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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 40 (Final)



Update: Gu Man is suffering from writer’s block so the intended release date of book 2 has been pushed back to the middle of 2018.  I’ll definitely translate book 2 when it is released so wait patiently.

There must be at least a kiss in any good romance novel so here it is lol. Zaijian (Goodbye in Mandarin) until we meet again in book 2. Don’t ask when it’ll be officially released because nobody knows. For Lin Yu Sen’s shippers, you can actually treat book 1 as the end since Xi Guang is happily dating him. I suspect book 2 will be mostly on Zhuang Xu and our ship may sink. Hence, better to stick with the sweet memory 🙂

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Chapter 40

I made a difficult decision.

—— I must transfer back to the Finance Department!

“What is the reason?”

Vice President Lin looked at my job transfer request form and asked me without looking up.

“I’ve already written it in the form.”

“Unsuitable area of specialty resulting in decrease in work efficiency recently?” He nodded, readily picked up the pen and signed the form.

“…… Aren’t you going to persuade me to stay?”

“The sky wants to rain, the girlfriend wants to change department, what can I do?” I glared at him. He laughed and gave me the signed job transfer request form in his hand, “Take it, effective from tomorrow. Handover your current work first.”

I took the request form and was about to go out, then came his leisurely voice from behind: “Oh, by the way, the year-end bonus for each department will no longer be standardized this year but will be given in accordance to the performance of the department.”

I immediately have a sinister foreboding, “Which is more, the Management or the Finance Department?”

“The department which you’ve just left.”

“…… Then which will I be considered to I belong to?”

“Oh, you’re no longer considered to belong to me.” Vice President Lin told me ruthlessly.


Why having been together for less than a week, I’ve a kind of feeling that I met and chose the wrong guy?

Yin Jie was puzzled over my silent on my departmental transfer. During lunch time, she nearly used a chopstick to hit my head, “How big is the hole in your brain to change department before the distribution of the year-end bonus? Hey, is it because you cannot stand a certain kind of harassment from Vice President Lin? Although he is a very handsome guy, it is rather troublesome if you don’t like him.”

I spit out the rice.

I coughed for a while. When Yin Jie and the others were not paying attention, I took out my mobile phone to send a text message to Lin Yu Sen, “Someone asked me whether I changed department because I cannot stand your harassment.”

Lin Yu Sen replied very quickly: “Yin Jie?”

Oops! It seemed like I’ve unintentionally betrayed my teammate? I looked at Yin Jie who was eating her rice, with a guilty conscience and quickly replied: “No…… gossip.”

After a while, Lin Yu Sen replied: “Oh.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Huh, what kind of reply was that?

Could it be that he really take offense?

Suddenly I felt a bit worried. For the first time, I was seriously dating a person, but sometimes I really did not know what I should say and what I should not say.

When I went back to work in the afternoon, I secretly observed him with several glances  —— As you can see, I mentioned decrease in work efficiency. Working together with your uh, boyfriend, can be really very distracting.

Unfortunately, before I managed to see much, the blind in the vice president’s office was lowered because a customer came. Failing to snoop, I can only seriously hand over my work to the new people.

After Jiang Ya left, two new people came to our department and they have already started to get the hang of things. Moreover, I was after all just changing department, not leaving the company. Thus the handover was not too difficult.

Before getting off work, I finally found an opportunity to go to his office.

Lin Yu Sen was standing in front of the bookshelf and flipping through some information.

“Are you angry?”

“Angry about what?”

Lin Yu Sen raised his head and looked very surprised.

It was good that he was not angry so I will not make the first move to mention it. Thus I casually muddled through it, “Oh, about my changing department.”

“It goes without saying that I transferred you over out of self-interest, so I have nothing to be angry about.” He gave a gentle smile and reverted his attention back to the information at hand, “Come over a little.”

“Huh?” The way he lowered his head to look at the information at hand, made me advanced a few steps nearer to him without being suspicious.

“Today is your last day in the Management Department.”


He nodded, then without warning, closed the folder with one hand. He moved sideways, lowered his head and kissed my lips.

The warm sensation disappeared with just a touch. He was smiling and looking at me, “Well, at least now I can’t be considered to have gotten that undeserved reputation for nothing.”

I felt like I have been struck by lightning.

Standing foolishly and blankly there, to my surprise, I was able to ask him, “What undeserved reputation?”

“Harassment ah.”

Lin Yu Sen smiled faintly and lifted his hand to help me to tuck a lock of messy hair behind the ear. Then he very gently reminded me, “You’ve to report to the Finance Department tomorrow, so don’t work overtime tonight. Have a good rest.”

Scoundrel …… ah ……

Momentarily, only this word appeared in my mind.

I would not have thought that I will lose my first kiss in the office in the form of a ‘harassment’.

I reckoned I must have looked at him with a very indignant expression because he could not help laughing, “What’s up? You look as though …… want to beat me up?”

I said indignantly: “Who started it …… whoever lost her first kiss in the office in the form of a harassment will also want to beat up people. It is useless even if you look more handsome!”

