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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 7.5


This is it, the event you’ve been looking forward to, since chapter one 😛 This is the last part of chapter 7, as usual enjoy the cliffhanger lol. I’ll be on holidays for the whole month of June and also a bit of July. Do check back in July to read the normal parts of the novel 🙂

Chapter 7.5 — Teacher, Why Am I Here?

The former reincarnation of every ‘flunky student’ (xue zha in Chinese refers to those who don’t care of their score or pay little attention in class, play a lot and get relatively poor result) was a little angel with broken wings.

He Zhi Zhou had once thought that Shen Xi’s exam results were very cute, but he had not known that these scores were already a combined result of, in addition to rote memorization, cheat sheets and little crumpled notes of “help” sent over by kindhearted souls.

Those students whose achievements are on the godly level (xue shen in Chinese refers to those who don’t need to pay any attention in class, do homework or practice questions, but still get full score in exams) have their own “godly students’ universe.” The flunky students also have their own little flunky students’ universe. For example, when an exam is looming, flunky students will be shaking with anxiety and cannot take even the littlest joke. This was something that He Zhi Zhou, one of the “godly students” simply could not understand. His one joking statement earlier about that he could “avoid all the correct answers” immediately caused Shen Xi to lose her appetite.

Really cannot continue to eat.

Shen Xi ate a mouthful and glanced at him. Then ate another mouthful and glanced at him again. He Zhi Zhou cannot stand this kind of eye contact, and eventually compromised by saying: “I was just joking.”

So, it was just a joke, one should not frighten people like this! Shen Xi immediately turned her sadness into joy and laughed mischievously. And then, she put her favorite “Four Happy Balls” on He Zhi Zhou’s plate: “Big brother He, eat this.”

He Zhi Zhou had already finished eating and put down the chopsticks. But looking at the meatball on the plate, he picked up the chopsticks again, lowered his head and gracefully ate it.

Shen Xi thought He Zhi Zhou liked to eat, so she gave him another one.

He Zhi Zhou continued to eat.

Shen Xi gave again.

He Zhi Zhou lifted his eyes and swept over her, not eating anymore. “That’s enough!”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the evening, Shen Xi accompanied He Zhi Zhou to the stationery shop in the commercial street to buy 2B pencil and radio battery. The exam was tomorrow, so the small shop was jam-packed with all different kinds of university students. They were discussing potential essay topics for this year’s CET-4/6. Amongst them were several studyholic top students (xue ba in Chinese refers to those who study very hard, do homework and a lot of practice questions, then do well in exams) who, relying on their wealth of exam experience, were blabbing on and on and giving their bold predictions of what the exam questions might be. In a circle surrounding them like a group of pure, innocent little bunny rabbits were quite a few flunky students.

Shen Xi looked happily at them. Although she knew that this was wrong, her mouth cannot stop curving upwards. She quickly lowered her head to continue to choose a pen for He Zhi Zhou.

While Shen Xi was choosing a pen, He Zhi Zhou was leaning on the display counter in the stationery shop, waiting for her. She turned her focus and saw a familiar face, who seemed like someone in the same class as her. He walked towards Shen Xi, and patted hard on her shoulder: “God He, you are also here.”

Who was so friendly! Shen Xi was shocked, turned and said: “Classmate, your strength is a little too big.”

He Zhi Zhou from S University, passed CET-6 exam with the highest score in his first year of university. Even if you have not met him, you would have heard of him. When a godly student appeared in the stationery shop, of course there were plenty of flunky students looking. The bespectacled guy was feeling very happy because of his close association with He Zhi Zhou, he took the lead and excitedly asked: “God He, CET-6 exam will take place tomorrow, any exam tips to  pass on?”

Exam tips? Shen Xi thought for a whole, not certain if [in multiple choice exams], “three choices are short and one is long, choose the long one; if three choices are long and one is short, choose the short one” counted as a tip, or maybe she should talk about the “Thirty-Six Stratagems of Making a Cheat Sheet.” She looked at the real He Zhi Zhou beside her, sending out a distress signal.

