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Together Forever (至此终年) — Epilogue 2 and Preface *NOVEL COMPLETED*



This is it! The ending! Post contains the last epilogue, the author’s preface, a little scene taken from Weibo, and, as customary, some closing comments from me for the end of a project. Thank you to all readers, whether you followed along from the get-go or are just hopping in now as the story comes to its ending. This story is very special to me, so completing its translation is oh-so-gratifying. 🙂

I’m sure you can guess from the picture above what this epilogue might be about. “Time, in the end, had still been kind to them.”

Epilogue 2 – Returning the Happiness I Owe You

The morning light filtered through the white tulle canopy and landed on the grass.

Like all other ordinary wedding scenes, there were all sorts of guests who did not know one another but who were all amiably appraising each other. Resplendent dress and elaborate adornments. Good wine and delectable delicacies. Everyone was conversing in low voices, all discussing the same topic.

Such a soon-to-be newlywed couple, yet none of the people close to them knew anything about their courtship.

“I honestly do not know.” That well-known DJ, who, only a few days ago, had been late for work because of the UEFA Euro, was truly being interrogated so much by all the people around him that he did not even know what to do. “Just think. At night, she does the late-night show, and in the morning, she does traffic reporting. Then during the daytime, there’s the selection meeting for show topics. She doesn’t take time off during the year, even during holidays and festivals. There’s never been any vehicles picking her up or dropping her off. She never has any personal phone calls. How could she possibly have a boyfriend?”

“One week. Just one, single week, from when we got our invitations to today’s wedding. She sure is able to keep a secret.” The girl who was Tong Yan’s partner on the nighttime program was also sighing. “Her hubby is one of the partners in the largest foreign-based law firm here, and his annual salary is so high it’s not even countable.”

And the most important point was, he truly was good-looking — the type of good-looking that made women envious.

“Tong Yan is everyone’s idol, the idol of the public. There are so many letters for her in the office every day you can’t even read through them all.” Only the director was acting rather mysterious, as if he seemed to know everything. “I heard that that person is a longtime listener of our station. Maybe he really is one of Little Ke’s faithful fans. So now you all know what the advantages of being a DJ are, right? You have a good reputation but you’re also still a public figure. So suitable for marrying a good man.”

The director’s spoke his words as if they were well-reasoned and persuasive.


Amongst Tong Yan’s colleagues, there was no lack of unmarried young women, and they were all aiming their gazes at the several men on the other end of the long table, those men who were the best of the best amongst Chinese lawyers. This sudden perfect marriage, this lovely and romantic encounter that made people jealous — if Tong Yan could come by one, then people could certainly believe in some things.

However, they did not know that these right-hand men of Gu Pingsheng’s were also feeling as if they had fallen into the misty clouds.

Originally, this had been a last-minute business trip and they were only passing through this city of Beijing, but suddenly, it had become a request for transfer back to China. The most important piece was, the reason for the transfer request was very simple and direct: to return to China to get married and then permanently reside there.

From the head office to the China office, no one knew that he had a girlfriend. With Little Boss’s curriculum vitae and looks, in the head office, he had broken the curse that ethnic Chinese men would not be popular with the ladies and had attracted all sorts of eager, ardent women swarming him like overenthusiastic bees and butterflies. And in the China office, the name “Gu Pingsheng” itself was like a legend.

Every time there was a video conference, there were numerous female lawyers who, because they needed to give a one-minute report to him, would prepare in detail beforehand so that they could sufficiently respond to his questioning that would cover every possible angle.


“My mom and dad are fans of Little Ke. When they heard I would be attending the wedding, they asked me ahead of time for TK’s personal details. They were honestly being even more rigorous about it than if they were selecting their own son-in-law. But when they asked me about the development of their romance… I really could not answer.”

The paralegal who had accompanied Gu Pingsheng to China this time could not hold back a sigh. “Love actually. The wedding date was set the day after TK returned to China. Prior to that, no one in the entire company even knew that he had ever had a girlfriend. This is true love. You don’t even need love at first sight. It’s ‘love at first listen.’”

“What is the bride like?”

“… I still haven’t gotten a chance to see her. Don’t be anxious. She’ll be out right away.”


Love at first sight?

Tong Yan had been asked too many questions along those lines. She did not know how to explain or describe this very long story. In the end, she decided to simply keep her silence and let it be taken as tacit admission. Yes, the story’s beginning truly was simply that most old-fashioned and corny “love at first sight.”

A long, long time ago, on that night, outside of the ICU room in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, when she stood with her backpack on her back and saw an extremely young man sitting on the floor, his back leaning against the snow-white wall, she supposed, something truly had been stirred in her.

Love’s beginning truly is merely a simple stirring of the heart. Perhaps from an image, perhaps by a voice.


The makeup artist was very diligent. From six in the morning to the present, she had already been busily working for more than three hours.

Her makeup was too exquisite, so Tong Yan dared not eat too much, only nibbling instead on her straw as she drank sips of milk.


A voice carried in from the doorway. In the mirror, she watched as Gu Pingsheng appeared.

All these years, she had always thought that he was most handsome when he wore a suit. Perhaps because he had resided in the United Kingdom for a long period of time, he was particularly fond of putting a pocket square in his suit jacket’s breast pocket. Refined, elegant, gentlemanly, sophisticated. How she wished she could use every possible adjective to describe him.

But ultimately, those were not enough.

Because this was Gu Pingsheng. The one, unique Gu Pingsheng.

He seemed to sense that her mind had wandered and only casually loosened his tie, walked over, and sat down beside her.

“We’re nearly done, Mr. Gu.” The makeup artist packed up all her things, but all of a sudden, she caught a glimpse of Tong Yan’s fingernails. They were still plain and completely unadorned. “Mrs. Gu, you didn’t paint your nails last night?”

Tong Yan gave a cry of “Ah!” and redness inexplicably tinged her cheeks. “I forgot.”