“While not unexpected, but still very happy.” His eyes focused on my lips, as if he did not grasp the key point at all. He stretched out his long arm to embrace my waist tightly and unexpectedly lowered his head again.

This time, it was no longer a light, gentle touch that retreated the instant it made contact. We were already so tightly snug against one another, but his palm still obstinately steered me toward his body. The strength of the male gender made my instinctive attempts of resistance futile. His lips wandered over mine, lingering there, very patient and not anxious, until finally, I was unable to breathe and allowed him to drive straight in, sweeping his way back and forth…

Last time, before I even had a chance to think, his lips had left. This time, there was such a long time to think, but my brain was completely muddled, like a glob of glue, and even my hands and feet seemed as if they wouldn’t listen to my instruction.

When he finally withdrew from my lips and tongue, I discovered that I was not aware when he pressed me against the bookshelf. My hands were clutching his sleeve tightly.

He held my hand and did not release it. Then he buried his head in my neck, with his hair falling on my cheek. It was tickly and brought confusion to the mind.

“Oh no!” After a long time, his breathing returned to normal. He very gently and insincerely said next to my ear, “This is the second time that you are being harassed in the office by the boss, so how?”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The number one beast in the medical school. Senior brother Fang really did not deceive me.

——  The above-mentioned was the conclusion I arrived at the next morning, after a night of insufficient sleep.

The two main reasons why I could not sleep were because I have to move my personal belongings to the Finance Department before Lin Yu Sen arrives for work and I had tossed and turned in bed most of the night. At seven o’clock, I used my mobile phone to harass Yin Jie to go to the office to help me to move the stuff together.

Due to lack of sleep, Yin Jie muttered, “You really have a big hole in the brain, changing department a few days before Chinese New Year.”

I sighed incessantly and said: “You’ll not understand my complex inner world~”

“I only know your bonus will be a few thousand dollars less!”

Rest assured, I will be compensated!

Suddenly both of her eyes lit up, ‘When did you get a new mobile phone?”

I stopped moving the stuff and answered her after a while: “…… Oh, a few days ago.”

“Why did you change your perfectly fine mobile phone, can’t your phone still be used?”

“Oh, I lost it.”

Yin Jie immediately looked sympathetically at me and casually asked: “Then why did you still have my number?”


People in the Finance Department started to arrive one after another. I did not want to continue discussing this matter with her, so I pushed her out, “Okay, okay, go back to your office to work. I’ll treat you lunch.”

“Big meal?”


My transfer was a bit sudden, so the colleagues in the Finance Department were rather surprised to see me, their expressions were somewhat speculative and curious. I felt that they probably harbored the same thought as Yin Jie.

As expected, Qi Qi implicitly comforted me in the pantry by saying: “It is best that you’ve come back since we have always been short-staffed. It is best to work in a quiet and familiar environment.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement.

I turned around to go and take my revenge by sending a text message to Lin Yu Sen: “Vice President, you must pay attention to your image. Everyone is thinking that I changed department to escape your evil clutches!”

And then, I swept away the losing streak that had followed me yesterday and, with all sorts of happy feelings, I went to do my work.

Time went by quickly on a busy day, the music to signal the end of a work day was broadcast. Suddenly I realized up until now, Lin Yu Sen hasn’t replied to my text?

I lowered my head to look for my mobile phone in the bag.

The colleagues around me had finished packing their things, stood up and ready to leave. But suddenly they sat down again in unison and simultaneously put on an act of concentrating on their work.

What happened?

I held the mobile phone, raised my head and looked toward the door. I saw Vice President Lin Yu Sen with one hand inserted in the pocket, casually walking into our office.

He seemed like he was totally unaware of the strange atmosphere in the office, walking naturally to my table “Have you finished work yet? We’ll go and have dinner together with senior brother today.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Ten minutes later, I sat in Lin Yu Sen’s car and voiced severe condemnation, “Why did you go to my office?”

“I saw Xiao Zhang from the Factory Department at the office just now. Why did he go to your office but not stay put in his own office?”

His tone sounded a little like a superior talking to his subordinate. As a good colleague, I immediately explained on his behalf, “He went to pick Qi Qi up from work. Since it was already time to get off work so there should be no problem.”

“Of course.” Lin Yu Sen rightfully said, “So why can’t I pick you up from work?”

Then he appeared to mutter to himself, “Now then, they would not think that you are avoiding my harassment?”


Yes, they would not.

You had already proven that ……

Aiya ~~~ is boyfriend such a difficult creature to deal with? Or my one is rather special = =

It was like this……

After a divinely first day, my smooth, peaceful and amiable days in the Department of Finance ……commenced ……

Soon I sadly discovered that, although I changed department, my work efficiency did not seem to improve much —— the company’s inbox can prove that.

In this aspect, Vice President Lin has set a bad example. A certain day after I have been in the Finance Department, he sent a strange document to my inbox.

To my surprise, it was his full resume. Oh, that was incorrect. Perhaps it was more appropriate to label it his autobiography, date of birth, place of ancestry, all kinds of education and work experience, including some photos at different stages of his life.

