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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你): 100 Questions & Answers Part 1



December & January are known as the holiday season so the blog will be taking its winter break. Occasionally I’ll post something if I’ve the time to translate. I managed to translate half of the 100 Q & A on Best to Have Met You with the help of hoju. Thus enjoy the interview with Mo Ting & An Ning 🙂

Interviewer: …… Gu Xi Jue (Celine)

I am very honored to invite …… fellow student Meow Meow and Leader Xu, who we have not seen for a long time! When asking Leader Xu questions, I feel very stressful. But when asking Meow Meow questions …… even more stressful ==!

Ahem, let’s get started!

1. What is your name please?

Xu: Xu Mo Ting.

Meow: Li An Ning.

2. Age please?

Xu: 27.

Meow: 26 years old.

3. Gender please?

Xu: Male.

Meow: Uh …… female. (Why must add ‘uh’?!)

4. What is your character like?

Xu: Naturally possess the character of what a handsome guy ought to have. (Do you’ve to be so cocky? ==!)

Meow (smiles gently): I am very amiable and approachable.

5. What do you think of the other person’s character?

Xu (smiling): Very good.

Meow: Outwardly, very difficult to get close to. In fact …… really very difficult to get close to. (==!)

6. When did both of you first meet? Where?

Xu: During senior high school, inside the school.

Meow: Uni …… uh …… senior high school! Inside the school! (Meow Meow, why are you blushing? I still have not asked the last fifty questions that are inappropriate for children??)

7. What was your first impression of each other?

Xu: Very well-behaved. (……)

Meow: …… handsome and cold. (My friend Meow Meow, why does that look in your eyes when you look at Leader Xu seem like you’re buttering him up? Well, then, it seems indeed that every household has its own little secrets.)

8. What do you like about each other?

Xu: Everything also very good. (From the start …… why do I feel Leader Xu’s answers are a bit lacking in feelings?)

Meow (lowers her head and ponders cutely): Good points ah …… good points, good points …… uh, people say loving someone does not need a reason! (==! Meow Meow, your “good points ah …… good points, good points ……” means you’ve thought for a long time but can’t think of a reason?)

9. What do you dislike about each other?

Xu (casts a glance at the person next to him): Heartless.

Meow: ……


10. Do you think you are a good match for each other?

Xu: Good.

Meow (smiling faintly): Very good.

11. How do you address each other?

Xu: An Ning.

Meow: Mo Ting. Uh, sometimes I will call him Leader Xu.

12. How do you like to be addressed by each other?

Xu: Anything. (Suddenly something flashes before my eyes to make me recall that Xu Mo Ting is the leader of the School of Diplomacy!)

Meow: An Ning will do.

13. If compare to an animal, what do you think the other person would be?

Xu: Cat. (Even if you don’t say, I also know. This guy has just been giving me the superficial, brush-off answers!)

Meow: Cat-head… eagle. [Owl. In Chinese, “owl” is 猫头鹰, but if you break the characters out individually, it literally translates as “cat-headed eagle.” An Ning is making a pun on words.] (… Groaning from the bad pun. Oh, and also, all you pretty girls and pretty women down there off the stage who are going spoony over Leader Xu… that physique, that elegance of his clearly should be likened to the graceful figure of the cheetah or wolf or such, eh??)

14. If you want to give gift to each other, what would you give?

Xu: XX [sex] couple’s vacation.

Meow (blushing and staring at him. Leader Xu appears very calm and collected like he did not see anything): Uh, he has got everything, so no need to give. (……)

15. Then what do you want as a gift?

Xu: Since I have everything, so no need. (Leader Xu, do you need to be so cocky? Sure, you’ve been wearing a very calm, ordinary expression… but could this bethe legendary way of gentlemanly, courteously turning people green with envy?!)

Meow: Uh… A floating life sees only sixty cycles of shifting seasons. Disgrace or honour, have I not, but freedom I have my fill.” [quoting from Song dynasty poem] (I’ll just say… we have a generation gap!)

16. Is there anything that you are dissatisfied with each other? What is it generally about?

Xu (smiling): A lot, she makes me mad quite often. (Recently …… internal strife? The pretty girls and pretty women down there off the stage strongly request to reveal inside scoop of life after marriage !!)

Meow (appearing a bit dissatisfied): No dissatisfaction. (……)

17. What is your shortcomings?

Xu: Good memory.

Meow: …… poor memory. (……)

18. What is the shortcomings of the other party?

Xu: Poor memory.

Meow: …… vengeful. (…… When I interviewed Boss Xi and An Jie [characters in Celine’s other novel] previously, I was not under so much pressure. Why do I feel like the two sitting in front of me are both secretly sly (black belly)? Meow Meow, you belong to the pure and innocent type, right? You do, you do, right?)

19. What does the other party do that will make you unhappy?

Xu: Nothing. (==! In that case, what do you mean by what you said just now? I strongly suspect that I’ve been duped!)

Meow: Behaving like a bully …… (Leader Xu finally smiles?? Close-up, close up picture! ……)

20. What you do that will make the other party unhappy?

Xu: Nothing. (……)

Meow: If I play too much online games at night, he’ll scold me. (Meow Meow, you’re in love with online games lately?  The insights she gets out of studying stuff is usually quite “unique.”)

21. What stage has your relationship reached?

Xu: On very intimate terms with each other. (Oh.)

Meow (looks down and blushes): Legally married couple. (…… Don’t need to explain.)

22. Where did you go on your first date?

Xu: Inside the school.

Meow (agrees): Inside the school.

23. How was the atmosphere at that time?

Xu: Pretty good.

Meow: I …… was a little dazed.

