeful for a good, fun adaptation. 🙂 Unfortunately, Peanuts and I are both super busy  at the moment and won’t be able to get to posting any drama news, at least for now. You can check out AVV if you want more information. 


This is the chapter you’ve been waiting for, He Zhi Zhou having his menstrual lol. Such a big blow to this proud man but such an educational experience, right haha? For those who complained they didn’t seem to want to swap back, it is not true. Everything happened too quickly so they needed time to adjust. Enjoy the gender swapping which is the best part of the novel.

Chapter 3.3 — Like a Pear Blossom Bathed in Springtime Rain

He Zhi Zhou …… aunt (Chinese slang for menstrual) has come?!

Shen Xi stood in the middle of the basketball court and counted the days with her fingers. That was right, today was the day her ‘relative’ will pay a visit! Shen Xi stamped her feet twice, what should she do now?

But …… He Zhi Zhou, this proud and aloof man actually has menstrual, this matter was really…… amusing!

This man must have hurt a lot of women in his previous life, so God was letting him have menstrual in this life! Probably too numerous to record …… Shen Xi stood on the basketball court like a madman, stamping her feet one minute but burst out laughing the next. In the end, she covered her mouth with the hand and ran happily towards the normal college.

The cool night air was blowing into her face as Shen Xi was running on a windy tree-lined trail. The slight chill in the air was mixed with the sweet smell of jasmine flowers found in summer, like a girl using a handkerchief to gently brush her cheek. Layer upon layer of the shadow of the trees and moonlight flooding the ground, Shen Xi’s mood was so wonderful until she wished she could fly up into the sky.

Running all the way to building 6 in the normal college, Shen Xi directly barged into the female dormitory. Unfortunately her vigorous figure was still caught by the sharp-eyed dorm caretaker, Aunt Li.

Aunt Li used to like her the most. With a smiling face, Shen Xi held Aunt Li’s hand: “Aunt Li ——”

Shen Xi dragged the word ‘aunt’. Li Juan Hua was an honest woman, who has never experienced a handsome guy acting coquettishly towards her. Yet she still firmly slapped away Shen Xi’s hand and said like a person with principle: “Looking handsome also no use.”

Shen Xi pouted and was planning to launch the next stage of her offensive. A clear female voice stopped her. She turned her head and saw He Zhi Zhou.

His face was very pale ……

Shen Xi hurriedly pulled down the corner of her lips that had been turning up in a smile, walked over and carefully lent an arm to support He Zhi Zhou. She had a worried look on her face when she asked: “Why do you come down ……”

He Zhi Zhou avoided Shen Xi’s hand and walked out of the female dormitory. Shen Xi promptly informed aunt Li Juan Hua: “Dear aunt Li, my friend is not feeling well, so I’ll accompany her to go to the hospital ……”

Oh my! Dear aunt Li, why boys nowadays have such sweet mouths …… Li Juan Hua’s mood was so high until she started to hum a song: “Sweet as honey …… sweet as honey ……”

He Zhi Zhou walked in front of Shen Xi. His pace was so rapid, even with her ‘oppa’s’ (older brother in Korean) long legs, Shen Xi also cannot keep up. She became anxious and shouted at He Zhi Zhou: “Don’t walk so fast, afterwards vaginal bleeding outside the expected menstrual period ……”

He Zhi Zhou really stopped.

Shen Xi caught up with him and lowered her head to look at He Zhi Zhou. She discovered his face has changed from white to green, a pair of willowy eyes raging with anger.

“Being cranky can easily lead to menstrual pain.” Shen Xi held He Zhi Zhou’s hand, “We won’t get angry, okay?”

He Zhi Zhou brushed away Shen Xi’s hand once again and walked forward with a scowl on his face.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou was doomed to sleep outside of the female dormitory tonight. Shen Xi became his full-time nanny. They went to the supermarket first. Shen Xi carried a shopping basket, made a dash for the feminine hygiene products section, squatted on the floor and started to make her selection.

Day use, overnight use, pure cotton, thin, 190mm, 240mm, 340mm ……

He Zhi Zhou followed Shen Xi closely from behind. Facing a vast array of products, he became cranky again and was about to lose his temper. As predicted, a piercing pain was quickly felt in the lower abdomen.

He Zhi Zhou suppressed his anger, leaned on the big column and asked Shen Xi: “Have you made your choice?”

Shen Xi turned to look at He Zhi Zhou. Although he was still using an indifferent tone, she can hear the pain in his voice. This kind of male who has to experience menstrual pain must be an angel with broken wings in his previous life …… Shen Xi turned back to continue to look for products that were suitable for He Zhi Zhou. At the same time, she also asked him about his preference: “That …… do you have a favorite brand?”

What did she mean whether he has a favorite brand?! He Zhi Zhou cannot put up with this anymore and kicked directly at Shen Xi’s shopping basket. Because of the powerful kick, Shen Xi who was squatting beside the shopping basket, fell to the ground.

Shen Xi bravely got up, turned around in anger and glared at He Zhi Zhou like a typical ‘small-minded man’: “I kindly helping you to choose your ‘little angel’, but you actually kicked me.”

