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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Chapter 5.4


Yesterday (for me, two days ago for some of you) was Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi’s anniversary. ❤ Remember them?

Halfway mark!

So, did you guys notice the title of this chapter? Conflict can be a good way to learn and grow. Don’t worry. They’ve improved, and it won’t last long. 🙂

Chapter 5.4 — Age-Old Jealousies (4)

The atmosphere, hmm, should have been pretty good.

Of course, this was referring to the atmosphere before Chu Jian received that phone call.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

A call came in from an unfamiliar number. Chu Jian was not mentally prepared for it, but when she answered it with a “hello,” there was already the faint sound of breathing on the other end. It sounded especially like Jian Bianlin when he called her sometimes, and were it not for the fact that Jian Bianlin was driving, she would have even thought that he must have lost his mobile phone and changed his number before he called…

That was, until the other end said, “Chu Jian, it’s me.” An unfamiliar, yet familiar voice.

Chu Jian’s brows puckered as she searched her mind for a moment. Xu Jing? Immediately, she felt a little uneasy. Trying to cover up for it, she greeted, “Ah, yes, it’s me… Is there something the matter?”

She stole a glimpse at Jian Bianlin.

Reception was cut off.

Everything about this community compound was great, except that the parking garage had no mobile phone reception.

So, in the end, it actually seemed as if she had hung up the phone out of a guilty conscience.

“Who was that?” Jian Bianlin detected something.

“… Xu Jing.”

Jian Bianlin did not say anything. Shutting the door and locking the vehicle, he walked with her up the wooden staircase of the courtyard to the central garden area of their community compound. Chu Jian was not certain whether it was because she was simply feeling too guiltily apprehensive, but she felt that the sound of his footsteps was very heavy.

Swipe the key card. Walk through the main door. Wait for the elevator.

A phone call came again…

This time, Chu Jian recognized the number and did not answer. She had not seen that other party for so many years anyway, so she was not afraid of offending him. When the two of them stepped out of the elevator, Chu Jian rummaged through her purse for the key. Right as she felt her hand brushing against it, Jian Bianlin’s palm pressed against the nape of her neck, and wordlessly, he pulled her against him into his embrace.

His action was quick and decisive and done in one smooth motion, but because it was too unexpected, Chu Jian’s forehead was sore from crashing into him. The key that her fingers had just contacted slipped away from her again. When his kiss came down on her, she even thought, did all people who were in a relationship just kiss for no apparent reason like this? Didn’t they get tired of it? …

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Both of their were lips were cool because of the temperature outside, and now, as they made contact, she felt that his lips were a little dry.

Her tongue was pulled directly into Jian Bianlin’s mouth and then fiercely sucked on.

Stumbling, she fell against the closed elevator door. Her tongue felt raw and sore, like it had been torn by his ferocious kiss that had bombarded her without so much as a warning, and she had no choice but to shove him away with her elbow. “That hurts.”


Jian Bianlin stepped backward, pressing his back against the corridor wall.

In the half a day that he had been back, he had done nothing but make soup for her while reading through his script of lines. If the bamboo shoot he was peeling was even slightly tough, he would continue to remove more of the outer layers, a little at a time, for fear that she would not like to eat it because the texture in the mouth was unpleasant to her. He knew how to cook all her favourite foods, but every time he had made them, he or his father had been the one to destroy it in his belly. After all, the flavours created from the same oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar could vary vastly depending on the different hands that used them to season, and in regards to whether the foods he made suited her taste, he actually did not have much confidence.

He had intended to feed her until her belly was full and happy so as to create a nicer atmosphere. Then, he would tell her that, these last few days, his mind had been filled only with her, that he had wanted simply to hurry and make a stopover in Shanghai just to see her.

But things had completely changed—all because of that phone call.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

With face taut and head lowered, Chu Jian dug through her purse for a long time in search of her key. After opening the door to her home, she banged it shut behind her. On the stove in the kitchen, there truly was a pot of bamboo shoots with pork bone broth. The table had already been set with bowls and chopsticks, and there was even a small dish of spicy chili sauce mixed with sesame oil.

He was very aware of her habit where she liked to fish out the bamboo shoots and then dip them in this type of sauce to eat.

After standing in the entryway for a little while, Chu Jian’s head had cleared.

Turning around, she opened the door. Sure enough, he was still leaning against the wall of the corridor.

Luckily this place was only two units per floor with one staircase, and even couriers only left their packages in the mailroom at the front gate and were not allowed into the community compound. Otherwise, if this big celebrity were photographed standing with his back against the white wall in such a despondent state, it would certainly cause imaginations to fire.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“I haven’t seen Xu Jing since we graduated.” She walked up in front of him.

