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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 7.2


Hippie hooray, we’ve reached the half way mark of the novel. Only after such a long time, I managed to translate half of the novel 😦 This novel is really long. What will happen to He Zhi Zhou and Shen Xi in Qingdao? Will they swap back their bodies?

Chapter 7.2 — Teacher, Why Am I Here?

In the subway, on the back to the university, there was only one empty seat left next to a young couple. Naturally, He Zhi Zhou let Shen Xi sit down. Shen Xi felt embarrassed and waved her hand: “I am a man ……”

The sentence most hated by He Zhi Zhou was “I am a man”, which was always uttered by Shen Xi. He glared at her, Shen Xi immediately sat down obediently, and then patted her knees, looked up and asked: “How about you sit on my lap?”

“Next time la.” He Zhi Zhou said, and then turned his head indifferently.

Shen Xi was bewildered, is there next time for such matter?

The subway ride from the city center to University City would need more than 20 minutes. She was bored so she looked at the advertisements broadcast in the subway, such as where there were new properties for sale, with descriptions like “a respectable place above the rest where you can look down upon this thriving city”, “the dream home of the city’s elite”…… Shen Xi sighed, and then she heard the tut-tut sounds of a girl beside her. She looked in the direction of the sound and saw the girl sitting next to her giving her a contemptuous look.

Shen Xi was suffering from pent-up frustration. Although she understood why they looked at her with disdain, she still said in a rightful manner: “My girlfriend dotes on me, cannot ah?”

Oh, scum! The young couple continued to look at her with disdain without listening to her.

Out in a public place, a contemptuous look was often far more powerful than any verbal attack. Shen Xi was so angry she wanted to stamp her feet: “You!” Then, He Zhi Zhou took her head in his hand and forcibly turned it to look away.

“Don’t bother about them.” He Zhi Zhou said, his tone calm and collected. Then he brought his left hand that had been on her head down to her shoulder, letting his arm rest down in an assertive, yet natural posture.

Shen Xi felt content.

While coming out from the subway station, Shen Xi walked in front of He Zhi Zhou. She mimicked the disgusting expression of the couple. He Zhi Zhou praised her: “Acting like Monkey.”

Shen Xi thought He Zhi Zhou praised her acting skill, she immediately said: “Big brother He, do you think I am suitable to be an artiste?”

“Not suitable.” He Zhi Zhou quickly gave his reply.

Shen Xi stopped asking because she remembered some thing: The reason why this year’s anniversary celebration program arrangement was so competitive, was because a big shot in the media industry had been invited as the honored guest. This big shot intended to use a newcomer in his 3D ancient movie next year, so he specifically coming over to pick a leading lady who can dance.

This was a rare opportunity, everyone also wanted the role. Shen Xi with her head down, walked on the roadside, she looked up again and asked: “But many people told me that I can rely on my face to earn a living ah.”

“An artiste not only relies on the face, but also on the brain.” He Zhi Zhou said mercilessly, and then did a little analysis for Shen Xi. For example, being an artiste is very risky, she may not be able to become a star, at most a bit-part actress; In addition, artistes who depend on the face to earn a living, have to endure even greater pressure.

“Do you mind that you become popular due to the scolding?” He asked her, “The kind of scolding which will even involve your future husband?”

He Zhi Zhou went so far as to consider the problem with her future husband …… Well, what he said was reasonable. Shen Xi felt that she had better resigned to her fate, set finding a job with a monthly salary of five thousand as the goal.

“Moreover, relying on the face to earn a living is not necessarily to become an artiste.” He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi’s lowered head, changing the topic under discussion.

Shen Xi looked up: “For example?

“For example, marrying a good husband.” He Zhi Zhou calmly said out the answer.

Shen Xi laughed, she did not expect He Zhi Zhou to give such a down to earth answer, but it looked like this was really the case. She said to He Zhi Zhou: “I’ll make an extra effort.”

He Zhi Zhou: “It is useless to make an extra effort.”

Shen Xi: “……”

While walking, He Zhi Zhou said: “This depends on fate.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

They will be going to Qingdao tomorrow.

