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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 4.3



This is a chapter about Shen Xi wanting to break up with Lin Yu Tang but how do 2 guys break up 😛 ? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

Chapter 4.3 — Kiss You At the Next Street Lamp

“Even if we are pretending to be dating, it must also be open, above-board, right and proper. Must have ethics, bottom line and moral standing …… Big brother He, don’t you think this should be the case?”

He Zhi Zhou was draped in a thin coat and stood on the balcony. Except for him, everyone in female dormitory 636 was still sleeping quietly. The first faint rays of dawn, a sparkle of red light in the distant horizon.

He felt Shen Xi was right, in that firm, powerful statement, hints of truth and sound principle could be heard. Just that after listening to her, why did he feel like he was being forced?

She said she wanted to date him. Although it was fake, it was still dating. Thus the most important thing should be whether he agree or not?

Even if this is not common knowledge, it should be at least a common courtesy? She was certain that he will agree to be her boyfriend? No …… girlfriend.

Could it be that he was merely a prop? Or he gave people the impression that he was too Low, to the extent that she thought it was okay to only inform him?!

He Zhi Zhou frowned. He felt very uneasy, but cannot speak out.

Shen Xi continued to talk on the phone: “Big brother He, although we are pretending to be dating, I will certainly treat you very well. Every morning, I’ll bring you breakfast. During lunch, I’ll go and queue up for food. At night, I’ll personally escort you back to the female dormitory. I mean what I say …… ”

“Wait.” He Zhi Zhou stopped Shen Xi from continuing because he felt something was not right.

“Oh,” At last, Shen Xi thought of him and asked: “Big brother He, what do you think?”

“Let me think first.” He Zhi Zhou stood on the balcony for a long time. A pair of college sweetheart sat in the basketball court in front of him. Early in the morning, the girl was lying on the boy’s arm and crying incessantly ……

He was a little agitated because his intellect told him pretending to be lover will definitely not work. Although it can temporarily solve some small problems, they will face with bigger problems in the future …… no way …… he cannot agree!

He Zhi Zhou was silent for a while, exhaled deeply and said faintly: “Are you sure you want to go and break up with him in person?!”

Shen Xi responded: “Are you going to do it?”

“We’ll talk more when we meet up.” He Zhi Zhou said, then hung up the phone. He was clear on one thing, Shen Xi did not decide to break up on impulse. Moreover she was more reasonable than he imagined. Why, because of that girl in the snack shop yesterday night?

He Zhi Zhou recalled the appearance of that girl, fair and clear oval face and wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. The facial features cannot be considered very pretty. Because of the fair skin, she looked rather delicate and attractive.

During school days, most of the time, the boys were more fond of the delicate and attractive girls.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When Shen Xi returned to the dormitory building, she saw Ling Chao Xi. With He Zhi Zhou’s face, she thought Ling Chao Xi will not know her. Surprisingly, Ling Chao Xi actually greeted her: “Hi, are you He Zhi Zhou? Lin Yu Tang’s roommate?

Shen Xi nodded and asked a question in reply: “What’s up?”

“I am Ling Chao Xi, a senior high school classmate of Lin Yu Tang. I saw a group photo of all of you going on a trip at Lin Yu Tang’s place. I am worried that I’ve recognized the wrong person, didn’t expect to be really you ……”

“Your eyesight is really good.” Sarcasm was on the corner of Shen Xi’s lips when she exclaimed in admiration.

Ling Chao Xi smiled but did not say anything. After a while, Lin Yu Tang came down. He had bathed and changed his clothes, so looking exceptionally fresh and cool. He walked to Ling Chao Xi’s side and said directly: “Let’s go.”

“Do you want to go and eat together with us?” Ling Chao Xi said to her.

“No ……” Shen Xi shook her head and immediately brushed past Lin Yu Tang.

