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Stewed Squid with Honey (蜜汁炖鱿鱼) — Chapter 9



Based on some of your comments, I thought I would explain the title of this novel. Though I’m choosing to use the novel’s official English name, Stewed Squid With Honey, if I were to translate it to keep to the feel of what the title is trying to convey, it would probably be “Squid Stewed In Honey.” Yeah, sounds like nitpicky wordsmithing, doesn’t it? The key to me is the “stewed in” part of the title. In Chinese, when a person is extremely happy because of something romantic, loving, etc done by the one she loves, her heart feels so sweet it is like she has been “soaked/bathed in honey.” So, this is supposed to be a very sweet story of Little Squidie’s romance, so sweet and happy it’s like Squidie is not just being bathed, but stewed in the honey until the sweetness is infused in her. So now that that’s been all cleared up, no more misunderstandings that I’m going to be spamming you guys with recipes, okay? (I did that with RRMY already.) LOL

And while we’re at it, let’s clear up this misunderstanding between God Gun and Tong Nian and let poor grunt off the hook.

Chapter 9 – Great Demon Overlord?

A very odd smile brimmed over from grunt’s lips. Slowly, he turned around and bent at the waist to ask Tong Nian, “Little girl, do you know this guy?” As he spoke, he flicked a glance at Gun from the corner of his eye.

Tong Nian’s eyes were red, and though she did not want to acknowledge this person… she still nodded.

“Then… do you know what his name is?”

She did not really dare state it directly and looked over at Gun once more. The latter still carried on eating his apple and actually had a look of “I want to see what new thing you two can come up with” on his face.

“… Han Shangyan,” she answered softly.

That day… when he came to the Internet café, that was the name on the identity card he had used…

Don’t tell me I got that wrong as well?


Son of a…

grunt straightened back up, clutching at his abdomen in a posture of pain while, at the same time, walking back with delight over a certain someone’s misfortune. With his back to Tong Nian, he dropped his voice and asked beside Gun’s ear, “In our entire club, no more than three people know your Chinese name, much less people outside of the club. You want me to be your scapegoat? No freakin’ way, Con Man!”

Gun felt a moment of incomprehension, but then, he immediately lifted his brow and sent a punch into grunt’s chest.

“Sh*t…” grunt abruptly threw a hand over his chest and nearly fell to the ground. “You’re trying to kill off anyone who knows, eh!”

An arm had already snaked onto grunt’s shoulder and was applying a heavy downward force. “Say it again. What scapegoat?”

“… Little lady.” Before he was to sacrifice himself, grunt first removed his glasses and used his most, most innocent and harmless gaze to look at Tong Nian. “If you like someone, be bold and say it out. Let me tell you, this guy here doesn’t even have any sort of female living creature in his life, much less a woman. Even the dog belonging to the male security guard downstairs of his apartment is a male… If you miss your chance with a quality guy like this, it’s going to be for forever!”


“I…” The tears in her eyes had not even retreated yet, and now her face suddenly burned up. “Anyway… the person I like isn’t grunt…” Tong Nian lowered her head and firmly fixed her eyes on the toes of her shoes as she stated in a quiet voice, “I came to find you.”

Oh God…

She actually said that out…

Gun’s brows creased together slightly.

His eyes were quite beautiful, with fine, long eyelashes that no man should have. Right at this moment, those deep black eyes were filled completely with suspicion. “You’re still refusing to tell the truth?”


“That is the truth!” This sentence immediately flew out from both Tong Nian and grunt’s mouths as they refuted him in unison.

Was it not obvious enough already?!

It was the first time she had ever given a love confession, aaaah… And it was not turned down, nor accepted, but rather, it was not even believed to be true.

Not believed…

Tong Nian felt she was going to faint soon, filled with feelings of being wronged as well as a sense of defeat.

The room fell into a short, eerie moment of silence.

It lasted until someone cleared his throat and said, “What are you doing still standing here? It’s none of your business now.”


Tong Nian’s heart sank, and she lifted her head.

Nonchalantly, he tossed his apple core into the wastebasket, then cast a gaze at grunt.

Huh? He’s not talking to me?

Now that he was at last set free to leave, grunt did not want to stay for even one additional minute. Not bothering to even grab his jacket and wearing only a short-sleeved shirt in the deep of winter, he shiveringly slipped on his glasses. “You and little sis here carry on. I’m outta here.”

