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Update: Drama Adaptations of Mo Bao Fei Bao Novels


Keeping to my promise that I would update you guys on any news of drama adaptations of Mo Bao Fei Bao novels. One of them we knew about already, while the other one gave me a little shock when I found out about it today.

Adaptation of Stewed Squid with Honey

The pic at the top of the post was released for the adaptation for Stewed Squid. The small words on the bottom of the jumbotron read, “Little Squidie, we’ll get married once the competition is over.” 😍

I had mentioned at the end of the novel translation of Stewed Squid with Honey that this was going to be adapted into a drama with the author, Mo Bao Fei Bao, as the sole screenwriter. Here’s a translation of the officially filed synopsis with the SAPPRFT (formerly SARFT).

Late in the night, Han Shangyan pushes open the door of a little cybercafe and steps inside. At this moment, computer whiz and genuius, Tong Nian, who is currently studying for a graduate degree, is helping her younger cousin watch the internet cafe. The innocent cutie, Tong Nian, falls in love with Han Shangyan at first sight. She is brave, but yet, she dares not even look his once-rumoured girlfriend from ten years ago over in detail; she is calm and collected, yet for fear that she may disturb him, she feels uneasy simply from stealing a glance at him when sitting by his side; she is accustomed to large-scale events with crowds of people, but feels as if her breathing has stopped simply because he has left a comment beneath her Weibo post; she is used to being interviewed, but when she calls him, she cannot remember a single word of the topics that she spent a long time preparing ahead of time; she likes him so much, yet when she feels awful that she has brought him trouble, she tearfully breaks up with him. It is this Tong Nian who moves the heart of Han Shangyan, a man who has always stayed away from the charms of women and a person who has long been able to maintain composure in the face of anything. And it is with Han Shangyan’s encouragement that Tong Nian rejoins the school team to continue participating in the international computer programming competition amongst universities. The two each throw themselves into their own journey toward seizing a championship title, each shining brightly and demonstrating their extraordinary talent in their respective fields.

I admit, despite the fact that the author is the sole screenwriter, I’m still hesitant and only tentatively anticipating this drama, for fear that the story simply will not translate well onto the screen. Some Chinese novel fans have criticized that this synopsis has deleted Tong Nian’s 2-D world identity as a songstress of Japanese cover songs and deviated from the original plot. Honestly, everything up until the second last sentence occurs in the novel. The little bit about Tong Nian rejoining the school team was not in the original story, but it was mentioned in the novel Tong Nian did once participate in the ACM-ICPC  (and that year Dt’s team won). Mo Bao Fei Bao either moved that part to be later in time and expanded on it (why does Gun need to encourage her to rejoin the team? Hmmm…) or perhaps wrote in a subplot where she participates in it one more time? Either way, I don’t feel it’s a huge deviation.

Anyway, this one’s moving along, although no news of casting yet.


Adaptation of One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones

Whoa. Yeah. I just found out about this one today. There really is no news, aside from the fact that Croton Media bought the rights and is planning on adapting it. (Which particular branch of Croton will be doing it, I’m not sure, but Croton is the parent company that produced the adaptations of My Sunshine, Love O2O, Eternal Love aka Three Lives, Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms). Mo Bao Fei Bao hasn’t made an official announcement about it yet, so I can’t answer who will be the screenwriter.

All right, this one is kind of interesting. I’m a little worried as there are a lot of things in the original story that have a good chance of not passing approval. For example, the guidelines put out by the board state that reincarnation is banned from television. Um… that’s a key theme of the story. And we won’t even mention the huge no-no of triads and “underground societies” and what that means for the Zhou family of the novel, which deals primarily in “underground businesses” and has the power to change one’s citizenship at the drop of a hat.

I have a huge soft spot for Beautiful Bones and just hope with all my fingers and toes crossed that this will be a faithful adaptation that does this beautiful story justice. I’m not against changes; I just want the feel and intent of the original novel to be preserved.

