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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 5.2



Do you like to eat watermelon or go to karaoke? Obviously Shen Xi loves to eat fruits. It should be included in the drama. The karaoke was included in the drama but quite different from the novel. You’ll have a guest translator next week for the most sensational part of the novel, which can’t even be shown in the drama lol.

Chapter 5.2 — The Stirring of His and Her Heart

Wave after wave, the thunderous applause endless. Many people were immersed in the powerful and resounding  sentence, “Because I am a man, so I understand man”, especially the female audience, nearly all flared up.

He Zhi Zhou was really speechless because Shen Xi has the nerve to say that he is a man! Did she understand man? What 100% male would say something like that? It’s not like he was a sissy who was the model “BFF of women”!

The real man was obviously here …… okay? He Zhi Zhou looked very calm, but the heart was already in turmoil.

“I like He Zhi Zhou very much.”

“Yes ah, I did not expect him to be so well-versed in the subject of love, such a sharp and humorous speaker. I used to think that he is very cold. In fact, he is very cute.”

“Yes ah, I really did not expect him to be also a little naughty.”


A little naughty …… He Zhi Zhou was leaning  on the back of a chair and letting out a shrill laugh. Then his face has no other expression. Until Monkey suddenly touched his arm, handing him a bar of chocolate: “Beautiful Maiden Shen, want some?”

He Zhi Zhou firmly declined: “No, thank you.”

Monkey touched his nose. Brawny said Beautiful Maiden Shen was not lovable lately. He fully agreed with Brawny that recently Beautiful Maiden Shen was not as lovable as Leader.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Because of Shen Xi, the W Science and Technology team did not manage to advance to the next stage. After the competition finished, Ling Chao Xi ran to the toilet, until her teammate came to look for Lin Yu Tang.

The judging panel member will be changed in the afternoon, so Shen Xi withdrew from the judging panel without a hitch, after serving its purpose. She stepped down gracefully, while doing that, the fourth debater of the W Science and Technology team, looked unhappily at her.

Shen Xi ignored the fourth debater.

“Xi Xi is still crying.” The four debater said to Lin Yu Tang.

Xi Xi [as in Shen Xi, written 熹熹 and where the character means ‘bright’ or ‘warm”‘]…… Xi Xi [as in Ling Chao Xi, written 汐汐 and where the character means ‘night tide’] ……  Shen Xi was very unhappy about having the same nickname as Ling Chao Xi. She dragged He Zhi Zhou over and said to everyone: “Xi Xi is obviously here, she is not crying …… ”

He Zhi Zhou who was unexpectedly pulled over by Shen Xi, glared angrily at her, but he did not remove Shen Xi’s hand.

Shen Xi continued to speak to the fourth debater: “Didn’t you say Ling Chao Xi is crying in the toilet? Then you quickly go and comfort her, why are you running over to tell Lin Yu Tang? Don’t tell me Ling Chao Xi ran to the male toilet to cry?”

The fourth debater was choked by Shen Xi’s words.

Shen Xi looked at Lin Yu Tang again: “Or …… Lin Yu Tang, do you want to go to the female toilet?”

Go your head ah! Lin Yu Tang has no mood now, as he fixed his gaze on Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou’s hands intertwining together, angry until speechless.

The smart Monkey quickly pushed Brawny to the middle, to block Lin Yu Tang’s line of sight. There was nothing he could do anymore about this brazen male and female pair, so he could only let Third suffer through frustration for a bit.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At noon, everyone came out together from the lecture hall in the library. Finally Ling Chao Xi came out from the female toilet, her eyes were red, but she still maintained a faint smile on her face.

Lin Yu Tang said a few words to comfort her: “Participation is more important than victory.”

Ling Chao Xi wanted to say something but then hesitated, restraining herself.

Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou walked down together, one at a leisurely pace, the other one at a brisk pace.

Brawny whispered to Lin Yu Tang: “Third, they are definitely acting!”

Monkey patted Lin Yu Tang on the shoulder: “Third, I still feel that Beautiful Maiden Shen and the Leader are behaving very strangely. We’ll stay calm because there is a high probability that they are deliberately making you angry. Isn’t love like this, care about you so make you suffer a bit?”

Lin Yu Tang acknowledged softly. Although he kept quiet, he already agreed with Monkey. He also felt there was a high possibility of Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou putting on a play. By thinking like this, it can make him feel calmer.

Otherwise, what can he do? Dash over again to fight? If He Zhi Zhou adopts a boxing champion POSE, what can he do?

