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Stewed Squid with Honey (蜜汁炖鱿鱼) — Chapter 10



LOL. An awkward interruption. What would fans think if they knew where Her Highness was taking the call?

Chapter 10 – Great Demon Overlord 0.0!


Even the most dim-witted person would be able to hear that, despite the fact that his tone was maintaining a sense of politeness, he was obviously not very pleased. He undoubtedly disliked people sneaking looks at his identity card and disliked it when a girl pursued him all the way to where he was, especially… all the way into his hotel.

The person whom, over these last few days, she had fallen so hard for it was as if she was bewitched was now standing before her, personally and impatiently questioning her over “What is there about me to like?” The subtext of that question was obviously “Don’t like me. I’m not interested in you,” right?


She gnawed on her lip and after a while, finally spoke. “I’m sorry. I… I didn’t intentionally follow you. It’s just, when I saw you at the airport, you and these people were all wearing team jackets. It was such an especially nice surprise… I asked my friend and she said there was an eSports tournament going on here, so I ran over just to see whether you really were competing here…”

I… just wanted to know your age, occupation, lifestyle, and what you like to do.

I wanted to let you, in the most casual of circumstances, meet me, know me, and remember me…

I wanted you to see the best side of me, to like me and fall for me…

And not…

… the way things are now.

“Your name was in the net café’s records… I shouldn’t have purposely peeked at it. And as for that stomach-bleeding incident, I suddenly heard some staff members talking about it. I thought grunt was you and I was especially worried, so I just wanted to have one look… just one look to see if something really was the matter with you. I never intended to bother you.”

But later, she was bafflingly brought into the conference room by that boy.

And later again…

With bowed head, she silently told herself with all her might, “Tong Nian, absolutely do not embarrass yourself anymore.

“Finish saying what you’re going to say and then leave.

“Do not waver at all…”


Gun could hear that there was something not quite right with the little girl’s mood. Dropping his eyes, he looked down at her.

Had he been too direct? It seemed he had scared the little girl again?


The ringing of a mobile phone shattered the quiet of this moment.

And then, it continued to ring. No one moved.

She was still caught up in her feelings of dejection, and with her mind rather dazed, she raised her head and prompted him, “Your phone…”

Gun’s eyes flicked to the side, motioning in the direction of her backpack. It was her mobile phone.

0.0? What was going on?


Wait. Something wasn’t right…

Oh no, the interview…

Tong Nian suddenly started back to reality. In panic, she looked at him, then in panic some more, she looked at the surroundings.

Do it here? Or out in the hallway?

Here… would be really awkward.

But the hallway… would that be even more awkward?

In the end, she could only put on a brave face and ask in a small voice, “May I use your bathroom? It’s a very urgent call.”

Gun did not really care and pointed at a spot. “Over there.”

The layout of this executive suite was rather strange. The location of the bathroom door was beside the queen-size bed and was very hidden.

Tong Nian breathed out in relief. Following the direction his finger was pointing, she ran several steps until she was inside, closed the door behind her, and cleared her throat. Then, fishing her mobile phone out from her backpack, she brought it up to her ear.

A very clear, very enthusiastic voice immediately rang into her ear. “Hi? Hello? Is this Her Royal Squidie Highness?”

“Mm-hmm, it’s me.” She tried as best as she could to make her voice regain its steadiness.

“Yay! This is awesome! Your Squidie Highness! I’m your diehard fan, aaaah. Hohohoho. Oh, covering my face. Please allow me, the host here, to first be smitten for a little bit. Your Highness, when I was in my senior year of high school, I relied on the songs that you covered to keep my HP up, and that’s how I managed to crush all those exam papers!”

“Uh, oh really?” The instant she encountered a zealous fan, she would not know what to say.

And so… over time, this had created the mistaken rumour of her cold aloofness…

“Ahem, ahem. Alright, as the host for today’s program, I must resume my role. Hello to all the listeners and friends. Tonight, our animes and mangas channel has called a singer of anime songs who is extremely popular online, has more than one hundred thousand followers on Weibo, and has exceeded more than one million page views on Bilibili[1]—Fish Playing in Sealed Chambers. Of course, we fans like to address her as ‘Her Royal Highness.’ Please give a shout-out to everyone, Your Squidie Highness.”