He knew that. Jian Bianlin lifted his eyes and looked at her.

Biting down on her lip, Chu Jian restrained her emotions. “I already told you in Macau, your dad is the one who gave him my phone number. You heard everything when he called. I don’t know, either, why he’s trying to contact me.” Besides, back then, it was just for three days, and the only physical contact we had was when he held my hand for a short bit after I agreed… You’ve kissed me many times already, you know? …

He answered in a low voice, “I know.”

She was taken aback. “Then what are you mad about?”

Jian Bianlin tilted his head up to glance at the up and down arrows over the elevator. “I just don’t feel good once I hear his name.”

“… That’s just being unreasonable.”

He actually went so far as to give a quiet “mm-hmm” and admit, “You can’t talk reason when it comes to this.”

Even if he clearly knew that they could not possibly have any type of relationship anymore, he still felt uncomfortable. He had utterly no intentions of being reasonable when it came to this. There absolutely could not be even the slightest signs or suggestions of anything. Even hints that it was being daydreamed about were out of the question.

Choking back on her frustration, Chu Jian blurted, “When you were in that competition, didn’t you have a really close relationship with a girl? If I were to be unreasonable, would you be able to take it?”

Jian Bianlin paused in surprise. His brows drew together. “Who said that?”

She did not intend on continuing the discussion.

“You believe it?” he pressed.

Without waiting for her answer, Jian Bianlin stretched out an arm, wanting to pull her into his embrace. Chu Jian instinctively sidestepped him.

Jian Bianlin’s hand froze in midair. Dazed for quite a while, he carefully controlled his breathing and, in a hoarse voice, followed up with another sentence: “Let’s get married, how about that?”


All around, it was empty and quiet.

The evening wind made whooshing noises as it swirled and blew in through the corridor window, causing her temples to throb painfully.


His one sentence had left her totally stunned.

She truly had been frightened by it. It was similar to a person who previously had not really dared to go on a swing. Finally, she summoned her courage to sit on one, but before she had even steadied herself, someone gave her a big push from behind while she was completely unprepared. She careened toward the highest point, and then, with a crack, the rope snapped and she was hurtling out…

Chu Jian stood there for a full half a minute. Without at all observing the expression on his face, she tossed out the sentence, “Just go calm down alone for a bit.”

Then, she went back into her home.

The door was shut and, furthermore, was locked from the inside.

She leaned her back against it.

Granted, they had the foundation of having known one another for many years, so they did not need to start at the very beginning of understanding each other’s family and background or even everyday habits. But, they had only just started dating, and she was only just starting to have inklings of those feelings of liking someone.

Marriage—that was such a serious matter. At the very least, there should be love, right?

Out in the corridor.

Jian Bianlin basically did not even know what was up with himself. That random, foolish sentence had practically popped out from his mouth, and after he said it, he had painfully regretted it.

With both his palms pressed against his forehead, he shut his eyes. After quite some time had passed, he pulled out his key and opened the door to his own home.

“Whoa, hey, you’re back? I’m about to starve to death here.” Xie Bin set down his beverage can and peered about. “Where’s your wifey?”

Jian Bianlin shook his head.

“Weren’t you going to pick her up? You didn’t find her? If you couldn’t find her, you should call Tong Fei. Can’t even find a living, breathing person?” Xie Bin’s head was spinning, and his eyes were blurry with hunger. God knows he had waited until his stomach was so empty it was as if his chest was touching his back.

Jian Bianlin did not utter a response. Pointing at the kitchen instead, he told him, “Make something yourself. I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The result was, this sleep lasted into the middle of the night.

It was nearly midnight when he rose from his bed and yanked off his pullover sweatshirt, intending on going to take a shower. Xie Bin likely had heard his movements, and pushing open the door, he stepped in and dragged Jian Bianlin out of the room. “Forget the shower. Go and eat something first.”

Saying this, Xie Bin went into the kitchen, twisted on the stove, and then drew a circle with the spoon that was in his hand. “All right, tell me now. Things were just fine when you went to pick her up. How come you weren’t even able to bring her back in the front door of the home?”

Xie Bin finished speaking, but he actually held no hopes that Jian Bianlin would tell him what exactly had happened.

Rambling on, he spoke about the arrangements and schedule for the next while.

Then, he took a look into the living room. There was no one there anymore. He cast another glance around. There he was, taking in some air on the balcony…

Xie Bin ladled out a bowl of soup and left it on the dining table.