At eight o’clock at night, the supermarket has a lot of shoppers. It was also the peak shopping time for women to go grocery shopping. Such a time and place, as well as Shen Xi’s indignant accusation, all of a sudden, it attracted a crowd of spectators.

A handsome man kindly helped his girlfriend to choose feminine hygiene products, but the girlfriend looked impatient ……

Good gracious! Could this be a combination of the currently popular ‘warm guy’ (considerate and protective man) and ‘high-maintenance woman’ (a woman who needs a lot of care and attention from a partner)? All the aunties were pointing fingers at them. Shen Xi noticed and felt uncomfortable. According to her own preference, she quickly chose several different kinds of ‘Girl Series’ products. To be on the safe side, she also put a few packs of ‘Mommy Baby’ (heat pad) into the shopping basket.

“Enough, Shen Xi!” He Zhi Zhou pulled a long face.

Shen Xi sulkily stood up and walked beside He Zhi Zhou with the shopping basket. He grabbed the basket in her hand and walked directly to the checkout counter, joining the queue.

Shen Xi followed He Zhi Zhou from behind. Suddenly it occurred to her that she had forgotten to buy something, so she ran back into the supermarket. He Zhi Zhou was carrying the basket and looking at Shen Xi who was running around. Taking a deep breath, he told himself: Don’t get angry. Don’t get angry ……

Shen Xi came back with a tin of ginger tea and a small box of warmer pad. When it was their turn, she scrambled to pay for the purchase. Then she realized that she was actually using ‘He Zhi Zhou’s’ money, so she scrambled to carry the shopping bags.

Now that she was a man, she has to act like a responsible man!

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Both of them walked out of the supermarket and flagged down a taxi. Shen Xi opened the car door for He Zhi Zhou. Then he looked seriously at her: “Shen Xi, enough.”

Okay. Enough.

He Zhi Zhou got into the car and immediately mentioned the name of a five-star hotel.

Shen Xi warned him: “This hotel is very expensive.”

He Zhi Zhou closed his eyes and ignored her.

The uncle driver cannot help rebuking Shen Xi: “You are a man so don’t be so stingy!” So stingy even in getting a hotel room, how to court an exquisite girlfriend?! From the looks of it, he had decent looks but his conduct didn’t measure up. Thinking about it, the driver gave a smile of contempt.

Shen Xi heaved a sigh and said to the driver: “You don’t understand ……”

“I understand!” The driver insisted.

Shen Xi heaved a sigh again: “Okay, you understand.”

Only then, the driver was satisfied and stepped on the accelerator to speed up. Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou were both thrown backwards. Shen Xi was all right, but He Zhi Zhou was tragic as ‘warm current’ circled a round at the lower abdomen again and flowed directly downwards ……

He Zhi Zhou massaged his temples, he felt that being dead was better than now!

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The taxi stopped in front of the dazzling five-star international hotel group. He Zhi Zhou said to Shen Xi: “Give me your ID and credit card.” Shen Xi opened her bag and was about to hand over He Zhi Zhou’s ID and credit card. But she felt bad and looked at him sincerely: “I’ll treat you.”

He Zhi Zhou gave her a look so hostile it looked as if he was going to ‘hurl a sanitary napkin’ into her face.

He Zhi Zhou got one standard room, Shen Xi has no objection. Since she and He Zhi Zhou were already like this, no point to pretend to get two rooms. Besides wasting money, there was no other purpose.

The moment He Zhi Zhou went into room 9267, he went into the bathroom. Shen Xi looked at the closed door, with the benefit of hindsight, she started to feel uneasy. She touched her burning face and asked He Zhi Zhou who was inside the bathroom: “Hey, how are you?”

He Zhi Zhou did not answer her.

Shen Xi was really worried about He Zhi Zhou so she stood close to the bathroom door to give him guidance: “Brother He, tear open the packaging first, then you’ll see two tiny wings on both sides ……”

“Shut up!” At last, He Zhi Zhou’s angry ‘female voice’ came through the bathroom door.

Shen Xi can only regretfully walked back to the bedroom. The room in this hotel with many stars was spacious, so she felt like dancing. The continuous repression of the past few days made her have the urgent need to find release. She stretched her leg to test the flexibility of this body. In the end, she patted the thigh: “Long enough! Firm enough!”

Shen Xi intended to try to do a split. Although a bit more difficult, there should be no problem with her skills. She stretched her four limbs to do some warm-up exercise. Then she stretched out both of her legs and pushed the body downwards a little at a time ……

Suddenly the bathroom door opened, He Zhi Zhou with a scowling face walked out and snappily asked her: “Shen Xi, what are you doing?”

“Helping you to exercise your muscles and bones.” Shen Xi answered with a smile.

“Stand up.” He Zhi Zhou said. The expression in his eyes were full of energy, but his current body condition cannot support the energetic look in his eyes.

Shen Xi got up from the floor and ran over to help He Zhi Zhou to sit on the sofa. She asked, concern in her voice: “How are you feeling?”

