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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 4.4



I want to complain about the drama adaptation. It is 98% different from the novel, the only similarities are the name of the characters and the soul swapping plot. Hence book fans have been crying out loud to the author in weibo for destroying their Zhou Zhou, Xi Xi and Tang Tang. The author explained that because of the plot, it cannot be shown on tv so  budget is limited. Therefore they can’t afford to hire well-known cast. It is understandable but what I can’t and neither can the author understand is why they’ve changed the story so dramatically until you can’t even recognise a dialogue from the novel. This is the downside of the author not being the scriptwriter. I’ve written somewhere that the scriptwriters hate the authors so they’ll always change the novel beyond recognition.

If you are not crazy about the novel and watch the drama as a stand alone, then it is pretty entertaining albeit a bit lame and silly. It is quite well-received with more than 70 million clicks after 4 days of broadcast. You can enjoy a few laughs and feel happy if you can tolerate slapstick and outdated style. It is something like a Taiwanese idol drama. Be warned that it may turn melodramatic later as with most Taiwanese drama. There is a lot more bromance in the drama compared to the novel. Lastly, the cast is bearable. In fact, I find Stone Tong kind of cute lol. He looks rather dashing in his black trench coat. Moreover he sang the one of the sub-theme duet song with Cyndi Wang. The author wrote even if she has to eat heart attack medicine, she’ll continue to watch and support the drama & I’ll be eating the medicine with her 🙂 If you are interested to watch it raw, you can do so on Youtube. If you need subs, then go to viki.


Chapter 4.4 — Kiss You At the Next Street Lamp

Lin Yu Tang slowly sat down at the desk and became clear-headed again. He thought carefully where it went wrong. He accompanied Ling Chao Xi to find a hotel room yesterday. After getting a room, Ling Chao Xi complained she was bored. Thus he called all the high school classmates who were studying in S city to come out.

Ling Chao Xi used to have a lot of friends in the class, so when she called them one by one, nobody refused to come over. Therefore last night became a class reunion in disguise.

Ling Chao Xi booked a room in a KTV in downtown, the prime time plus overnight room package was not cheap. He knew about Ling Chao Xi’s financial situation at home, so he wanted to pay. However Ling Chao Xi scrambled to pay, so he stayed behind to buy supper for everyone.

Eating and drinking, they did not sleep for the whole night.

He and Ling Chao Xi came back together early in the morning. Then he took her to stroll around S University. Until in the afternoon, he gathered up his energy to go to the laboratory to do an experiment ……

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Tang pressed his temple and carefully replied Shen Xi ——  “Alipay (online payment platform like Paypal) has no more money?”

Lin Yu Tang had just finished sending a text message, immediately there was the sound of incoming text message in the dormitory. He turned his head to look at his upper bunk bed, ‘He Zhi Zhou’ has an incoming text message.

He was a little depressed.

In fact, Lin Yu Tang’s text message was really sent to Shen Xi here because she temporarily took back her mobile phone from He Zhi Zhou. On this day, she has been waiting for Lin Yu Tang’s text message, but she did not expect Lin Yu Tang will send the text message at this time. Thus she can only secretly turn her back on Lin Yu Tang to look at the text message.

As a result, the content of the text message made her blood boiled, really a case of chicken speaking with duck. Panting with anger, she hit the bed plate with her foot and sent Lin Yu Tang a ‘get lost’ message.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yu Tang received Shen Xi’s reply, naturally with only two words —— ‘get lost’.

Lin Yu Tang looked at the text message, stared painfully and replied: “Where are you? I’ll come to look for you.”

He has just pressed the send button, the sound of incoming text message can be heard from the upper bunk bed almost the same time. Lin Yu Tang felt that he was having a nightmare. He really cannot continue to stay in this room, or else he would think that he was messaging He Zhi Zhou.

Lin Yu Tang stood up and fastened the shirt buttons. He was going to look for Shen Xi.

Before going out, he first went to the bathroom to wash his face. When he wanted to brush his teeth, he could not find his toothbrush.