He Zhi Zhou calmly played with the pen in his hand. It did not matter, he was no longer afraid of losing face.

Okay, she coughed softly. Suppressing the guilty conscience in her heart, she acted as the godly student showing these ‘flunky students’  how to get to the right path: “First of all, you cannot be nervous. You are merely facing CET-4/6 exam, when you’ve the courage to look at it with contempt, only then you’ve the determination to overcome it.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously, a girl even applauded.

Shen Xi blinked her eyes, a little unbelievable. She hesitated whether to continue to say a few more points, then she felt pain at the back.

He Zhi Zhou still stopped Shen Xi.

Shen Xi quickly finished off: “Actually, nothing much to say as it depends on the accumulation of daily study. If you insist on having an exam tip, before the exam, I will eat a pancake sold opposite the university, add two eggs ……”

Shen Xi was dragged out of the stationery shop by He Zhi Zhou.

“Do you have a share in that Shandong auntie’s pancake stall?” When there were only the two of them, He Zhi Zhou spoke bluntly.

“Don’t be angry la. It is obvious that you didn’t want to help me just now.” Shen Xi pulled at the hem of He Zhi Zhou’s clothes, began to use soft tactic on him. Seeing He Zhi Zhao’s face looking more amiable, she continued to say, “That Shandong auntie is very pitiful. She does not have a husband so she has to support her two daughters through university by herself.”

He Zhi Zhou has completely calmed down, but the voice was still chilly: “You really know a lot.”

Shen Xi grinned: “Because at one time, I wanted to learn how to make pancake from her, so we chatted.”

He Zhi Zhou patted Shen Xi’s back, nothing more to say.

Due to the Big God’s effect, the Shandong pancake stall opposite the university has become very popular. In the evening, Brawny queued for half an hour, just to buy a supreme gold pancake. Then he hurried back to dorm room 921 and deliberately dangled it in front of the Leader: “Leader, do you want some?”

Shen Xi looked at Brawny’s attentive face, removed the earplugs and reluctantly nodded: “Tear some for me, the side that you’ve not eaten.”

Brawny generously shared more than half of his pancake.

Shen Xi had eaten dinner and was very full. When Lin Yu Tang came in, she immediately asked him: “Third, do you want some? I can’t eat so much, so I’ll give you half of it.”

Lin Yu Tang stopped in his tracks, hesitated for two seconds, then nodded his head: “Okay.”

Okay ….. really more aloof than He Zhi Zhou. Shen Xi tore the pancake into half and handed it to Lin Yu Tang.

WTH! Brawny was stunned, the relationship between the Leader and Third was very confusing lately.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In dorm room 921, only Monkey needed to take CET-6 exam tomorrow. Lin Yu Tang and He Zhi Zhou had already passed CET-6 exam in their first year of university. In his second year of university, Brawny eagerly accompanied a third year university female student to study English to take CET-6 exam. In the end, that senior did not pass, but he passed.

Regarding this, Monkey was really envious, jealous and full of hatred.

At night, when Monkey was doing a past year exam paper in the dormitory, he came across a short passage with about fifty percent of the words he did not know. He quickly took it over to let the Leader translate for him.

Shen Xi stared blankly and looked seriously at the short passage. She glanced at each and every word. The outcome was too unbelievable because she actually did not know a single word.

“Monkey ….. I ……” Not being able to help Monkey, she also felt very powerless.

“Monkey, I’ll help you to translate.” Lin Yu Tang came from behind. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Shen Xi. Then he directly took the past year exam paper from Monkey’s hand and translated each and every sentence for him.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In contrast to dorm room 921, the four in dorm room 636 were studying for a common purpose which was to take CET-4 exam. At night, Chen Han was lying on the bed, reciting past year English essay model answers. Dou Dou was lying on the desk and using a water pen to write English words on the skirt she was going to wear tomorrow, words which she thought will be tested but she cannot remember.

As for Xia Wei Ye, she had already contacted a male student who will be in the same exam room and will also throw a crumpled answer paper to her. She was talking to him on the phone now.

He Zhi Zhou passed by Dou Dou, the dark blue skirt was already filled with several rows of words, such an eye opener for him.