The makeup artist said, “It’s alright,” but all the while, she frettingly rummaged through her own bag, murmuring that she should have brought the fake nails that could be directly glued on.

Tong Yan felt even more embarrassed. “We’ll just let it be. No one will notice these little details.”

“That won’t be good.” The makeup artist shook her head with a smile. “The bride has to be the most beautiful on this day. Every single detail has to be perfect. If we can’t find any fake ones, we’ll just use nail polish and paint them directly. After all, there are still more than ten minutes to go.”

Sure enough, after saying these words, the makeup artist lined up seven, eight bottles of nail polish.

“I think she should be a little tired.” Gu Pingsheng rested his elbows on the back of her chair, smiled, and broke in on their dialogue. “Why don’t we first let my wife rest for ten minutes?”

The makeup artist hurriedly agreed and then, very perceptively, left the room.


“I’m nervous.” Gazing at him in the mirror, she blew out a long breath. “My heart is beating especially fast. It feels especially like that time back when you and I were emceeing together, and I was so nervous my palms were all sweaty …”

Resting his chin on her shoulder, he exaggeratedly inhaled her sweet scent. “Why were you nervous?”

She shook her head, pretending to be clueless and innocent. “Back then, I thought it was really weird, too. I’d emceed so many events prior to that, so why was it only when I collaborated with you that I got nervous?”

“I had always found this very strange. Before you arrived, the supervising teacher for the Students’ Union had told me, ‘The person who will be working with you is our school’s most veteran host and emcee. She is very experienced.’”

Turning around, she looked at him. “I guess it’s because you are too outstanding. When I stand next to you, I will lack self-confidence.” She paused, then uttered softly, “But I like this type of lacking in self-confidence.”

Regardless of what I have grown-up to become, I will still feel that I need to be dependent on you.

This sort of lack in self-confidence, was it not also a form of pleasure?

From this angle, she could see he was smiling, his dimple etched deeply on his cheek. Setting her chin on the seatback of her chair, Tong Yan looked intently at him. No matter how much she looked, she could not get enough.

She did not shift in the slightest, and Gu Pingsheng also simply gazed at her.

After some time, Tong Yan at last took one finger and hooked it onto the cuff of his dress shirt, lightly swinging it as she requested gently, “Please, tell it to me again, one more time.”

He suddenly chuckled. “You still haven’t gotten sick of listening to it?”

Because he needed to speak to her, he had leaned forward slightly.

He was completely swathed in the sunlight shining in through the window, which softened and blurred the outlines of his features.

All the guests had already arrived, but the two appeared to be in no hurry. In contrary, they seemed more like people who, after waking up one morning on an arbitrary weekend, were idly leaning back on the couch, chatting casually.

Apart from her white organza train cascading onto the floor. Apart from his impeccable suit.


“The itinerary for this trip had not included Beijing but I wanted to truly have a listen of your voice, so I changed it last-minute.” Gu Pingsheng fulfilled her wish and began recounting once again those things from that morning that she had not known. “I had originally planned out the timing. I would exit the airport by seven o’clock and would be able to hear your entire program. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed.”

She gave an “mm-hmm,” listening so earnestly it was as if this was the first time she had heard this.

“Luckily, I still was in time to hear the last, interactive segment of the program. I never thought that you would have so many supporters. The driver my company sent to pick me up at the time is your loyal listener.”

“I have lots of fans,” Tong Yan said cheerily, her finger still hooked on his shirt as she swung his arm with quite a sense of pride.

“That driver said that Little Ke is his favourite female program host. During her show, she frequently takes phone calls that ask her for advice and turns a good, normal traffic program into a time for free legal aid and consultation.” There was obvious mirth in Gu Pingsheng’s voice. “He even said that you are especially adorable.”

Tong Yan nodded, beaming as she looked at him.

What came next was what she most wanted to hear, a dialogue that, regardless of how many times it was repeated to her, she would not tire of it.

Discovering that she was rather happy with swinging his arm, he also stretched forward a finger and hooked it around her finger.

“At the time, I thought I probably needed to very clearly declare where I stood. So, I told him, ‘This girl is my wife.’ That driver didn’t really seem to believe me, so I dialed the radio call-in number. But right when I heard your voice, the phone reception got cut off.” The entire time, his gaze remained affixed to Tong Yan and did not move away. “Afterwards, I called that number again, but the line was busy the whole time until the program ended.”

“What if I didn’t call you?”

“Yan Yan,” he told her, “at first glance, every minute that we live may seem to be random. However, when you look back, you will discover that no matter how many times we were to repeat those moments, the outcome would still be the same.”

“So, no matter how many times you were to repeat that moment, when the driver told you he was my loyal listener, you would still very seriously tell him that I am Mrs. Gu. And you would also definitely make that phone call to prove that you are my husband. Then, I would once again get the chance to find out your phone number and would end up finding you.”

He smiled lightly, staring into her eyes and tacitly admitting this fact.

“And so,” Tong Yan began, curling her fingers into a fist and slipping it into his palm as she teased him, “no matter how many times you were to live, you would still stubbornly be fond of eating broccoli.”

Gu Pingsheng could not help laughing. “Yes. So, no matter what, Gu Pingsheng can only ever have that one Mrs. Gu.”

His words were never purposely polished, but they were always so moving.

“I never even thought about falling in love with someone else,” she softly told him. “Never at all.”

“Neither did I.” He used the same answer to provide his response to her.


Out on the lawn, the music flowed continuously. It was about time.

“Do you want to go out yet?” he asked her.

Tong Yan nodded, but then, she immediately clutched his hand anxiously. Smiling, Gu Pingsheng leaned in a little closer to her.

In her mind, she was still running through the script she had written, those words that she needed to say for the wedding. “What if, later on during my speech, I suddenly forget what I’m supposed to say? What should I do? …” Her co-workers would laugh at her for sure. But, no big deal. My wedding, I’m the boss …

“If you forget it, then you forget it. It’s okay.”