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Ling Chao Xi will be going back to W city tomorrow.

Monkey and Brawny arranged dinner by booking a room in the KTV next to the university. On the one hand, to express thanks to Ling Chao Xi for bringing the spicy duck. On the other hand, a gathering for dorm room 921 to improve the relationship between Third and Leader.

Brothers are like hands and feet, women are like clothes. Regardless of whether Beautiful Maiden Shen was dating Third or Leader, she was still dating someone from dorm room 921? Brawny felt there was no obvious difference between the two, anyway she was not dating him.

Of course, Shen Xi wanted to go to dorm room 921 gathering. He Zhi Zhou pulled her back: “You cannot go!”

Shen Xi said with a long suffering face: “Of course, I am going since I am representing you. Or else everyone will think that you’re a loner and not trying to get along with everyone.”

He Zhi Zhou was adamant: “I would rather let everyone thinks that I am a loner and not trying to get along with everyone.”

“Okay.” Shen Xi said to He Zhi Zhou, “Then I’ll go back to the dorm room to cry.”

He Zhi Zhou pulled Shen Xi’s hand, and compromised. Previously, he will not change his principle easily, but he has no principle now.


© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou did not eat dinner together with Monkey and gang, because Shen Xi  has no appetite to eat when facing Lin Chao Xi. She and He Zhi Zhou ate Western-style food at the usual place. After that, she sat on He Zhi Zhou’s bike to go to KTV.

On the bike, she was holding her ‘own’ waist, and asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big Brother He, do you think I did well today?”

He Zhi Zhou did not speak and did not even have the intention to reply.

Shen Xi hesitated, then ran her hand over ‘her’ back because she knew ‘she’ was especially ticklish there since young.

How can He Zhi Zhou withstand such provoking action? While blushing, he roared out: “Well …… Good!”

Only then Shen Xi stopped and quickly responded: “Thank you!”

He Zhi Zhou snorted coldly.

Shen Xi was not satisfied with small gains: “Brother He, after my testing just now, you belong to the obtain confession under torture type.”

“……Shut up!”

He Zhi Zhou’s bike arrived at an intersection. Because there were more people, Shen Xi took the initiative to jump off the bike. He Zhi Zhou also got off the bike and let Shen Xi pushed the bike. In early summer, the street has many big trucks selling watermelon. Shen Xi thought of buying so she said to He Zhi Zhou: “You go to the KTV first, I want to buy something ……”

“No way.” He Zhi Zhou said heartlessly, “Thinking of buying watermelon?”

To her surprise, he guessed correctly! Shen Xi asked He Zhi Zhou, “Why won’t you agree? If I buy, you can also eat.”

He Zhi Zhou did not even blink: “Because I don’t want to be seen —— He Zhi Zhou carrying a large watermelon, barges into a KTV. Compared with my reputation, I am not tempted to eat a tiny bit of watermelon.”

Shen Xi pouted, feeling unhappy.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At 7:30, she and He Zhi Zhou arrived at the most lively KTV in the vicinity of the university city. Then they went to the private room booked by Monkey.

Inside the private room, there were Monkey, Brawny, Lin Yu Tang, Ling Chao Xi, as well as Zhang Ran who was invited by Brawny. Under the bright and multicolored lights, Zhang Ran and Ling Chao Xi were singing a duet of the song, ‘One is like summer, one is like autumn’ by Christine Fan.

Shen Xi took He Zhi Zhou along, shamelessly squeezed into the middle. After sitting down, suddenly she took out a small watermelon: “Come on, we cut it up.”

He Zhi Zhou blinked his eyes incredulously, in complete shock. He asked Shen Xi: “When did you buy it!?”

Shen Xi replied: “Just a moment ago when you went to park your bike ah ……”

The dialogue was too beautiful, Brawny and Monkey dared not listen too much, let alone Lin Yu Tang. He sat beside Brawny, looking at the big screen with a frustrated mood. Brawny moved over to comfort him: “Everything is fake, everything is fake ……”

Monkey let ‘Beautiful Maiden Shen’ to choose the song, but He Zhi Zhou waved his hand to decline. He was looking at the watermelon on the marble table and thinking how Shen Xi managed to smuggle in the watermelon under his watchful eyes ……

Beautiful Maiden Shen was not singing, so Monkey invited Leader to sing a song. Shen Xi readily agreed, then said to Brawny: “Quickly go and help me to choose ‘Woman Flower‘. I want the one sang by Anita Mui ……”

Brawny: “What?”