When Shen Xi got back to the dormitory, she straightaway threw Lin Yu Tang’s toothbrush into the waste basket in the toilet.  Then she made an appointment to meet up with He Zhi Zhou. Before the meeting, she put on the best looking men’s clothes in her wardrobe. Breaking-up was just like getting in a fight. Your mindset and appearance determine a large part of what type of air you carried.

After changing the clothes and going out, she suddenly realized that she should not be the one showing up!

She quickly sent a text message to He Zhi Zhou: “Can you wear that ash grey long skirt today?”

He Zhi Zhou did not reply her message. She went to look for He Zhi Zhou. Not only he did not wear that ash grey long skirt, he was wearing a simple T-shirt and sweatpants like before. Moreover he tied up all his medium length hair, like a tiny tail has grown at the back of the head.

So ugly …… Shen Xi cannot bear to see herself like this. He Zhi Zhou ‘looking’ like this to go and break up with Lin Yu Tang, he will definitely not grieve over the ‘lost’. Maybe he will even rejoice.

Shen Xi looked unhappily at He Zhi Zhou, but she dared not be too rude in her manner of speaking: “Big brother He, I can’t count on you to wear a skirt, but can’t you brush your hair out?”

He Zhi Zhou walked directly ahead. He used the words spoken by the hairdresser yesterday on Shen Xi: “Didn’t the hairdresser say this hairstyle is like Gao Yuan Yuan, still not good enough for you?”

Shen Xi pouted: “Felt a little like Gao Yuan Yuan yesterday, but resembles Gao Xiao Song today ……”

He Zhi Zhou snorted and suddenly speeded up the pace.

Shen Xi chased after him: “What do you want to do?”

He Zhi Zhou said coldly: “Bald is beautiful.”

Shen Xi quickly held onto his hand to beg for mercy and got the desired outcome, but she was still pouting.

He Zhi Zhou turned his head and told her: “Stop pouting.” His tone sounded like a strict parent stopping his child from making a mistake.

Only then Shen Xi stopped pouting.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the school’s grove, fragments of the sun shone through the foliage, like crushing the gold and scattering them on the ground. Shen Xi was holding her mobile phone to send text message, but she did not manage to type a single character after a long time.

He Zhi Zhou asked Shen Xi a question: “Do you want to break up with Lin Yu Tang because of that girl?”

Shen Xi was surprised how He Zhi Zhou knew that girl. She asked He Zhi Zhou: “Have you already seen her?”

He Zhi Zhou did not cover up the truth: “Met her last night.”

Shen Xi’s mood was a bit down, but she did not show it. Actually, most of the time, she was already used to overlook some small problems, until these small problems became not that important, insignificant and she almost forgot about them, droplets of water can accumulate to become a deep pool.

“Big brother He, who do you think is more beautiful?” Shen Xi asked He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou turned his head to look at Shen Xi, but ended up looking at his ‘own’ face, so he turned back in silence. Shen Xi  immediately took out a mirror she often carried from her pocket and handed it to him: “Look carefully.”

He Zhi Zhou was not so silly. With his normal voice and without any emotion, he asked: “Since you’ll be breaking up, what is the significance of asking this?”

“How can it be insignificant?” Shen Xi expressed her opinion, “You don’t understand woman. This question has great significance. This will determine whether Lin Yu Tang has eyesight problem or brain damage.”

Haha. He Zhi Zhou kept quiet. After a while, he said: “The is no uniform standard of evaluation on beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if judging by the brain, it should be that girl.”

Shen Xi bit her lip and looked indignantly at He Zhi Zhou. But the fact was really like this. Then she found a reason to live on ‘courageously’. She said to He Zhi Zhou: “The book says man likes stupid girl, especially intelligent man.”

“Heehee.” He Zhi Zhou reacted like he heard a lame joke. He asked brutally: “Which book says that? Since when was I represented in that?”

Shen Xi did not speak anymore, her heart has started to choke with emotion.

“If there is truly a man who likes stupid girl, it is probably because she is easier to deceive.” He Zhi Zhou used a superficial tone to stab her while she was down.

