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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 7.1


Alas, they went on a movie date, so read on to find out how it turned out? Happy Labour Day but I am working 😦

Chapter 7.1 — Teacher, Why Am I Here?

Before going to the movie, she has to make herself presentable. Just because she has become a man, she cannot give up and stop bothering to look good. Sometimes wanting to look beautiful is also a kind of positive attitude toward life.

Shen Xi took out the most pinkish men’s shirt and beige pants from the wardrobe. She changed into them in the bathroom, came out, then sat down on the desk to comb her hair. After that, she took Brawny’s mirror and looked at it for a long time.

The eyes of the man in the mirror were black like ink, but his features were clear like water, sharp nose, thin lips, facial features were refined and chiseled jawline.

Shen Xi stretched out the hand to touch the nose, so high.

She blinked her eyes, tilted her head to look at He Zhi Zhou’s dark, thick and long eyelashes, seemingly not any shorter than her own eyelashes.

She moved her head, even the back of the head also looked good.

Finally, she cupped her two cheeks in her hands, stared and was spellbound by the handsome face in the mirror: “Handsome ah ……”

Suddenly a “sturdy” face appeared in the mirror, all of a sudden affecting the overall style. Shen Xi angrily turned around: “Brawny, why are you thrusting yourself in here?!”

Brawny felt terribly wronged. He had just wanted to take back his mirror to squeeze some zits. Also, why was Leader saying such obscene words? What did he mean by “thrusting in”? Brawny raised his two black eyebrows and said suggestively, “Leader, when did I thrust you?”

“Just now you obviously ……” After saying half of the sentence, Shen Xi felt that something was wrong. Ah ah ah ah ah, she came to a realization, so she chased after Brawny to beat him up.

Brawny dodged left and right, suddenly the heart felt like a return to the school era, playing and goofing around with the girls in the class. He walked to the back of Lin Yu Tang: “Third, help me!”

Lin Yu Tang just looked coldly at Brawny, then frowned and said: “Can you put on your clothes?”

Brawny: “……”

Lin Yu Tang glanced at Shen Xi, stood in the middle of the dormitory and said seriously: “I have a suggestion, from today onward, baring of the chest and exposing of the nipples and other uncivilized behavior will be prohibited in the dorm room.

Shen Xi immediately held up both hands in agreement. As it turned out, she was not the only person with decency, even Tang Tang also has it. She said in agreement: “Let us all behave civilly, foster healthy habits.”

Monkey leaned against the bedhead. For the good image of the dormitory, as the head of the dorm room, he also agreed with Lin Yu Tang and the Leader’s decision. He casually threw a shirt to Zhou Chen: “Brawny, put it on!”

Brawny took the shirt, he was puzzled: “…… What does uncivilized behavior have to do with me not wearing clothes?”

“Of course they’re related.” Shen Xi said mercilessly, “Don’t tell me you don’t know that your body is very uncivilized?”

What is uncivilized body? Brawny frowned, then happiness appeared on his face, he asked uncertainly: “Is wild the opposite of being civilized?”

Wild your head!

The three people in the dormitory no longer pay attention to Brawny. He went to the bathroom, cackling with delighted laughter, and continued to attach himself proudly to the word “wild”.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Initially, dorm room 921 has He Zhi Zhou and Lin Yu Tang at the helm. Basically, it still can be considered a dorm room with a high concentration of male god, but was now developing into a dorm room with a high concentration of silly people.

Shen Xi was going out, holding a shopping bag with her wallet, key, paper towels and a few other things inside. Lin Yu Tang knew she was about to go out, calmly asked: “Where are you going?”

“Watch a movie ah.” Shen Xi replied.

Watch a movie? Watch a movie with who! By using the brain to think, Lin Yu Tang should know who she was watching it with. He was about to say he wanted to go along, Monkey pulled him away and said, “Third, why are you abusing yourself?”

Abusing himself! What kind of abuse was he looking for, he was going crazy, okay?! He struggled, wanting to push Monkey away.

