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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 6.1


Zhou Zhou and Xi Xi are back. I feel a bit apologetic toward the novel/author/readers for posting the translations slowly and irregularly 😦 Thus the flow in the story is broken. This story is actually quite interesting but because this is a soul swapping novel, you need to re-adjust your mentality every time you read it. I’ll try to update weekly or fortnightly to manage the story flow better. But some chapters are really long 😦

Chapter 6.1 — The Person He Likes Is Me

The sky has turned dark, the roaring of the thunder and lightning streaking across the sky. She was the only one remained in dorm room 921. Brawny has gone to accompany Monkey to meet an online friend, and Lin Yu Tang must be together with Ling Chao Xi.

Shen Xi hated the thunderstorms at night, but this kind of weather made her think of a possibility. She held an umbrella and went to look for He Zhi Zhou. Although S University was a century old famous university, the underground drainage works were not done well. Only about two hours of heavy rain, the pathway in S University was already under half a foot of water. Shen Xi has no choice but to bend down and roll up the trouser.

At the same time, He Zhi Zhou stood on the female dormitory’s balcony. He was thinking about the forgotten memory of that day in the sea. Unfortunately, the human brain is not a computer, which relies on computer chip to store data.

He Zhi Zhou stood for a long time, the rear view lonesome and upright. In such stormy night, the few people in dorm 636 looked with their hair standing on end. Chen Han and Xia Wei Ye looked at each other, then Xia Wei Ye said: “What’s going on? She has already stood for half an hour.”

Chen Han shook her head.


Only Dou Dou dared to step forward and ask in a low voice: “A Xi, are you absorbing the essence of heaven and earth?”

He Zhi Zhou did not want to respond to Dou Dou, but after turning around to see a serious looking Dou Dou, he has no choice but to temporarily put aside his problem. When he turned around and was about to go back into the dormitory, he saw —— Shen Xi holding a small umbrella and walking over from the nearby playground.

She was using his body, walking carefully to avoid every puddle. Her footstep was light and quick, similar to the dragonfly touches the water lightly, with her innate flexibility.

Unconsciously, although he was clearly looking at his appearance, the brain naturally showing her original appearance. For the past two days, he searched online for her dancing video. He has never been interested in dancing but because of her, he felt that women look very beautiful when dancing …

He Zhi Zhou turned around and went down the stairs. Dou Dou went back into the dorm and shouted excitedly: “He Zhi Zhou is here again to deliver supper to A Xi.”

Xia Wei Ye burst into anger again.

Shen Xi walked to the downstairs of her former dormitory and intended to call He Zhi Zhou. While she was holding the phone, she saw He Zhi Zhou coming from the left side of the dormitory building. He completely changed her aura, the cold temperament together with the surrounding background of ink and wash painting were very much in tune.

“What’s the matter?” He Zhi Zhou asked her.

Shen Xi quickly spoke about the hardship of coming over. She pointed to the thunder and lightning in the sky, with a serious expression, she asked: “Do you think we can switch back if we were struck by lightning?”

He Zhi Zhou walked on the left side of Shen Xi: “What kind of theory is that?”

Shen Xi said without confidence: “It seems like a lot of movies are like this.”

He Zhi Zhou gently pulled the corners of the mouth: “It seems like you’ve already been struck.”

“No ah.” Shen Xi did not understand the sarcasm in He Zhi Zhou’s words, so she said in a solemn manner, “I don’t dare to be struck by myself, will definitely look for you to be struck together. Being struck alone will not be effective.”

He Zhi Zhou walked in front. After a while, he turned his head: “Oh, as it turns out, you’ve not been struck, but why your brain is like you’ve been struck.”

“He Zhi Zhou!”

Shen Xi was panting with rage when she stepped forward and pulled his arm: “How can you treat your comrade-in-arms like this?”

Comrade-in-arms …… okay.

“Okay, I apologize.” He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi angry appearance. Suddenly he felt that he could not coax a girl, like a brainless boy. In the past, he had never dated at all because the couples around him dated like they were playing house. In the end, he did not even reach the level of a primary school student, simply the level of a kindergarten kid.

Shen Xi was really a bit unhappy. Ever since she was little, she loathed people saying her brain is not good. However since He Zhi Zhou apologized, she said: “Never mind.”

He Zhi Zhou chuckled, and naturally held Shen Xi’s hand, then he said: “Shen Xi, we change the place to talk.”

Shen Xi nodded. Her left hand was warm because it was already held by He Zhi Zhou.