24. At that time, the relationship had progressed to what extent?

Xu: Male and female friends. (This is really Leader Xu ah! Such efficiency, such strategy!)

Meow: …… friends.

25. Where did you often go on a date?

Xu: At that time, still at school, so naturally hangout there.

Meow: In school. (Campus love is always pure and simple ah!)

26. What would you prepare for each other’s birthday?

Xu: Nothing to prepare, naturally there’ll be activity at home. (Your calm face …… makes me really unwilling to believe there is erotic undertone in your words.)

Meow (smiles shyly): Have a meal and watch a movie. Uh, afterwards …… we’ll discuss about it later.

27. Who made the love confession first?

Xu: I.

Meow (smiling): He.

28. How much do you like each other?

Xu (Leader Xu casts a glance at the person next to him) says in his usual tone: Besides her, there can’t be anyone else.

Meow: Well …… like a lot.

29. Then do you love each other?

Xu (frowns): Is there a difference to the above question? (……No difference meh?)

Meow: …… love.

Leader Xu raises his eyebrows slightly, smiles and says: Oh, there is a slight difference. (A very satisfied look ……)

30. What does the other person say that will make you feel helpless or just surrender?

Xu: …… being called hubby. (It is very rare for an ellipsis to appear in Leader Xu’s sentence!)

Meow (still smiling): When angry. (Meow Meow, why are you smiling when saying this sentence??)

31. If you suspect the other person has a change of heart, what would you do?

Xu: Oh. (So profound ah!)

Meow (still smiling): Uh, to part on good terms. (Leader Xu raises his eyebrows, very calm and collected.)

32. Can you forgive the other person for a change of heart?

Leader Xu finally says: Your questions are always virtually the same? Just ask two more questions and we are done, we are in a hurry. (Right away! The questions behind are different! It is said that …… actually who came up with the questions ah?! When asked until here last time, Boss Xi also gave a disdainful look ==!)

Meow: Depending on what was the reason for a change of heart. (Meow Meow, you’re still in good form. Let me say, I’m very relieved about that!)

Leader Xu reluctantly continues.

Hey, then …… we’ll continue?

33. What will you do if the other person is more than one hour late for a date?

Xu: I’ll usually pick her up, so nobody will be late.

Meow: He’ll call if he is occupied with something. If it’ll be long, then I’ll eat first. (Very …… independent ah.)

34. Which part of the other person’s body do you like most?

Xu: Like every part very much.

Meow: Eyes ah, lips ah, face ah, body ah …… (……)

Leader Xu smiles.

35. Sexy look of the other person?

Xu: When she is dazed and confused.

Meow: Uh, when he is looking at me, talking, getting dressed …… (an indisputable fact that the doll had been seduced ah!)

36. When both of you are together, when do you feel your heartbeat is accelerating?

Xu: When she is kissing me.

Meow: When he says something.

(The people off the stage can YY! – fantasizing or thinking strangely)

37.  Will you lie to each other? Are you good at lying?

Xu: Nothing to lie about.

Meow: Lying is tiring. (……)

38. When do you feel most happy?

Xu: When I am holding her. Hurry up please, we are in a hurry. (Leader, are you shy?)

Meow: When we are together, everything also feels very good.

39. Have you quarreled before?

Xu: Seldom.

Meow: We seldom quarrel but we’ve cold war.

40. Why did you quarrel?

Xu: Why are you asking this? If there is no more meaningful question, then end here. (Director, please say something ah !!)

Meow (smiling): I was the one who made him unhappy.

Leader Xu raises his eyebrows.

We, can we continue?

41. Oh, then how did you reconcile?

Xu: After a day, everything will be fine. It is not like there is deep-seated hatred.

Meow (continues to smile) says softly: I thought it was deep-seated hatred? (Meow Meow, you are really black belly (secretly sly)! One takes the colour of one’s company ah.)

42. Would you still want to be lover in your next life?

Xu: Is there reincarnation? (Skeptical tone …… uh, Leader Xu, if you believe then there is!)

Meow: If there is reincarnation, then I want to be lover again. (Meow Meow, who did you learn your sweet speech and honeyed words from??)

43. When will you feel that you’re being loved?

Xu: Often. (Right now ……)

Meow (smiling faintly): Seem to feel that way after knowing him …… (I was under the impression that you’re very slow in your reactions?)

44. How do you express your love?

Xu (raises eyebrows): Always keeping her by my side.

Meow: We are already married, isn’t marriage the continuation of love? This is the most everlasting and best expression of love (smile). Of course, provided that we don’t divorce. (……)

45. When will you feel that the other person no longer loves you?

Xu: No.

Meow: Huh, no.

46. Which flower do you think is well-suited for the other person?

Xu: Every flower also well-suited.

Meow (smiles): He doesn’t like flower because of pollen allergy.

47. Did you hide anything from each other?

Xu: Nothing.

Meow: Nothing.

48. Why do you have low self-esteem?

Xu: Low self-esteem? (Incredulous tone ……)

Meow: Used to have low self-esteem, but I no longer feel inferior now.

49. Is your relationship public knowledge or secretive?

Xu: We are a legally married couple. (……Uh.)

Meow: Public knowledge.

50. Do you think your love for each other will last forever?

Xu: Of course.

Meow: Can last for a long time.

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  1. Wow sweet but not 100 questions….I want more

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    • Thanks. Hey wrong place to drool abt WC, go to Our Sunshine blog or facebook 🙂

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      I’ve never seen any comment by you in Our Sunshine 😛 Unfortunately I didn’t finish that bcos after a while I was bored. It is funny but some parts are kind of awkward & nothing much happened. Did you watch The Amazing Race? It is more exciting & WC also spoke a bit of English, not as much as School. Haha, his English is just ok only, don’t expect too much 😛

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