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Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 17


Thank you for your concern. The blog, hoju and I are still well and alive. If there is no update for more than half a year, then you should start to worry 😛 I am annoyed to discover that a website posted my mini-specials without linking or crediting me. When I am annoyed, I’ve no mood to do anything. Needless to say, they also didn’t ask for my permission. I want to reiterate that I don’t want anything on this blog to be re-posted anywhere in this world. It is even more irritating that they can’t even copy well. They only copied the text but not my pretty pictures. I can’t stand having such an imperfect and ugly copy floating around. Whenever I find any pretty pictures or any grammar/spelling errors, I’ll update my posts continuously.

To celebrate the ending of the drama Eternal Love, I’ve dug up something which I’ve not posted before to share with you. Hamster also translated number nine from her Pillow Book artbook.

 One (a)

Bai Qian (calmly): Ye Hua, I am pregnant.

Ye Hua (dropped the book on the floor, stunned for a moment, then calmly turned to instruct Nai Nai ): Add soybean stewed with pig’s trotters to the menu for tonight.

Nai Nai: …….My lord, that’ll stimulate the secretion of milk. It is too soon now …..

One (b)

Yan Song (nervous, mysterious and looking forward to): Qin Mo, I am pregnant.

Qin Mo (kept calm, turned the page and smiled faintly): I guess it is about time to have the good news.

One (c)

Ye Zhen (went to get the grape on the small table but the fruit tray was taken away by Su Yu, so she got angry): Why are you being so petty, I am just going to eat a few.

Su Yu (closed the book with one hand): You are pregnant, so you can’t eat this.

Ye Zhen: Then why did you put it in front of me? Anyway, didn’t that book say only pregnant woman cannot eat? (A long time later, she reacted by opening her mouth wide) What did you say? I, I’m pregnant.


Feng Jiu (ran to Dong Hua who was at the fishing pond): Dijun, I, I am pregnant.

Dong Hua (took away the book which was covering his face. A long time later): What are the symptoms?

Feng Jiu: Bloated stomach, poor appetite and feel like vomiting.

Dong Hua (covered his face again with the Buddhist scripture): That is abdominal distension.


Cheng Yu (thinking while eating melon seeds): Oh yeah, tell you something, I am pregnant.

Lian Song (reacted in five seconds): Very good, we must give birth before Dong Hua and Feng Jiu. So that we can get their child to call our son big brother for a lifetime.


Ye Hua: Qian Qian, will you give birth to another child for me?

Bai Qian: Okay, but let me give birth to this first?

Ye Hua: You … are pregnant?!

Bai Qian nodded shyly. Ye Hua hugged her in excitement. They spoke softly and warmly until little dough interrupted.


Lian Song: Cheng Yu, I want to eat peaches.

Lian Song: Cheng Yu, I want to eat melon seeds.

Lian Song: Cheng Yu, I want to eat lotus soup.

Lian Song: Cheng Yu, I want to eat you.

Cheng Yu: Do you also want to eat the one in the stomach?

Lian Song: You you you, are pregnant?!!

Cheng Yu: I want to eat peaches.

Cheng Yu: I want to eat melon seeds.

Cheng Yu: I want to eat lotus soup.

Lian Song: Do you want to eat me? I am also very delicious.


Feng Jiu: Dong Hua, I miss my mother, my father, my 3rd uncle, my 4th uncle etc……..

Feng Jiu: Dong Hua, I want to eat stinky tofu, fried durian, arrrrgh…..

Feng Jiu: Dong Hua, I want to see Zhi He performing the hula dance, wow wow wow…

Feng Jiu: Dong Hua, I feel very pathetic for breaking you and Ji Heng up, boo hoo hoo…..

Feng Jiu: Dong Hua, I want to go to Qing Qiu to see the stars, ah ah ah….


After carrying a sleeping Feng Jiu home, this was the dialogue between Dijun whose arm was injured and Feng Jiu, after she  woke up.

“Oh, what happened to your arm? ”

“When I was carrying you home, the wound split open.”

“Nonsense, how can I be so heavy!”

“I think you should focus on my arm, not your weight.”

“Oh, why your arm is so weak ah?”

“….. Because you’re too heavy.”



Feng Jiu came out from the inner hall and saw Dong Hua was mending the handkerchief she torn yesterday.

Feng Jiu: “…  What are you doing?”

“Mending the handkerchief.”

“… But all men don’t know how to do such a thing, like Mo Yuan, Ye Hua, Lian Song and even effeminate looking men like Yan Chi Wu also doesn’t know how to do it.”


“They think it will lessen their masculinity.”

“You’ve been deceived.”


“That’s just their excuse not to do the housework.”


Pervert – Biantai in Chinese (3)

“Is it your hobby to turn into a handkerchief?”



“In that case, since I’m in need of a sword wiping rag, I’ll have to bother you from now on.”


Dong Hua: “Today, I competed with Lian Song, Ye Hua and Mo Yuan.”

Feng Jiu: “What is the result? Lian Song is no match for you but uncle and Master Mo Yuan can be difficult to deal with.”

Dong Hua: “Naturally I won.”

Feng Jiu (puzzled): “What kind of competition, winning so easily?”

Dong Hua the (spoke indifferently): “Debating Competition.”

18 thoughts on “Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 17

  1. I celebrated already, you are late. : P

  2. Welcome back! We certainly missed all of you beautiful ladies managing and translating on this blog.

    Truly understand the feeling of work being stolen and re-post without credit or mentions. Awful bunch of thieves.

    Keep the great work going ladies. We will patiencely wait for next recommendation and sharing on this blog.

  3. Awwww Liansong and Cheng Yu! So cute being all competitive 😀 Thanks for all these extra tidbits as well1

  4. After read pillow 1 and 2 (i dont like it)..i still prefer story yehua n bai qian qian..

  5. No one can defeat DH in a debating contest. He will always win hands down!

  6. Good to have you back. We missed you

  7. Thanks for the little nuggets. I am glad to read that even former stones take an interest in continuing the bloodline!

  8. Welcome back 😄😄😄

  9. Thank you so much for come back 😀

  10. Thank you for your translation.

  11. Thanks for the translation, it’s really funny ^_^

  12. Thank you!! This is so precious!! Donghua FTW!! XD

  13. Thank you so much for translating this all the other specials. Having just found this 3L3W world and author through the drama, it was a lot of fun reading these tidbits that continue the story of these couples. I’m really looking forward to reading the other couples stories, as well. Thanks again! 🙂

  14. Having a withdrawal from 3L3W, Mark is seriously a good actor, his expressions are on point. The distinction he made between Mo Yuan and Ye Hua is just impeccable, really love him. Already rewatched my favorite scenes for the second time. Hope to see him in more projects now, can trust him to deliver quality works. ❤

  15. Who is Yan Song, Qin Mo, Ye Zhen and Su Yu

  16. This blog is a treasure!!!! Love it!!!! Came across this one after reading a comment on youtube while watching the 3L3W series that mentioned pillow book about DH and FJ. I am extremely happy with the mini specials, they really humor me ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Thank yo for sharing this! I was wondering if there is an official epilogue or special episode after the pillow books? (Just finished reading and need moar XD)

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