What a fucking Day! (Written in the novel in English)

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Tang arrived at the downstairs of Shen Xi’s dormitory building. He called Shen Xi but she simply did not answer the phone. Afterwards, he went to the library, school building, and even the dance studio.

He met teacher Wen and she told him: “Shen Xi has not been practicing dancing for several days. Last time, she gave me a medical form saying protruding tailbone.”

“What?” Lin Yu Tang found it a little unbelievable.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Tang went back to dormitory building 6 again to wait for Shen Xi. As the night was approaching, the street lamps in the campus were switched on one after another, adding some warmth and quietness.

Lin Yu Tang sat on the two flights of stone steps beside the basketball court around Shen Xi’s dormitory building and continued to wait for her. Behind was a dense forest of Chinese parasol trees, where occasionally there was the sound of the birds flapping their wings.

Lin Yu Tang felt that he was really too much. Shen Xi’s tailbone was protruding, and he actually found that out from her teacher. But why did she not tell him? She no longer can trust him?


All kinds of speculation, Lin Yu Tang’s heart became increasingly heavy.

The street lamps in the campus were clear and quiet. He remembered when Shen Xi just got admitted into this normal college. For a few days, she had military training every day, so she was wearing a loose-fitting military uniform. He carried a chilled watermelon which she wanted and went to see her. Along the campus road that was illuminated by street lamps, she suddenly said to him: “Tang Tang, when we walk to the next street lamp, you kiss me.”

Arriving at the next street lamp, he still did not dare to kiss her.

Then it was the next street lamp ……

Finally they arrived at the last street lamp. She was the one who stood on tiptoe and left a quick kiss on his face. His heart skipped a beat. She waved her hands, the long sleeves of her camo-print top swinging, and her face carried a silly grin. She said: “Tang Tang, congratulations, you finally have a girlfriend!”


Lin Yu Tang was thinking with an expressionless face: Wait, did Shen Xi want to congratulate him —— congratulate him to finally being single again?

“I heard that you are looking for me?” A familiar female voice can be heard. It was Shen Xi’s voice, so familiar yet so unfamiliar.

Lin Yu Tang quickly raised his head. Shen Xi was really standing in front of him.

Lin Yu Tang felt that he knew Shen Xi well, until he used to be able to find her with a glance in any disguise. But he felt a little unfamiliar with Shen Xi lately. For example, she was already standing in front of him, yet he has to take a long time to recognize her. Not just her hair cut, more importantly was the change in temperament.

There was also another kind of change. Although he did not want to admit it, it was really true.

Before when he faced Shen Xi, the mood was soft. Even when he thought of her, the heart was soft and tender, remembering the beauty of the young and inexperienced years. But why recently, he felt a kind of …… deep sense of powerlessness and exclusion.

He even ……. did not want to treat her well.

Lin Yu Tang hurriedly put a stop to this ‘change in his heart’. He looked at Shen Xi and said: “What really happened?”

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

What happened? He Zhi Zhou calmly sat down beside Lin Yu Tang. He loathed dealing with these cloying relationship problems, and moreover, he was wearing the hat of being the woman. In the past, he had never dated at all because the couples around him dated like they were playing house, and it immediately put off any desire he might have.

He looked helplessly at Lin Yu Tang and sounded a bit impatient: “You’ve received the text message, which I’ve clearly stated my intention”.

Lin Yu Tang: “Shen Xi!”

He Zhi Zhou turned around with an expressionless face. He did not even look at Lin Yu Tang, appearing as heartless as possible.

Lin Yu Tang still wanted to say something, but He Zhi Zhou had already risen to his feet, his bearing elegant, like a noble as he stood on the stone steps. Although he was wearing a woman’s face, he still carried an aura that was dignified and unreachable.

The gentle feelings in Lin Yu Tang’s heart vanished little by little, he was left with only a gut full of misery.

He Zhi Zhou walked steadily down the stone steps, Lin Yu Tang followed closely. He Zhi Zhou walked a little towards the left, Lin Yu Tang also moved a little closer to the left. He Zhi Zhou speeded up the pace, Lin Yu Tang also accelerated the pace.