© 2013-2017 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi did not expect He Zhi Zhou to take her to the internet cafe opposite the university. Because of the billowing smoke inside the internet cafe, she started to cough the moment she entered. This was her first visit to an internet cafe, so she did not expect the environment to be so bad. Although the internet cafe was located opposite S University, there was more youth there. In addition, there were junior and senior high school students wearing all kinds of school uniforms.

He Zhi Zhou hired a clean private room. The first thing she did when she went in was to tie on the thick curtains. Then she opened the blinds to let the fresh air into the room, before sitting down.

In the couple room, there were two computers and a comfortable 2 seater sofa. He Zhi Zhou switched on the computer, then inserted the U disk in. Before long, images appeared on the screen.

Shen Xi moved nearer to He Zhi Zhou, looked seriously at the computer screen.

As before, there were the sea, starry sky and yacht. But it was more complicated and detailed than last time. He Zhi Zhou found all the news on the abnormalities of the starry sky on that day and produced a Stellarium simulation.

Shen Xi has always been a great follower. Although she cannot understand anything, she still praised highly by saying: “Big brother He, you’re truly awesome.”

“Really? But I still have not made much progress.” From childhood to adulthood, He Zhi Zhou has never have any problem which he cannot solve on his own. Thus it was false to say that he was not depressed this time. He could not even remember what happened on that day after he jumped into the sea to save Shen Xi.

“When you fell into the sea on that day, did you feel anything wrong?” He Zhi Zhou turned around to ask Shen Xi.

“No, I just felt like I’ve taken a nap ah. When I woke up, my whole body felt full of strength, especially energetic.” Shen Xi cautiously said it, fearing that He Zi Zhou felt psychologically unbalanced.

He Zhi Zhou turned his lips upwards, he has been used to it.

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou pretending to appear relaxed, her heart started to feel uncomfortable. However she was also a pig like team-mate. Suddenly she blinked: “I recall now … Actually, I also had a dream and you were in it.”

“What dream?” He Zhi Zhou lifted his eyes slightly.

“Yes ah.” Because Shen Xi was lying, she blinked her eyes again. But in order to give He Zhi Zhou a little hope, she continued to weave a dream: “I dreamed that big brother He was riding a white horse ……” (Alluding to Xuanzang in Journey to the West)

After hearing the beginning, He Zhi Zhou cannot bear to continue listening: “So go on a pilgrimage to India on a quest for the Buddhist scriptures?”

Shen Xi hated being interrupted, so she unhappily grabbed He Zhi Zhou’s hand and motioned him to be a little more serious.

He Zhi Zhou was leaning on the sofa and decided to continue listening to Shen Xi.

Shen Xi said: “You were riding a white horse and holding a golden longbow. Facing the sky and shooting the arrows, looking especially majestic.”

“Going on a pilgrimage to India on a quest for the Buddhist scriptures has become Houyi shooting down the suns?” He Zhi Zhou laughed.

Shen Xi also laughed. She bluffed He Zhi Zhou in the hope that he will not waste time on an insoluble problem. In the face of difficult problem, she and He Zhi Zhou were representatives of two different kinds of people. He Zhi Zhou must solve the problem. As for her, if she can solve, she will solve but if she cannot solve then she won’t bother with it.

“I guess, you must have killed too many in your previous life, so God made you become a woman this life.” Shen Xi said, while supporting half of the face with one hand.

He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi: “Then how about you?”

Shen Xi rolled her eyes: “Can it be that I was a very good person in my previous life, so God specially arranged for you to help me to pass CET-4 ?”

The corner of He Zhi Zhou’s mouth twitched slightly. He was leaning lazily on the sofa.

Compared with He Zhi Zhou, Shen Xi was an optimist.  She squatted on the floor and looked expectantly at He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, if we do not switch back quickly, can you help me to take the civil service exam so that I can feel proud and elated ah?”

“Civil servant?” He Zhi Zhou crossed his arms on the chest and said ruthlessly: “In the future, you’ll definitely be a vermin at home, why you still want to be a nation’s vermin?”

Shen Xi unhappily pouted.

He Zhi Zhou moved his fingers and pressed Shen Xi’s pouty mouth down without any expression.

Shen Xi pouted once again.

He Zhi Zhou pressed again. In the end, he pressed until the fingertip was moist, feelings of restlessness stirring in his heart.

Shen Xi felt weird, so she quickly stood up to sit properly. After a while, overcame with boredom, she asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, have you been to an internet cafe?”

He Zhi Zhou nodded: “Yes, especially common during senior high school.”