Shen Xi’s knees by now had taken several stabs and she fell to the ground, unable to get up. After a long time, only then she summoned the courage: “Is there no exception?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Very rare.”


Shen Xi thought of Ling Chao Xi. Although she has not had much contact with her, she knew Ling Chao Xi was well liked, regardless of their gender. Everyone also likes to be friend with her. If Ling Chao Xi wanted to make friends, she hardly has any bad relationship.

Shen Xi also thought of herself, a history of blood and tears. During primary school, she was not able to keep up with her study after coming back from sports school, resulting in being second last in class. Due to her very poor grade, everyone felt it was below their dignity to play with her. She has even worse luck in junior high school. A little bully who she did not know, came to her school and said she was his girlfriend. Everyone also thought that she was really the girlfriend of that little bully and alienated her. Later, this little bully was fended off jointly by Lin Yu Tang and Shen Jian Guo. In fact, she studied very hard in high school, thinking that with great effort she will be able to be admitted to S University. After trying hard, only then she understood one thing ——  it takes talent to do well in studies……

Shen Xi took a photograph of He Zhi Zhou, then wrote in her personal blog, micro blog and various kinds of social media accounts, “Get lost. Bring with you my final bit of kindness to you.”

This was her break-up declaration. After that, she entered word by word in the text message to Lin Yu Tang: “Lin Yu Tang, let’s break up.” After thinking for a while, she changed to: “Lin Yu Tang, I don’t want you anymore.”

He Zhi Zhou sat on the bench in the grove, looking not the least bit concerned. After a long time, he shot a glance at Shen Xi. Suddenly she raised her head: “Damn, Lin Yu Tang didn’t reply ……”

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Tang did not reply Shen Xi’s break up text message because he really did not see the message. In fact, he has a lot of classes today but managed to allocate some time to bring Ling Chao Xi around S University campus in the morning. He attended to his personal matters in the afternoon, having an experiment collaboration at two o’clock. Previously, he has always been in the same experiment group with He Zhi Zhou. But He Zhi Zhou was nowhere in sight today, so he has to complete this complicated experiment by himself. The most unfair part was the partner was missing but he must still write He Zhi Zhou’s name.

It was stated clearly that two people must complete it together.

Lin Yu Tang basically did not sleep a wink last night. After leaving the laboratory, he quickly went back to the dormitory to catch up on some sleep. Only he and He Zhi Zhou were in the dormitory. After dozing off to sleep for a while, the upper bunk bed began to broadcast music. It continuously broadcast this single song —— “Break-up Happily”.

Lin Yu Tang put his shirt back on and said to the person on the upper bunk bed: “He Zhi Zhou, can you change to a different song?”

Shen Xi heard Lin Yu Tang, complied with his request and changed the song to “Please Let Me Go“.

Lin Yu Tang was mad and kicked the bed plate. Shen Xi kicked twice in return.

The lower bunk bed cannot out kick the upper bunk bed.

Lin Yu Tang  cannot continue to sleep, so he got out of bed with a black face. Then he walked to the desk and unplugged the phone charger. There were a few missed calls and an unread text message.

All the missed calls were from Ling Chao Xi, which he will skip first.

The text message was sent by Shen Xi, with only a short sentence —— “Lin Yu Tang, I don’t want you anymore.”

Lin Yu Tang’s hand trembled. Then he massaged his forehead to stay clear-headed and turned his head. The person on the upper bunk bed was holding a laptop and singing with a wooden expression: “Are you too surprised to say a word? Yes I’m asking, “Do you want to break up with me?”

WTF, was this a curse?

Or was he dreaming, as he was not awake yet!?


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    SX said that pretty much everyone came into contact with LXX will be her friends with good relationships but why whenever she n SX met one another, her actions towards SX be so spiteful n tried to stir up jealousy for SX?? Unless LXX herself like LYT yet going around about way..

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