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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) — Weibo Random Scenes #2



Happy New Year !!! A  big thank you to Bong for the beautiful banners. Time and people can change but his love for her will not change.

Just Like Before

(The intersection of past and present just like before)

Meow Meow was window shopping with her female cousin and went into the bookstore. A chance encounter with Xu Mo Ting as he was also there choosing a book.

Cousin: “Who do you think our other half, is spending a day such as 520 (Abbreviation for “I Love You” in Chinese) with? Aren’t you interested in yin and yang, the eight divinatory trigrams of the Book of Changes and so on recently? Use it to make a prediction.”

Meow Meow used her fingers to calculate and talked nonsense: “I reckon my other half was not born yet.”

Xu Mo Ting had already saw Meow Meow when she walked into the store, his hand which was holding a book consciously tightened a little. Then, Mo Ting heard the sentence ‘not born yet’. He frowned, his heart a little…… complicated.

After that, he took another book. Together with the book already in his hand, he walked to the counter.

Five minutes later.

Meow Meow took her book to the counter to pay.

The cashier handed her a book.

Meow Meow: “Huh?”

Cashier: “Just now, a guy said to give this to you.”

Meow Meow: “……”

Cousin: “To express his interest in you? Maybe he’ll be your other half in the future, ha ha.”

Meow Meow stared at the book “We Love Science” ― who will send a children’s book to express his interest ah?

You ignored the love letter, and also used non-scientific method to predict that he was ‘not born yet’ making the very unhappy future diplomat ……

Many years later. The same bookstore.

Meow Meow came to choose some books for the twins at home.

After parking the car, Xu Mo Ting came in and saw Meow Meow standing there choosing books. A sense of deja vu, as if it were a lifetime ago ―

He quietly looked at her: She was slightly taller than before. The hair has grown longer. Looking a little more mature. And no longer wearing school uniform.

He also became somewhat different from his former self.

The only thing that did not change was that his love for her was just like before.


Love Letter Entertaining Anecdote

Do not stop (Mo Ting’s) (Mo means do not in Chinese and Ting means law court in Chinese but it is also similar in sound to stop) love letter. The oral dictation of the love letter was as follows ↓ ↓

“Li An Ning,  his name is Xu Mo Ting.”

“He fell in love at first sight with you.”

“When he met you again, he was even more smitten.”

But when his eyes and heart were filled with her, she still did not know his name.” 

“What to do? Can’t always brush pass each other. He was extremely nervous with anticipation, but she was fine and tranquil.”

He just wanted her to say, to tell him directly whether can or not, whichever he will also accept.”

“An Ning, this is his first experience with love, it is inevitable that he is trembling with fear. So please don’t let him wait too long.”

Inscription, Xu Mo Ting, March 14, 2003.”


What really happened on the day he wrote the love letter was as follows ↓ ↓

March 14, 2003 in Xu family’s study room.

Mo Ting was holding a pen and thinking for a long time, before writing the word “I” on the paper ——  beautiful calligraphic style between semi-cursive script and cursive script. [Three seconds later, the paper was crumpled into a ball and thrown into the rubbish bin three meters away.]

On his second attempt, he wrote: That day, the weather is quite good …… [Three seconds later, the paper was crumpled into a ball and thrown into the rubbish bin three meters away.]

On his third attempt, he wrote: My name is Xu Mo Ting. Height is 181 cm. Weight is 67 kg.  Pretty good memory. A man of few words. Okay at basketball. (Xu Mo Ting’s inner voice: Why it sounds like he is applying for a job?) [Three seconds later, the paper was crumpled into a ball and thrown into the rubbish bin three meters away.]

After a long time, Mrs. Xu passed by the study room and saw the rubbish bin filled with papers. She curiosity asked: “What are you writing? Do you want me to give you some suggestions?”

Xu Mo Ting casually said: “Love letter. No need.”

Mrs. Xu: “Love letter? Are you writing a love letter? My son is writing a love letter?”

The future diplomat did not deny, but nodded.

Mrs. Xu went to look for Mr. Xu to tell him the news! Their son was in love!

Later, Xu Mo Ting browsed through the collection of famous celebrity love letters.

Wen Yi Duo: My dear, I’m not afraid to die, as long as we both die together. My darling, my dear sister, where are you? (Xu Mo Ting’s heart: …..)

Xu Zhi Mo: XX, I miss you very much. If you don’t save me, who will save me? (Xu Mo Ting’s heart: …..)

Eventually, Xu Mo Ting gave up looking at the love letter collection.

In the end, Mo Ting’s written love letter was almost the same as his oral version. (So don’t say that I did not write down Mo Ting’s love letter again, ha ha ha ~)


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    Thank you so much for the time and effort. This has been an enjoyable ride! Mo ting’s devotion and determination is quite admirable and meow meow, i really love her cold jokes which leaves people speechless haha Both of them are indeed match made in heaven

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