He Zhi Zhou frowned.

Lin Yu Tang saw ‘Shen Xi”s frown, making him realized that he simply did not know how to make a girl happy.

In front was rows of unique street lamps. The clear and gentle light scattered over the ground, with a succession of university students walking in the middle of the road.

Lin Yu Tang remembered last year scenario, the mood was complicated and uncomfortable. He looked ahead, towards the first street lamp, which was more than five meters away. His cheeks were a little hot, he turned his head and said: “Xi Xi, when we walk to the next street lamp, I’ll kiss you.”

Kiss you ……

Kiss you ……

Kiss you ……

Because of what Lin Yu Tang said, He Zhi Zhou shivered with cold, with an inviolable look. In order to avoid walking to the next street lamp, he immediately turned and walked in the opposite direction to go back to the dormitory, so heartless until even heaven also cannot tolerate.

The fast-moving Lin Yu Tang simply cannot react on time.

Lin Yu Tang slowly turned and looked at the departing rear view. A deep sense of powerlessness arose in his heart.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi played the song ‘Please Let Me Go‘ in dormitory 921 for too long, resulting in both Monkey and Brawny kept repeating the melody like drug addicts, unconsciously humming the song together.

Brawny sang: “Used to be tamed by you like a sheep. Do you know why I am snapping back at you?”

Monkey sang: “Looking back, being with you has never brought me any happiness.”

Brawny sang: “Please let me go immediately.”

Monkey immediately continued: “Starting anew would be hard too. It’d do us both no good ……”

When Lin Yu Tang got back, the song that greeted him was again ‘Please Let Me Go’. What was more appalling was that Monkey has turned on the stereo sound system and Brawny was holding a guitar, singing at the top of his voice and dancing at the same time.

Very noisy.

Lin Yu Tang got angry. He seldom showed his emotion in front of his roommates but he could not restrain himself this time. He walked into the dormitory, kicked the chair and angrily said: “Enough!”

Suddenly Brawny and Monkey stopped dead in their tracks.

Shen Xi was sitting at He Zhi Zhou’s desk, eating an apple and taking a small bite at a time, hoping to lessen the grief of breaking up. At the same time, she spit out the peel of the apple, like a little hamster.

Even though she looked so innocent while eating, she still offended the man who got dumped tonight.

Lin Yu Tang looked at the person sitting on the chair and biting an apple. A step forward, he lifted ‘him’ up by his shirt collar and shouted in a rage: “He Zhi Zhou, did you say something to Shen Xi!? How low can you get?! Shen Xi is my girlfriend!! What the hell are you thinking setting your sights on her?!!!”

“OMG!” Shen Xi who was caught off guard was easily lifted down the chair by Lin Yu Tang. Fortunately, she was using He Zhi Zhou’s body. Thus when she exerted a little bit of strength, Lin Yu Tang could not drag her away.

Shen Xi’s arm was extremely painful after being grabbed by Lin Yu Tang. Anger was erupting from inside of her, because of what Lin Yu Tang had just uttered “Shen Xi is my girlfriend”. She shouted at him: “Lin Yu Tang, when did Shen Xi become your girlfriend? Did you acknowledge her status? You obviously did not! What kind of boyfriend? This is really funny. Damn it, by saying Shen Xi is your girlfriend, you might as well say Ling Chao Xi is your girlfriend. You stayed out the whole of last night. Everyone is well aware of what happened. You still have the audacity to get angry at me! You …… ”

Before Shen Xi was able to finish talking, she was lifted by Lin Yu Tang again.

“What did you say? Say it again! What well aware ……” Lin Yu Tang shouted, the voice even louder.

Shen Xi looked angrily at Lin Yu Tang, then softened, because she was afraid that Lin Yu Tang will really beat her up ……

Lin Yu Tang really wanted to beat He Zhi Zhou up. With blood in his eyes, he was about to shake his fist. Luckily, Brawny reacted quickly and promptly dragged the leader away.