“Oh no.” She looked at that row of nail polish bottles. “I still haven’t painted my nails yet. If they’re all bare, they’ll look really ugly …”

“I’ll apply it for you. You taught me how before.” When he finished these words, his face suddenly leaned in closer, and then, lowering his head, he brought his lips directly to hers.

Beside their ears was the sound of the door being opened, but then it was quietly shut again.

There were several seconds of only stillness, and then, he finally tilted his head, enclosing her lips completely in his.

Just like their first time in the cinema, the way he started always caught her utterly unprepared.

In this time. In this place. The start time of the wedding ceremony had already quietly slipped by, but the groom and bride were still in the dressing room, unwilling to come out. Even from simply thinking this, she was already unable to contain her giggles. Who knew what sort of comments and discussions would be taking place outside? …

Gu Pingsheng’s hands were holding her waist, lifting her up entirely from her chair and into his arms.

The train of the wedding gown he had custom-ordered for her was several metres long. As it followed their movements, its layer upon layer of white material splayed over the entire floor.

Her arms encircled his neck, and she let him set her down on the dressing table, the two of them pressed tightly to one another and not separating at all that entire time. Not caring how many guests were outside, nor caring whether the most auspicious time had already passed. This was their wedding ceremony — a wedding that should have taken place long ago. Everyone else was simply there to accent the ceremony.

Hence, Gu Pingsheng rightfully disregarded everyone else, apart from his bride.

And amid his lingering kiss, Tong Yan also told herself one thing: from this moment, from this day onward, besides Gu Pingsheng, she was no longer going to worry about anyone or anything else. Mrs. Gu would use an entire lifetime to care for and love Mr. Gu.


What began as a single glance has henceforth become … together forever



An author writing her own foreword is such a weird thing.

Well, then, I will just say a few words about the story behind this novel.

In regards to Together Forever, on the day I finished writing it, it could also be said that I fulfilled a special desire of mine. In the very beginning of the beginning, I had merely wanted to commemorate in a very simple way that SARS outbreak. I know that there are many people who, even if they had been in the hardest-hit areas of Beijing and Guangzhou at the time, do not have such intense sentiments about it. Sometimes, a disaster may repeat itself a hundred times but still only be a term, a noun to some people. Only when someone close to you has truly experienced it does it bring about the sorrow and pain that is like having your flesh cut from your body.

Perhaps because I knew people and had family in the severe disaster area of Beijing during that time, I heard a little more about it than other people. That year, there were many angels in white coats who resolutely moved in, wave after wave, all carrying the mentality that they were heading to their deaths as they succumbed and fell. But afterwards, few people remembered this.

And so, he appeared in my mind.

Gu Pingsheng.

He is the male lead of this book and, in my heart, is also the best way to commemorate that calamity. Although the setting of this story is a little heavy, I believe that if you flip open this book, what you will read will be how a person who experienced life and death is continuing to live his best life.

And then, in the story, she also appeared.

Tong Yan.

When this story was still being released in instalments online, there were many readers who quietly sought me out, regarding me as a safe confidant, and they told me about their own life experiences and family backgrounds that were similar to Tong Yan’s. Therefore, Tong Yan is not an isolated case. In this world, there will always be some people who try hard to live their lives but are helpless to the irresponsibility of their parents. Not everyone’s family situation is like beautiful spring days all-year round, nor is everyone’s life filled with great stresses and pressure. There are people more fortunate and happy than her, and there are people who are more unfortunate than her. And the story that I desired to write was definitely one where the “happiness and fortune” were greater than the “misfortune.”

I believe that when each storyteller writes a story, he or she is trying to convey something. In my case here, I am not trying to say that “life is hard,” but rather, I want to express, “Look. Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan have such a hard life, but they can still be so happy. So then, what reason do you have to not live an even better life?”

What if you meet a teacher who was once a surgeon? In that year when you were thirteen years old, both his and your mother were being resuscitated in the same hospital. However, six or seven years later, he can no longer hear any sound, nor can he work in an operating theatre. He has picked up the books and become an ordinary university professor.

What if he and you are alike, having a mother who abandoned you and a father who cannot be spoken about?

What if, for a nationwide calamity where many dying needed to be saved and wounded needed to be rescued, he had lost the health that he should have rightfully had?


What if he loves you?

Could you bear not to love him?


— Mo Bao Fei Bao
February 18, 2013, evening


Extra Scene from Weibo:

If you followed along with Really, Really Miss You and Beautiful Bones, you’ll remember this.

Released February 19, 2015, Lunar New Year’s Day at 12:01am.
MBFB asked fans what they wanted for a Lunar New Year’s present. Everyone had requests for new scenes from their various favourite novel(s). In the end, she posted a giant post with a scene each for the leads from nearly every single one of her novels at the time, in which a theoretical email was sent out to them asking them to recap the first night they did *it*. Here is the one for Together Forever.

On a certain day, in the middle of the night, Mo Bao Fei Bao sent an email to all the leads of her novels: “Hey dears, do you still remember that night?”

Tong Yan: (Tosses fresh chestnuts into the pan. Tonight, it is once again braised chicken with chestnuts. He loves eating it.) He was going back to the U.S. for his surgery. I wanted to go with him, but he wouldn’t let me. So I…
Gu Pingsheng: (Fingers drumming rhythmically against his ceramic cup) I’m listening. Carry on with what you were saying.
Tong Yan: …… I’m done talking. (Stabs forcefully at the chicken with a metal spatula.)
Gu Pingsheng: (Walks over and rests his chin on her shoulder.) Then how about you listen to me say it?
Tong Yan: (Turns on the hood fan.)
Gu Pingsheng: I asked you whether you wanted to turn on the light. You didn’t refuse. But when we really started into it, no matter what, you absolutely refused to turn on any light–
Tong Yan: (Begins cooking and stirring with all her might.) Behaving so inappropriately for your older age…

Additional Comments:

While the preface is actually at the beginning of a book, I thought, in our case, it would be more apt to include it here at the backend, after you had read through everything. Hopefully this helps give you insight into the author’s mindset at the time.