Saying that, he hightailed out of the room as if he was flying.


With a click, the door locked shut.

Out of reflex, Tong Nian straightened her back.

Very soon, a pair of black skate shoes appeared before her eyes.

She dared not even breathe, and with her two hands behind her back, she frantically twisted her fingers, so anxious that bursts of sweat were breaking out on her.


He walked up to her, contemplating how he should begin what he wanted to say.

This afternoon in the stadium, the sight of her pulling a suitcase, hurriedly running in after all the important matches had already come to an end, had caused him to suddenly remember that he seemed to have met this girl once before. After all, it was only a small number of girls who would tow a suitcase along and dash all over to watch a gaming competition. This had reminded him of the only girl he had ever crossed paths with in his professional career.

His good buddy, appledog.

The first time he called a girl his good buddy, a brother, that girl had only been fifteen years old and had been Solo’s girlfriend.

That was also the first time he had changed his views on the female gender, that he could actually talk on the same wavelength with the opposite gender and that they could mutually support one another and have a sense of camaraderie. Later… those seemed to have disappeared. In regards to that loss of friendship, it had weighed on his heart all this time. Hence, in that moment, something in him had been stirred. He had wanted to say hello to that young girl in front of him, to encourage her in her passion for eSports.

Afterwards, he discovered something was not quite right.

This… was utterly the type of girl that, in these last twenty-odd years, he was most turned off by. A weak personality that drifted and conformed to circumstance and the crowd. A person who was fond of getting lost in various fancies and blind conjectures and was most skilled in being ruled by emotions. And moreover, someone who liked—

He glanced at her short skirt and white tube socks with cat ears.

… liked to use her limited time on repeatedly trying on clothing, doing her hair, and doing make-up.



She lightly, tentatively gave a cough.

Her hair wasn’t mussed, right?

Uh, or did he not like this cute sort of style?


“Do you”—Gun finally found a breakthrough point that he could speak to—“know what my name is?”

Of course… She replied quietly, “Han Shangyan.”

Even though peeking at someone’s identity card was morally wrong…

A brief moment of silence.

“You like me?” He opened his mouth to speak again.


“What’s wrong? Have I misunderstood?”


“What do you like about me?”


Was she supposed to say it had been love at first sight? T.T…

If fingers could be tied together, hers would have long since been twisted into a jumbled knot.


In front of her eyes, his feet suddenly shifted.

To the right, two steps. Then, unhurriedly, they strolled back.

“Not easy to answer? Let’s do this. We’ll change the question.” Gun tried as much as possible to make himself smile pleasantly and exude a friendly countenance while asking, one word at a time, the question that was stemming from this tiny, hard-to-come-by bit of curiosity. “What is there about me to like?”


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38 thoughts on “Stewed Squid with Honey (蜜汁炖鱿鱼) — Chapter 9

  1. “Gun tried as much as possible to make himself smile pleasantly and exude a friendly countenance…”
    Probably looks like a devil in her eyes >:3

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  5. The more I read about Gun the more I think he isn’t really romance material, simply too judgmental. >_> If I met someone like our little lady here I would be over the moon, she flew all the way out there just for him it’s a shame a darn shame she fell for this Gun guy.

    • Really? If a strange woman or guy (regardless how cute they are) is following you with a luggage in a city that you visit because of some game competition, you will be over the moon to this person? I will act exactly like Gun & maybe even report this person to the police as a stalker or at least a crazy person. Hehehe… 😜

      • Agreed. In real life I might not call the police, but I’m pretty sure I’d treat her as an extreme fan and call security. After all, the guy doesn’t know that she actually had other reasons for being in the city, and it sure does look like she tailed one of them (whether it was grunt, whom he initially believed to be the case, or himself, which now seems to be the case).

      • Eh a pretty girl comes to somewhere she’s never been to before just for me…why would I be upset? I guess it might be weird >_>, but idk I’d test the waters before I call her crazy.

    • LOL. His reaction is pretty normal. I’d view her more as one of the crazy fans of K&K/him who had somehow found a way into their lounge. Don’t forget, prior to today, he only ever saw her in an net cafe.

  6. What a gangster-like interrogation…seems TN will have tough love journey

    • Hahaha… I laugh because Gun is genuinely trying to be pleasant and friendly and still coming across as a gangster. What about normal days, then?