At night, Shen Xi did not dare to openly pack her luggage in dorm room 921. Only when Monkey, Brawny and Lin Yu Tang were not present, she rummaged through He Zhi Zhou’s wardrobe. Then she dug out a dark blue swimming trunks, which was left behind by He Zhi Zhou. She pondered if she wanted to bring it along ……

She sent a text message to He Zhi Zhou, kindly reminded him: “Big brother He, my swimwear is still in my white suitcase.”

In the end, the poor text messages, was once again being mercilessly ignored.

Shen Xi examined He Zhi Zhou’s swimming trunks, feeling a bit too small. An image of He Zhi Zhou wearing this swimming trunks in Qingdao last time, looking like a body-fitting whale, appeared in her mind. But there was a place because of tightness appeared a little indecent, so she decided to buy a loose one after arriving in Qingdao.

Late at night, Shen Xi was lying on the bed and unable to sleep, tossing and turning to think about some serious issues. Finally she wrote all the happenings in the private journal in the mobile phone, the password was set as 1234.

After storing the “secret” in the mobile phone, she wanted to praise herself.

Brawny and Monkey’s snoring sound can be heard in the dormitory. The two seemed to be trying to match strength, with one sounding like “hoo, hoo, hoo” and the other “hurr, hurr, hurr,” complementing one another with a very rhythmic feel.

Lin Yu Tang slept on the lower bunk, he can feel there was light on the upper bunk. Thus he guessed that Shen Xi was still playing with the phone and asked: “Not asleep yet?”

Lin Yu Tang’s voice came through from the lower bunk, Shen Xi turned her body, not expecting Lin Yu Tang to be still awake. She popped her head out of the bed and looked down at the lower bunk. Through the dull light, she can vaguely see Lin Yu Tang’s eyes were still opened, like a clear pond under the moonlight.

“I have something on my mind, so can’t sleep.” She said softly to Lin Yu Tang.

Lin Yu Tang’s heart tightened, he said: “You can tell me about it.”

Shen Xi hesitated for a while, and then felt having a conversation like this was difficult, so she asked softly: “Can I come down to tell you?”

Lin Yu Tang subconsciously treated He Zhi Zhou as Shen Xi, so not only he did not disagree, his tone of voice was also very gentle: “Okay, you can come down.”

Shen Xi lifted up her quilt, quietly climbed down from the upper bunk. She was wearing only a singlet and flowers shorts. She landed smoothly on the back of Lin Yu Tang’s bed, looking like a big cat. Little by little, she crawled toward where Lin Yu Tang was sleeping.

Shen Xi moved a little at a time. On the other end, Lin Yu Tang also kept telling himself: The “He Zhi Zhou” in front was “Shen Xi”, stop being at a loss, he should face it courageously!

Finally, Shen Xi reached Lin Yu Tang’s side, then heaved a sigh of relief: “I am here ……”

Lin Yu Tang unnaturally moved his face to look at the other side.

On the quiet night, the snoring continued, Brawny and Monkey were still sleeping soundly on the opposite side. Shen Xi lifted the quilt, very deftly wrapped Lin Yu Tang’s quilt around herself, intended to exchange confidences by whispering to Lin Yu Tang. In short, cannot let Monkey and Brawny hear.

But how can two one point eight meters men lie down on the bed frame in the male dormitory? The moment when Shen Xi came in, no matter what, Lin Yu Tang prepared himself mentally. But his whole body still shuddered, the body stretched tight.

“Lin Yu Tang, I have a secret to tell you.” Shen Xi moved her head closer, lying beside Lin Yu Tang’s ear, she began to whisper.

“… Tell me.” Lin Yu Tang was feeling very ticklish.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At the same time, the wind started to blow outside. The night wind outside lifted up a corner of the dormitory curtains. The silver mist-like moonlight immediately shone into the room. Lin Yu Tang forced himself to turn his head, and then he saw on the left side, “He Zhi Zhou’s” face, gradually change from being blurred to clear. “He” was propping “his” head like a mermaid. Although there was an innocent look on her, her long legs under the quilt were blatantly placed in an unflattering pose.