Shen Xi intended to repeat her sentence, was about to speak when she felt a pinch on her back. She looked at He Zhi Zhou, very painful!

There were many mic hogs in male dorm room 921, but Lin Yu Tang did not want to sing tonight and Leader was also not singing. Even Beautiful Maiden Shen was not singing. Monkey and Brawny were the typically despicable kind because if someone fights over the microphone with them, they will sing especially well. If nobody fights with them, their mood will be dampened.

In the end, they played card together. The person who lost will have to say the most disgusting thing they have ever done in their life. If everyone also says not disgusting, that person has to drink three glasses of beer continuously.

This kind of game which is vulgar but can also make the atmosphere more lively, was obviously suggested by Brawny. As a result, the person who lost in the first round was also Brawny.

Because of Zhang Ran’s presence, Brawny played the role of the young, clean, breath-of-fresh-air type of guy. He said weakly: “Can eating durian be considered disgusting?”

Brawny was penalized to drink three glasses.

The person who lost the card game in the second round was Monkey. He has always been an honest child so he said: “I played with booger before.”

Well, disgusting enough! Hence Monkey managed to get through.

With He Zhi Zhou’s help, Shen Xi won the first and second game. During the third game, He Zhi Zhou went to toilet, resulting in her being set up by Lin Yu Tang.

When He Zhi Zhou returned, Shen Xi was questioned intensely by everyone —— what was the most disgusting thing she has ever done since she was a child.

“Leader, don’t say you’ve not done any.” Brawny laughed out loud twice.

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou and he also glanced at her, with his intention written in the eyes: “You just drink the beer.”

But she was not satisfied!

Lin Yu Tang who was leaning on a sofa, was waiting with great interest to hear the most disgusting thing ever done by his ‘love rival’.


Shen Xi thought for a while and was going to say eating booger. Since Monkey can get through with playing with booger, she certainly will not have problem with eating booger …… but she really cannot speak out the words ‘eating booger’ under He Zhi Zhou’s powerful cold atmospheric pressure. Her mind kept thinking, then she held up two glasses of wine. She handed a glass to Lin Yu Tang, held the other glass in her hand, and said quite seriously: “The most disgusting thing that I’ve ever done in my life is stole Third’s girlfriend. Third, I am sorry!”

“……” Lin Yu Tang really wanted to pour the wine on his face!

Shen Xi got through smoothly, she turned to look at He Zhi Zhou. He sat at the corner of the sofa, toying with the dice. He wanted to be angry, a mass of air circulating in the chest. In the end, he did not get angry but the lips curled into a slight smile. He never thought in this lifetime, ‘he’ can still act so cheap!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At 10 o’cock at night, except He Zhi Zhou, Shen Xi, Monkey, Brawny and Lin Yu Tang had already returned to dorm room 921. Shen Xi was tired to the point of dropping, but she did not neglect to soak the feet and massage the legs. Brawny was already used to Leader paying particular attention to himself. He attempted to ingratiate himself with Shen Xi by taking the bottle on her table and saying: “Leader, can you give me some of this essential oil?”

“Okay, but don’t use too much.” Shen Xi was a little reluctant to give the essential oil to Brawny, she emphasized that, “this is very expensive”.

“Thank you, Leader.” Brawny said, and took the bottle back.

“Where is Monkey?” Shen Xi was bored while soaking her feet, so she asked Lin Yu Tang who just got back from washing the socks.

Lin Yu Tang replied in a snappy manner: “He was called away to attend a meeting.”

Shen Xi acknowledged with an “Oh”, then remembered Monkey was the head of dorm room 921.

Half an hour later, Monkey came back, holding a book and a pen in his hand. He glanced around the dorm room and said to the three people inside: “The content of today’s meeting is very important, there is a serious matter which needs to be conveyed to all of you.”

“What is so serious, quickly say it?” Shen Xi paid him the most attention, sitting upright in a chair and looking at Monkey, then clapped her hands.

Monkey sighed softly and began to say: “It’s that… our dorm has been selected for random testing of semen health for male university students.”

La la la ……

Monkey and Lin Yu Tang turned their head one after another. Although a bit surprised, after all, they were real men. Thus after a while, they accepted this calmly. It was just a matter that required a little stroking, right?

Shen Xi was the only fake man. She was trembling, knocking over the foot basin and feeling sad ……


Extra lines from what the author has to say:

Shen Xi: “Boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo …… I can’t stroke it out ……boo hoo hoo ……”

He Zhi Zhou: “Don’t tell me that you’ve stroked before ……”

Shen Xi: “……”



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