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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 5.1



You can watch some of the debate scenes in this chapter in episode 9 of the drama but there are differences so do pay attention.

I noticed that some readers do not like Lin Yu Tang in the novel. Well, he is worse than Tang Tang in the drama, but he is really not that bad. He is just unsure of his feelings which is natural since they grew up together. Not all childhood good friends become a couple in adult life. Anyway Tang Tang is rather well-received in the drama and may even end up with Xi Xi.

Chapter 5.1 — The Stirring of His and Her Heart

Shen Xi was still moving her feet and at the same time, discerning what Lin Yu Tang was thinking from his body language, looking cautious and defensive. She knew Lin Yu Tang too well, the more he stayed put, the more he was up to something, preparing to do something when least expected.

Lin Yu Tang looked at ‘He Zhi Zhou’ who was constantly making a move. He has recovered from the stunned state. He took a deep breath and told himself to stay calm. He Zhi Zhou has gone crazy, so he cannot follow suit.

He thought this was cockfighting or bullfighting or boxing! Lin Yu Tang turned and sat down on his own chair, thereby leaving the battlefield.

Shen Xi glanced at Lin Yu Tang again, then looked at herself, making sure Lin Yu Tang will not beat her. She stood up at once, graciously waved her hand and said: “I’ve intention to swap skills with you. Since you don’t want to fight, then forget it.”

Shen Xi kept her voice down. Monkey quickly agreed: “Yes ah, harmony is a virtue!”

Brawny nodded repeatedly: “Yes ah, brothers are like hand and feet and women are like clothes, isn’t it?”

Brawny said the wrong thing, resulting in Lin Yu Tang beating the desk with the fist, shaking the notebook on top and making a loud noise. Then Lin Yu Tang did not say anything anymore, switched on his computer to do his homework.

Shen Xi wrinkled her nose and returned to her seat to continue eating the remainder of her apple, like the reincarnation of a tiny hamster.


Monkey and Brawny went to the laundry to wash their underwear. Brawny took some washing powder from Monkey, but accidentally put too much, resulting in the basin full of white foams and cannot be rinsed out.

Monkey was not used to seeing Brawny always washing his underwear with the washbowl, he cannot bear to look directly so he turned his head.

“I discovered the leader has been wearing briefs recently, so I asked him why he is not wearing boxers. He unexpectedly said he is not used to it. But he has previously been wearing boxers.” Brawny said to Monkey. Although he has the rugged appearance, he has always been rather observant.

Monkey ignored Brawny.

Brawny continued to talk to Monkey: “Coming out like this, do you think the leader and Third will start fighting?”

“Don’t think so, since they’ve settled.” Monkey said.

Suddenly Brawny moved his head closer and said: “What the leader just did was really good, don’t you think so? If I am Third, I’ll also be unable to start a fight.” After Brawny finished saying, he imitated the male military role in a Beijing opera and walked one round in the middle of the laundry. He also provided the background music of the beating of a gong, ‘dong dong qiang, dong dong qiang.’

“Dong dong qiang dong dong qiang ……” Monkey watched for a while, felt that the leader has very good ability to defuse a crisis. Otherwise, Third and the leader will fight for real, the dormitory will have no peace. It was not that the leader was no match for Third, since he learned taekwondo and fencing before.

Nowadays as a man, blood is no longer the most important, but a sense of humor from the inside and outside, don’t you think so? As well as a harmony is virtue heart, don’t you think so? ! ! !

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Xi Shen bought a lot of apples. Since only she and Lin Yu Tang were in the dormitory now, she felt a little awkward. Thinking that, although she has broken up with Lin Yu Tang, the roommate relationship cannot be in a deadlock.

Thus she offered an apple to Lin Yu Tang, even kind heartedly peeled off the skins.

“Give you some sliced apples to eat ……” Shen Xi handed the peeled apple to Lin Yu Tang, with a sincere attitude.