Throughout the day, Shen Xi asked the most was “how are you feeling?”.  This constantly reminded him of the abnormal thing that he has been experiencing. He Zhi Zhou sat down on the sofa and glanced at Shen Xi: “So, do you want me to write an insight paper about my experience for you?”

Since he can still mock himself, this showed that he was still clear-headed. Shen Xi patted He Zhi Zhou’s shoulder in an effort to placate him. Then she made a cup of ginger tea and brought it over to him: “Drink a bit of this. It’s soothes the uterus.”

Soothe the uterus? Where would he get a uterus from? He Zhi Zhou could feel his blood boiling in his head. There was also blood surging down in his lower body. He closed his eyes and has to admit hopelessly that his body really did have a uterus inside it right now. The reason why his body was lacking strength now and he has to lean on the sofa was because his body was shedding its uterine lining, which lead to cyclical bleeding.

He Zhi Zhou drank the ginger tea in one gulp.

Seeing that he was drinking too fast, Shen Xi said with good intention: “Slow down, be careful of choking!”

He Zhi Zhou really choked twice.

Shen Xi meekly tore a piece of heat pack: “Stick this on as well.”

“No need.” He Zhi Zhou refused, then closed his eyes to take a catnap.

Shen Xi was squatting on the floor and looking at the ‘proud’ He Zhi Zhou. The well-intentioned  Shen Xi tried to persuade him: “He Zhi Zhou, you’ve to listen to me on this matter because after all I’ve about seven to eight years of experience and can be considered your senior …… ”

The word ‘senior’ made He Zhi Zhou lost his temper again. He requested Shen Xi: “Can you leave me alone?”

“Okay.” Shen Xi feeling bored, also made herself a cup of ginger tea and started to drink it. On the other side, after drinking the ginger tea, He Zhi Zhou felt better. He opened his eyes and asked Shen Xi to give him the heat pack.

This man …… was enlightened?

Shen Xi felt very happy and unbuttoned He Zhi Zhou’s clothes straightaway to help him to stick it on. Suddenly a hand grabbed her hand and a weak voice can be heard at the same time: “I’ll do it myself.”

Suddenly Shen Xi felt ill at ease. She looked down and saw a pair of man and woman’s hands holding together. Inexplicably, she blushed. But this was unscientific, since she was merely touching ‘herself’!

The molecules in the awkward atmosphere collided incessantly, resulting in the spectacular burning of the invisible fireworks. Shen Xi secretly glanced at He Zhi Zhou, who coughed softly once and calmly turned his head aside.

At night, He Zhi Zhou still wanted to work even though he was ‘sick’. Shen Xi walked over, took a look and found there was simulated seawater, lightning, yacht and also two people on the computer screen.  …… He Zhi Zhou used the computer to simulate the entire course of events on that day.

“We’ll fly to Qingdao this weekend.” He Zhi Zhou said to her.

Shen Xi said feebly: “Don’t you want to wait until your ‘aunt’ (period) is finished?”

He Zhi Zhou did not want to speak anymore, immediately switched off the computer and went to bed. Shen Xi climbed into the another bed, where she glanced at He Zhi Zhou’s motionless silhouette and quietly turned off the light.

The room became pitch dark and also quiet at the same time.

Shen Xi turned her body very gently, afraid of disturbing He Zhi Zhou.

Actually, after something like this happened, she also felt rather uncomfortable. Sometimes she just wanted to make the atmosphere a little relaxed, but every time she also said the wrong thing ……

Shen Xi was lying on the pillow and massaging her tired eyes: She really did not use her brain …… really hard to accept!

“Shen Xi, we’ll return to our former life, so don’t worry.” Suddenly, the sound of He Zhi Zhou talking can be heard on the other side of the bed. He was obviously using ‘her’ voice, but it has a kind of powerful impact.

Shen Xi facing the ceiling: “I …… am not worried.”

“That’s good.” He Zhi Zhou said.

The corners of Shen Xi’s mouth curved into a smile twice. There was a strong desire to pour her heart out on a night like this. She thought of the secret she heard from Monkey yesterday. She rolled over again, treating He Zhi Zhou as a ‘confidant’ and disclosed her thoughts: “Big brother He, do you know how to verify whether a man truly loves a woman?”

Big brother He …… First, it was ‘my serendipity friend’, and now ‘big brother He’! He Zhi Zhou gently released the pent up air which had accumulated in the chest and replied faintly: “If the object is you, just take a look whether that man’s brain has a defect.”

Shen Xi cupped her chin: “Then do you think Lin Yu Tang’s brain has a defect or not?”

This man …… He Zhi Zhou wanted to turn over, but thinking of the nightmare of ‘side leakage’, he was lying straight as a ramrod on the bed again. He said to Shen Xi: “How do I know since I’m not a neurologist?”

Shen Xi’s heart has an emotional knot. Suddenly, she thought of a good idea, lifted the corners of the mouth and shared it: “I’ve an idea. I’ll tell Lin Yu Tang that I am Shen Xi tomorrow. Then I’ll ask him if he dares to kiss me. If he really loves me …… ”


Before Shen Xi could finish talking, she felt pain in the nose. It was He Zhi Zhou throwing a sanitary napkin which he got from the bed head at her.


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