What was more, the warm breaths from both of them swirled about in that cramped space, like tinder that would ignite. All of a sudden Lin Yu Tang’s brain seized. In this moment, he simply could not accept such a scene, and his leg shot out directly.


A loud noise can be heard. Shen Xi who was intending to explain the whole thing, was kicked out of bed by Lin Yu Tang.

“Tang …… Pain (pronounced as teng in Mandarin) ……” Tang Tang, two tone. When Shen Xi’s buttocks hit the ground, the second ‘Tang” came out as “Teng”. WTH! This was the first time that she was kicked out of bed.

Shen Xi fiercely glared at Lin Yu Tang who was trying to explain himself. Enduring the “burning” pain and with great difficulty, she climbed up. Then she moved the legs and climbed back to the upper bunk.

She will never believe Lin Yu Tang, no longer wanted to talk to him. He simply took the opportunity to seek revenge on her, deliberately used trickery to lure her down.

Shen Xi lay down on the bed again, did not say a word.

Lin Yu Tang stood in front of the bed frame, the heart complicated and messed up. He reached out and pushed Shen Xi, who had already climbed back to the upper bunk: “Let’s go out and talk.”

Shen Xi pulled up the quilt, completely ignored Lin Yu Tang.

Lin Yu Tang pushed her again: “Is it painful?”

Shen Xi got angry, and roared loudly: “Lin Yu Tang, stop harassing me, I want to sleep!”

Harassment … serious accusation!

Monkey and Brawny immediately woke up, squinting to look at the scene opposite the bed and cursed in their hearts. Then Monkey tried to speak: “Third, just let the Leader sleep. Wait until next day to talk even if the matter is as big as the sky ah …… ”

Lin Yu Tang took a deep breath, stopped talking and walked directly to the balcony to catch the night breeze.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The next day, Lin Yu Tang with obvious dark circles under the eyes, Monkey and Brawny went to the laboratory together. Shen Xi was lying on the bed, refusing to get up. They were already used to the Leader throwing temper tantrums, so did not force her. The kind-hearted Brawny even left a few pieces of bread for her. Lin Yu Tang intended to buy some yogurt for her, but changed his mind.

After the three left, Shen Xi immediately got out of bed, and then carrying her secretly packed luggage, she hurriedly went out of the school gate. He Zhi Zhou arrived at the airport first. When she arrived, she saw He Zhi Zhou who was wearing a pair of sunglasses, talking to a foreigner. Seemingly helping the foreigner to solve a problem.

She liked this kind of outwardly cold but inwardly warm good man! Shen Xi walked over: “Hi.”

The foreigner looked at her with a smile, then immediately asked a lot of questions.

Shen Xi was smiling, pretending she understood. He Zhi Zhou held her hand, helped her to answer some questions.

Shen Xi was listening, without paying much attention. In fact, she understood some of the things that were spoken. Such as, He Zhi Zhou said they were a couple. She touched her head and the ear a little hot.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On Friday, He Zhi Zhou has laboratory experimental class. Shen Xi has never been to the laboratory. Lin Yu Tang who was in the same group with He Zhi Zhou, has to do two people work alone once again. But this time, he was more willing than before, after all, ……

After finishing the experiment, when he wrote the three words “He Zhi Zhou” on the completed list, he scolded himself for suffering from ‘brain fade’, because the person he was helping was still He Zhi Zhou!!!


On board the plane, Shen Xi was wearing sunglasses to look handsome. In the end, she took it off and asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, how did you escape?” She meant from the dormitory.

He Zhi Zhou was reading the free newspaper supplied on board: “I don’t need to escape.”

Okay. Shen Xi closed her eyes, suddenly a scene appeared before her eyes: Flowers withered all over the ground, a man in white with a bright gown, the hair like ink and the facial features elegant and refined. He stood at a distance, looking at her with a gentle gaze, as if with one glance, it will be forever …..

This person really resembled the He Zhi Zhou in the Cosplay. Shen Xi turned to look at the person beside her, then resigned to fate, took out a mirror to look at it.

He Zhi Zhou flipped through the newspaper: “Why are you looking at me?”

