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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 6.5


Tea or coffee? Lin Yu Tang or He Zhi Zhou? Many readers kept asking me when will they swap back. Be patient, we are not even half way through the novel. But I’ll tell you it will happen in chapter 7 🙂

Chapter 6.5 — The Person He Likes Is Me 

Lin Yu Tang made coffee early in the morning. The rich aromatic coffee was like the morning music drifting away. Shen Xi sniffed several times and said to Lin Yu Tang: “Third, what is the brand of your very aromatic coffee?”

Lin Yu Tang knew Shen Xi wanted to drink. He stirred the coffee and casually replied: “A foreign brand given by uncle Shen to my dad. I took a small box from my dad.”

It turned out to be from Shen Jian Guo, that old foodie. Ah, no wonder the smell was pretty good. Shen Xi purposely asked: “Who is uncle Shen?”

Lin Yu Tang sat down: “My future father-in-law.”

Shen Xi snorted and reacted quickly: “Wrong, he is my father-in-law.”

Lin Yu Tang calmly turned his head.

Shen Xi did not argue further with Lin Yu Tang. After wearing her pants, she carefully climbed down from the upper bunk. She wanted to drink coffee, so she walked to Lin Yu Tang and sized him up. But she refused to say that she would also like to drink coffee.

Lin Yu Tang also did not take the initiative to offer her. Finally, Shen Xi looked a few times, then has no choice but to go to the bathroom to wash the face and rinse the mouth. When she came out, she saw a cup of brewed coffee on her desk.

She looked at Lin Yu Tang, a little touched. She did not expect Lin Yu Tang to treat his love rival so well, did he put poison in it?

Lin Yu Tang sorted out the books on his desktop, casually said: “Let you drink.”

“Thank you ah.” Shen Xi happily sat down, held the coffee and sniffed it. Then she took a sip. How can there be no snack to go along with such aromatic coffee. Thus, she opened the cookie box on the table, took a piece and dipped it in the coffee before eating it. At the same time, she generously offered some to Lin Yu Tang: “These taste pretty good, try them.”

“Thank you.” Lin Yu Tang took the cookie and turned around to ask Shen Xi, “He Zhi Zhou, normally you don’t eat sweet stuff?”

Shen Xi blinked her eyes and quickly explained: “That’s because I have not tasted them before. Now that I had tried them, I discovered sweet stuff is so delicious.”

“Okay” Lin Yu Tang said.

Brawny and Monkey also woke up. Monkey sat up squinting. Seeing the Leader and Third drinking coffee and eating cookies together, he felt that his eyes must have seen wrongly. He rubbed his eyes again, to be sure that he did not see wrongly.

Yesterday, Third lost $800 to the Leader, could it be that it produced good feelings between them!?

Unlike Monkey, Brawny’s focus was on the cookie. He moved his head and said, “I also want.”

Lin Yu Tang did not respond, only Shen Xi kindly picked up a cookie and asked: “Can you eat without brushing your teeth?”

Brawny opened his mouth and nodded, looking like a big white pig crying piteously for food: “Want want want!”

“Okay.” Shen Xi continuously fed Brawny two cookies. Then she carefully handed him a paper towel. Brawny wiped his mouth, felt satisfied and went back to sleep.

Lin Yu Tang unhappily walked out to the balcony. When he came back in, Shen Xi had already gone out.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi went for her morning run, then feeling refreshed, she bought breakfast from the cafeteria. At 7 o’clock sharp, she appeared downstairs of the female dorm room 636. When she looked up, she saw He Zhi Zhou standing on the balcony like a celestial being.

Dude! (Calling someone 小样 (Xiǎo Yàng) is a mild insult but also used as an affectionate term) Can act like a pretentious prick even when waiting for his breakfast …… she waved at He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou stood on the balcony at half past six to wait for his breakfast, so he had waited for half an hour. He really has not met a woman like Shen Xi, who kept her promise to come and deliver his breakfast at 7:00 every day without fail.

Shen Xi took out her phone and sent a cordial greeting text message: “My queen, did you sleep well last night?”

Queen …… haha ……

He Zhi Zhou looked at the message, then replied: “If no one is grinding her teeth (during sleep) at night, talking in her sleep and talking on the phone until middle of the night, it would be good.”

Shen Xi laughed at the text message. The one grinding her teeth was probably Dou Dou, the one talking in her sleep was certainly Chen Han, as for the one talking on the phone until very late at night was Xia Wei Ye. She did a “must hang in there” gesture at He Zhi Zhou, the corners of her mouth kept turning upwards.

The golden dawn light illuminated the earth through the clouds. He Zhi Zhou was standing on top, looking down on Shen Xi, feeling that her smile was like this clear and bright sunlight, brushing away the dark clouds in his heart. He looked at her one last time, turned around and walked out of the dormitory.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the early morning, the normal college campus was a little quieter than S University, because on average the ‘flunky student’ (xue zha in Chinese refers to someone who doesn’t like to study with relatively poor result) gets up slightly later than the ‘studyholic to student’ (xue ba is a Chinese internet term that refers to someone who is both intelligent and diligent, someone with extremely good results at study). But there was also early bird in the normal college, because CET exam was around the corner. Such as someone got up early to memorize past English exam answers under the sweet smelling camphor tree, which was located next to the basketball court.

