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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 7.4


No, they’ve not swapped back their bodies yet but He Zhi Zhou found out about Shen Xi’s secret. Do you know what that is lol?

Chapter 7.4 — Teacher, Why Am I Here?

After they returned to the hotel, He Zhi Zhou took a hot bath, then Shen Xi went in to take a cold shower, the reason was obvious.

When Shen Xi was taking a shower, He Zhi Zhou leaned on the bedhead to watch TV. He was checking out all the television channels, but all he could hear was still the sound of running water from the bathroom.

He was upset now when he recalled his impulsive behavior on the beach. But since they had kissed, so be it. At the time when he kissed Shen Xi, he treated her as Shen Xi … … just that he did not know whether Shen Xi treated him as He Zhi Zhou ……

Such a crazy question! He Zhi Zhou’s temple was throbbing like the voice of the female TV presenter. After a moment, he turned around and looked at the bathroom with a frown: Why Shen Xi has been in there for an hour but still has not come out?

In fact, Shen Xi was not actually taking a real shower in the bathroom; she was simply pacing back and forth under the shower and sighing. She put both of her hands on the lean waist, letting the cold water caress the skin on her back, stimulating all the pores to cause goose bumps. She thought of everything that happened at the beach tonight, the poor little heart started to tremble.

She went so far as to kiss herself …

Boo hoo hoo! If such a wet kiss will be considered her first kiss, then her first kiss was actually given to herself!

WTH! Was there anything more ridiculous than this!

What was even more frightening was, when she was kissing, she remembered that she was a man, and so she reversed their roles to take the lead until, in the end, her body was aroused!!!

For goodness sake! Did her brain break down completely?!

After a cold shower, although the ding-a-ling down there had ceased its activeness and was lying low, she was really too ashamed to go out. How about she just castrate herself?

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He Zhi Zhou was afraid that something might have happened to Shen Xi in the bathroom, he stood outside the glass door of the bathroom, coughed softly and asked: “Are you done yet?”

Shen Xi was squatting and drawing circles in the bathroom. Hearing He Zhi Zhou’s inquiry from the outside, she felt even more uneasy. After a while, only then she said: “You sleep first, I still want to bathe.”

Still want to bathe ….. but she had already bathed for more than an hour! He Zhi Zhou immediately vomited blood outside. After that, he still calmly went to bed. Thinking for a little while, he switched off the TV and lights.

Shen Xi sensed outside has quieted down, the lights were off. She immediately pushed open the bathroom door, draped in a white bath towel and crept into bed. And then she used a quilt to wrap herself like a silkworm, lying on the bed without saying a word.

In a flash, only the moonlight which has quietly slipped in, remained in the hotel room.

He Zhi Zhou could not help but say: “Shen Xi ……”

The moment He Zhi Zhou spoke, Shen Xi’s cheeks began to burn. Her back was facing He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, I’ve already slept.”

Have already slept …… He Zhi Zhou sighed and stopped talking.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On the next day, Shen Xi’s embarrassment from the night before has vanished like smoke in thin air. She has always been an easygoing person. They will be returning to S city today, so she was squatting on the floor to pack their luggage. While packing, she was also talking to He Zhi Zhou who was sitting on the sofa: “Big brother He, don’t worry. I’ll accompany you to come to Qingdao any time.”

He Zhi Zhou nodded his head and continued to read his book.

Shen Xi continued to pack her luggage as well as He Zhi Zhou’s luggage. When she was packing the intimate things, she suddenly shouted, picked up the bra and dangled it in front of He Zhi Zhou: “Big brother He, where is the sponge inside?!”

HZZ: The bra has actually been padded with so much sponge. SX: What do you want to do?! Not allow to touch! Not allow to see! !!!

He Zhi Zhou stood up, he felt that he needed to go to the balcony to catch the breeze.

He finally understood why men always say women are vain. Just where was Shen Xi’s vanity reflected? In how she purposely bought a bigger cup size and then stuffed it full inside with thick foam.