Shen Xi coughed softly and changed the topic: “Why did you buy first class ticket, you’ve too much money?!”

“Because I used your card.” He Zhi Zhou said that, without looking up from the newspaper.

“Bluff me, you don’t know my password.”

“123456.” He Zhi Zhou said the password.

“Ah ah ah! He Zhi Zhou, how can you be like this?!” Shen Xi angrily grabbed He Zhi Zhou’s wrist. She wanted to ruthlessly take a bite, but this fair like jade wrist belonged to her …… Finally, she pouted and gave him a peck on the wrist, as a punishment.

Sure enough, He Zhi Zhou felt nausea and shook off her hand.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The plane landed on Qingdao Airport at 12 o’clock. After leaving the airport, a breath of fresh air blew over. Qingdao was hotter than the last time they were there. Shen Xi asked He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, if we can change back this time, what is the first thing you want to do?”

“Nothing.” He Zhi Zhou answered very quickly. The answer was extremely hypocritical, because the first thing he wanted to do was to examine his body to ensure that nothing was spoiled. Looking towards heaven!

“Oh,” Shen Xi spoke out her answer, “The first thing I want to do is to put on a skirt and twirl.”

He Zhi Zhou asked: “You’re not afraid you’ll twirl yourself silly?”

“Of course, I am not afraid.” Shen Xi talked about her dancing achievements that were worthy of being proud of. “Although my brain mind isn’t as sharp as your, I can twirl continuously for several hours. Don’t forget what my major is.”

A smile appeared in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, and then he said: “When you’ve a performance in the future, I’ll go and watch.”

Shen Xi did not expect He Zhi Zhou to be so supportive, so the smile on her face was more splendid. They talked and laughed all the way from the airport to the hotel, decreasing the nervousness and anxiety in her heart.

This hotel was also booked by He Zhi Zhou, a five star garden-style hotel like before. But it was closer to the beach than last time. After coming out from the hotel and walking five minutes, you can see the sea.

Also, only one standard room was booked. Regarding this, she and He Zhi Zhou had reached an unspoken consensus: They were already in this situation, so there was really no need to stick to the formalities of the difference between men and women.

The hotel has a spacious balcony with two pots of bright and beautiful tulips on the European-style windowsill. At the corner, there were some green plants, as well as an iron swing.

Shen Xi sitting on the swing, drinking the ice drink and eating the exquisite pastry ordered by He Zhi Zhou, feeling like it was a honeymoon. She looked at He Zhi Zhou typing away at the computer keyboard and said: “Big brother He, let me tell you a joke.”

He Zhi Zhou looked up: “Okay.”

Shen Xi said one which she considered rather amusing: “There was a woman who was 173 cm tall. During a blind date, she rounded it up to 170; There was a man who was only 167 cm tall. She also rounded it up to 170. Then two people with the same height met … ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh.” He Zhi Zhou lowered his head and continued doing his stuff.

Shen Xi felt a little dispirited, then said another one: “There was a little girl going into the woods to pick mushroom ……”

He Zhi Zhou still did not laugh.

She spoke again.

He still did not laugh.

The afternoon whittled away with one joke after another from Shen Xi. The sun shining through, the floating clouds chasing the wind, the comfortable and cool sea breeze blowing over slowly. Shen Xi saw the smiling expression concealed in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, only to realize that she had been deceived by him.

In the end, she angrily got down from the swing and returned to the room to take an afternoon nap.

He Zhi Zhou sat on the bamboo rattan chair, massaged his forehead. When Shen Xi was telling her jokes just now, he sketched a picture in his mind. Will the afternoon in the future weekend, be as noisy and also tranquil as he pictured?

Many different types of possibilities could lead to a beautiful future. But the only type that he wanted was one that involved her. He Zhi Zhou pursed up his lips, turned around and discovered Shen Xi was already sleeping on the bed. He frowned, why was she sleeping like this, just like a … tortoise?

But sleeping on the stomach was bad for the heart. He Zhi Zhou sighed and turned Shen Xi’s body over. Then he pulled up the quilt and adjusted the air conditioning in the room to a temperature suitable for sleeping.