Dou Dou sensed an air of disdain spreading around, so she lifted up her head: “Ah Xi, this is what you taught me last year!”

Okay, He Zhi Zhou silently walked towards the balcony. The ringtone from incoming text message can be heard, he received a message from Shen Xi: “Big brother He, remember not to do too well tomorrow, haha!”

Hehe. He Zhi Zhou looked up. A breeze was gently caressing his face, and the moon was bright and clear. The multitude of stars were blinking in the deep night sky that was like a splash of ink. His mood inexplicably got a little better. Hmm, how about getting 520 [(pinyin: wǔ’èrlíng) represents 我爱你 (pinyin: wǒ ài nǐ) means I love you] score for her?

Forget about it, such corny thing, only a brainless fool will do it. He Zhi Zhou turned, went back into the dormitory and went to bed. At the same time, he pulled the blue curtains around the bed together. These curtains were newly bought, to prevent himself from seeing some unexpected indecent situations.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At six o’clock on the next day, the normal college and S University campus, began to broadcast the CET-4/6 exam discipline guidelines one after another, everyone’s CET exam has finally arrived!

CET-4 in the morning and CET-6 in the afternoon.

At 8:40 in the morning, Shen Xi who has been feeling ecstatic the whole night, personally sent He Zhi Zhou to the examination room. In the room, a lot of people were memorizing and reciting the exam material in their hands, intending to make a hasty last-minute effort to cram.

If there was no He Zhi Zhou, Shen Xi clearly knew that she will also be one of them, or even worse. Unlike now, so free and easy. Therefore she secretly pulled the hem of He Zhi Zhou’s clothes once again and seriously expressed her gratitude: “Big brother He, thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” He Zhi Zhou turned his head aloofly. After a while, he turned his head and asked even more aloofly: “How many marks do you roughly want?”

Really can get the marks that she wanted? Happiness came so suddenly …… but did she have the cheek to give He Zhi Zhou pressure again? She reached out and patted He Zhi Zhou’s shoulder: “Whatever marks you can get, so be it.”

Oh ~ He Zhi Zhou ignored Shen Xi, directly walked up the stairs and got ready to enter the exam room. He never thought that he will take CET-4 exam twice in his lifetime.

Shen Xi’s eyes that were oh-so-filled with love gazed after He Zhi Zhou as he walked up the stairs, and then, she cutely waved at him. He Zhi Zhou turned around once. The corner of his mouth curved upwards slightly. He despised this kind of conduct of taking an exam for somebody, but since she was his girlfriend, what harm was there to indulge her once in a while?

He Zhi Zhou walked into the exam room on the second floor. Whereas Shen Xi strolled two rounds in the corridor on the first floor. Since the body swap, she has become unfamiliar with the teaching building in the normal college.

The sky was getting dark, looking as if it will start to rain soon. Shen Xi stuck out her head to look upwards. Claps of thunder sounded, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky. Suddenly heavy rain began to pour down.

Oh no, she did not bring an umbrella!

He Zhi Zhou’s seat in the classroom was on the left side corner, the sitting in an exam most loathed by the ‘flunky students’. But he was quite satisfied with it. The exam admission card with all kinds of information on Shen Xi was pasted on the corner of the table. His fingertips caressed the little photo on the card, the more he looked, the more pleasing to the eye she became.

Coincidentally, the teacher who was acting as exam supervisor was distributing the exam paper at that moment and inadvertently saw this scene. He scoffed silently in his heart. Never before had he seen such a narcissistic person!

The corner seat was close to the window. It was raining heavily outside, He Zhi Zhou was looking at Shen Xi who was taking shelter from the rain downstairs, feeling a little restless.

Everyone in the exam room will start to look at the composition question once they got the exam papers, making every second counts while running with time. Except, He Zhi Zhou who was leaning on the back of the chair and looking at Shen Xi downstairs.

Teacher: “……”

Shen Xi was holding her head, deciding to run into the heavy rain.

