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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你): 100 Questions & Answers Part 2



Happy Chinese New Year from hoju and me. She helped me to translate most of the X & R-rated parts lol. Since this is rated for Matured Adult only, it is restricted to those above 21 years of age. If you are younger than that, come back when you are all grown up 😛

51.52 Question automatically filtered and blocked.

53. Are you satisfied with the current situation?

Xu: Yes.

Meow: I guess I am satisfied.

54. Where did you first have H (XXOO)?

Xu: Is your programme approved by SARFT? (Hey producer, say something ah!)

Meow: … huh.

The programme will be temporarily suspended, because the producer has to come up and discuss with the young diplomat Xu for five minutes. In the end, he smiles faintly and says plainly: Then okay.

Can continue? Director, what did you say? You wouldn’t have promised to pay a king’s ransom or divide out some land as payment, right?

Okay, continue!

55. How did you feel at that time?

Xu (very calm): Very good.

Meow: …. not bad.

56. What was the other person’s manner at that time?

Xu: Very nervous. (Oh I see !)

Meow:…… (……)

57. What was your first sentence on the morning after H?

Xu: I’ve forgotten.

Meow: …… don’t remember. (I’ll help out,  Leader Xu said, “I am boiling porridge”. An Ning said “Okay”, Food is the God of the people ah.)

58. How many times do you have H every week?

Xu: It depends on the circumstances.

Meow: …… (…… A Meow is already lost in thought and ignores my existence completely!)

59. In an ideal situation, how many times every week?

Leader Xu smiling: It depends on the circumstances. (Depends on the circumstances again!?)

Meow: (finally says) Twice ……

(Hey, is that smile of Leader Xu’s speaking volumes?)

60. So, what kind of H?

Xu: Moisten with spittle. (Mo Ting is playing on words. “Moisten with spittle” is describing two fish in a river that has dried up, and they are keeping each other alive by moistening one another with their spit. Therefore, the saying is often used to describe two people who, through the good and bad, go through life together, never letting go of one another. It’s meant to describe a beautiful type of love, but Mo Ting is using it literally to describe how he wants his XXOO to be. (So matching until making my heart trembles a little ah.)


(Mrs. Xu, you’d better say something. Otherwise I’ll be put in a difficult position! )

Meow (smiling): In that case, okay … uh, very good.

61. Where is your most sensitive area?

Xu: Waist.

Meow: I am very ticklish. (Although you are very serious in answering, why do I feel that you are a little off the mark?!)

62. Where is the other person most sensitive area?

Xu (smiling): Everywhere is also sensitive. (Leader Xu, you seem to be more interested in the last 50 questions compared to the first 50 questions!)

Meow: Uh, probably waist.

63. Use a sentence to describe the other person during H?

Xu: Very good. (……Huh.)

Meow: … very serious. (Meow Meow, you’re off the mark. Are you being evasive?)

64. Honestly, do you like H?

Xu: I think it is redundant to ask a man this question? (……)

Meow: Not bad. (Meow Meow, you are gradually being influenced by Leader Xu “open” attitude and learned to “let go”, so congrats!)

65. Under normal circumstances, where is the place for H?

Xu: Home.

Meow: … he has said it.

66. Where would you want to try to have H?

Xu: It depends on the situation.

Meow (blushing): Home is good enough.

67. Do you shower before or after H?

Xu: Before. But will also shower after. (Really frank ah.)

Meow: … he has said it. (Meow Meow, your perfunctory response is too obvious! You are making it difficult for me!)

68. Is there any preference during H?

Xu: She likes to be on top. (I am blushing. Not only me, all the beautiful women in the audience are also blushing!!)

Meow (blushing and glaring at the other person): Don’t simply say, where got? (Everyone is well aware of the pleasure in the bedroom.)

69. Did you have sex with someone other than your partner?

Xu: No. (Unexpected but make sense!)

Meow: No.

70. Regarding “If cannot get the heart, at least must get the body”, do you agree with this kind of thinking?

Xu: Disagree.

Meow: Don’t like that….. Wouldn’t it be really awkward when it comes to sleeping with/doing “it” with that person? (Meow Meow, have you heard that sex can grow into love. After some HH, you’ll get used to it… I am gradually letting myself go silent under the glares of disdain from the beautiful girls and women in the audience.)

71. If the other person was sexually assaulted by a thug, what would you do?

Xu (softly making an “Oh” sound): It is truly surprising that your program did not get cancelled. (Actually, I am also surprised …)

Meow (smiling): Inconceivable.

72. Will you feel embarrassed before H? Or after?

Xu: No.

Meow: …… Yes. (Should I say they are matching or he has the upper hand?)

73. If a good friend says to you, “I am very lonely, so for tonight only, please ……” and asks for H, will you?

Xu: Any normal person will also not agree, right? (Where is the refined and courteous Xu Mo Ting?)

Meow: Of course not. (Suddenly Meow Meow answers very seriously.)