Shen Xi had not fallen asleep completely yet, so she can vaguely feel what He Zhi Zhou was doing, such as he turned her body over and adjusted the air conditioning temperature for her …… Finally he went to the bathroom, and then lay down on the other bed.

Her heart felt a little happy … she had a long and good nap, and stumbled into many dreams. She felt that she was dreaming, but could not come out from the dreamland, as if the spirit was moving.

In the dream, she and He Zhi Zhou had already swapped back their bodies. She passed her CET-4 examination, successfully graduated from college, also found a job with five thousand monthly salary. But it was not easy to earn five thousand monthly salary, every day tired like a cow. Then a gentle and soft voice told her: “Stop working, I’ll take care of you. My annual salary is five hundred thousand.”

Who has an annual salary of five hundred thousand?

She finally put on a pure white wedding dress, sitting at the dressing table at home and waiting for the bridegroom to come and pick her up.

But who was the bridegroom?

Finally the bridegroom arrived. From her balcony, she counted the cars parked downstairs: “One, two, three, four……” Then she saw Lin Yu Tang in a suit, she was a little excited and said to the mirror, “I can finally marry Tang Tang.”

The door to her room was pushed open, Lin Yu Tang came in. She asked him: “Tang Tang, are you the bridegroom?”

Lin Yu Tang sadly replied: “No, I am the best man.”

WTH, then who was the bridegroom? She continued to look for the bridegroom …..

The dream changed to the wedding night. She was wearing a red wedding dress, with a red veil covering her head. While she was contemplating who will be the bridegroom, someone lifted the veil, so she looked up at that person.

WTH, why he was Cosplay’s He Zhi Zhou again!

Then the scene in the dream shifted again. She saw a fair, adorable little boy who had eyes that were deep black and two cute dimples at the corner of his lips. Right as she was feeling baffled as to who this little boy might be, a voice outside of the scene suddenly intruded. “Don’t misunderstand. He’s not He Zhi Zhou’s son.”

WTH, wasn’t this 300 silver taels not hidden here (a Chinese idiom meaning to reveal what one intends to hide)?

He Zhi Zhou?!

After all, what kind of dream was this? The thunder was rolling and the lightning was coming ah ……

Shen Xi was terrified so she woke up immediately. When she opened her eyes, she saw He Zhi Zhou standing in front of her bed and bending over to look at her, his eyes have an inquiring look.

“Why are you looking at me like this ……” Shen Xi was on the bed with head propped up on both hands, her cheeks crimson in color. Because of the recent dream, she felt a bit ashamed when she saw He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou seemed to have guessed, so he asked faintly: “Did you just have a dream?”

Shen Xi scratched her head, a bit embarrassed. Finally, she thought of the little boy in the dream. In order to diffuse the awkward situation, she sat up on the bed and asked: “Big brother He, guess what I dreamed of?”

He Zhi Zhou sat down on her bedside: “Something delicious?”

Shen Xi shook her head: “Of course not, continue to guess.”

After making a guess, He Zhi Zhou did not want to guess anymore. But seeing Shen Xi’s face filled with anticipation, he cooperated and continued to guess: “Could it be me?”

Shen Xi also shook her head. After a while, she said: “But very close.”

“Huh?” He Zhi Zhou lifted up his eyes, then opened the mineral water and drank a mouthful, “Just tell me the answer, I can’t guess.”

Shen Xi pursed up her lips, wanting to laugh. She looked at He Zhi Zhou and said: “I dreamed of your son—— ”


He Zhi Zhou nearly spat out the water, then he asked with a little bit of interest: “Then did you see carefully how my son looks like?”

Shen Xi disapprovingly replied: “You silly! Of course, your son looks like you. Don’t tell me he resembles Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one’s wife)?”

He Zhi Zhou choked on water and started to cough. He fiercely glared at Shen Xi: If possible, he really wanted to beat her up.

He Zhi Zhou was angry!

Shen Xi quickly used soft tactic. She had already learnt the way to deal with him, immediately apologized: “I’m sorry.”

As expected, He Zhi Zhou stood up, no longer wanting to argue with her. But the tone was still unhappy: “Get up, let’s go to the beach!”


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