C cup? He looked down at his chest, he reckoned a discount of 30% ……

The most private thing has been discovered! Shen Xi squatted on the floor, groaning unhappily. She has never met a man like He Zhi Zhou. Which woman did not fake things nowadays! Eyeliner can be considered the eye and silicone can be treated as real breast, so what was wrong with her using foam to pad things up? …..

As a result, she complained about this matter to He Zhi Zhou on the plane. To her surprise, He Zhi Zhou made unfounded counter-charges, saying she was deceptive.

Tsk, tsk. So it would seem that ripping out her foam was his honourable action of fighting counterfeits!

Shen Xi really wanted to bite He Zhi Zhou. She pretended to be a little wolf dog and wanted to pounce on He Zhi Zhou. Unfortunately, she failed to do so when He Zhi Zhou pushed her head away.

“Cut it out.”

Shen Xi continued to attack: “Ao ao.”

He Zhi Zhou has no choice, but to reach out to pat her head. His throat let out two short and light laughter. In this fruitless trip to Qingdao, he gave a carefree laughter for the first time.

Just this scene, in the eyes of the stewardess who came over to deliver hot drink and dessert, it became a hungry wolf devouring a delicate flower scene —— Shen Xi was the hungry wolf and He Zhi Zhou was the delicate flower.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi returned to dorm room 921 and discovered that no one was inside. Not only Lin Yu Tang was not in, Monkey and Brawny were also nowhere in sight. She walked one round in the dormitory, and then stood on tiptoe to change into a little swan and did six consecutive twirls. She remembered the kiss in Qingdao. When she was not facing He Zhi Zhou, the mood was a little better.

When the mood was good, the body also started to look good.

One moment, she was a little swan, the next moment she moon-walked like Michael Jackson, and finally danced the aunt’s favorite  ——  square dancing.

Good days … today is a good day …..”

From beginning to end, the phone that Lin Yu Tang placed on the desk had been recording, from Shen Xi coming into the dorm room until the square dancing.


After Shen Xi got tired from dancing, she sent Monkey and Brawny, including Lin Yu Tang a text message: “Dear all, your Leader is back!”

A day away from a dear one is like three seasons [years] (English equivalent: Absence makes the heart grow fonder). For Brawny who was eating rice with meat and vegetables on the street near the university, this phase best describes his recent mood. Without seeing the Leader for two days, his longing for him was just like a roaring and endless river. He did not even have this kind of feeling for Zhang Ran before.

As a result, after receiving the text message from the Leader, he quickly finished his rice and said to Monkey: “The Leader is back, let’s go back.”

Monkey did not object. He also received the Leader’s text message, the mood inexplicably improved. He replied: “Brawny and I are having a meal outside, do we need to bring you something to eat?”

Shen Xi can only enjoy this kind of ‘Leader’ treatment in dorm room 921. In contrast to her prior treatment in dorm room 636, this was a major qualitative leap.

She replied Monkey’s text message: “I want a big Shandong-style pancake, add crispy wrapper, egg and lettuce, and also two skewers of pork tenderloin and sausage, the supreme gold version.”

The Leader wanted the supreme gold version …… Shen Xi sweetly finished sending the text message, turned and saw Lin Yu Tang coming in from outside.

“Hi, Third.” She greeted.

“Where have you been for the past two days?” Lin Yu Tang did not have a smiling face like her. With a black face, he asked, “Furthermore, I called you …… but why didn’t you answer the phone?”

Shen Xi was a little startled, said weakly: “I went home.”

“Went home?!” Lin Yu Tang got angry, approached step by step and intended to continue to question intensely. Shen Xi bent her waist to avoid Lin Yu Tang. She took the basin from the bathroom and ran out:” I’m going to wash my clothes!”

Lin Yu Tang looked at Shen Xi’s back, the heart really angry and mad. He went to his desk, picked up the phone and turned on the stuff he specially recorded. The results did not let him down: The “He Zhi Zhou” inside the recording was dancing like in Swan Lake, also did moon-walking dance moves, and finally twisted a Yangge …..