Shen Xi looked admiringly at He Zhi Zhou: “Then how can you still pass the university entrance exam to enter S University? Lin Yu Tang was very serious in his studies throughout the entire high school years, and basically spent them doing practice exam papers.”

He Zhi Zhou looked directly at Shen Xi for a moment. The expression in Shen Xi’s eyes sparked an urge in him to confide. He was not accustomed to talking about himself, nor did he like to deliberately pretend to be witty. However, right in this moment, he was just a childish man who was trying to boast about himself in front of the girl he fancied.

“I fell in love with online gaming when I was in senior school year three, practically spending everyday in an internet cafe. Then one day I was caught on the spot by the Dean of Teaching and Learning and sent back to school.” He Zhi Zhou said, he once again recalled those days, the heart felt a bit inconceivable.

“Then?” Shen Xi opened her mouth big. Although her grades were poor, she has always been a well-behaved student who will not cause trouble.

He Zhi Zhou smiled: “Wrote a 1000-word letter of self-reflection and apology. Then on Monday, I had to stand beneath the school flag as punishment and reflect on my actions.”

Shen Xi was enthralled by what she had heard because she did not expect He Zhi Zhou will have this kind of experience. She was under the impression that he was the same as Lin Yu Tang, a model student since young, either a class monitor or committee member of the study group.

“Then, did you self-reflect?” Shen Xi asked.

“Already reflected, but that letter really made things difficult for me, Later, my class teacher helped me to write it.” He Zhi Zhou lifted the corners of his mouth, while looking at Shen Xi.

After hearing that, Shen Xi felt He Zhi Zhou was bragging. How was it possible that the class teacher helped him to write it.

He Zhi Zhou continued to say: “Because after the self-reflection, it was the outstanding student commending assembly. As the top student in my year, I also have to go on stage to share my thoughts on learning and studying.”

Shen Xi grew gleeful at this, her mind conjuring up the image of He Zhi Zhou’s cocky expression as he read out his 1000-word self-reflection and apology letter, walked down off the stage, then walked back up to share his thoughts and experiences on learning and studying. No matter how things went, the face of the Dean of Teaching and Learning must have turned green.

Shen Xi laughed until stomach pain. There was also a trace of a smile on He Zhi Zhou’s facial features. He had passed through that period of young and frivolous time, but this was the first time he mentioned these past event to another person. He seemed to see that aloof and proud self of yesteryear again.

He thought highly of himself, so much so that he felt he did not need relative, friend, and even lover for a lifetime.

…….Lover? He Zhi Zhou turned his head to look beside him at Shen Xi. Did “lover” mean… the person whom he wished to love?

© 2013-2017 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Yu Tang treated Ling Chao Xi dinner, but she only ate a little. Whereas because of the nausea, he can’t even eat a bite. He kept thinking about He Zhi Zhou’s angry and frustrated words “Lin Yu Tang, you bastard.”

Was he a bastard?

How was he a bastard? He Zhi Zhou stole his girlfriend, but turned the tables to say that he was a bastard?!

Lin Yu Tang was feeling irritated, also a little disgusted. But all these while, he dared not think of He Zhi Zou’s watery eyes.

Crazy! crazy!

Lin Yu Tang returned to the dormitory, surprisingly he did not see He Zhi Zhou. Monkey and Brawny were sitting on the desk and copying He Zhi Zhou’s homework. Lin Yu Tang approached them and flipped through He Zhi Zhou’s homework. That’s right, still his original handwriting.

“Such heavy rain, where has the Leader gone?” Brawny said in a worried tone.

Lin Yu Tang looked at the heavy rain outside the balcony: “He’s a big man, so what are you worried about?”

While writing at a tremendous speed, Monkey said: “Third, do you think the Leader is a bit crooked?”

Lin Yu Tang went to his seat, he did not want to participate in such discussion.

Brawny liked such discussion, so he continued to say: “I think the Leader is crooked. The day before yesterday, he patted my buttocks and suggested that I do more hourglass figure workout.”

Monkey was silent for a while: “How do you feel?”

A wretched smile appeared on Brawny’s face: “If the object is the Leader, I’ll consider it.”

“Get lost!” Monkey put down his pen and looked at Lin Yu Tang: “Third, how about your feeling?”

Alarm bell started to ring in Lin Yu Tang’s heart, but he still looked calm and collected: “You don’t simply say nonsense.”

“How is it saying nonsense?” Brawny continued to say jokingly, “I now seriously suspect that the Leader suddenly stole Third’s girlfriend, not because he likes Beautiful Maiden Shen, but because he likes Third.”