I finished looking through his impressive autobiography with keen interest. Then I picked up the phone to dial his office number and said in a low voice: “What did you give me? Why did you give it to me?”

“Ah, product manual? Let you find out about your boyfriend’s features and functions.”

“…… But you don’t have to write that you know how to change the light bulb.”

“Oh, that is a representative of the function for household use. Oh, by the way, I am also pretty good at stitching and knot tying.”

“…… So you’re writing out your romantic history to tell me that you have the experience of being a rejected good?”

“Miss Nie, do you have a problem understanding Chinese? Is that romantic history?”

Who asked you to write about your experience of being forced to go on a blind date by a teacher?

I held back from laughing and said very seriously: “Of course, it is regarded as such.”

“That is a wrong target customer, so the product was withdrawn from the market. In addition, I want to remind my most highly regarded customer that in the past, not all of this product’s features had been fully available to be used. Miss Nie, I hope that you can sufficiently exploit it and actively use it.”

Was it my imagination?! I felt that those last words ‘actively use it’ gave a strong sense of ……. being hit on = = I quickly changed the topic and pretended to ask seriously: “Don’t try to fob me off. Hurry up and give me a detailed account of the dark, unspeakable things of your past.”

He did not know whether to laugh or cry so he said: “What dark past, can’t be any more innocent. Wait a moment.”

The sound of knocking on the door can be heard over the phone, probably someone looking for him about something. I was not in a hurry, since he did not hang up, I also did not hang up. While holding the telephone receiver, I quickly settled an account.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

His voice conversing with the other person can be heard through the receiver. A short time later, his voice was clear again: “When I was studying in the medical school in USA, there was once a friendly Chinese professor who suddenly called me out for a meal.”

He halted his speech.

I remembered he had said that he was so busy until he has no time to go dating. Thus I asked curiously: “Were you really that busy in medical school?”

Lin Yu Sen chuckled: “Not as busy as now.”

Uh ~ ~ ~ People say your IQ will go down when you are in love. However I felt that my IQ has increased by leaps and bounds. For example now, from Mr. Lin’s roundabout way of talking, suddenly I can understand what he wanted to express ……

But I decisively pretended that I did not understand, “Aiya, since you’re so busy, I’ll put down the phone.”

After quickly hung up the phone, I thought for a while. Then I was all smiles while searching for my resume in my personal portable hard drive and sent it to him. As a result, he replied: “It seems that Miss Nie did not study hard?”

“……” Big deal being the top student?!

I flew into a rage out of humiliation and replied: “Just to let you know the characteristics of your target customer.”

“Thank you for your kind intention, but no need la. I know my target customer a lot more than you think.”

“Really? For example?”

“For example, I know that my target customer wants to eat Northeast China cuisine tonight.”


Mr. Lin, you really can go and buy a lottery ticket!

Well, ever since Lin Yu Sen and I sent each other ‘resume’, we started using the company’s email accounts for personal email, the main usage was —— to talk nonsense.

Everyone did not have much enthusiasm to work on the last day of work before the Spring Festival. I was also slack and lazy in doing the accounts. All of a sudden, I saw a large expenditure with Lin Yu Sen’s signature.

Hence I stopped working and opened the inbox to send an email to him.

“Lin Yu Sen, I found a lot of ‘wood’ in your name. (If you break up his name, 林屿森, you will find that the character, 木 is found 5x in there. 木 means ‘wood’ but it is also used for “tree” sometimes) Could it be that your five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) lack wood?”

A while later, I received a reply.

“Too many trees means that I lack sunlight to shine on me.” (implying he wants his Xi Guang to shine on him)

I could not help but curve my mouth and think for a while before replying: “With so many trees and you’re just relying on the light from the newborn sun, there won’t be enough light.”

‘Xi Guang’ means ‘dawn’s morning light’, of course that light is very faint.

This time, after a long time there was also no reply. I waited for a while and found a matter which needed to go to his office. He was discussing something with a few customers inside the glass door.

After setting my mind at rest, I returned to my seat and immersed myself in some work for a while. I did not know why I suddenly have the sixth sense to click open the inbox. Sure enough, his reply was already lying quietly inside.

I opened and saw his message: I am waiting for you to give me the blazing sunlight.016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


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  49. Any information about Book 2? I still hope that XG and ZX stay together, after all I read this novel just because of it

  50. I just read some 12 chapters of Part 2 in chinese on the internet (not sure real or fake). It’s implying that LSY is actually gold-digging and everything he did in Book 1 is pre-planned. Does anyone know if this is real? The text is very detailed and reads like Gu Man’s writing.

    • In regards to the supposed Blazing 2, no matter how legit it may sound, Fanatical will not be supporting anything related to it. Gu Man has not released anything at all, so either that supposed Part 2 is fake or it has been leaked and obtained without proper permission. That site with the supposed Blazing 2 does not even list Gu Man as the author. There is NOTHING on any official channels released on Part 2 yet, besides the fact that Watermelon and LYS may break up. Therefore, out of respect for the author, we on Fanatical will not have any discussion of that “Blazing 2” and will wait patiently for Gu Man to release the true version.

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