“I’ve never liked a girl so much before. Tell me, what does it feel like?” Shaking his pack of cigarettes, Xie Bin took one out, lit it, and took a deep drag. “I suppose I’m just too good-looking ’cause the girls are the ones who are desperate for me. But I’m used to it already.”

Jian Bianlin was silent.

“Of course, it’s still not quite to your degree.” Xie Bin was gleeful. “All right, serious now, what does it feel like?”

Xie Bin pulled over a beverage can that he had just finished and used it as an ashtray.

Feel like?

As Jian Bianlin leaned against a wicker chair, his hand on his forehead, he stretched out his other arm, grabbed the box of cigarettes out of Xie Bin’s hand, and moodily pulled out a cigarette.

He did not have much of a tobacco craving. Occasionally, if his filming required it, he would smoke.

Later, he had used it to pass the time when he was feeling tense and restless. When he lit up, though, he would just bite down on the cigarette as something to do.

“Am I pretty lousy and disappointing?”

Xie Bin paused blankly for a moment at this random, out of the blue question before grinningly replying, “In your fans’ eyes, you are perfect in every way.”

Jian Bianlin tucked his chin down, his gaze also naturally sliding downward to take in the winding design on the balcony’s tile floor. “I really, extremely love her.”

“I know.” Otherwise, why would I help you trick her into going to see you? Xie Bin muttered in his mind.

Jian Bianlin fell into another moment of silence. Finally, he simply repeated again, “Really, extremely love her.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He could not explain exactly; he only knew that he could wait an entire lifetime for her.

When he was in his teens, he had abandoned himself to despair, imagining that, in the future, should she fall in love with someone else and marry, he would wait, wait until she divorced. If she was happy and doing well, he would do what he could to add more goodness to her life, to make her life even better. If she was not happy, he would, without a moment’s hesitation, beat up that man and then bring her back home with him. During that period in his early twenties, when he could not yet see the future of his career and was also unable to frequently make up excuses to see her, he had dreamed about Chu Jian, her eyes brimming with tears, throwing herself into his arms and sobbing as she told him about someone being mean to her, mistreating her, or doing other atrocious acts. He had always started awake, his insides churning painfully. Leaning against the head of his bed, he would sit for the remainder of the night, from when the sky was black until it glowed with light.

That feeling where his heart would hammer with fear that she would be taken advantage of or put through suffering was difficult to describe in words.

With a quiver of the embers, he stubbed out his cigarette on the edge of the aluminum can. Xie Bin, coincidentally, had also moved at the same time to flick the ash off his smoke and was nearly burned by Jian Bianlin’s cigarette butt. With the hiss of a sharp inhale, Xie Bin cried, “What are you doing?”

That person who had just put out his cigarette was now striding swiftly away, leaving the balcony. “She hasn’t eaten yet. I’m going over there.”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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51 thoughts on “My Darling (我的曼达林) — Chapter 5.4

  1. OMG! He asked her to marry him… just few days after they started dating and CY is still unsure of her feelings in the relationship….. OMG! OMG!

    Thank you so much Hoju for the lovely read. I can’t wait for the next chapter…. Have a blessed weekend ahead.

    • While it was phrase in a question, I wouldn’t say he really was asking in the sense of a proposal. Like it says, it just kind of popped out of his mouth. It was a moment of insecurity for him.

      You’re welcome. 🙂 Hope your day is bright and wonderful.

  2. waa half way mark. Is JBL very insecure or he’s just the jealous sort who cant tolerate any males with interest on his CJ? Haha its as he pus it EXTREMELY love her. thankyou hoju, i just gobbled up this weekend treat. Suprise by yet another kiss. JBL is pretty volatile and emotional; but to the rest of the world he’s very removed and restrained, even seems dispassionate

    • Yup, halfway. 🙂 Always a milestone for me.

      Insecure. We have to remember, this relationship did not start because Chu Jian likes him or is even attracted to him. It came about out of pity, a moment of soft-heartedness, worry that a sick patient should not be excited, and… because he begged for it. In that aspect, then, the relationship is unequal because Chu Jian has full control over whether she wants to end what they have here. Granted, all relationships should be a two-way thing, but for Jian Bianlin, things in his direction were always wide and flowing and he was more than willing to be with her, but on Chu Jian’s side, he basically had to move away some of the boulders of resistance to allow just a tiny passageway. To him, it’s a fragile chance at fulfilling his desire.

      I’m glad you liked the treat. I love handing out treats. 🙂

      Haha, well, you’ll get a few more surprises, then.

      I guess because Chu Jian is the only person who can stir the passion and emotions in him.

      Thanks for reading!