Monkey: “……”

Brawny said with a sigh: “The Leader loves the hard way.”

A casual remark sounds significant to a sensitive listener. Lin Yu Tang really flew into a rage, the heart suddenly burned like a fire flaring up. He almost banged the table to stand up: “All of you are sick!” He walked out to the balcony and saw Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou walking back together.

Xi Xi sending He Zhi Zhou back?

Lin Yu Tang asked Monkey for a cigarette, the mood was ruined.

© 2013-2017 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi brought back four pounds of crayfish as supper for Monkey and Brawny. Lin Yu Tang did not want to face He Zhi Zhou, so he went to bed early and closed his eyes to feign sleep.

The three people ate happily, eating and chatting at the same time.

Brawny: “Very delicious, let’s finish it.”

Monkey: “No problem, since Third has already slept.”

Shen Xi: “No way, should still leave some for Lin Yu Tang because he likes to eat crayfish ……”

Lin Yu Tang wished he can jump out of the bed: he did not want him to leave anything!

In the dead of night, Lin Yu Tang was lying quietly in bed, the dormitory also quiet. Supposedly, he was the only person awake.

“Tang Tang, hate ……”

Suddenly, vague muttering can be heard from the upper bunk bed, Lin Yu Tang’s whole body froze.

This time, he did not hold on to any wishful thinking. He was about to face a serious problem, he must take it to heart to look for Shen Xi to discuss about it.

© 2013-2017 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated only for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On the next day, Shen Xi got up early. Because she wanted to accompany He Zhi Zhou to a children’s welfare home in the outskirts of S city, to teach the children dance. This was her promise to Young Volunteers Centre for this semester. They had already rehearsed half of the “Tooth Brushing Dance”and today was another rehearsal day.

She spoke to He Zhi Zhou about this yesterday. Although He Zhi Zhou did not look agreeable, he also did not refuse.

After getting off the car, she took He Zhi Zhou into the children’s welfare home. Then He Zhi Zhou was quickly surrounded by the children, boys and girls enthusiastically called him “sister Shen Xi”.

He Zhi Zhou stood still and was frowning.

Shen Xi quickly stepped forward, tilted her head and said in a very cute way: “Brother He will teach you dancing today, okay?”

“No—— ” The children practically spoke in unison.

Shen Xi was disappointed, but she has her own way. She stretched out her arms and swayed softly a few times, before putting her hands on the head to act as a rabbit: “You really don’t want to watch me dance?”

He Zhi Zhou turned his body, as he could not bear to look directly at “his” silly appearance. Finally, the children around him was attracted to Shen Xi. Before long, Shen Xi happily took them to the dance room.

He Zhi Zhou felt the urge to smoke. He found a wall in the back garden, leaning there, he lit a cigarette. He believed Shen Xi was very suitable to be a dance teacher, so an engineer with a dance teacher?

A seemingly good match …..

Suddenly, sound can be heard from his pocket. He Zhi Zhou glanced at the name displayed on the screen and pressed the answer button.

“Xi Xi … …” Lin Yu Tang’s voice came through the telephone receiver.

He Zhi Zhou took a puff on a cigarette: “What’s up?”

Lin Yu Tang sounded a little off: “Where are you?”

“Gu Yuan Children’s Welfare Home, giving dance lesson to the children here.” He Zhi Zhou said.

“Is He Zhi Zhou with you?” Lin Yu Tang sounded very emotional, with unconcealed anger.

He Zhi Zhou blew a beautiful smoke ring: “Yes, we are together.”

Lin Yu Tang was really emotional. He was angry at Shen Xi and disgusted by He Zhi Zhou. But this time, he can finally get Xi Xi to keep away from He Zhi Zhou. He cleared his throat and said earnestly: “Xi Xi, you can’t be together with He Zhi Zhou because he does not really like you.”

He Zhi Zhou was leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette and did not speak.

Lin Yu Tang painfully rubbed his forehead, not knowing whether or not to speak out: “Believe me, He Zhi Zhou does not like you   …… he is merely using you …… he ……”

He Zhi Zhou did not want to listen anymore, he said: “Since there is nothing important, I’ll hang up.”

“Shen Xi, don’t you dare hang up the phone.” Lin Yu Tang took a deep breath and in his anxiousness finally roared out, “He Zhi Zhou simply does not like you, the one he likes …… is me!”

He likes me …

He likes me …

He likes me …

WTF! He Zhi Zhou was stunned, choked on his cigarette and started to cough violently.


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