“Hi everyone, this is Little Squidie Fish. Please be kind to me tonight. And please don’t call me ‘Your Highness.’ Just Little Squidie will be good.”

“Oh, Our Royal Highness is laying on the cuteness. Your Highness, our netizen friends who are currently online are professing their love and asking if you can do a cute little something.”

Do a cute something?? …

Her back was against the door, and her eyes were looking toward the shower stall in front of her. There distinctly was still condensation in it. It was apparent it had just been used for a shower.

Behind her, separated by only the door, was him.

How… how was she supposed to act cute in this circumstance? …

The host did not hear any sound and immediately understood. “Ha ha ha ha, Your Highness is still just as cold and aloof as ever. Well, then, we will start today’s interview.”




This twenty-minute interview was something that had been pre-arranged a week ago. She had just never thought that…

… it would be in such an awkward place.

Worried that the person on the outside of the door might hear too many of what would seem like weird, absurd-sounding things, she tried as much as possible to shorten the number of words in each answer. The most common answers she used were “Ah, yes,” “Oh, not bad,” and “Really?” …

By the time she hung up the call, her entire body had already broken out in a sweat.

Putting her phone in her coat, she touched her own face. Still burning hot. She had been too anxious.

Behind her was the door.

Beside the door was a ten-metre long marble counter, and on the countertop were an already-used bath towel and wash towel…

And separated from her by only a single door was him.

As she recalled the situation from earlier on, she somewhat did not have the courage to step back out, and she stood like this inside the bathroom, struggling with herself and not knowing what she should do. Forget it, just keep your head down, open the door, and walk straight out. The worst case is just… saying goodbye…

Resolving herself firmly to this, she put her hand on the doorknob. But right as she was about to open the door, she heard a knock.

Instinctively, she retracted her hand.

“Done?” his voice asked.

“Done…” she answered.

“If you’re done, then open the door.”

“Oh.” She stretched out her hand again and slowly opened the door.

Continuing to keep her head down, she stared at that black pair of skate shoes in front of her…



“Huh?” Dazed, she lifted her head.

“Let’s go eat.”

“Ah?” She looked at him.

Gun very simply and clearly explained, “After eight o’clock, it is the team’s time for training. There are still another twenty minutes, and then there will be no food to eat.”

Since this mix-up did have something to do with him and it could be said that he had managed to accidentally bring the little girl here to a strange, unfamiliar hotel, he should take some responsibility for it. “The deal may be off but goodwill and uprightness should still remain.[2]” He should, nevertheless, ensure that the kid was fed and then have a driver take her back.


“Oh…” She picked up her backpack. Then, half a beat slow, she thought, “He’s not… telling me to go away?”

Gun put on his jacket and slipped his mobile phone and room key card into his pocket. Opening the door, he motioned to Tong Nian to step out first. As Tong Nian passed by his side, she, seeming out of sorts, came to a stop.

Wait, something was wrong. Why were they having dinner together?


“What’s your name?” Gun thought this little girl just naturally was a slow walker. Gently, he nudged her backpack and stepped out after her, reaching behind to close the door.


“Tong Nian…”

He nodded, the meaning being, “Got it.”

Walking in front, he went into the elevator first. Very shortly, he pulled out a fruit-flavoured candy from his pocket and unwrapped it, planning on tossing it into his mouth. Suddenly, his hand paused, and he glanced over at Tong Nian, who was following him closely into the elevator. “Want one?”

Ah? 0.0


[1] B站. This literally means “B Site” and is the nickname for 哔哩哔哩弹幕视频网, which goes by the English name, Bilibili (see This is a Chinese video sharing site, with a characteristic feature where users can submit comments/subs that will show up in real-time on the video like a moving “bullet.” Its beginnings were in animes, mangas, and gaming videos, but its content has now expanded to be more extensive.

[2] 买卖不成仁义在 “mai mai bu cheng ren yi zai.” A saying that means, although a deal could not be made and business may be off, a person should still always act in goodness and uprightness. In Gun’s case, even though he and Tong Nian really don’t have any connection and he doesn’t want the type of relationship that she does, he will still “do the right thing” and make sure she is taken care of.


