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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Epilogue 2


This is the final epilogue on the couple in the first publication of the novel. I’ve already written that I won’t be translating Mao Mao and Zhou Jin Cheng’s epilogues because they are very long, irrelevant and boring so you are missing nothing. Here is the long awaited translation of the famous love letter confession.  Come back next year for the so-called sequel 🙂

Epilogue 2: Tips for Raising a Cat

An Ning kept a small cat at home and has been diligently feeding it cat food. During every meal, An Ning will feed the cat a lot of food because this was the first time she has kept a cat so she was uncertain of the amount needed. But the little animal cannot eat much. Hence it will regularly store the surplus away (probably to prepare for a rainy day).

One day, when An Ning was cleaning the house, she also cleaned the cat house. She took the opportunity to clear away the surplus stock. After all, it was spring cleaning. As a result, when the little animal went into the house, it continuously made a through search. Finally, it was at a loss and stared at An Ning. Her mother-in-law came and saw it looking pitiful, she could not help saying: “Why is this little animal looking like it has been robbed ……”

“……” Ever since An Ning married into the Xu family, she felt that the quality of her corny jokes were going down, and oh, down some more.

When she was talking about this to Mo Ting at night, she finally mentioned that the kitty was still depressed and sought his advice on how to deal with it, in view that leader Xu was smarter. The person who was brushing his teeth said vaguely, “Not used to the climate.”

Not used to the climate? But it should be a native cat ah = =!

While the girl on the bed was still stuck in bewilderment, the other party had already climbed into the bed and then… Ahem, you know, raising a cat must be taken one step at a time. You needed to be attentive and careful, needed to be loving. And when you had too much love… you needed to make her care about only you, alone.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Then An Ning was late to work the next day.

When Ah Lan looked at the obvious hickey on someone’s neck, she gave a licentious smile: “There seemed to be a violent ‘storm’ last night.”

An Ning blushed and was speechless.

In fact, among the women in the company, she was considered to have married early. Because her husband was the legendary imposing looking, handsome with an icily arrogant frown Xu Mo Ting, so often she has colleagues who were envious of her marriage life and came to question her.

An Ning often replied honestly: “Eat, sleep, go to work ……”

All of the women did not believe her at all. Since they failed to get the answer they wanted, they started to YY (fantasizing or thinking strangely) —  the inspiring daily life of the refined and handsome senior cadre with the gentle and interesting girl.

An Ning has no choice but to submit to their imagination. In fact, between Xu Mo Ting and her, they really only eat, sleep and go to work. Occasionally, they will stroll around the supermarket, window-shop and find a good movie to watch.

Dear sisters, there was really no third party, or ‘Prepare one million US dollar ransom, or else kill your wife’ kind of rich family kidnapping.

While leaning on the desktop, the mobile phone made a sound, signalling incoming text message.

An Ning checked, it was from Xu Mo Ting asking her to have dinner together.

An Ning thought for a while and replied: “Go home to eat, you cook.”

“Lao San will give us a treat. When it is time for you to leave the office, I’ll go and pick you up.”

An Ning was silent, then why did you ask whether want to have dinner together? Playing prank on people?

After getting off work, An Ning went out the door and immediately saw his car. Of course, Ah Lan and others also saw him immediately: “With a husband like this, what more can a woman ask for?!”

Well, the person who was walking over is no doubt very charming, but can all of you look a bit deeper?

“Hey An Ning, your husband’s car is worth about eight hundred thousand including license? My lifetime goal is to earn more than one million to enjoy a life in retirement.”

An Ning:”……”

Xu Mo Ting approached them and An Ning said goodbye to her colleagues. Mo Ting also nodded slightly.

At the same time, Ah Lan and Jia Jia smiled and said goodbye to An Ning.

Frankly speaking, Xu Mo Ting was mostly silent or spoke sparingly. Although he only occasionally said a few polite words with them, the attitude was very sincere. Hence their impression of him, have always been very good, but they also felt that the twenty-six years old diplomat Xu has a kind of arrogant loftiness. Thus they did not dare to act impudently in front of him.

After An Ning got into the car, she asked diplomat Xu: “Why is senior brother Lao San treating us dinner?”

Xu Mo Ting started the car and said: “He said he won the lottery.”

An Ning was surprised: “Really? Congratulation!”

“The first thing people usually ask is how much did you win. Fasten your seat belt.”

An Ning fastened the seat belt and followed his words by asking: “How much did he win?”

“Thirty thousand.”


Mo Ting looked askance at her: “I have also won before, so why didn’t you say ‘wow’?”

“You’ve merely won a mobile phone, okay?”

Last weekend, after watching a movie with him, they wandered aimlessly around and stumbled upon the grand opening of a new commercial building. It was written on a red banner that if you show your identity card, you can enter the lucky draw. An Ning prompted by a sudden impulse, dragged him to take part in the draw. Although he was not interested, surprisingly he won a mobile phone while many people only got the consolation prize, ‘Thank you for coming’. Then he was pulled up on stage to say something. An Ning was extremely happy.