On the other end, Monkey was stopping Lin Yu Tang: “Third, what’s up with you?”

Monkey and Brawny were trying to calm things down while, all the while, their brains filled in scenes of a drama where a guy stole his buddy’s girlfriend. They felt torn on the inside but at the same time, a little excited.

Lin Yu Tang did not speak, he exerted himself from Monkey, still angry enough to dash over to beat up people.

Shen Xi stepped back. At present, she was really afraid that Lin Yu Tang will beat her up, what should she do?

Beg for mercy? Seem like a weakling!

Hide behind Brawny? This will be detrimental to male God He’s image ……

Who could tell her how men are supposed to fight ah ah ah?! ! ! !

Lin Yu Tang was about to dash over. Well, she has no choice but to meet him head-on !

Shen Xi spit out a chunk of apple at once, quickly did the horse stance, made a fist with both hands, punched left and right in preparation to defend against Lin Yu Tang’s attack.

Left punch ……

Right punch ……

At the same time, she made some movements, on one hand to decrease the possibility of being attacked, on the other hand, she can attack any time.

WTF! Leader was very serious! Monkey and Brawny fell silent together. Both of them looked at the leader’s POSE, silently turned to look at Lin Yu Tang, the excitement in their hearts ignited as they watched to see how Third would respond to this.


Lin Yu Tang looked speechlessly at the person half a meter away, constantly punching into the thin air.

Damn it!

Why did he suddenly have the powerless feeling of not being able to continue the fight ……


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11 thoughts on “Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 4.4

  1. It was his fault for being so seriously vague about their relationship all the time. He never said to her that they were dating and when she asked him about their relationship status he just avoided the question like a boi

    • LYT had it coming but, on the other hand, I feel a bit bad for him; if it wasn’t for the body swap he could at least try and make up, but as is, HZZ will ignore or send him packing.

  2. Thanks for the warning, I’ll stay away from the drama. I really like it when an author is involved in the script adaptation. They get another chance to fine-tune their work, throw things in that they didn’t include in the book, etc.

  3. hahahahah the last scene is so hilarious. yeah beat it LYT you do not know how to cherish her who sights only focused towards you all these years and when she decided to end all her feeling you claimed to be her boyfriend

  4. I totally agree with HZZ aka SX that LYT had never recognised SX as his girlfriend n always treated her indifferently, always showing a sour face at her n constantly secretly texting or chatting on the mobile with LXX. I am not saying chatting with one friend either boy or girl on the phone is wrong but did LYT has to do it in secret like he has something to hide from SX. Now suddenly LYT lost SX then he realise what he really missed out. Well, I only have to say knowing this will happen then why treated her badly in the past. Part of me felt sorry for LYT yet not really. LYT treated LXX a lot warmer than SX from beginning before the body changed SX was the one who chased after LYT all the times whereas he always had a standoffish attitudes towards SX.

    Thank you peanuts for this chapter n can’t wait for more. 😀

  5. oh, peanuts! I’ve had the same feeling right since the beginning when I saw the posters. HZZ looks like a friggin dork! I mean, SERIOUSLY?!!!!
    Also, I’m loving this, as LXX is finally getting his due. But could you increase the length of the chapter? I mean, especially as we’re getting only one chapter a week, I thought a generous proportion ought to be given to us poor people *makes puppy eyes*
    P.S. Assuming that you consent to my request, thank you in advance! ❤ ❤

  6. LYT is an example of cherishing when it’s gone

  7. I really pity He Zhi Zhou. Unfortunate news about the drama. If it had followed the novel, I could at least watch it while waiting for new chapters.

  8. He Zhi Zhou in the drama is so irritating even though I like him in the novel. The drama is hilarious but I still prefer the novel. Hope I can see more updates for this novel

  9. Oh yeah!! 😘😘 Got an update after a long time.

  10. … suddenly realizing he has lost what he took for granted all those years… letting her make all the effort… making plans in his head for their future (buying a house when he saved enough, getting married when her hair was long enough) but he never bothered to tell her… just his own damn fault ; (

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