Only two possibilities, He Zhi Zhou really turned into Shen Xi, or He Zhi Zhou has gone crazy …… so should he take the recording to question Shen Xi?

Lin Yu Tang turned off the phone, the mind has all kinds of thoughts clashing which almost made him go crazy.

The final outcome …… if He Zhi Zhou has not gone crazy, he must be the one who has gone crazy!

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Shen Xi was eating the supreme gold version of Shandong-style pancake bought by Monkey, so delicious, so enjoy!

Brawny had not seen the Leader for two days, so especially wanted to get close to him. He moved his  face closer and said: “Leader, can share some with me?”

Shen Xi lifted up her eyes slightly, reluctantly torn a small piece for Brawny. At the same time, she also said: “This is my dinner.” The meaning was you have the nerve to ask!

Brawny took the pancake and ate with gusto.

Monkey considered Brawny an eyesore, he asked the Leader: “Leader, where have you been for the past few days?”

Shen Xi used the same “went home” excuse, she said: “I went home, to enjoy the warmth of the family.”

Monkey was a little puzzled because wasn’t the Leader’s parents living overseas? Could it be that he went back to his grandfather’s house? He grinned and started to curry favor: “How has your grandfather been recently?”

Shen Xi took a bite of the pancake, while fabricating a story: “Doing just great. He’s been doing square dancing lately with a bunch of old ladies. Every day, it’s Gangnam Style for him. We don’t even need to mention how high he’s been feeling.”

This was the situation with Shen Xi’s own grandfather.

The fact was that the innocently implicated grandpa He was sitting in a wheelchair and writing calligraphy in the He residence. While writing, he sneezed for no reason, touched his nose and angrily asked the housekeeper: “Did you secretly grow flowers again?!”

The housekeeper was even more innocently implicated: “Grandpa He, I really did not ah ……”

Monkey met He Zhi Zhou’s grandfather before. After hearing the Leader said, “every day also Gangnam Style”, he asked uncertainly: “Leader, your grandfather’s legs are okay now?”

Shen Xi was confused by Monkey’s question. Could it be that there is something wrong with He Zhi Zhou’s grandfather’s legs? With a guilty conscience, she lowered her head and continued to eat the pancake. After a while, she said: “Only recovered recently, so especially high.”

“So it’s like this.” Monkey understood and nodded.

Shen Xi quickly also nodded: “Yes, it is like this.”

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As before, Shen Xi went to the field to jog at night. It suddenly rained just now, so the whole campus was scrubbed to look completely new. Especially night time, not only it did not have the stifling hot of summer time, it was cool and moist.

She jogged two laps, before receiving a call from He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou and her used to call each other to report unexpected situation. Unlike now, she will even tell him that she ate a pancake at night.

And then He Zhi Zhou will surprisingly ask her: “Is it delicious?”

“Of course, delicious!” Holding the mobile phone, she will tell He Zhi Zhou about her favorite gold combination.

Towards the end of the chat, He Zhi Zhou was used to strike a blow against her: “These snacks are not really clean, no health permit. If used and discarded cooking oil was used, it is junk food.”

He went so far as to say that her favorite pancake is junk food! Shen Xi panting with rage, said: “Even if junk food, don’t tell me I can’t eat garbage?”

He Zhi Zhou: “… Okay.”

Shen Xi chuckled, recalling the matter regarding his grandfather. She did not know whether she had spilled wrong information, so she asked He Zhi Zhou: “Today, I told Monkey and others that your grandfather’s legs are already healed, any problem?”

He Zhi Zhou who was drinking water, started to cough. He held his breath and said: “My grandfather’s legs were  amputated on the operating table ten years ago.”

Shen Xi opened her mouth into an “O” shape. A long time later, she said shamefully: “I told them that grandfather is doing square dancing lately ……”

He Zhi Zhou used his hand to support his forehead: “Even if my grandfather’s legs are okay, he will also not go and do square dancing.”