I had mentioned before that Tong Yan is based on a real person and real experiences of someone who, at age 20, hated her father and fell into depression; someone who, as she got older, realized that blood relation was actually something that you could never truly let go of. And it truly did take a death to, in exchange, bring about a complete awakening and cause her father to snap out of his ways. In an interview from a couple of years ago, when asked if the “real Tong Yan” was happy now, Mo Bao Fei Bao’s answer was, “Yes, very happy because she is very positive. In a person’s lifetime, the joys and sorrows should be weighed against each other. Everyone is the same, and there should be no reason for us to wallow in self-pity and bemoan our fate, no reason that we *let* ourselves be less fortunate than others, right?”

I remember finishing this novel for the first time and reflecting… over and over again. I’ve mentioned so many times that my love for this novel is very personal, that it has a special place in my heart. The reason is not simply because of the beautiful love story, not only because the emotions and situations inside the story feel so genuine that they resonate on a very personal level with me. I realized something.

I realized that we, as human beings, are actually caring and supportive. In the wake of a calamity, how many times have we seen news reports that people everywhere are pouring in to places like Red Cross to donate, sending in help, sending well wishes? But at the same time, I also realized that we, as human beings, are very forgetful. It’s not intentional and perhaps it is even a self-defence mechanism for us to move on and continue with life, but very shortly after a disaster, when news reports stop showing up everywhere in our news feeds, we then forget about it. But the victims can’t forget, and they are left to pick up the pieces of their lives.

As I read up on the SARS calamity, I was struck by one particular photo of a very lonely man on a hospital bed who had fallen to SARS but had, like Gu Pingsheng, recovered… to a life of after-effects and failing health. Initially, people had rallied behind him, the media declaring that everyone would be there to help him and not forget him. However years later, it was only him. No one remembered him, and now he is merely left to pass many of his days in the hospital, despairingly alone. And he is not an isolated case. Though that particular man was not a medical worker during that time, there are so many more victims and most of them had worked the front lines during that disaster.

Perhaps, the scariest thing is not having to face sickness, even death. Perhaps, the scariest thing is facing it alone.

Mo Bao Fei Bao once said, she does not know how to rescue the sick and heal the dying. She can only write and use this way to commemorate those angels in white coats who had sacrificed themselves for others. And the only thing I can do is to remember them and offer my deepest respects, even if they don’t know. Hence, this translation came about — to be honest, quite nervously, for fear I would not properly express what the author hoped to convey — so that maybe more people can remember them with me.

To all of you, wherever you may be, whatever life may bring you, I wish the best for you. Hope this might have encouraged you to live your life so that your happiness is greater than your misfortunes. 🙂 Cheers all, and thank you for reading. See you in my next project, Stewed Squid in Honey.



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  18. Thank you very much for your translation. I’m very impressed by this story and the author. Thank you very much for introducing me this novel.

    • You’re so welcome! I’m glad you liked this story. I feel like there’s so much woven into this story. On the surface, it could just be a love story, but there’s so many emotions, inspiring moments, and even some moments where we question whether the decision made was correct or not. But it’s very real.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

  19. Maybe it’s because I’m going through a difficult time in my real life right now, but your closing comments left me touched in a way that I never expected a frothy romance novel translation would ever do. “Everyone is the same, and there should be no reason for us to wallow in self-pity and bemoan our fate, no reason that we *let* ourselves be less fortunate than others, right?” – so very true. I’ve spent many sleepless nights where my situation made me feel like my stomach was twisted in knots. It’s easy to feel anger and injustice about the inequalities in your life. But it doesn’t make you any happier and it doesn’t move your life forward. Thank you for translating this novel and giving us all a gentle reminder on how to be more positive in life. I wish you the very best as well…may you be as blessed as you have blessed the rest of us with your wonderful translations. 🙂

    • Hi yennie,

      I teared up a little when I read your comment. I wavered on what type of closing comments to put in and hesitated because what I ultimately decided was a little more personal than what most would expect on the Internet in a “frothy romance novel.” 😉 But in the end, I really felt like I should write that. Even if only one person was encouraged by this, if it could just brighten one person’s life for a moment, it would be worth it, right?

      I don’t know what you’re going through right now. I, too, have experienced what felt like a terribly long period where the pressures on me seemed significantly heavier than other people my age. I can only hope for you that whatever you are experiencing will soon pass. My sincerest well wishes for you.

  20. Hi hoju, I read some of your translation projects and when I came to Together Forever I was surprised how well written this story was by MBFB. I also think that you must have worked really hard to translate this beautiful story. I like the way you include your own insight towards the characters GPS and TY. Sometimes I questioned whether it was MBFB who wrote such deep thoughts in the story or it was you who translated this story so good that a reader who only comes by once in awhile became so immersed.
    When I read the last chapters I was also thinking that using the leap time approach to conclude a story was abrupt. But when I read the epilogue then I came to understand how mature TY was after all the calamities. Now every angle of the story made more sense to me.
    Well, once again thank you hoju…for translating such an inspiring story. MBFB has been my favorite writer, too.

    • I’ve been trying to give a bit of a cross-section of MBFB’s writing, just to give everyone a different flavour of what she does. One of the perks of translating is to be able to discuss the novel with other people, and I take advantage of all of you, as my captive audience, by making you read my own little ramblings and thoughts. (An abuse of my position here? LOL) Trust me, MBFB’s writing is absolutely beautiful, and as much as I try to the best of my ability to maintain tone and the feelings, I still think I fall short. I wish all of you could read the original Chinese. But thank you! Those were such very sweet words, and I am so, so happy this story captivated you.

