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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 3.5




Can you imagine He Zhi Zhou hugging Lin Yu Tang’s waist while he was cycling lol? Yes, this sounds like a BL (Boy Love ) novel now.

The 1st poster for the drama has been released. What do you think? Either Xi Xi is really short or He Zhi Zhou is very tall, as you’ll notice the height difference. The drama will be called Proud of Love in English but we’ll stick with the novel’s English title.

Chapter 3.5 — Like a Pear Blossom Bathed in Springtime Rain

Real men do not easily cry because they have not been deeply hurt yet. Just how deep was the hurt to make the Leader crying like this?

Inside the brightly lit dormitory 921,  Monkey, Brawny, including Lin Yu Tang were all looking at Shen Xi without saying a word. All of them were silent because they really did not know what to say—— to break the current awkward atmosphere.

Seeing the person lifting up his quilt and trying hard not to cry, but his pair of pretty eyes looking red and swollen like a rabbit; because he was hiding under the quilt and crying for a long time, his whole handsome face became bright red; there were even a few drops of sparkling and translucent tears on the delicate and thick long eyelashes.

“Leader ……” Monkey tried to say something and make eye contact with Brawny. It was rare for Brawny to be quick-witted for once and took a packet of tissue over in a flurry.

Shen Xi took the tissue, did not know what to say to them, so she just greeted them: “Hi ……”

Monkey: “Hi.”

Brawny: “Hi ……”

“That …… I can explain ——” Shen Xi tried to make herself more relaxed, but she was feeling anxious so the face was red again. Suddenly she reached out and patted Monkey and Brawny on the shoulders, “Very surprised, right?!”

Monkey and Brawny nodded repeatedly: Too surprise!

Shen Xi turned around to look at Lin Yu Tang. He also looked at her, something unfathomable in his eyes. Shen Xi turned her head away —— all your fault!

Lin Yu Tang also silently turned his head away. It felt unbelievable, but the scene before his eyes has convinced him —— a while back, he even considered this man as his imaginary enemy ……

In the end, there was something even more crushing. Looking at the person in the bed with very red nose, he unexpectedly thought of Shen Xi.

He was two years older than Shen Xi. They used to live in the same housing facility for employees. It can be said that he watched Shen Xi grow up. Once Mrs. Shen carried Shen Xi who clearly looked like a tiny glutinous rice dumpling out but when she cried, it was as imposing as the Great Wall. Later, when Shen Xi was in kindergarten, she was selected to go to sports school. The training was very hard, because once when she came back to celebrate a festival, she hugged him and cried: “Tang Tang, training is very hard. I don’t want to do training, I also don’t want to get gold medal …… ”

After that, she really came back from sports school.

Lin Yu Tang thought that he was not a softhearted person, but he has a weakness. He was easily moved by teary eyes, such as now ……

Damn it! Has he gone crazy? Lin Yu Tang forced himself to look at He Zhi Zhou’s face again, forced himself to become clear-headed. Then as his roommate, he faintly asked: “What happened?”

What happened? Shen Xi really cannot speak of her suffering now because her head was filled with He Zhi Zhou’s words “Slash his wrists like a warrior to maintain his reputation.” Shen Xi frowned and looked out the window. Still got time for her to jump from a building ……

“Leader, what really happened?” Brawny’s muscular face was filled with curiosity and concern. Of course, he was a little more curious than concern.

Shen Xi heaved a sigh, cleared her throat and explained to her roommates: “Actually it is like this, I was reading a novel just now where the protagonist died …… I cannot help but feel sad.”

Monkey: “……”

Brawny: “…… Okay, what kind of novel?”

Shen Xi’s mind was muddled, so which novel should she mention?

Journey to the West“? They will certainly not believe;

“Cold CEO’s Ex-wife” (a melodramatic novel)? No!

“The Heart Unwilling”(The author’s other novel)? The content seemed to be almost the same ……

“…… is  ‘Wolf Totem.'” Finally Shen Xi found a reasonable one.

“Oh, this one ah, I’ve also read it. At that time, I also cried.” Brawny was a little excited, “Are you reading the part where the little wolf died?”

Shen Xi nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Brawny found a friend with similar interest and can better understand the Leader now. He grabbed Shen Xi’s hand and said: “Leader, who would have thought there is a tender heart beneath your cold exterior, just like me.”

“Get lost!” Monkey pushed Brawny aside, “Leader, I also shed tears when I read that part. All in all, we are all people who are honest with their own feelings.”

Shen Xi held Monkey’s hand: “Sorry, that I’ve made a fool of myself in front of you guys.”

Monkey: “…… did not make a fool.”

Brawny: “Not foolish at all!”

Lin Yu Tang spoke up: “Since everything is fine, let’s go back to sleep.”

Monkey and Brawny went back to their respective beds one after another. Shen Xi went to the bathroom to wash her face. Looking at the mirror, she thought: Must definitely not let He Zhi Zhou know what happened tonight, or else he will really slash his wrist like a warrior.

Dormitory 921 became quiet once again. After a while, the sound of Brawny’s snoring can be heard. Shen Xi was lying in bed but cannot sleep because she was thinking whether her trip with He Zhi Zhou to Qingdao at the weekend, will enable them to swap back and Lin Yu Tang’s relationship with Ling Chao Xi ……

At the same time, Lin Yu Tang also cannot sleep.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On the next day, Shen Xi got up early for a morning run.She promised He Zhi Zhou to run ten thousand metres every day, but finishing it in one go was too strenuous. Hence she divided into five thousand metres in the morning and evening.