He Zhi Zhou frowned, the rain was so heavy, can’t she stay in the shelter longer? Feeling a headache, he massaged his forehead. He pulled his attention back. Picking up the pen, he wrote her name on the answer paper, writing the words “Shen Xi’s” with firm, elegant strokes that were graceful and elegant.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi ran all the way back to dorm room 921. She was wet like a drowned rat, so she intended to take a hot bath. But the water heater in the dormitory was broken, no hot water coming out. In order to avoid catching a cold, she took her clothes and went straight to the public bathroom downstairs.

This was her first time going into the male bathroom. After entering, she discovered the design of the male public bath was so bad. Inside, there were single cubicle and also communal shower. The communal shower only has a row of shower heads, not even partition board.

There was not many single cubicle, only seven or eight. Because about fifty percent of the male student in the university were taking exam, so there was not many people taking shower in the public baths. Shen Xi managed to find a single cubicle, she quickly took off the wet clothes and pants, and then turned on the hot water power switch, moving two circles comfortably in the middle of the cubicle.

“Really comfortable!” She exclaimed, “I love bathing, good for the skin ……”

WTF! Who has such an alluring voice? Which man can take a shower in such rapturous manner? The cubicle next to Shen Xi was a male student from the northeast (Manchuria). Because he cannot withstand this kind of stimulation, the soap in his hand accidentally dropped ……

He cried out in alarm, “My soap!”

As a result, the naughty soap not only dropped, but also slid all the way to the next cubicle.

Shen Xi looked down, a bar of yellow soap slid over from the cubicle next door to her toes. She moved her toes and immediately quieted down. She did not want to pick up the soap. (In Naked Gun 33⅓, Leslie Nielsen was asked to pick up the soap and in doing so revealed iron shorts protecting his chastity. While picking up the soap, a man will be attacked from behind for gay sex).

“My bath buddy next door, can you please help me to pick up my soap?”

No matter how hard she pretended, a boorish male voice still floated over the water vapor. To her surprise, he asked her to pick up the soap! Shen Xi lowered her head, the heart struggling, After a while, she weakly suggested: “I’ll kick it to you, okay?”

The bather next door has no choice, since he was bathing halfway, he said: “Okay, but is your feet clean?”

Loser! Dare to suspect her feet were not clean. Shen Xi groaned, with a plan in mind: she must kick this piece of soap far far away, better still several cubicles away, let him go about naked to pick it up!

One, two, three, she stretched out her feet. Before she got to kick, her feet accidentally slipped. A loud “Bang” sound can be heard, her head directly knock against the cubicle wall.

So painful! She squinted, and then no longer can open her eyes.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“The listening test is over ……”

When Shen Xi regained consciousness, such words reverberated in her ear. She vaguely remembered her head knocking against the cubicle wall, so she habitually stretched out her hand to rub her head, Then she discovered it was not very painful.

His skin sure was nice and thick, she, feeling fortunate, thought. But, she wasn’t certain if she had smacked He Zhi Zhou’s brain and made it daft. So then, in her mind, she threw out a math problem for herself to calculate: 16 plus 32 was equal to… 48…

Yeah, she can calculate the figure, so she has not gone daft …

“Student, the written exam has begun!”

“Student, wake up to take the exam !!!”

“This female student!”

Female student?!

Where got female student in the male bathroom ah ……

What was the exam about?

Shen Xi was woken up by the male teacher who was acting as exam supervisor. She lifted up her head from the desk, looking muddle-headed at first, and then shock, and finally panic and confused. She looked at her hand, her surrounding and then looked at the expressionless face of the supervising teacher, as well as the CET-4 exam papers on the table. She immediately covered her mouth in sorrow, to prevent herself from crying out.


How come swapped back!

Why swapped back at this time ……

Shen Xi was trembling and started to flip through the exam papers. Then tears started to fall, one by one dripping down on the exam papers, she was already feeling too sad to bear.

“Student, what is wrong with you?” The supervising teacher was stunned, a flunky student who made people feel really distressed.

With tears in the eyes, Shen Xi lifted up her head, looked at the supervising teacher and muttered incoherently: “Teacher, why … … am I here ah ……”


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