      It took me some digesting, but now I feel like that is the most appropriate way to conclude the story. The first epilogue gave us insight into the separation years, and that little glimpse was enough that we needed. More would have been melodramatic and defeated one of the points of the story, that life still needs to march on, no matter what happens. The things that Tong Yan went through matured her even more, for most of the story, she really was just a young woman, barely into adulthood. No matter how much circumstance forces you to be mature, some things need to be left to time.

      Thank you for the lovely comment. 🙂 I enjoyed reading it.

      It was my pleasure translating this story. Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

  21. Silent reader up til now. thank you thank you for your translation.
    Haha how cute the bride and groom necking in the waiting room while the guests are outside
    Monolid guys r handsome too. But funny i cant thk of a chinese actor representative. If they do make a drama of this. Who should be casted..

    • Thank you for coming out and breaking your silence. I really do enjoy hearing from all of you. 🙂 And thank you for reading!

      Hehe… As Tong Yan said, “My wedding, I’m the boss.” And the boss wanted to neck with the other boss. HAHAHA.

      Oh, Tong Yan definitely didn’t think the monolid on Gu Pingsheng was a fault. She thinks he’s perfect (and I do too). But she was thinking if her genes “diluted” the good looks, then the monolids would end up being a fault. Monolided guys most certainly can be handsome, but it takes even more to wear that feature well. 🙂 Hmm… me, too. But Gu Pingsheng is pretty perfect to me. I’d have a hard time accepting anyone. :p

  22. Thank you SOOOO much for translating this. I loved it.

  23. Thank you so much for your hard work to translating this. I just finish read this and it’s so touching. I love the ending so much though it’s quite hurt my heart T-T I thought I won’t see any voice or entertainment related occupation in here. But in the end, she became a DJ. YAAAAY!! One of so many reasons why I love MBFB, because the character circle are voice or entertainment related >_<)
    Actually, I'm a silent reader, I'm sorry if I rarely post comment, but honestly your translation always really made my day. Thank you Hoju! You're awesome. Always wishing all the best for you 🙂

    • ❤️ Thank you for reading. I understand. My poor heart felt like it had broken when I was translating those last chapters. So thankful that time, in the end, had been kind to them.

      Being a screenwriter probably has exposed MBFB to interesting things on the entertainment side. A lot of her novels do give us normal people insights into that side of things. 🙂

      • Oh so thats why. Yes MBFB really give us the insight of entertainment side and it really interesting to know and make the story more interesting.

        Do you know if any MBFB work made in movie or drama adaptation? I really curious if it made to adaptation. But, at the same time I don’t want to know too. :p I’m afraid it will break my imagination of many of MBFB character’s voice like RRMY.

        ps. sorry for double reply I just realize I use wrong mail and name :p

        • Yes, it was very, very recently announced that Squid, as well as the other 2 in the trilogy, will have one single drama adaptation that covers all of them. MBFB will be the sole screenwriter, so whether it is a success or a flop, it is wholly in her hands, and she will do her best to honour the story — her baby. This is the first time MBFB is adapting any of her stories because she is quite picky. She wants the adaptation to honour and be faithful to the heart of the story, and so she won’t just sell it to anyone. (She has said before that she has been approached many times before.) So, I will go into that adaptation with an open mind since I know there is no other person who would more want to treat that story as it should be treated.

  24. Thank you very much for your translation. This really is great work worth to be thought through it again and again. Both Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan touch my heart. I myself have some bit of life experience similar to his and hers so it touch me very deep, very deep. More over, the way MBFB convey the way they think really enlighten me. After reading this to the end, I have a new angle to see things. Something I think it’s “easier said than done” might some day become reality if time pass by. 🙂 I hope it will.

    I was waiting this novel to be completely translated before I start to read it all in one go. So, I’m now waiting for “Stew Squid In Honey”, very patiently so please take your time. Thank you very much again. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Thank you very much for your comment. ❤

      I feel like many people can find parts of themselves in especially Tong Yan but Gu Pingsheng as well. Together Forever is a novel about life. Loss of health, having to give up your dreams, betrayal by friends and loved ones, and just plain unfairness in life—these are all things that many people face at one point in time. I find this novel beautiful and inspirational, and it is so very special to me. I am so glad that it touched you in your own unique way as well.

      For many things, yes, even if you do it, it may not succeed, but if you only say it, it will never get done, right? ❤ Wishing for you that as time passes, you will continue to "do" so that your happiness and fortunes are greater than your misfortunes. Best wishes to you. 🙂

      Thank you for reading! I hope to see you over in Squid! 🙂

  25. Hoju thanks for your translations just finished read today 🙂 will continue to read your other translations 🙂

  26. Waaaahh😁😜😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤👌👍👍👍u made me a fan of mbfb..but i am not chinese and so mostly i have became your fan..i love this story and i really miss tugged your hearts and come on mbfb makes me drools at her heroes dont u think…thank you for your hardwork and time..i enjoyed this..keep it up

    • ❤ ❤ My two absolute favourites of MBFB. Toupai and Gu Pingsheng are just drool worthy. Actually, most of her other male leads are, too, but those two are just extra special to me.

      I love recruiting people into the MBFB fan club. ❤ Thanks for reading, and I'm so happy you loved them. Join me in my next translation, Stewed Squid with Honey. 🙂

  27. I was really glad that I read this story after you already finished translating it. No words can express how thankful I am for your efforts to share this special novel to us. This book really reminded me why Mo Bao Fei Bao is my favorite C-novel author. This novel touched my heart, broke it and then pieced it back together again. I usually do not like reading this type of novels that squeezes my heart every chapter but for some reason I can’t stop after reading the prologue. I giggled. I sighed. I squealed. I cried. Especially when I found some parts of me relating to Tong Yan. Again thank you so much Hoju for bringing Gu Pingsheng and Tong Yan’s story to us.