74. Do you think that you are very good at H?

Xu: Okay.

Meow: … uh. (……Well.)

75. How about the other person?

Xu: Very compatible. (Leader Xu’s smile is very pure and graceful, capturing the hearts of several young girls!)

Meow: Very good.

76. During H, what do you want the other person to say?

Xu: Call my name or say I love you.

Meow: Can also don’t say anything ah.

77. During H, what kind of expression do you prefer the other person to have?

Xu: Frankness.

Meow (thinking for a while, blushing): Pureness.

78. Do you think one can have H with a person who is not the partner?

Xu: Of course not.

Meow (sweating): No, one is enough. (One is enough for you to endure, is that right?)

79. Are you interested in SM?

Xu: What? (A profound and experienced Leader Xu, looking like he does not know what is SM? Cut it out!)

Meow: SM ah? Not interested. (The innocent and cute Meow Meow appears to know a lot about SM, then firmly declines.)

80. If the other person all of a sudden loses interest in your body, what will you do?

Xu: Then let her regain interest again.

Meow (smiling): Let nature take its course.

81. What do you think about rape?

Xu: The death penalty.

Meow: These people …… very bad. After capturing them, don’t let them come out again. (Strongly agree!)

82. During H, what is the relatively painful thing?

Xu: Being disturbed. (Have you been disturbed before? Heehee, that person must have suffered a tragic death?)

Meow: He …… (What did A Meow initially wanted to say before immediately turning silent? Hey, cannot keep people in suspense, that line “he …..” let people have unlimited imagination ah!)

83. Up to now, where do you feel most excited and anxious during H?

Xu: Study room. (Did you move out later? Are you worried that someone will come in? Or worried that the curtains in the large living room are not closed …)

Meow: ….. (A Meow is blushing and looking dumbstruck at me talking!)

84. Have a woman taken the initiative to seduce you?

Xu (smiling casually): Of course.

Meow (glaring at Leader Xu): He often encounters that.

(Exposing each other? Very good, please continue!)

85. What was the expression of the other person at that time?

Xu (smiling): Very well-behaved.

Meow (forces a smile): Very scoundrelly.

86. Have the male acted violently before?

I will never forget the glare Xu Mo Ting gives me at that time!

87. At that time, what was the woman’s reaction?

I feel very ashamed when Meow Meow glares at me at that time! (I think I better change job earlier, this job is getting more and more unsuitable for me!)

88. Who is your ideal “H partner”?

Xu: Li An Ning. (Identified by the full name!)

Meow: He.

89. Is your current partner in line with your ideal?

Xu: Of course.

Meow: In line.

90. Have you tried using props during H?

Xu: No.

Meow: No.

91. When was your first time?

Xu: 25 years old.

Meow: … 24.

(Someone in the audience is screaming!)

92. Is your prospective partner at that time, your current lover?

Xu: Naturally.

Meow: Yes, current lover.

93. Where do you like to be kissed?

Xu: Lip.

Meow: Forehead.

94. Where do you like to kiss each other?

Xu: Hand and lip.

Meow: Uh, face.

95. During H, what can you do to please the other person?

Xu: Let her lead.

Meow (glaring at someone): As long as his … method is not too much.

(When Mao Mao, who is watching the live broadcast in front of the television and had been grinning lewdly the entire time, sees this part of the show, she points a trembling finger at the A Meow on the screen and cries, “Brother-In-Law is such a gracious, gentlemanly person. A Meow is the bad one!”)

96. During H, what will you be thinking?

Xu: She’s by my side.

Meow: Usually …… the mind is blank. (Is that the “flash of light that streaks across the mind or something like that” that people talk about? Hey, the pretty lady in the audience that gave that loud “hmph,” you read too many erotic novels! I…)

97. How many times do you’ve H in a night?

Xu (smiles): 2 to 3 times, not definite. (So rare to have such a cooperative Leader, making me feel an indescribable pressure.)

(Meow meow?)

Meow: … he had already said it.

98. During H, do you take off your own clothes, or the other person help you to take off?

Xu: I take off myself.

Meow: … he. (Oh my, you do take the lead, eh, Leader. How come I’m thinking of a vicious deflowerer? Ooooh, a few of the pretty ladies in the audience have rolled their eyes at me.!)

Ahem! (Coughing)

99. How do you see H?

Xu: Pleasure of life.

Meow: Love additive. (Yup, two very frank/candid babies!)

100. Please say something to your partner.

Xu: Please take ten days off.

Meow: Huh?

At this moment, the producer comes up and hands over the thing in his hand to Mrs. Xu.

“This is a gift from our programme group to the two of you. 10 days tour to Europe for a couple, hope Mr Xu and Mrs. Xu will have a good time!”



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    • I’ve written in one of the translated chapters that Huang Xiao Ming’s studio had bought the filming copyright of the novel but no news on the filming of the drama or movie yet.

      Some people may have misunderstood a Chinese youth movie called The Spring of My Life as the adaptation of this novel because of similar plot.

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