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  1. 😱 so unexpected to get another post. Thank you Hoju 😘😘😘😘😘 have a blessed week ahead

    • I’ve been covering for Peanut’s Sunday posting slot while she was on vacation. This was my last one, though, and I’m back to just 2 updates a week. Phew. That was a stretch for me, especially in this crazy month.
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  2. OMG…this chapter had me laughing tears again…lol..she really doesn´t get a break..haha
    This day is one rollercoaster-ride after another for her..

    • Wild day. She was up playing video games until 4am, hopped in a plane… And then the day began. Haha
      Glad you’re liking it!

  3. I still don’t like him

    • Gun is so indifferent he doesn’t care if anyone likes him or not. And yeah, he isn’t romance material right now. He’s not interested in romance at all.

  4. Actually he doesnt seems that evil….is he slowly warming up😂

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    • Surprise! 🙂 Now, was it because of fluke or have you figured out my posting times?
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  7. Hello, new devoted fans here! Thank you so much for the translation, your work is totally a quench to my thirst, lol. Poor TN.. being trapped in the super awkward situation😁

    • Hello and welcome! I’m glad you found us.
      It’s one of those days where you’re wondering for her, when will it end? 😆

  8. Seems TN didn’t leave such a great impression behind

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  11. Hi im new at c-novels. I usually read mangas. But i stumbled upon “Really Really Miss You” and it got me hooked not only on c-novels but now my phone is full of chinese traditional music!
    I just wanted to express how thankful i am to you for translating these lovely novels! You’re doing such a great job. Really appreciate it a lot!

    I can’t wait for the next chapter of Stewed Squid with Honey!! >.< this novel is hilarious!!

    • Hi chip, and welcome to the world of c-novels. You’re going to have a ton of fun. And ancient-style music! Since Really, Really Miss You, that’s all I listen to now. I’ve found the genre of music that I love. So glad the translation could introduce you to it. 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely encouragement. 🙂

      I’m happy that you’re enjoying Stewed Squid. Such a happy novel, isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing you around on the blog here! 🙂

  12. hi Hoju…this novel is definitely hilarious….cant stop laughing n smilling while i was going thru each chapter….im not so into this type of novel but now im so glad that you decided to translate this type of novel..i love it…keep up the good work n thanks for translating it…..

    • Glad you decided to give it a try. 🙂 Haha, Instill break out in cold sweat thinking about the in-game scenes in this novel and reading up on LOL and DotA just to get a few little terms right (or did I get them right?)

      Yay! You love it. I’m so happy. Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks a lot, hoju~

  14. I don’t know…everyone seems to be thinking Tong Nian is really silly and more than a little crazy and ignorant. But honestly in a way I actually find her really admirable. Sheltered or not, there are lots of people who grow up fairly sheltered, but TN is like…very true to herself? Not quite sure how to describe it but I find her very very brave and I find that bravery really admirable.

    Yes she’s randomly chasing some guy she doesn’t know, but honestly individually all her actions have been fairly within reason. She sees a guy and wants to get to know him, didn’t manage to get his number but got his social media accounts and his name. She didn’t do any really crazy stalking, just approached him in a way she knew how, all publicly accessible methods too. Even meeting hm abroad was honestly quite a huge coincidence and quite a bit of luck on her part, no excessive stalking or weird actions. Only after the competition gets slightly sketch in imo is more of a worry for her lack of consideration for her own safety (I mean she doesn’t know him really and is following him and all these strangers to private places, they could totally be terrible people for all she knows) than anything else.

    So many things we find ridiculous and embarrassing (me included, I cringe hard) is really just a mix of coincidence and bravery. The chances of meeting each other were pretty coincidental, and her taking the next step, within bounds of reason, is totally her being super brave. I think personally I find it super embarrassing (and she does to), this whole situation, but part of it for me is definitely envy in a way because in that situation I don’t think I’d have the courage to talk to him, or go after him. Other than her naive disregards for safety concerns, the worst thing that can happen is, yes, embarrassment and rejection, but I mean, YOLO and that is the best part of being young and reckless.

  15. The more I reread this the more I grow to really like Tong Nian. I think the best quote that can summarize her is “Do not waver at all…”

  16. Why does the novel seem to be cuter and fluffier than the drama lol (personal preferences)

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