    • I’m glad you found it, too. 🙂 I absolutely love Mo Bao Fei Bao’s writing, to (can you tell? Haha) This is such a special story to me, as I’ve said many times. Translating made me realize even more how personal my love for this novel is and how it resonates deep within me. I am happy to share it with everyone, and I am glad to hear that you love it like I do. ❤

  28. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. I’m now a diehard fan of MBFB. I hoped to read more of her stories here.

    • You are very welcome. 🙂 Welcome to the fan club.
      Have you read Really, Really Miss You and Beautiful Bones yet? They’re both complete here on the blog. The translation for Squid is halfway done.

  29. Thank you so much for the effort you put into the translation.
    It’s a really beautiful story and quite an important one too. I was only a kid but I have some faded memories of SARS. I lived in Běijīng at the time. It never really left me, the tragedy and the danger of it but I hadn’t thought of the people it affected, just the event as a whole.
    Sorry. Rambling. Thanks again for the translation. This is my favourite author and you’re my favourite translator.

    • Oh my goodness. So sorry for the super late reply. I thought I caught up on replying to comments after getting back from holidays but it turns out I missed my beloved Together Forever. 😦

      Wow, so you actually got to see first hand the tragedy of that disaster and feel that vibe of “imminent danger” that must have permeated through the city. After reading this novel, t really hit me how long lasting the effects of these disasters are, and many continue to live with the after effects while the rest have moved on, letting that horror fade from their memory. But the victims and the heroes really should be remembered.

      I love your rambling. I tend to ramble, too. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words. ❤ And thank you for reading.

  30. While I was reading this novel early on, I realized that this novel is about the courage and happiness of people despite facing misfortunes. It made me reflect on myself and it gave me hope that I can still be happy despite today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
    At first, I was really scared of reading this novel. The description just seemed too sad for my taste. Upon reading it, however, I realized that this novel is really based on “reality.” Since reality both have its ups and downs, so does the novel. One moment I was happily reading, and next I won’t able to stop my tears. Also, like I said in my comments, this novel deepened my respect for doctors.
    Thank you so much for translating this wonderful novel, hoju~

  31. Oh and I forgot to include something in my previous comment. Currently, “You Exist In My Song” is at 984 repeats. Ever since reading Beautiful Bones and through reading Together Forever, I’ve been listening to it nonstop (well, unless I’m reading on my phone). Plus, I was able to influence my twin and she began listening to it, too. She’s at 237 repeats right now. Ahem ahem. Hoju, please give me a new song lol.

    • There’s so many wonderful messages you can take out of this story. Life is made up of choices. Everyone has their own individual circumstances, and though life may be unfair, though there may be tears, disappointment, and heartbreak, no one can take away your choice to live it to the best that you can. This world is full of heroes. Sometimes, we only need to look for them, so that they will not be forgotten.

      This story definitely isn’t an escapist one and, as I’ve tried to say a few times, is grounded in reality. I feel that overall, though, this story is a warm one. You feel moments of heartache, but more so, you feel touched… moved by these characters. You cheer them on because you see a part of yourself or perhaps your friend or family member in them. And you are inspired. That’s why, though the circumstances were sometimes downright awful, I never felt that the story was stiflingly heavy. And I, too, would be going from tears to warm smiles to tingles in my stomach. Very few stories move me emotionally like this one does.

      BTW, I saw that you found a new song to listen to. 😉

      Thanks for reading. 😉 (Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t realize I missed this one completely. I thought I was caught up on replying to comments from my vacation, but I missed Together Forever.)

  32. Thank you for translating this beautiful story…i love it so much..keep up the good work guys…upon reading this story i realised that i should appreciate my life more…it got me reflecting on my life since this story is bases on a real person…happiness is everywhere,im glad that both of them reconcile after such a long separation.i truly believe we should grab the chance for happiness that came knocking on our door….😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • This story is so beautiful. If you let yourself mull on it, it really causes you to pause and reflect. Hopefully, it has touched people’s hearts and changed their perspectives for the better like it did for me.

      And I think we should keep our ears open because sometimes our happiness is knocking but we are too busy with running around doing things and trying to find it that we don’t realize it was right there just waiting for us to open the door.

  33. this has truly touched the bottomest of my heart. thank you.

  34. Oh dear as i read this i cant seem to stop these silent tears from welling up… and they’re not going to stop anytime soon i dont think. Both GPS & TY are grappling with the type of real life issues tht we know wont just disappear overnite. His sacrifice & struggles brought about by SARs, the realisation tht good deeds & sacrifices can be so easily overlooked & forgotten.. Her anguish & frustration over her parents reminds us tht there are responsibilities tht we hv no choice but to bear especially when its related to family.

    But thru it all whether we choose to be sad or happy, life goes on… so might as well hang on to tht sliver of faith & hope to fuel us along.

    I am not a chinese speaking person so i really thank you for ur efforts in bringing novels such as this to a broader international audience ⚘TQ

    • Despite the tears, I hope that this story has inspired you, that you aren’t just saddened for these characters but cheering them on as they continue to live to their fullest and magnify the beautiful, happy moments that do arise. Indeed, life is about choice. I think what is so wonderful about Tong Yan and Gu Pingsheng is that they choose to acknowledge that the injustices that they go through but they don’t let it knock them down. They will stand up again, even if it is only for the ones who love or have loved them. And furthermore, they don’t say that I have this teeny little bit of happiness and cling onto it. Even if the situation they are in is overwhelming and terrible, they say, hey, look, I’ve got this and that and that and that in my life that brings me joy, and I will choose to focus on them and magnify them. ❤

      It's my turn to ramble. 🙂 This story always causes me to pause and reflect. Sorry about that.

      I love this story and think that the messages within it are so very worth sharing with many people. I am very happy that I could bring it to you and others. ❤ Thank you for reading.

  35. Just wanted to say thanks to Hoju! I recently discovered this site and have marathon read RRMY, Beautiful Bones, and Together Forever. Your translations are wonderful. THANKYOU for sharing!