Lin Yu Tang did not speak, but he really wanted to ask He Zhi Zhou: As a rival in love, can’t he have some principles!

After a while, Lin Yu Tang turned his head and glanced at the sliced apples handed to him. He thought of Shen Xi again: In this world, only Shen Xi can cut a big apple into such small pieces …… but the fact is He Zhi Zhou was the one who handed the apple to him.

What was going on lately? Could it be that something was wrong with his brain?

Both Monkey and Brawny also cannot feel it?! Lin Yu Tang was lying in agony on the desk.

Shen Xi thought Lin Yu Tang was embarrassed so she put the apple on his desk. Then she went to the balcony to get her dried clothing, bathed and went to bed.

Lin Yu Tang lifted his head and glanced at the sliced apples put in front of him. This apple cannot be eaten or thrown away, he felt even more irritated. It will be good if He Zhi Zhou can fight with him, but on the contrarily, he gave him an apple.

He was really going mad!

In the end, this ‘lovely’ apple was eaten by Brawny. When he got back, he saw some sliced apples on Lin Yu Tang’s desk and immediately asked Lin Yu Tang for them.

Lin Yu Tang was glad, and quickly waved to let Brawny take them away.

Before going to sleep at night, Lin Yu Tang was lying on the bed and reading Shen Xi’s weibo, friends network and personal blog, all with her break-up declaration. The comments below the declaration, have fairly similar content, telling her ‘if the old doesn’t go, the new will not come’.

Then Shen Xi replied —— “Thank you for your well wishes, I will have a new romance very soon.”

Ultimately, Lin Yu Tang wanted to vomit blood.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On the next day, Shen Xi woke up early and finished running five thousand metres. Then she went to the canteen to buy breakfast, and happily delivered it to He Zhi Zhou. She was puzzled why there were so few passers-by, only then she remembered it was Saturday.

What was on Saturday? Shen Xi recalled it was Ling Chao Xi’s debating competition.

Shen Xi called He Zhi Zhou from the basketball court near dormitory building number six. After a while, He Zhi Zhou went out to the balcony. Shen Xi held up the breakfast in her hand, beckoning him to come down and get it.

He Zhi Zhou, who had just gotten out of bed, looked coolly at Shen Xi’s gaily idiotic look downstairs. Even if he hadn’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed to begin with, it was like he had now. After a while, the mobile phone in his hand rang. It was from Shen Xi, “Why are you just staring like an idiot, quickly come down to get breakfast?”

She even said that he was staring like an idiot …… He Zhi Zhou breathed in the fresh morning air to calm his mood.

In dormitory 636,  Xia Wei Ye had also woke up and saw ‘Shen Xi’ went out. Initially, she intended to ask her where she was going, but recently she was a little afraid of her so she decided not to ask. Chen Han got up, went to the balcony to stretch her legs, and ended up seeing what?

—— S University’s He Zhi Zhou was delivering breakfast to Shen Xi!

Chen Han returned to the dormitory with wobbly legs, and used an incredulous voice to say to Xia Wei Ye: “He Zhi Zhou was delivering breakfast to Shen Xi, just a moment ago ……”



Dormitory 636 flared up.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou did not expect Shen Xi to really deliver breakfast over. He intended to rebuke her, but seeing her smiling so happily, he held back.

“Don’t send anymore.”

Shen Xi knew why He Zhi Zhou hesitated. She was a little funny and a little cute when saying to He Zhi Zhou: “What kind of image do you want me to keep as a boyfriend? A cool and multi-talented boyfriend? A gentle and rich boyfriend? Or an unfaithful and bad type?”

He Zhi Zhou has no opinion, as the above-mentioned needed intelligence. He spoke out his only request: “Don’t act too foolish.”

Shen Xi promised: “Definitely!”

He Zhi Zhou sat on the stone step near the basketball court to eat breakfast. He opened and saw whole wheat steamed bun, black congee, corn cob …… all are food to improve one’s appearance, nourish one’s skin and slim down. He did not have appetite so he covered back the food.