Shen Xi took a look and discovered that the early bird was Chen Han.

Chen Han also seemed to have seen her. After all, they were roommates who had not seen each other for a long time. She smiled at Chen Han and was about to wave to her, but pain could be felt at the back.

Why every time has to pinch the same spot, cannot change place!? Then Shen Xi turned, hammered her fist on He Zhi Zhou and said angrily: “Yesterday, when I was bathing, I saw bruising on the back, can’t you take it easy?”

Speaking of which, from young, Shen Xi had never been afraid of being beaten. From the kindergarten, she was “gloriously” selected into sports school. Although in the end she was sent back because she ate and cried too much, the rigorous training in sports school developed her good habit of not afraid of being beaten. Otherwise, when she was in primary school, she would not have waited to be beaten after school.

In the face of Shen Xi’s questioning, He Zhi Zhou turned his face slightly. He felt a little uncomfortable when she mentioned “bathing” so lightly. After a while, he said: “I pinched myself, so what is the problem?”

What a jerk! Okay. Shen Xi held out her two claws, pinched He Zhi Zhou on the left and right, made threatening gestures and said: “Then I also want to pinch myself.”

After swapping body, He Zhi Zhou has become more ticklish. When Shen Xi laid her hands on him, he felt itchy and uncomfortable. He looked deeply at Shen Xi, he has no choice but to forcefully grab her two hands, then said: “Okay, stop here.”

Okay, stop here.

Hearing his helpless and compromise tone, it suddenly made Shen Xi curbed her newly arise arrogance. Her hands were firmly held by He Zhi Zhou, his palm temperature and strength made her feel uncomfortable.

Then, she started to behave like a lady sitting beside He Zhi Zhou, no, it should be gentleman.

She looked at He Zhi Zhou, clueless as to why there was a voice causing a huge ruckus in her heart just now. Feeling ill at ease all over, she looked at Chen Han, who was memorizing past English exam answers, and said: “Big Brother He, do you also want to memorize?

He Zhi Zhou did not want to respond to Shen Xi’s senseless question, but he still answered her question. After a long time, he said: “If we don’t swap back before the CET exam , you don’t need to worry about the exam.”

No need to worry about the exam …… any words more touching than this? Shen Xi nodded like a chicken pecking the rice. S  University’s god He taking the exam for her, so what was there for her to worry about ah. Shen Xi quickly kissed up to him: “I am afraid my result will be too good, resulting in the head of the department coming to look for me to have a talk.”

Ha ha. He Zhi Zhou stood up, walked two steps, turned his head and said, “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you something, I’ve bought a ticket to fly to Qingdao this weekend.”

Oh no ——

Shen Xi moaned and pulled He Zhi Zhou’s hand: “Can’t it be after CET exam?”

He Zhi Zhou gave Shen Xi an expression that meant cannot. Shen Xi did not want to force the issue, so she asked: “Big brother He, do you have confident?”

Who will have confident with this bizarre matter, He Zhi Zhou just said: “Try our luck la.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Luck is a mysterious thing.

When they first swapped bodies, Shen Xi had felt she must be unlucky to the extreme for her soul to travel into a man’s body. After using it, she has feelings for He Zhi Zhou’s body now. Could this be what they called someone who was “at home wherever one is”? 

If this was the case, she was someone who was at home wherever she was!

He Zhi Zhou told Shen Xi a piece of news: “Teacher Wen has announced, that your spot in the main dance during the college anniversary celebration will be given to Chen Han.”

“Oh.” Shen Xi was not surprised that teacher Wen had made such an arrangement. She liked to look good in the eyes of others, waved her hand and said: “Let her change la, but the college anniversary celebration without me, all of a sudden, will make people have nothing to look forward to.”

He Zhi Zhou sneered lightly.

Shen Xi thought He Zhi Zhou did not believe her so she immediately logged on to the school BBS (Bulletin Board System). There was a post on the program list that people most anticipated at the college anniversary celebration, her “red silk dance” has always been ranked first.

She tried to find it for a long time but still failed. He Zhi Zhou took her mobile phone, casually pulled her hand and said: “No need to find, I believe you.”

Shen Xi gave up looking.

The reason why He Zhi Zhou did not let Shen Xi continue to find was, because after the news was released, the post on Shen Xi’s “red silk dance” has become Chen Han’s “Ta Yao Niang” (Ta Yao means “to step and sing.” So the name of this is actually literally, “Step and Sing Woman.”) Thus everyone’s attention was also diverted. So “red silk dance” lost its number one spot as the most anticipated program on the list.

Regarding whether getting to dance or not at the college anniversary celebration, it was false to say that Shen Xi was not feeling sad in her heart. This year’s “red silk dance” has been rearranged by her to bring forth new ideas. She has prepared for nearly three months for this dance ……

In this world, there is nothing more frustrating than working hard for nothing.

Hence, Shen Xi was a little unhappy today, unhappy while attending class, unhappy while walking and also unhappy while eating which was supposed to be the happiest time for her.