    • I’m so glad you found our blog. 🙂 Welcome. You have one left out of the ones I’ve translated. 😉 And of course, a bunch of other titles on here as well. Enjoy! Thank you for reading!

  36. I’m in so much pain after reading this to the last bit. I know it’s a happy ending for this sweethearts but I can’t help but to feel so …. emotional. I’m the type who get so invested when I read something that I think I’d feel down the whole day now…probably until tomorrow….

    Thank you so much for translating this piece of work. There are so many things that I want to say but I’m not good with words so… Anyway, thank you Hoju! I’m gonna go re-read Really Really Miss You ( I’ve read this like 3 times) (should have left comments…) to forget this pain in my heart >.<

    • I guess you can imagine how I felt after translating it, then. I’m not naturally a good writer who can just pick words out and put together a heartfelt sentence. I have to immerse myself into characters and the story to personally feel the underlying emotions before I can capture the feel that the author was driving at. I was so exhausted after this novel. (In Beautiful Bones, there was also a scene that turned me into a wreck for quite some time.)

      Thank you for reading this story that is so special to me. 🙂 Enjoy RRMY!

  37. Thank you for the novel. I enjoy it very much. It a very emotional and touching story to read about.

  38. Thank you so much for translating this novel. It was such an emotional ride, through happiness and hardships. It also accented the little ordinary happiness that life offers everyday, that makes life seem not that bleak and tiring afterall. Once again a million thanks for the translations!!!

    • The ride is so similar to the life of any other person out there. Life will always consist of highs and lows. Sure, you may not be a SARS survivor, but loss of health, abandonment by those who should be your loved ones, loss of your dreams, etc. are all things that, every day, people are facing. It’s emotional to me because it touches me on a personal level in many ways. But like you said, life offers little ordinary happiness, too, and we are reminded in this story to not overlook them. 🙂

      Thank you for reading!

  39. Thank you so much for all your translations.
    Haha, I was listening to 老婆老婆我愛你 while reading this chapter, and was delighted to find that it matched well with the story. 😀

    • You’re very welcome. 🙂
      I’d never heard that song before, but after reading through the lyrics, I agree, yes, it does fit. So, is Teacher Gu the 老婆? Hahaha

  40. Im a bit disappointed we didn’t get to read the conversation they had after they reunited, where they surely must have cleared up misunderstandings.

    Did Pingfan and Shen Yao not attend the wedding?

    Overall, this was a truly beautiful read. It was sweet and poignant and thought-provoking and very humane.

    Thank you for translating it for us!

    • I’m so sorry I lost track of this comment and didn’t reply until now.

      I don’t know whether Pingfan and Shen Yao attended the wedding. They both left the city the last we heard from them, so perhaps in the suddenness of the wedding, they didn’t get a chance to come back for it?

      I hope you enjoyed the read. It was my pleasure translating.

  41. I’m crying so much right now… I’m crying for the characters and also for myself… Thanking autor and translator for the story!

    • I hope that in those tears, there is inspiration or hope, to make your happiness greater than your misfortunes. ❤
      Thank you for reading. ❤

  42. This novel is so awesome!!
    Thanks so much for translating. You make my day, 🙂

  43. I started reading your translation ages ago when you first started this project, then I stopped for a while and switched to the audiobook, but I stopped that too and it was only in the last few days I came back to your translation and finished it. I’m so in love with MBFB’s character building in this and in A Centimetre of Sunshine! Her female leads are incredibly down-to-earth and likeable, and the male leads flawed, but still incredibly wonderful. Their “tragic backstory” is really built into their characters, but is never used as an excuse to be less than what they can be.

    Thank you so much for translating and sharing 💖

  44. Thank you so much for translating this. I had never heard about this SARS outbreak until I read this novel. It is definitely a book I’ll remember fondly. The emotion just hit me in all the right places. To the Author and Translator(s), thank you so much. I hope you will find (if you haven’t found yet) that ‘Forever kind of love’ and continue to be well always.
    Thank you once again for such a wonderful journey.

    • I do remember the SARS outbreak because I did get to see some of its ripple effect, though from a far distance. This novel, though, really opened up my eyes to not just the immediate tragedy itself but the sacrifices that people willingly made to help those affected and the long-reaching aftereffects.I am stirred in so many ways by this story. I’m glad to know it has struck a chord with you as well.

      Thank you for your well wishes. I wish you happiness and health as well. ❤

  45. Hello!! I’ve been binge reading this the last few days and feel like I really need to comment. Thank you so much for this translation, it’s really given me so much to think about. I absolutely cried buckets at the last few chapters and epilogue (both from sadness and joy in equal measures) and I’m now a big fan of Mo Bao Fei Bao. I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel like this where the characters are so alive, so human, fragile and yet resilient at the same time. I guess it gave me a lot to think about with my own life haha. Once again, thank you so much for the translation! I wish you the best ^^

    • Hello! I’m so glad this story touched your heart. It holds such a special place in my heart, as well, for some of the reasons that you stated.

      “Fragile” and “resilient” are such good adjectives to describe the characters. You feel your heart shatter with them, yet like the smallest blade of grass, they will continue to reach for the light, whether it is passing through the darkness of the soil or persevering through hard concrete. I did a lot of reflection after reading this book, too. 🙂

      Thank you for reading!

  46. Commenting on a very special lunar day! I have read your translation some time ago and several times after as I am prone to do with writings that I like. Thank you for your translation and going through to the end of the novel. I have read and enjoyed translations in various other languages over the years. Translations are quite peculiar- sometimes essential to understand a novel written in a language you do not know and sometimes giving you an additional experience of reading the same novel in a different language.. While the latter gives me a particular thrill, the former saddens me at times, especially if the writing is meant to be lyrical or very subtle, the feelings being never fully conveyed (despite the best translator)…but I really enjoyed your translation, its quality and the emotions conveyed.. so thank you again.

