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Stewed Squid with Honey (蜜汁炖鱿鱼) — Weibo Random Scene #3



To all the wonderful readers of this blog, wishing you a most blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Peanuts and myself. Thank you for all your support!

This random scene was posted a long time ago, at the same time as the Really, Really Miss You and Beautiful Bones versions. I completely forgot about it until a few days ago and then, with pre-Christmas busyness, didn’t get to it until now. Hope you like it. ❤

Stewed Squid with Honey Weibo Random Scene

(posted February 28, 2015)

“Bi dong” (which literally means “wall bump”) is a Chinese Internet slang used to describe a scene where someone is pressed up against a wall and kissed. “Bi” means “wall” and “dong” is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of bumping into the wall. 

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In regards to “bi dong”:

Gun: “Thought about what you would like for your birthday present yet?”

Little Squidie wagged her tail. “Bi dong.”

Gun: “Wha? Say what?

Squidie: “Just… You suddenly press me to the wall, lean your palm against it, and pin my legs down with yours…”

Gun: “……”

Ten minutes later, a certain little squidie was snug against the wall and had become a cooked shrimp…

Gun: “Enough yet?”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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27 thoughts on “Stewed Squid with Honey (蜜汁炖鱿鱼) — Weibo Random Scene #3

  1. eekkkk! How “romantic” heh. The couple lives on!!! yay

  2. Hehehe…this is so cute..”Enough yet?” said Gun…

    Thanking to you Hoju n Peanuts who have been spoiling us the readers with your never endings of wonderful translations of novels.

    I hope both of yous n yours to have wonderful Christmas n New Year of 2017

  3. Wishing you both a joyful Christmas holiday season🎄🎄 and thank you as always for providing a snippets of squidie and fun here and there😍😍

  4. Got her wish granted instantly😂..Thank you and Happy Holidays🎄

  5. Sigh…. this couple make me jealous and want a boyfriend 😭

  6. Ha! Thank you both for this blog. I have enjoyed it SO much this year. Every time an email popped up with a new translation it did my heart good.

  7. My first time commenting thank you for the translation~~~

  8. Once again you made my day hoju☺ … Thank you very much…… I wish a very happy and prosperous new year to both of you..💐

  9. *sigh*

    Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2017 😘

  10. This couple, must you both always be acting this way…

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    Peanuts and Hoju!

  11. I first heard about Bi Dong when watching J-Dorama “From five to nine” therefore I thought it was a Japanese term. Lol.

  12. kabedoon!! >.<!!!
    Season's greetings!
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    merry christmas hoju!! merry christmas peanuts!!
    i love you guys

  13. Wow. What a sweet and spine-tingly story. I feel like she really matured as an author. These characters are really special and interesting. NOT that Gusheng and Toupai weren’t interesting – ! ah, I love them, of course, but they were certainly overpowered Mary Sue Gary Stus.
    Ehhh and I guess it’s not like Tong Nian and Gun aren’t NOT overpowered… they certainly are… but they certainly have more flaws that make them more interesting. Gun certainly has his very unpleasant and scary moments, I feel scared about Tong Nian getting hurt, and then Tong Nian embarrassed herself soooo much in this story that it kind of balances out.
    And ahhhhhhhhh this story was like the hottest story I read too, with no H-scenes. When Gun takes Tong Nian to see his grandpa and then just holding her in their room during the phone conference… *was paralyzed*
    AHHH. Thank you so much for this amazing translation. I had sooo much fun. It was hilarious and sweet.

    • While I don’t argue that her writing is changing and maturing and Gun is definitely the most flawed male lead out of her fluffy novels, well-developed characters are quite prevalent in her other novels that are more serious. As an interesting side note, she says Gun is most like her in terms of the con man personality.

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      • I love imperfect characters they are more relatable and realistic. Gun is an example. And im a gaming idiot like TN. I think theyre perfectly imperfect.
        Thank you for this! ❤

        • I do, too. Although in fluffy stories, this is less important to me. If you’ve read some of my other translations, you’ll see I love analyzing characters. 🙂

          You’re welcome.

  14. Love it..thanks for the update u guys..i wish this one would b adapted into drama too…it would b interesting to watch since its so romantic…

    • Ahem, I think I found someone who doesn’t read my additional comments. I would highly suggest you reread my ending comments after the epilogue for Squid. 😉 LOL

  15. Hingggg i can’t wait for this to be adapted into a drama!! The random scenes included XD

    But since it’s the last part of the trilogy i suppose we still have to wait for a long, long, long time huh…

    • The trilogy is going to be adapted together into one drama, so it’ll be shorter than you think but still not that soon. 🙂

      Thank you for reading!

  16. Oops, forgot to say the most important thing. As always, thank you so much for translating ♡

  17. Thank you for the translation of the novel and the special chapters. I’m just happy that the Gun got someone he could be happy with. He seemed very alone. Looking forward to checking out the drama. And who knows? It might lead to other adaptations of her stories. 🙂

  18. Can anyone please explain this ‘Cooked Shrimp’ description that they’ve been using?

    • For most shrimp that are consumed, prior to being cooked, they are usually a grey-blue type of colour. Now, after the cooking process, the shrimp will turn a bright pink, almost reddish shade. Got it? 😉

  19. too cute! i will miss TN and Gun. kisses ❤

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