Thinking about it now, she also felt very happy!

Xu Mo Ting did not need to guess but know what she was thinking. He grabbed her hand and took a bite.

They have a habit of biting each other. This is a very bad habit which they have to change.

Suddenly An Ning realized: “The second time I met you. Uh, not right, should be the second time I met you in the university, was when you came to the blood donation vehicle to take back your mobile phone. Do you think it can be considered a mobile phone predestined love?”

Xu Mo Ting did not release her hand, but put it on his knee to massage gently like usual: “Why did you write my name at that time?”

An Ning replied honestly: “Because your handwriting is very beautiful.”

Leader Xu snorted softly.

An Ning felt gloomy. Every time they talked about this or that from the past, he was always especially petty.

“Because —— we are destined to be together, so God let me fall in love at first sight with your handwriting first.” After finished saying, An Ning laughed. This was how she practiced to say mushy stuff.

A hint of a smile flashed in Xu Mo Ting’s eyes when he said: “Memorize this sentence and write it for me when we get back home.”

“Mo Ting, are you seeking revenge?”

An Ning cannot help but remember the love letter incident.

Before marriage, someone once said that after marriage, he will read the legendary love letter to her. Therefore on a certain night, lying on the bed, she said: “Mo Ting, please read the love letter.”

The following dialogue was like this:

“You said you’ll read the love letter.”

“Li An Ning, I love you.” Kiss the forehead.

“No, I mean the love letter, don’t act dumb!”

Mo Ting straightened up and looked at her. His eyes were tender and soft as water, he slowly said: “Li An Ning,  my name is Xu Mo Ting.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


“He fell in love at first sight with you.” A kiss.

“When he met you again, he was even more smitten.” Another kiss.

But when his eyes and heart were filled with her, she still did not know his name.” A nibble on the neck.

“What to do? Can’t always brush pass each other. He was extremely nervous with anticipation, but she was fine and tranquil.”

He just wanted her to say, to tell him directly whether can or not, whichever he will also accept.”

“An Ning, this is his first experience with love, it is inevitable that he is trembling with fear. So please don’t let him wait too long.”

Inscription, Xu Mo Ting, March 14, 2003.”


© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The person driving the car was silent on the accusation, “You are seeking revenge”, and did not refute it.

An Ning turned her head to look out the car window. Come on, she was innocent.

At this moment, the person who was feeling melancholy did not notice that hubby Xu smiled faintly.

After arriving at the destination, Xu Mo Ting went to park the car. Thus An Ning went into the restaurant first and saw Qiang Wei, Zhao Yang, Lao San and Zhang Qi sitting at the most eye-catching place.

Xu Mo Ting and her as well as Lao San and Zhang Qi graduated half a year ago and were working now. Qiang Wei stayed in X city to pursue a career. Zhao Yang continued her postgraduate study, only Mao Mao returned home. An Ning walked over and Lao San keenly poured two cups of tea: “Sister-in-law, long time no see, getting more and more beautiful!”

Qiang Wei gave a look of disdain: “Why your flattery is the same all the time?”

Lao San waved his hand: “NO, NO, NO. Girl, try to understand this sentence. You will discover this sentence works all the time.”

Zhao Yang said: “No wonder, you still don’t have a girlfriend at the age of 27, it turns out that there is a justifiable reason.”

Zhang Qi sighed: “I always think sister-in-law’s group of friends and relatives are so formidable until they are incomparable.”

At this time, Xu Mo Ting had already arrived, pulled out the chair and sat on the left side of An Ning. Then Lao San said: “Leader, you’re getting more and more handsome.”

Everyone snorted at the same time. Lao San joined in with a ‘tsk tsk’: “It may sound exaggerating if I say it to other people, but it is absolutely true with Leader and sister-in-law.”

It was rare for Qiang Wei to agree with him: “The so-called marital harmony can make a person look radiant!”

Lao San said: “How about we put up with each other and also get married? Every time I look at Leader with sister-in-law, I’ll feel that marriage is really pretty good.”

“Okay, when your annual income is this figure, then we’ll put up with each other.”

Qiang Wei uttered the figure, resulting in Lao San falling off the chair.

In the midst of all the noise, they ordered their food. Zhang Qi kept on talking about work matters with Leader Xu. Zhang Qi benefited greatly from Xu Mo Ting’s advice, so he said: “Leader is still the most awesome. One sentence from you can replace ten times that or more from other people’s mouths.”

An Ning heard and nodded: “That is true.”

This caused Qiang Wei to fall over in laughter. “Sharing in someone’s laurels. This is what they call ‘sharing in someone’s laurels.'”

An Ning did not feel embarrassed because Xu Mo Ting was really awesome, it should be said of the genius kind.