    Your ending note picked my interest, prompting me to reflect on my experience of reading Together Forever You mentioned the love for this novel resonating in you on a personal level, but I was curious as to what I would I would relate to..The novel is miles away from my real life, but yet so painfully similar at times..For a long time, I knew Gu Pingsheng. I admired,respected, pitied and feared what he represented. Volunteering to work on the front lines, not running away, coming away with scars and ultimately doomed from the epidemic- all of those were so terribly close to my life. Gu Pingsheng is a cautionary tale of what it truly costs to work in the front lines, not as a deterrent but as reminder to make a committed decision..

    Compared to Gu Pingsheng, Tong Yan story seemed inconsequential. Her love for him despite his physical problems was something I never questioned. Love and commitment are understandable concepts to me. In any other novel or drama, her dedication to her father would have me mildly displeased.. but reading your ending words at a particular point in my life, just saddened me. It would be as impossible for me as it was for her in the novel to cut out a blood relative, despite all the pain. In that moment, Tong Yan’s pain and dilemma were just vivid as those feelings came to her much earlier in her life and simmered in the background despite her life moving on. It was very strange to understand that thought as Tong Yan’s situation was very alien..

    In the end, who did I resonate more with? I do not know and do not need to know. What would have happened if Gu Pingsheng never had a dedicated Tong Yan? What would have happened if Tong Yan’s father never came around? If I think like that, their ending is a happy one. I liked this book, and would love to read it again in a few years time to see how far I came from my feelings about it.

    p.s. would also love to read other translated novels (I binge-read most/all the ones here).

    • Thank you. Your words are so kind.

      Indeed. There is no need to pick between whom you resonate more with. There is something very real about these characters. You mentioned that Tong Yan’s story seems inconsequential compared with Gu Pingsheng, and indeed, he is a representation of those unsung heroes who may never get recognized for the great work they do. But do many people live out seemingly “inconsequential” lives, and their lives are very real to them, their feelings cut just as deep to them, even if their circle of influence is much, much smaller. And that’s okay. Not everyone is called to do such things, but everyone, I believe, is called to live the best life he or she can. That’s one of the great things about this novel. It is relatable to many people, because even if you’re not a Tong Yan or Gu Pingsheng, often, you know one of them yourself.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to argue with you. Your words just spurred me to reflect upon the characters and how they resonate with so many people, and all in different ways, too.

      I’m glad you liked this book, and I love how it brought you into some moments of thinking. I hope you come back and read through this as well.

      Thank you so much for the amazingly thought out and personal comment. I really, really appreciate that you shared your thoughts and feelings with us.

      Wishing you all the best. ❤

  47. Hoju, I finally finished reading this one. I started reading this back in January, before I started ZSC/SY story. I stopped reading this one in the middle because my heart ached so much. After I was done with Beautiful Bones, I still could not bring myself to finish reading this.

    I decided to hardened my heart and start reading this book from the beginning again. My heart still ached but I finished it! 🎉

    Thank you for all your translations. You have successfully transformed me to a MBFB fan, and I can’t find to read your next completed translation.

    Thanks again, Hoju!

    • I still think of this story as a sweet one. Life can be downright brutal at times, but don’t allow yourself to focus only on the negatives. That’s what I always take out of this story. The only part is the break up and separation bits, which I can’t make myself re-read often, but those are actually a very, very small portion of the book.

      Yay! Another MBFB fan! So have you read through all of my completed ones already?

      • Yep! I have read (and re-read multiple times) all MBFB books here except for Healing Sunshine simply because I am patiently waiting until it is completed 🙂 And while waiting, I have to put my feet on to other boats of Gu Man, Ban Li Zi and Ding Mo.

        Chinese is not my main language, and so far I trust your selections, so do you have any other recommendations to read, Hoju?

      • I’m not an chinese nor an native english speaker.

        My interest on chinese novels started after watching “Put your head on My shoulder”. I was si attached to the plotline, that I decided to read the book as well (english translated, of course. Cause it’s hard to find c-novels translated into spanish).

        Suddenly, I ended up being here after a short visit to Goodreads. I started with My Darling, which I liked it just like other book.

        Then, I notice this one and hesitated about read it or not. Just decided to give it a try after knowing it was related yo SARS, cause now, in my country, we’re facing SARS-CoVid2 (Coronavirus). This are really hard times for us since we’re in lockdown and I can’t even see my boyfriend since march due to this.

        This book hit me hard Even though I’m not fond of chinese novels. Both characters are really realistic, making them relatable. I really admire TK, but the most who I admire is Tong Yan. Facing such things at young age remind me the hard time my boyfriend went by when he had to take care of his sick dad due to cancer. Saddly, he passed in 2017 and I never had the opportunity to met him. After that, at the age of 23, my boyfriend became the provider of his family.

        People with “good” lifes can believe this things only happens in book, but outside there is much more. What I really respect of both characters is their optimist, yet realistic view of life and that hit me hard cause due to coronavirus, I was seeing just the dark side of life. Thanks to them, now I know that I have a lot of things to be thankful for and that I have to continue doing my stuff with hope even in this scenario.

        Definetely, going to re-read this cause Together Forever has now an special place in my life. Thanks you very much, Hoju.

        • *hugs* This is such a hard time for everyone, and it hits each of us so uniquely and individually. May you have the strength to endure, the hope to see a brighter future. I pray you can see the good things in your life (no matter how big or little they are, such as this translation, such as your boyfriend’s incredible strength) and be encouraged and may that encouragement carry you through.

          I feel honoured that this translation could help you a little bit. Hold tight! I am cheering you on.

  48. Thank you for the translation.. I cant move on from this story..

  49. Thanks Hoju for translating this beautiful story and sharing it with us. You definitely have a kind heart and gift for translating. I 💟💖💗💓 this story both the sweet, charming and heart wrenching sides too.

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