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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 4.1



HZZ: My —-My—-hair—-?! SX: Unsightly, so shaved them.


SX: Where are you going? HZZ: Weather is hot, so going to shave my head!

What would you do if someone cut the hair that you’ve kept for a long time? Tit for tat, it is revenge time for He Zhi Zhou, lol.

Chapter 4.1 — Kiss You At the Next Street Lamp 

Shen Xi returned to the dormitory alone, but nobody was in.

Brawny and Monkey went out together to buy clothes because they have been influenced by someone recently. They have also started to pay attention to their appearance, competing for dormitory 921’s third and fourth place with all their strength.

Lin Yu Tang was hanging out in the library as before.

Shen Xi called He Zhi Zhou and asked him what he was doing. He was also in the library.

Everyone was busy, only she was bored stiff. Shen Xi thought of her performance for the school anniversary and did not know if she can still dance. On the anniversary program, her red silk dance was still the highlight ……

Very worried, but can worrying swap them back?

Shen Xi locked the dormitory door from the inside. Then she switched on the music saved in the computer and started to practice her dance in the dormitory. From childhood until adulthood, she has always liked to dance whenever she was in a bad mood. Dancing until the sweat dripping wet, whatever worries will also go away.

She remembered about a performance during New Year’s Day when she was a child. Her dance costume was a little skirt. There was no central heating in the school hall. She was so cold until her lips turned purple. It was Lin Yu Tang who took off his jacket for her to wear; later when Lin Yu Tang was in high school, she saw a girl was wearing his jacket and that girl was Ling Chao Xi.

Because of Lin Yu Tang, she got to know Ling Chao Xi. She told Ling Chao Xi directly, “Lin Yu Tang and I will get married in the future.”

Ling Chao Xi acted like Shen Xi had misunderstood and said she only considered Lin Yu Tang as a buddy. The word ‘buddy’ explained away all her ‘ulterior motives’ ……

After that, she was able to openly call Lin Yu Tang, ask him for many favors, give him gifts, complain to him when she has fallen ill ……

Shen Xi sweated all over and took a cold shower. Then she put on the newly purchased men’s clothes, a pink shirt and a white capri pants.

He Zhi Zhou did not like her to roll up the pant legs so a capri pants should be all right. She has always felt that men with neat personality will look very good in pink. Previously, she tried to get Lin Yu Tang to wear this color but he refused. Finally, her long-cherished wish came true now.

Shen Xi looked at the mirror and straightened the collar. Before going out, she stole some of Brawny’s gel. The wearer will feel more confident after dressing well.

All the way, coming out from S University, as long as there were girls passing by her side, she could sniff out the eager restlessness they were emitting, such as deliberately laughing loudly or something like that. Honestly, so totally lame!

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The results for the normal college’s CET-4/6 mock exam has been released. Chen Han was the most anxious one in the dormitory. She checked her results first, getting a score of 500. Chen Han was quite satisfied, her effort in going to the library daily to memorize English words was not in vain.

Then she checked Xia Wei Ye and Dou Dou’s results. Their scores were below 425. Chen Han thought for a while before entering Shen Xi’s student number to check her mock exam results, more than 600.


Chen Han went crazy!

Dou Dou who found out about Shen Xi’s score also went crazy!

He Zhi Zhou returned to dormitory 636 from the library. He was stopped by Xia Wei Ye. Looking at him with both arms folded across the chest: “Shen Xi, since you’ve the answer, you should have shared with us. It is not very nice to hide it from us ……”

Xia Wei Ye was interrupted halfway by Chen Han: “Wei Ye, don’t be like this. Maybe it was Ah Xi’s own answer.”


He Zhi Zhou looked coldly at them and said faintly: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” (He spoke in English)

“What?” Xia Wei Ye gaped, the expression in her eyes was one of disbelief.

He Zhi Zhou put the professional English book on the desk, stood very straight and lifted his eyes: “Learn your English well first before talking to me again.” After saying that, he left the dormitory straightaway.

It was …… really cool! Dou Dou who was shocked until dumb as a wooden chicken (a Chinese idiom meaning dumbstruck), chased after him.

“Ah Xi, you looked very cool just now!” Dou Dou grasped He Zhi Zhou’s arm.

He Zhi Zhou walked on the left side: “Just so so.”

Dou Dou held his hand again and gave a teasing smile: “Tell me, how long have you memorized that sentence, That’s the stupidest………………….?”

He Zhi Zhou: “……” He removed Dou Dou’s hand.

Dou Dou was a little angry: “Ah Xi, you’ve not been eating with me lately. I understand that you want to eat together with your brother Lin at night, but what about in the afternoon?”

He Zhi Zhou really was a little helpless. He ate together with Dou Dou before, but he really cannot accept Dou Dou picking food from his plate.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou ate dinner together with Shen Xi. The main purpose was not eating but swapping mobile phone to see which matter needed to be attended to. If there was a phone call to be made, it will be replied in accordance with the instructions from the other party.

For example, Shen Xi helped He Zhi Zhou made a call to contact a manager of a specific company to solve a technical problem. This problem was very specialized. Basically she read in accordance with what was written by He Zhi Zhou on a piece of paper.

“Was I okay just now?” Shen Xi asked He Zhi Zhou with a seeking credit tone.

He Zhi Zhou ate the last piece of his steak: “Not bad.”

Afterwards He Zhi Zhou called father Shen because of Shen Xi’s persistent request. It was mainly to remind him not to forget to remit this month living expenses.