Zhao Yang said:”Meow Meow, don’t provoke us into more depression. Since I became Abbess Miejue [the nun in Heavenly Sword, Dragon Sabre, leader of E’mei who was known for her cruelty and hatred of men], my available ‘market’ [opposite gender] is shrinking smaller and smaller, and I’m very emotionally unstable.”

An Ning: “……”

Mo Ting smiling took a wet wipe to clean her hands after eating crab just now. Then he used a ladle to scoop up half a bowl of fish soup and handed it to her: “Drink something hot, don’t only eat the cold dishes.”

The two women screamed, the Leader was being provocative, setting increasingly high standard.

After Qiang Wei finished screaming, she began to spread her pain: “Lao San won thirty thousand dollars, so we are letting him off lightly by only treating us to a meal.”

Then, everyone was starting to suggest how to spend that thirty thousand, some said to go skiing, mountaineering, since it was winter so should go to Hainan. Everyone has different suggestions, bustling with noise and excitement. Lao San really wanted to tell them that he won thirty thousand, not three hundred thousand.

Finally having eaten their fill and after enjoying the small talk, Lao San generously took out the money to pay.

As for how to spend the thirty thousand, there was no unanimous opinion, so it will be discussed again.

After getting out of the doorway and saying goodbye, Qiang Wei and, Zhang Qi rode in Lao San’s car. Zhao Yang rode her bike over, so An Ning offered to send her home, but she strongly declined: “A little distance only, also ate so much, so can do some exercise.”

An Ning asked: “The one doing the exercise is your sheep (a scooter is called sheep in China after a famous scooter brand)?”

Zhao Yang had already jumped on the bike and waved goodbye to them: “Goodbye, good night!”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


Only two people left at the doorway of the restaurant. An Ning lifted up her head and discovered that it was snowing!

“Xu Mo Ting, it is snowing!”

Mo Ting raised his head, sure enough there were snowflakes slowly falling gently. Seeing that her nose was getting red in the cold, he reached out to embrace her: “Let’s go home.”

His embrace has always been especially warm: “Okay.”

“When we arrive home, I want to take a bath first. I want a hot bubble bath. You can’t fight over the bathroom with me. Incorrect, it should be you can’t come to disturb me.” While saying that, An Ning was hugging him tightly, “Really warm, really warm.”

Xu Mo Ting laughed: “I won’t disturb you, but when I am bathing, you can come to disturb me.”


Her life was very simple with no major ups or downs. Occasionally, they had some little moments of speechlessness or internal struggles, but a little bit of corniness could bring some pleasure, right? She felt it was all very good. Very good.

“Mo Ting, I’ve suddenly discovered that my heart has fallen for you at second sight and my love for you was deep at third sight. What should I do? How about I write a love letter to you?”


“The title will be called—— Best to Have Met You.”

Bright lights, the glistening street reflecting the multicolored lights, a pair of snuggling couple walking slowly, with the snowflakes falling gently on their coat and hair.

This moment turning into everlasting.

Start from 5.08

我按下 播放键 释放回忆
Wǒ àn xià bòfàng jiàn shìfàng huíyì
I press the play button to release the memories

响起 那段 熟悉的旋律
Xiǎngqǐ nà duàn shúxī de xuánlǜ
Hearing that familiar melody

嗅着窗外的 栀子香气
Xiùzhe chuāngwài de zhī zi xiāngqì
Smelling the gardenia fragrance outside the window

唇角残留咖啡 淡雅清怡
Chún jiǎo cánliú kāfēi dànyǎ qīng yí
The residue of the distinct coffee is left on my lips

静静等 在心里五年的你
Jìng jìng děng zài xīnlǐ wǔ nián de nǐ
Quietly waiting for you for five years in my heart

我知道 一切 都不容易
Wǒ zhīdào yīqiè dōu bù róngyì
I know everything is not easy

我暗暗地已 下定决心
Wǒ àn’àn dì yǐ xiàdìng juéxīn
I’ve inwardly made a firm resolution

Zuì zhēnguì de shì nǐ de kuàilè wú jì
The most precious thing is your happiness

当 你出现我的生命里
Dāng nǐ chūxiàn wǒ de shēngmìng lǐ
When you appeared in my life

平 淡也变得那么神奇
Píngdàn yě biàn de nàme shénqí
My insipid life became much more lively

笔尖在日记本上 沙沙声音
Bǐjiān zài rìjì běn shàng shāshā shēngyīn
The rustling sound of the pen tip on the diary

Xiě xiàfēng qīng yún dàn de yuèqǔ
Writing light like wind and clear like cloud music

Dāng wǒ zài shēngmìng lǐ yùjiàn nǐ
When I met you in my life

Nà cì dì yī chǎng xuě de jìyì
That time was the memory of the first snowfall

Qīng qīng dì hūxī nǐ shēn páng de qīngxīn
Gently breathe in the freshness and cleanliness around you

安静的乐曲 最美 遇见你
Ānjìng de yuèqǔ zuìměi yùjiàn nǐ
Peacefully compose the music for best to have met you.


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