What’s up now? Shen Xi turned around and saw Monkey appeared like he was trying to stop a fight. Thus she thought Lin Yu Tang wanted to come over to beat her up again, so she quickly took the shopping bag and ran out of the door like a gust of wind.

Lin Yu Tang saw until the eyes were red. Monkey felt sorry for him, patted his shoulder and said: “There are plenty more fish in the sea. The Leader and Beautiful Maiden Shen may be just acting, let’s relax!”

Lin Yu Tang roared: “You don’t understand!”

Monkey: “I understand.”

Whenever Lin Yu Tang thought of He Zhi Zhou in Shen Xi’s body, the every day bathing scene will drive him crazy. He blushed and used a profanity: “You don’t know shit!”

Monkey insisted: “I really understand!”

Lin Yu Tang looked at Monkey, he did not want to stay in the dorm room anymore. He was disheartened, took two books and left the dormitory.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou stood at the south gate of S University, he had waited for fifteen minutes. While waiting, three people wolf-whistled at him, but in the end, they all turned well-behaved and shut their mouths.

Shen Xi came up behind He Zhi Zhou. She saw the scene where He Zhi Zhou was being chatted up, the heart felt proud but also strange. Proud that ‘she’ was endowed with natural beauty too hard to hide. Strange that ‘she’ did not expect with a hairstyle like Gao Xiao Song, she was still so popular. Could it be the so-called a different kind of beauty?

She patted He Zhi Zhou’s shoulder, and also pretended to chat up a girl like a boy: “Pretty girl, let your brother me treat you to dinner.”

He Zhi Zhou turned and glared at her, she immediately exercised restraint. Finally she understood why the two boys who tried to chat him up, left obediently. She unkindly laughed, then was led into the taxi by He Zhi Zhou.

In fact, the student activity center in S University has a cinema, the ticket price was only $5. But He Zhi Zhou complained too noisy there.

The ticket price in the cinema in the city was ten times more than the movie theater in the university. When Shen Xi sat in the middle of the cinema, she did not feel it was quieter here compared to the cinema in the university. She can hear gulping sound from the kissing couple in front.

Sounded so seedy and erotic, she shook her head and quietly said to He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, they are so uncivilized.”

He Zhi Zhou looked at the direction as pointed out by Shen Xi, can only say to her: “Just don’t look at them.”

“But ……” Shen Xi was speechless, continued to watch the movie.

The movie was chosen by He Zhi Zhou, a very popular latest science fiction film.

He Zhi Zhou bought a cup of $30 freshly squeeze orange juice for her. While Shen Xi was holding the cup of orange juice, she suddenly thought of the last time she watched a movie. It was also in this cinema where Lin Yu Tang also bought her a cup of orange juice.

In the middle of the movie, Lin Yu Tang went out for a few minutes to make a phone call. When she borrowed Lin Yu Tang’s mobile phone to play, she secretly flipped through his call history and saw it was Ling Chao Xi again.

She jokingly asked Lin Yu Tang: “Tang Tang, who did you call just now?”

Lin Yu Tang answered her: “A high school classmate.”

“Male or female?”

“Female.” Lin Yu Tang handed the orange juice to her and then said in a very normal tone, “Ling Chao Xi, you also know her. She asked me a professional question.”

After that, she stopped asking him more question because she did not want Lin Yu Tang to dislike her. She knew him well, that he did not like interference, and knew his bottom line. Sometimes, the people in the family said Lin Yu Tang was taking care of her, but they did not know, she was also taking care of Lin Yu Tang’s emotions. Sometimes she was tired so lost her temper, but Lin Yu Tang will just treat her like a little girl throwing a tantrum.

Shouldn’t love be comfortable, joyful and unique?

Shen Xi peacefully leaned on the back of a comfortable chair. If she did not become He Zhi Zhou, did not hear Lin Yu Tang answered Ling Chao Xi’s call over and over again, will she be so bothered?

After graduating from college, she will marry Lin Yu Tang, set up a family, and then have children …… she was his little sister who he took care of since young, but also his wife. She believed that Lin Yu Tang will be the best person to take good care of her.