This living expense sure was asked for in a cold and superior manner. After He Zhi Zhou hung up the phone, Shen Xi sighed and said: “I am really screwed up. My dad will certainly reduce my living expenses.”

He Zhi Zhou scoffed: “…… Are you sure?”

Shen Xi nodded and sighed again.

Five minutes later, the bank’s system sent a message —— “…… Shen Jian Guo deposited 3000 yuan into a/c no. 8702 ……” Shen Jian Guo Shen is father Shen.

At the same time, another text message arrived. It was sent by father Shen: “Due to daughter, Shen Xi’s poor attitude on the phone just now, her living expense will be temporarily reduced by half.”

He Zhi Zhou glanced at the text message and was certain of one thing —— being a weirdo was really hereditary.

Because her living expense was reduced by half, Shen Xi continually moaning and groaning in pain.

He Zhi Zhou leaned back on the chair and looked a bit interested: “Show me how you usually talk to your dad. I will learn properly.”

“This is not right.” Shen Xi blinked her eyes and looked at He Zhi Zhou’s serious expression. She thought that he really wanted to learn, so she showed him: “…… Dad, I saw your eat and drink posts on weibo (microblogging) recently, really envy you. But your daughter is really poor until have nothing in the pot (starving). In the past two days, I got Tang Tang to treat me. The prices of food in the school have increased …… ”

He Zhi Zhou rubbed his forehead, unable to continue to listen.

After that, Shen Xi asked He Zhi Zhou: “How about you? Do you want me to help you to make a phone call to your mum and dad?”

He Zhi Zhou has already finished eating and got up: “No need, they are overseas.”

Shen Xi also stood up and took big steps to walk in front of He Zhi Zhou. Thus he just leisurely followed her from behind. Suddenly, he noticed something was not right with his ‘own’ body.

Was it the clothes? No, can still be considered normal. Nowadays, he already can tolerate Shen Xi wearing a variety of colors of men’s clothes. So long as she did not wear skirt, there should be no problem.

Hairstyle? Seemingly not much difference, except sprayed some gel.

He Zhi Zhou looked downwards until arriving at Shen Xi’s exposed legs. Finally he knew what was not right  —— his hair was all gone.

He Zhi Zhou was about to vomit blood, angry until the whole body was shaking. He stepped forward to grab Shen Xi and look at his ‘own’ legs. His face turned cold: “Tell me, what happened?”

Shen Xi thought He Zhi Zhou was talking about the capri pants, so she pulled up her pants and said: “Not good-looking?”

“I am not talking about this.” He Zhi Zhou was angry, stared at his ‘smooth as jade’ legs again and said word by word: “My —— my —— hair —— ?! ‘

Shen Xi moved back a few steps, surprised that he noticed. But she really cannot stand wearing a wool pants in summer. Therefore when she was shaving in the dormitory, she shaved the legs as well.

“I just feel …… a little unsightly ……”

“Unsightly!” He Zhi Zhou took a deep breath and tried to calm down, “So you shaved all of them.”

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou, feeling a little guilty: “Don’t worry ah, still have some on the tights ……”

He Zhi Zhou did not want to say anything anymore. All of a sudden, he changed direction and walked straight ahead.

Shen Xi quickly chased after him and pulled his hand: “Where are you going?”

He Zhi Zhou sneered: “Weather is hot, so going to shave my head!”

“Don’t!” Shen Xi flung herself after He Zhi Zhou and held him, “I don’t look good with my head shaved.”

He Zhi Zhou was really angry. He shook off Shen Xi’s hand and went directly into the hairdressing salon at the side of the road. After entering the door, he sat down right away.

Shen Xi quickly caught up.

At the same time, the dashing guy hairdresser came and stood behind He Zhi Zhou: “Beautiful maiden, what hairstyle do you want?”

He Zhi Zhou said through his teeth: “Don’t need any hairstyle, just shave it.”


“Don’t!” Shen Xi who caught up with He Zhi Zhou almost kneel in front of him. He clasped his hands together to beg the hairdresser: “You definitely must not give her a shave ah, I beg you ……”


Hairdresser: Beautiful maiden, what hairstyle do you want? HZZ: Just shave it. SX: You definitely must not give her a shave ah, I beg you….

Of course, the hairdresser could not bear to shave the head of a beautiful woman. He looked at the couple in front of him, already envisaging an idol drama —— the guy was unfaithful, so the girl shaved her head to become a nun, etc., so melodramatic.

The dashing guy hairdresser lifted the fringe and came up with a compromise: “Like this la, I’ll cut it short for you.”

Shen Xi covered her face with the hand and was still begging the hairdresser: “I beg you not to give her a haircut. Later, I’ll register for a VIP card here, okay? ……”

The guy hairdresser was a man of principle. He looked at Shen Xi: “Handsome guy, are you doubting my skill?”

Shen Xi nodded, then shook her head. In the blink of an eye, the guy hairdresser has started cutting with his scissors.

The guy hairdresser was fast and precise, quickly cutting the long black hair short. He has been a hairdresser for many years, here was a rare encounter with a face shape that was suitable for any sort of hairstyle, so he really outdid himself with his performance.

Finally after finished cutting, he put both of his hands on He Zhi Zhou’s shoulders and said with great satisfaction: “So beautiful, same hairstyle as my goddess?”

Shen Xi who was sitting on the side asked: “Xie Na?”

The guy hairdresser glanced at her: “Gao Yuanyuan ah!”


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