      • thanks for adding your in depth on JBL. I guess thats why people always say its better to have someone love you more. in this case JBL loves CJ alot. but the truth is i never really back that statement. My sister broke up with a really great guy cause she said she felt really guilty for not returning his affections the same volume he gives her- she tried and she was stressed out. in the end they parted. i’ve always thought of thw what ifs with them. Im glad its gnna b different for CJ and JBL

  3. He just proposed her in a fit of jealousy o.O
    Very smooth…
    And really…how dedicated this idol to his love… Make me really jealous of CJ 😆😆

    • Nah, I don’t consider that a proposal. The question popped out without even being filtered by his brain.

      Oh man, yes if you had to choose one adjective, dedication would be a pretty good one for Jian Bianlin. 🙂

  4. so sad ;(. My heart hurts for him

    • It’s okay. Like i said, conflict is normal in a relationship, and honestly, many relationships have quarrels or conflict that arise because of little jealousies. It just feels worse for him because it’s taken so long for him to get to this point.

      I promise it’s going to get better really, really, really soon. 🙂

  5. I love how complex Jian Bianlin is. He is both selfish and selfless. He tricked her into spending more time with him, but at the same time he’s so honest about it. I remember him confessing about it in previous chapters. I also worried that when Chu Jian was really angry, he would give in and let her break up with him. I have such mixed feelings about this! On the one hand, I hate super pushy people but on the other, Jian Bianlin is actually so caring and not the jerk type. He’s always thinking about her wellbeing. I like how this chapter he remembered that she hasn’t eaten yet. She’s always his first priority even when he’s feeling hurt.

    • In reality, people are complex and many times, we have what seems like oxymorons in our personalities. 🙂 So, I guess that makes him a well-written, realistic character?

      Just curious, what are you referring to when you say he tricked her into spending more time with him? You mean with the surprise visit and enticing her with the soup to go home with him? I consider that more like a boyfriend who wanted to surprise his girlfriend and show a little bit of caring to her.

      I think at this point in time, Jin Bianlin still has a bit of a mentality that he’s someone who is trying to perform to hopefully gain the judge’s favour, but in some ways, he’s almost waiting for the sentence convicting him to be given.

      I think because Jian Bianlin is actually never pushy. Before they started dating, he injected his presence into her life but never forced her to do/say anything. He just wanted to spend time with her, to ensure that she would never forget him or wipe him like words on a chalkboard completely out of her life. Even though the reason Chu Jian never dated anyone was Jian Bianlin requested it, he *asked* her and she agreed to it.

      Yes, she’s always number one on his heart.

  6. Ahhhh….come on JB! Don’t scare CJ away. Lol

    Thank you! Can’t believe it’s already halfway over

    • He didn’t mean to… It just kind of jumped out of his mouth. Brain short-circuited at that moment. LOL

      You’re welcome! Me, too! For some reason, the second half of the translations always feel like they go by faster.

  7. Thanks for the new chapter! Really, they both need to talk this out.

    • I do agree that even more communication needs to happen. 🙂 However, I also think of this as a little lover’s quarrel that was triggered by a moment of jealousy. Happens often in relationships, especially one in the early stages where you’re still uncertain of one another’s feelings and learning how to be together.

      You’re welcome!

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    • I guess to me, it’s “unreasonable” and at the same time, reasonable. Really, what did Jian Bianlin do that was so terrible? He was jealous because it’s obvious the former boyfriend of his girlfriend is trying over and over again to contact her. He didn’t forbid her to leave the house, he didn’t take away anything from her, he was just… upset. And he said it honestly, that he felt uncomfortable hearing about that guy. Honestly, I don’t want any hints that there’s a woman who has any thoughts of pursuing my hubby, and I would be mad, too. He didn’t get mad AT Chu Jian, he felt mad and fell into his usual silence. Sure, I tell my kids it’s okay to be grumpy but people deserve to have to put up with your grumpy face. So, not the perfect way of handling something, but it’s not a terrible thing, either. It just feels worse because we all feel that their relationship is still fragile, that Chu Jian may choose to back out of this at any moment. The only thing that might have crossed the line was that “ferocious” kiss… Too forceful, my boy. That question that popped out about marriage was… well, like you said, terrible timing and done without thinking, but I personally don’t think it was anything offensive and wrong.