What kind of man is most manly!

Man who loves sports!

After finished running, Shen Xi took a photo. Facing the camera, she showed the muscle on her arm. Then she sent the photo to He Zhi Zhou with the sentence “Already finished running five thousand of the ten thousand metres today, the figure is great! Don’t forget to put on the beauty essence which I gave you.”

Haha. He Zhi Zhou received Shen Xi’s message early in the morning. After getting up, washing the face and rinsing the mouth, he drank a glass of water. Then he looked at the bottles and jars on the table, feeling ballache (testicle pain).

So weird. He didn’t have balls anymore but he still could get a ballache!

He Zhi Zhou put on some beauty essence, then randomly rubbed them. His facial skin felt very good, so He Zhi Zhou cannot help but pinch several times.

Before going out, He Zhi Zhou went to the bathroom again to change his clothes. Afterwards he discovered a problem —— why every piece of Shen Xi’s underwear was also stuffed with sponge?

He Zhi Zhou silently took out all of the sponge from the underwear and heaved a sigh: If Shen Xi did not want to marry Lin Yu Tang in the future, if he can take over, he will take over ……

After He Zhi Zhou changed his clothes and came out, Dou Dou immediately discovered something was not the same. She looked a long time and said: “Ah Xi, your bosom is smaller.”

What kind of eyesight?! He Zhi Zhou nearly vomited blood.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the afternoon, there was one discipline-specific class and furthermore, it was held in the computer lab and taught through online tutorials and exercises.  For fear she might slip and expose herself, Shen Xi deliberately looked for a corner seat. She called He Zhi Zhou to ask what need to be done. He Zhi Zhou replied “Don’t fiddle with anything.”

This simple, Shen Xi obediently switched on the computer. Then she continuously changed the computer’s desktop background to some beautiful one. Ten minutes later, the teacher gave an assignment which has to be handed in during class. Shen Xi can only send a text message to He Zhi Zhou.

Five minutes later, He Zhi Zhou remotely controlled her computer and moved the mouse. After little effort, a simple circuit diagram appeared on the screen. Seeing this, Shen Xi was stunned. Then she quickly used her hands to cover the computer screen —— cannot let people see her covert operations.

Shen Xi successfully handed in the class assignment. To celebrate the success of another of their cooperation, she sent He Zhi Zhou a smiling face emoji. He only replied with a cool handsome emoji.

Extremely boring! Shen Xi was humming a song and walking away.

Outside of their department’s teaching building was a bike shed. When Shen Xi came out, she saw Lin Yu Tang was pushing his bike over. Shen Xi recalled his phone conversation last night. She walked quickly and arrived in front of Lin Yu Tang: “Are you going back to the dormitory?”

Lin Yu Tang nodded but did not say anything.

Shen Xi: “Then give me a ride.”

Lin Yu Tang: “……”

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Actually it was particularly common for boys to share a bike in S University. This was because S University has very little girls, so the friendship between men was closer.

However Lin Yu Tang really was not used to ride with a man. Just last month, Shen Xi specifically told him not to casually pick up the soap. (In Naked Gun 33⅓, Leslie Nielsen was asked to pick up the soap and in doing so revealed iron shorts protecting his chastity. While picking up the soap, a man will be attacked from behind for gay sex). Afterwards, he went online to research, only then he knew what was meant by picking up the soap. After that, he also knew about the existence of fujoshi (literally means rotten girl who likes manga about male homosexual love) in this world.

The ride from the teaching building to male dormitory No. 9 was more than 10 minutes. Lin Yu Tang intended to ride along the tree-lined trail with fewer people. Then he realized this will cause even more misunderstanding, but it was too troublesome to turn around.

Shen Xi who was sitting at the back, was thinking about several questions. Unconsciously, her hands unintentionally held Lin Yu Tang’s waist. This resulted in Lin Yu Tang shivering and his foot slipping from the pedal. He said angrily: “He Zhi Zhou, let go!”

“Oh,” Shen Xi immediately let go of her hands. Then she asked Lin Yu Tang in an unusually serious manner: “Lin Yu Tang, I heard you made a call yesterday. Who is that ……Chao Xi……?”

Lin Yu Tang: “A high school classmate.”

Shen Xi continued to question him: “I feel that your relationship with her is very good.”

“Not bad.” Lin Yu Tang gave a snort of laughter but the tone was cold. It was obvious that he did not want to talk to the person behind him.

Shen Xi clenched her teeth and asked directly: “…… Then do you like her?”

Like? ! Lin Yu Tang’s mind was preoccupied with how to get rid of ‘He Zhi Zhou’, this troublemaker. After a while, he only responded: “What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Talk nonsense? How many seconds did he pause just now?! Shen Xi’s brain immediately heated up, and instinctively reached out to pinch Lin Yu Tang’s back: “Such slow response, did you want to tell lies?”

Suddenly the back being pinched, Lin Yu Tang was caught off-guard. With a ‘bang’, the people as well as the bike, all fell to the ground. Shen Xi also fell bottom-first onto the ground.

Lin Yu Tang awkwardly got up from the ground and scolded Shen Xi who was still lying on the ground: “He Zhi Zhou, are you sick?!” Then he quickly lifted up the bike, sat on it and left like someone fleeing ……



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  1. it’s like when i held my friend waist from behind when we ride a motorcycle….., she just like: ” tuey stoop it, people will think we are a lesbian”. because i held her waist more like a hugging than holding

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