  7. Poor Tong Nian but she really cute >_< . So that's what the title mean, I always think it's a food name lol. Thank you for your translation. 🙂

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    • Have you finally gotten a little breather? I’ll be so glad when this month is over. June and July have been crazy…

      Glad you’re enjoying the story. 🙂 Next one coming up pretty soon!

  9. Oh Tong Nian, poor little girl. The struggles continue with the interrogation from your beloved. Gun, you big meanie! Getting turned off by her, you got something wrong in your head. well anyway at least our TN is being brave and confessing. Thanks for the chap.

    • He’s honestly not trying to interrogate her. He’s just the type that cuts to the chase and doesn’t beat around the bush. Obviously, he will have a change of opinion.

      You’re welcome!

  10. thanks for the new chapter…
    is this story have relationship with another mo bao fei bao” god’s left hand” ? because there is a player called appledog…just curious..°=^

    • You’re welcome!

      Yes, she has a gaming trilogy. The main storyline is found in Left Hand and Secret Room/Sealed Chamber, and her purpose for writing it was to capture the feeling of passion in young people, of pursuing one’s dream when one is still young despite what others may think. Stewed Squid can be considered a side story of the main story, featuring Gun. Just like Beautiful Bones is the second of her One Life, One Incarnation series but you do not need to read the first one to understand and enjoy BB, Stewed Squid can be read separately without affecting your enjoyment as well.

  11. Thank you, Hoju! I haven’t really decided if this novel is for me or not but I’ll keep reading it for now to see if I have a change of heart on TN. ☺️ I actually like the black belly with a poisonous tongue type of character in a novel, just like Xiao Nai.

  12. I’m liking the Gun more and more. I wholeheartedly agree with Gun’s perception of Tong Nian, I have never been able to understand love at first sight but I am also feeling sorry for Tong Nian. And I am hoping that Tong Nian will show more depth in the future. please be better than Kotoko, Tong Nian. I also hope Gun will be more affectionate than Irie. this is really starting to remind me of “itazura na kiss” to a certain degree.
    i need the next chapter T.T

    Thank you so much for translating.

    • Gun’s perception of Tong Nian is spot on. I also agree with it. What Gun will learn is, there are almost always two sides to a personality trait. Being ruled by emotion and not logic means fierce loyalty because her heart tells her to do so, not her brain. Being able to imagine and fall into fancies means that she can always imagine a great future with you if you return her affections, and she will use that as motivation, even if the circumstances are difficult; etc.

      This story is not about getting “deep” into characters. If you mean “depth” by liking someone not just based on first sight, I’ll let you just read on, then. I don’t believe in “love” at first sight, either. Love encompasses too many things, not just attraction but acceptance, patience, effort, etc. And of course one should be cautious to not read too much into attraction. If given time and nurturing, attraction can develop into love, and often, you can’t draw line where things moved from one to the other. I have never watched that drama, so I cannot compare.

      Anyways, thanks for reading.

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  14. Thank you….if reading a book, this will be the time for me to take a peek at the few last pages so as to help me over some of the embarrassing moments.

    • I’m sorry I missed this comment. I swore I replied to it, but it seems it’s not so…

      Unfortunately, I get to hold you captive. No peeking at the ending. *evil laugh* While I won’t promise there won’t be more embarrassing situations, she’s going to get a little break soon. 😉

  15. Tq Hoju for ur translation. Finally its getting interesting. I thk i appreciate Gun’s character. Nice to have a straight forward personality instead of wishy washy types. Tong Nian im okay if shes simple and cutesy but i hope as the storygoes on shes not a pushover, some backbone would be nice.

    I believe in attraction at first sight. Something like a spark or feeling that person is special but love develops and deepens with time and communication

    • Gun is aloof and cold. He is not a “nice” guy but he has his principles and is upright. He does not care about pleasing anyone.
      Tong Nian is young and simple. While I wouldn’t say that she has a strong personality, on things that her heart is set on, she will throw herself into it because the way she thinks is that simple and according to her heart. “I believe in it, I will pour all of me into it.”

      Myself as well. Attraction can happen when you first spot someone or talk to someone. Love is not just an attraction or a feeling. It’s patience, commitment, and hard work. (If you read Beautiful Bones, you’ll find my thoughts on love all over that translation).

  16. This novel is so enjoyable lol.
    Thanks a lot, hoju~

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