      Hope you’ll like the next chapter. 🙂

  10. I’m actually happy the other guy is calling bc this means soon we’ll get to find out what happened back in the day.

    • eh, isn’t it already explained before ? at ch 3 part 1, that Jian Bianlin beat up Xu Jing bc he’s going out with Chu Jian, which later make Xu Jing parents want the school to take severe disciplinary action ? then Chu Jian apologized to Xu Jing and pleaded so that Jian Bianlin could escape the trouble. At ch 3 part 1, it only written as ‘boy’ but at ch 5 part 1, Jian Bianlin’s dad called Chu Jian and talked about ‘Xu jing’ is the ‘boy’ mentioned at ch 3 part 1.

      • But we don’t know WHY he beat the boy up. I don’t believe just dating CJ would be enough to warrant that beat down. No one has ever gotten JB’s side of why he reacted that way, and THAT’S what I want to know.

        • YES!!! I feel when that school fight scene was translated, some automatic conclusions were that Jian Bianlin was jealous and decided to pounce on the boy for no reason aside from the fact that Xu Jing now had the title of “Chu Jian’s boyfriend.” But, are we truly certain we have all of the facts? I’m not justifying his actions. Beating up the guy was rash, but what triggered that?

      • You’ve got the recap of the events correct, but we still haven’t found out the reason for the fight. 🙂

  11. I feel so sad for these two kids. Just when things were looking up one more curve ball. The author writes so well about the subtle interplay of feelings.thank you for the chapter

    • i think this type of conflict is common in couples in real life. Jian Bianlin feels uncomfortable and ticked off that a guy (and ex-boyfriend at that) keeps trying to call his girlfriend, and it does suspiciously seem like that there might be hints that the other party doesn’t just want to “call up an old friend.” If it were you, wouldn’t you be mad? The ferocious kiss seemed almost like an outlet, some way to comfort himself that he had claim, albeit to him, a fragile claim, to this girl, and he didn’t control his force. That marriage question was what caused Chu Jian to panic, but she and he just need processing time. 🙂

      The feelings in this relationship are much more complex than the other ones I’ve translated to date, aren’t they?

  12. …Yesterday (for me, two days ago for some of you) was Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi’s anniversary. ❤ Remember them?

    Duh! You make me missed them even more. They’re my utmost fave couple of MBFB novels where their love story and redemption is beautifully woven.

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    • Indeed, he is.

      I don’t think of it as a proposal and rather, as you said, a blurting out of the desire of his heart.

      Yes, Chu Jian never dated anyone else, as her promise and agreement to Jian Bianlin’s request to her. Jian Bianlin, of course, would never want anyone but her.

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    • To me, not desperate, but definitely insecure. The desire for marriage is not unreasonable considering he has lived this girl for half his life, but blurting it out is a “No, no,no, bad timing!” moment.

  17. thank you! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Hoju! [in advance] I will enjoy this chapter tomorrow with a nice hot cup of tea. 🙂

  18. It makes me wonder sometimes. Is there such love exist in this world? I would think “Really, extremely love her” gave a different weight than ‘Really, really love her” and for that, I wish the best for you JB.

    • Yes. I am fortunate to have witnessed such a love did not end, even when separated by life and death. Rare and special, but not impossible, and gives people hope.

  19. Thank you for your translation. I’m not sure why Jian Bianlin is too insecure and act like this. I hope they reconcile soon.

    • His insecurity is real but it is very reasonable. Chu Jian agreed to this relationship out of pity, compassion, maybe impulse,etc. but definitely not out of love, like, or even attraction! That means that if this “trial” doesn’t feel right to her or if someone else catches her heart, to him, it seems very easy for her to walk away. There are no strong feelings tying her to a romantic relationship with him. I don’t find his action of getting jealous to be out of line. Someone seems to be pursuing his girlfriend. Wouldn’t you get mad? I remember a month after my brother started dating my now sister-in-law, I happened to overhear his phone conversation with her where he told her how he wanted to marry her. (*cough* As his little sister, I confess I got goosebumps hearing this and wished with all my might I had earplugs.) The reason why it’s “not right” for Jian Bianlin, though, is only because Chu Jian doesn’t have the same feelings as he does, that she’s not passionately in love with him (yet!) so his question was blurted with poor timing.

      Anyhow… haha, sorry, long reply. Thanks for reading!

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    • I’ll leave you to decide what you believe it to be. 😉 Everyone’s definition is different, although I guess Chu Jian’s is the only one that counts. LOL

      That wasn’t a real proposal. Haha…

      You’re welcome!

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    • I’m so glad you’re liking it. I guess it is dark in comparison to those fluffier romances, but I actually find that the romance, although complicated by childhood friendship and unrequited love, is just realistic. The feelings portrayed are complex and seem to be more realistic as people’s emotions are affected by a variety of factors in real life. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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  24. His last sentence is so sweet for some reason hehe. Thanks hoju ❤

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