Someone went into dorm room 636, He Zhi Zhou has not hung up the phone yet. Xia Wei Ye entered into the room and mocked coldly: “Shen Xi, who did you go out with this weekend?”

He Zhi Zhou hung up the phone, leaned on a chair and responded faintly: “A date with He Zhi Zhou.”

Xia Wei Ye once again successfully managed to find a way to abuse her poor heart.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After jogging, Shen Xi returned to dorm room 921. Monkey and Brawny were having a lively discussion on a topic, whether to register to participate in the “Youth Cup” art performance organized by the university.

Brawny wanted to participate, but Monkey said if there is no good program, do not go on stage to lose face.

Brawny was very confident: “Just because it is me, Zhou Chen, the student union will give me some face.”

Ha ha. Monkey asked Lin Yu Tang: “Third, are you interested? How about our dorm room 921 come up with a program together?”

Lin Yu Tang shook his head: “Both of you participate la.”

Shen Xi has come back, she was standing at the doorway. After finished listening to Monkey and Brawny’s conversation, she felt that there was a saying that is really appropriate —— When god closes a door, he opens a window.

As a matter of fact, this window has been opened!

She walked in with a smiling face: “We will participate! Our dorm room 921, as the best male dormitory in the university, there is no reason not to participate ah.”

Monkey was a little moved.

Brawny was excited: “Leader, what do you suggest?”

Shen Xi seriously thought for a while: “How about we perform a dance?”


Brawny was a hot-blooded child who loved dancing: “Leader, you really have such intention!”

Sitting on the bed, Lin Yu Tang thought of the “Swan Lake” video in his mobile phone, he coolly asked: “What kind of dance? Swan Lake?”

“Haha haha ​​…… Third, you’re so funny!” Zhuang Han stood up and pulled up his T-shirt, “I think it is better for us to do the ostrich dance

Shen Xi propped up her chin, the mind turning: “More cool for boys to do jazz. How about we perform jazz?”

Monkey has never danced before, so a little worried: “Leader, I don’t know how to dance.”

“Jazz is very simple.” Shen Xi patted Monkey’s shoulder. Then standing straight, she improvised and danced  Michael Jackson’s “All night“. She danced with amazing speed  and synchronized with the rhythm, the face also lively and vivid like a dancer.

At the end, she turned her head and said in English: “You see, so easy!”

Everyone in dorm room 921, except Lin Yu Tang was stunned!

Brawny nearly knelt down to worship her: “Leader, when did you learn it?”

Shen Xi sat down beside Lin Yu Tang, and explained in a convincing manner: “I am dating Xi Xi. Since she is specializing in dancing, in order to have something in common with her, I specifically go to learn dancing.”

Okay. Suddenly they understood why the Leader can win over Beautiful Maiden Shen. He secretly put in a lot of effort. Monkey gave Lin Yu Tang a sympathetic look. Lin Yu Tang only smiled coldly.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Normal college has anniversary celebration whereas S University has their “Youth Cup”. Everyone gradually becoming busy. Before you know it, CET-4/6 exam day has arrived.

Monkey who has been busy practicing dance routines, almost forgot he still has to sit for CET-6 exam. A week before the exam, he quickly ran to the library to make a hasty last-minute effort.

Shen Xi who was eating yogurt in the dormitory, rejoiced covertly. Furthermore this kind of happy mood, was stronger with the exam approaching. In particular, a few days before the exam, even when eating, she will start to laugh: Mom and Dad no longer have to worry about her not passing her CET-4 exam.

He Zhi Zhou cannot stand Shen Xi looking like this. He put down the chopsticks and said indifferently: “Actually, it is not very difficult for me to avoid all the correct answers.”

What? Avoid all correct answers!

Shen Xi immediately pulled He Zhi Zhou’s hand and said in a trembling voice, “Big brother He, you must not be naughty ah ……”


HZZ: Actually, it is not very difficult for me to avoid all the correct answers. SX: Big brother He, you must not be naughty ah ……”


He Zhi Zhou decided that he wanted to avoid all the correct answers.


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