However, she will not show her unhappiness, just talk less than usual.

He Zhi Zhou put down the chopsticks: “Can’t you still dance after we’ve swapped back our bodies?”

“I can.” Shen Xi was lying on the table, “But if I do that, Chen Han will be disappointed, her ego is bigger than the queen’s ego.”

He Zhi Zhou nodded, Chen Han was indeed such a person.

Shen Xi turned her attention to the untouched pork chop on He Zhi Zhou’s plate and said to him: “Don’t you want to eat anymore?”

He Zhi Zhou shook his head: “Already full.”

Shen Xi sighed: “Then I’ll help you to eat it.”

He Zhi Zhou coughed lightly, spread out his hand and said: “Help yourself.”

After hearing He Zhi Zhou’s “help yourself”, all of a sudden Shen Xi’s mood became better. She glanced at He Zhi Zhou a few times, happily eating the pork chop, clueless as to why she really wanted to laugh.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi went back to dorm room 921 in the afternoon to take a nap but the air conditioner had broken down. Monkey and Brawny took off their shirts one after another. Seeing this, Shen Xi was tempted, but she really did not dare to take it off. At most, she only lifted up her shirt to fan herself incessantly.

Shen Xi’s half naked appearance, attracted Brawny’s attention even more. When Shen Xi saw Brawny looking at her with a “weird” expression, she quickly pulled down the shirt.

Brawny was studying his abdominal muscle, he sighed loudly: “I’ll increase my training and get six pack abs soon.” Then he grinned: “Leader, do you have abdominal muscle?”

“Yes ah.” Shen Xi took exception and said, “A lot.”

Brawny who only has four abdominal muscle felt he has been insulted, asked again: “A lot means how many?”

Shen Xi looked at Brawny: “Eight.”

Brawny was not convinced, he stressed that: “Few men have eight pack abs.”

Shen Xi patted Brawny’s shoulder: “This shows that I am a man among men.”

Brawny: “……”

Abdominal muscle, this kind of purely menfolk’s topic, Monkey also came to join in the fun. But he was so thin, with only eight ribs. In the end, unable to take the blows to his ego, he continued to play video games.

Brawny still did not believe that He Zhi Zhou has eight pack abs, but he only has four. How could the slenderly-handsome Leader have 8? If that really was true, then his whole world was overturned!

“I want to examine it!” Brawny said.

What Shen Xi hated most about Brawny, was when he did not have some thing, he’ll say all the men in the world also did not have it. She impatiently unbuttoned her shirt and said to Brawny: “Come and count for yourself. If there is no 8 abs, I’ll jump down from here.” As early as last week, while taking bath, she counted the number of He Zhi Zhou’s abdominal muscles …… Eight abs, not one less!

Brawny stretched out his fingers, unwilling to give up, started to count: “One, two, three, four, five, six ……”

At the same time, Lin Yu Tang who had been in the library looking up all kinds of bizarre events, came back to the dormitory. When he was about to enter the door, he saw Brawny was counting Shen Xi’s abdominal muscles, he almost fainted at the doorway ……

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, nearly everyone in dorm room 921 was taking an afternoon nap. Only Lin Yu Tang’s eyes were still open, staring at the bunk above. He was thinking over the respective consequences of confronting and laying everything out in the open or not. If he did lay it all out in the open, then there would forever be a He Zhi Zhou between he and Shen Xi. If he did not confront her, was he going to let Shen Xi go on with these ridiculous antics?!

Lin Yu Tang was at a loss so he got up. He stood in front of Shen Xi’s bed and held out a hand to push her.

Shen Xi turned her body, but did not wake up.

Lin Yu Tang patted her again.

Shen Xi opened her eyes that were groggy with sleep and saw Lin Yu Tang. After being awakened for no reason, her temper flared, especially because she was in front of a friend. With a grumble, she gave a haughty kick with her left leg against the bed board and turned her derriere toward Lin Yu Tang.

Lin Yu Tang sat down on his own bed, continuously drank water to cool his temper.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

While taking her nap, Shen Xi had a dream. She simply made up a dream for He Zhi Zhou last time, said that she saw him riding on a high horse. She really dreamed of that scene this time. He Zhi Zhou’s galloping horse treading on a flying swallow, cutting a mighty and successful figure, a lot more handsome than sitting in the Ferrari sports car.

In the dream, he even held out his hand toward her and pulled her gently so that she fell against his strong, firm chest and into his embrace. Oh, such a beautiful scene of love, like peach blossom drifting in flowing waters, of orioles warbling and swallows dancing. Ah, such beauty where the scene has not even had the chance to charm the viewer for the viewer has already charmed herself. Shen Xi woke up once again. She did not know whether it was because the scenery in the dream was too beautiful so she cannot regain her composure. Until a text message sent by He Zhi Zhou appeared on her phone: “We’ll be going to Qingdao tomorrow, let’s watch a movie together tonight.”

To her surprise, some more got movie to watch ….. so good. Could it be the last party? Shen Xi climbed down from the bed, getting ready to go and watch a movie!


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