She did it deliberately!

Shen Xi reminded He Zhi Zhou: “Oh, don’t waste food.”

Suddenly He Zhi Zhou reminded her of her manner of speaking: “Please don’t ‘oh’, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” Shen Xi said, then her mobile phone rang. No, it was He Zhi Zhou’s mobile phone rang. She pressed the answer button, then an anxious voice can be heard: “Senior He, the debating competition will start soon, why you’ve not come to be part of the judging panel?!”

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou slapped his forehead, he had forgotten about this matter.

Shen Xi’s eyes brightened, judging panel? Really?! If she is a judging panel member, she can give Ling Chao Xi negative score …… Shen Xi was excited and jumped down from the stone step. While running, she turned and said: “You eat your breakfast, I am going to be a judging panel member!”


He Zhi Zhou was in awe of Shen Xi’s ‘enthusiasm’ until speechless, but he was a little worried that she will run into trouble, so he stood up and followed closely.

2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The nationwide debating competition for university students was held in the lecture hall on the sixth floor of the largest library in S University.

Shen Xi used the judging panel member card given by the staff to enter the hall. She did not immediately go to the judging panel seat, but energetically went to the debate group and walked a few circles.

Without a doubt, Ling Chao Xi saw her. Breaking into a nice looking smile, she came over: “Hi, God He, I really did not expect you to be the judging panel member.”

Ling Chao Xi even knew He Zhi Zhou’s nickname …… Shen Xi raised her chin, looking very stylish. She inadvertently caught a glimpse of the shoes Ling Chao Xi was wearing today. She saw the shoes costing more than two thousand dollars without discount in a shopping mall before. Lin Yu Tang told her, Ling Chao Xi’s family was not financially well off, but it was really not obvious.

Ling Chao Xi continued to smile, her eyes and brows curved pleasantly: “God He, please take care of me.”

Shen Xi looked indifferently at the playful smile on Ling Chao Xi’s face. Heehee, the beauty trap (Honeypot) will not work on her! Shen Yi moved her face and said sternly: “Ling Chao Xi, since you know Lin Yu Tang, he should have told you about my character. I dislike unhealthy social trends. Competition is based on one’s strength, how can you think of currying favor with the judging panel member?!”

Shen Xi’s voice was neither gentle not harsh. Debaters from other campuses looked at Ling Chao Xi, one after another.

Ling Chao Xi’s face turned red: “God He, I’m just kidding ……”

Shen Xi simply did not want to listen to any explanation and left in a huff. Having suddenly fallen into a trap of words, Ling Chao Xi could only stamp her feet (in frustration).


The debate began, the university students’ representative spoke in excitement. Shen Xi cupped her chin and watched with keen interest, judged by feeling. In addition to giving mark, the judging panel member also needed to give evaluation on the spot.

Shen Xi did not evaluate by conventional reasoning. Sitting in the last row, He Zhi Zhou’s temple was throbbing after hearing her evaluation.

Lin Yu Tang, Monkey and Brawny, all came over. Naturally, they sat down beside ‘Beautiful Maiden Shen’. She used to sit together with Lin Yu Tang. Now, the feelings of Monkey and Brawny, who were sitting in the middle and separating the two, were a little complicated.

Finally, it was Ling Chao Xi’s turn.

W Science and Technology team VS International Foreign Language team, Ling Chao Xi was with the Science and Technology team. Shen Xi glanced at the list and saw Ling Chao Xi group’s debate topic —— “Can men and women really be just friend?” Gee, what a coincidence!

Ling Chao Xi was the affirmative—— Just friendship between men and women.

Shen Xi gracefully crossed her arms over her chest and only looked at Ling Chao Xi during the entire competition. She sat beside an English teacher from S University, also one of the judging panel member. The teacher said: “He Zhi Zhou, are you interested in the W Science and Technology team’s third debater?”