But would Lin Yu Tang ever regret it, that because of her existence, he had never gotten to enjoy the taste of love in this lifetime …… And so, sometimes, he would allow his gaze to fall onto other girls, and he would think that, even if he did not choose to be together with another girl, he still wanted to experience what it was like for his heart to flutter with emotions and attraction.

Shen Xi puckered up her nose, the rim of her eyes were red. He Zhi Zhou glanced at her. She was stuffing some popcorn into her mouth, and then handed it to He Zhi Zhou. He took some and started to eat it.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When the movie finished, nightfall had arrived. The city fell into its rhythm of revelry during these nightlife hours.

Shen Xi stood under the bright and multicolored advertising lights. At a glance, He Zhi Zhou can easily see her red eye socket. After Shen Xi finished drinking the orange juice and threw the cup into the recycle bin, He Zhi Zhou asked her: “Do you feel that the movie is sad?”

Shen Xi did not expect He Zhi Zhou to be an expert in observing mood, she turned and said: “I am just worried about tomorrow ……”

“Don’t worry.” He Zhi Zhou put his hand on the back of Shen Xi and said with a calm tone.

Shen Xi nodded and said in agreement: “I know big brother He will find a way.”

“No.” He Zhi Zhou denied that “because worrying is useless.”

This person …… Shen Xi glanced at He Zhi Zhou, why did she feel He Zhi Zhou was in a slightly better frame of mind. Shen Xi smiled, having a light and springy step. Her train of thought has always changed very quickly, watching the young people coming and going on the sidewalk, she asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, what is your ideal monthly salary expectation after graduation?”

He Zhi Zhou really cannot keep up with Shen Xi’s leapfrog thinking, he asked her a question in reply: “What about you?”

Shen Xi seriously thought about it, all five fingers stretched out and proudly said: “A monthly salary of five thousand.”

This expectation was really low, He Zhi Zhou asked her: “Is it enough for you to survive?”

Can you not ask such a sad question, because she might not be able to find a five thousand salary job. Shen Xi walked from the left side of He Zhi Zhou to his right: “Big brother He, quickly say your ideal monthly salary, I have higher goal.”

He Zhi Zhou really has not thought about an ideal monthly salary, but he had already received a few offers. One of the company was an information science and technology company which he provided technical advice for before. They invited him to join them after graduation, and offered an annual salary of half a million, plus year-end bonus.

He Zhi Zhou used a simple way to tell this to Shen Xi. He really did not feel an annual salary of RMB500,000 was a big deal. If he was to start his own business, it will far exceed this figure.

When Shen Xi heard this, she was very excited.

“Big brother He, we must become good friends ah.” She pulled He Zhi Zhou’s hand, sucked up to him and asked: “After we’ve changed back, will you still care about me?”

He Zhi Zhou turned to look at Shen Xi whose expression was like a puppy, touched her head: “Hard to say.”

Shen Xi whined and grumbled, pestering He Zhi Zhou and talking incessantly. “He Zhi Zhou, you cannot behave like this, you know? It’s wrong of you to be like this …… No matter what, the two of us have been through thick and thin together. It can be said that we’re the world’s two people most bounded by fate.”

He Zhi Zhou, when you become successful in the future, you really will not take care of me?” Shen Xi was unwilling to give up, as long as He Zhi Zhou did not give her a definite answer, she will continue to ask.

“Don’t really want to take care because you are too troublesome.” He Zhi Zhou purposely said that. He felt Shen Xi was noisy, but he also felt a little happy about it.

He accelerated the pace, Shen Xi also followed him to speed up the pace. She lowered the request a little bit, continued to chatter and ask questions about the future: “He Zhi Zhou, don’t tell me when we run into each other in the future, you won’t even treat me to eat a meal?”

“Not treating.”

“You are such a miser! In the future, if I ask you to help me over trivial matters as small as sesame seeds, you also will not help me?”

“Not helping.”

“Then will you introduce a good boyfriend to me?”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Ah ah ah ah, you cannot behave like this ah …… hey …… wait for me first ……”


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