Shen Xi shook her head and sighed: “No, I think the third debater has illogical reasoning.” Then she said to the English teacher, “Let me evaluate her.”

How could the English teacher refuse the handsome student’s request?: “Okay.”

Ling Chao Xi was the third debater of the affirmative, very eloquence. In addition, every time before she spoke, she will flatter the opposition and counterattack strongly, appearing genuine but actually devious. The second and third debater of the opposing team were both male, who looked at Ling Chao Xi with different emotion in the eyes.

The debate ended and the judging panel members began to give mark. Shen Xi mercilessly gave the lowest score.

Monkey was squatting at the front, taking photos. He turned around, saw the leader giving a low score and cried out loud: “Really cruel!”

Was the leader seeking revenge on behalf of Beautiful Maiden Shen?!

Monkey was like a little correspondent, secretly returned to his seat and said to Lin Yu Tang: “Third, the leader gave your female classmate the lowest score.”

Lin Yu Tang was already not concerned about this matter. During the entire debate, he just could not help but glance a few times at ‘Shen Xi’, even though separated by two seats.

He Zhi Zhou who was using ‘Shen Xi’ identity, used his left hand to support his head. He appeared rather languid but the heart was very agitated: Can Shen Xi be anymore obvious? Furthermore the evaluation she just gave to the debaters, with each sentence she said, his temple will throb once.

She has grabbed the microphone now, seizing the opportunity to take revenge again?

He Zhi Zhou took a sip of water to calm his nerves. Then he changed the hand that supported his head and looked sideways at Shen Xi’s direction.

Shen Xi cleared her throat before giving her evaluation: “The reason I gave such a low score is because I don’t agree with what was spoken by the third debater of W Science and Technology team. She said, ‘As long as you stay within clearly defined boundaries, then there will be pure friendship.’ I don’t really understand what is the definition behind ‘boundaries.’ Let me ask you, is it, as long as you don’t get into bed together, that’s considered ‘staying within clearly defined boundaries’?”

It provoked an uproar from the audience. He Zhi Zhou was pressing at his painful forehead.

Ling Chao Xi took the microphone and was about to explain.

Shen Xi waved her hand: “Well, no need to say anymore because I know what you want to say.”

Ling Chao Xi: “……”

Shen Xi paused for a few minutes, similar to a leader making a speech. After a while, she continued to comment: “Moreover the third debater blamed the couple’s lack of a sense of security as the reason why pure friendship cannot exist between a man and a woman. I feel that it is wrong to blame it on insecurity. Isn’t it a complete nonsense to blame the lack of trust between the couple, rather than the involvement of a third-party?”

Ling Chao Xi: “……”

“In short, I believe this purity between a man and woman in accordance with the third debater’s arguments is merely a thing of imagination. Your so-called ‘pure friendship’, is simply one person saying nothing at all cost and one pretending to be naive till the end!”

There was continuous applause from the audience.

A female member of the judging panel commented: “Why are you so sure?”

Shen Xi turned her head, looked at the female member of the judging panel and said: “Because I am a man so I understand man!”

The audience applauded non-stop.

He Zhi Zhou looked around at his fellow student applauding enthusiastically, his heart felt like being trampled by thousand of horses. They have all gone crazy! What did Shen Xi say well?

What Is wrong with this world?


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  10. I actually agree with the pro (affirmative) side on this issue, but I still doubt that the relationship between Ling Chao Shi and Lin Yu Tang is entirely innocent. At the very least, on his side.
    I’ve found, it’s easier for opposite genders to be just friends if the girl is unattractive, and unattracted. Easier, not impossible for pretty girls, but much harder, since most heterosexual guys will still have little fantasies about them.
    Even so, girlfriends old and new will still find any time spent with the female friend to be a splinter in their spleen, generally. Even if they are friends with the same girl. Even if the time spent together is all group time.

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