Anyway, it’s still early for this one. Like everyone else, I’m wondering when it will happen. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Update: Drama Adaptations of Mo Bao Fei Bao Novels

  1. 😱 browsing while waiting for my Uber ride to appointment, I get really excited seeing another post on this blog… what more… it is MBFB novel adaption 😍 thank you so much…. now I have something to look forward too again in the C-dramaland 😍 keep us posted please Hoju 😘

  2. OMG Beautiful Bones! I hope they stay true to the story, it is so good. There’s no way to do it without the reincarnation, it is so crucial to the plot. That’s how she finds him in the first place.

  3. ao.. beautiful bones is one of my favorite novel. i reread over and over but never once feels bored. hope the adaptation will beautiful to… fingercross… ^^

  4. I’m no stickler adaptations to be strictly based on the novel’s plot. BUT. If the deviation does anything to damage even 0.00000000000000000000000000000……1% to the beauty of these stories, the respective Production Companies will hear from me. And when I’m done with them, the rest of the fangirls standing behind me in the line will have nothing left to pick on *foreboding laugh*

  5. Sounds veeerrrry interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    I have thus far liked Croton’s adaptations, so I’m really hoping like you that they do the Beautiful Bones story justice.

    As for Stewed Squid, can’t wait to check it out if only to see how the writer adapts her story to drama.

  6. So excited abt the casting! Who wud be the cutie TN n the heartthrob Gun as I can’t recall any c-actors who can portrait him and wth! She won’t be the songactress😭 I was already imagining her as a cosplayer with the cat kneesocks lol

    • It was never mentioned that she was a 2-D world songstress in the synopsis, but neither was it mentioned that Gun was an eSports legend. In fact, nothing was mentioned about eSports at all, but judging from the pic that was released, they aren’t deleting that, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re excluding that part of her identity from the drama. I think people are nervous and hence are picking bones too early. That synopsis looks like a safe, typical romantic drama synopsis that contains inspirational elements—perfect thing to submit for approval.

      • At least they sud have included Gun as an eSports legend…otherwise it’s just a same romantic drama where a girl falls in love at first sight and how she pursues him…

        • It doesn’t matter. It’s just what was submitted for approval and doesn’t encompass all that is going to be filmed. The pic does imply gaming, so I’m not bothered.

  7. Reincarnation is banned from TV?! Argh!
    What is Beautiful Bones without a glimpse of the poignant moments and exchanges between Xiao Nanchen Prince and Eleven? What is BB without a ride outside the palace wall to the town at night, or burning the candles at the library tower rewriting the ancient poem? What is BB without a solemn New Year dinner just the two of them? There was no BB without the mighty loyal prince and his eleven. *sadface*

    I have mix feeling when I read this news. Hope this adaptation won’t butcher the sweet and touching love story of 2 good souls. I’m waiting for so long to finally meet this enigmatic warrior prince. Hope the casting won’t be disappointing as well. Thanks for the update, dear!

  8. Just hoping the drama follows closely the nover storyline without change too much. And hoping the actor/ess they cast suit the character. Not ruining the story and make me wont watching it.

  9. I would totally watch these dramas. Hopefully somebody will sub them. Thanks for update.

  10. OMG! Aahhhhhhh! Two of my favorite novels are being adapted!!! Super worried on how they do Beautiful Bones, but fingers crossed.

  11. I’m really happy if both n9vel can be adopted to a drama. But hopefully we as a reader didn’t disapointed with the storyline and the cast. Sorry to say but i hope the director can put a natural beauty actress to act the character. It so annoying if i see shin yi face like a plastic doll which in novel she’s really has a beautiful face inside and outside.

    But i keep the process of the drama and cheers for them.

    Thank you hoju

  12. Thanks hoju! I’m really excited that Beautiful Bones is getting adapted! My favourite couple~~

  13. Thanks for the update. But with casting still up in the air. and then filming, post production and waiting for C gov to approve.. might take more than 2years for some dramas to air

  14. TBH can’t imagine any actress who can embody TN’s pureness and cuteness. Still excited though.
    On the other hand, definitely worried about Beautiful Bones. The only way I can see the adaption of Beautiful Bones stay faithful is if it turns to a webseries. They do have more freedom and less restrictions with a web series, but idk if Croton would want to do that bc I doubt web series bring in as much revenue as both online and offline views.

  15. I’m so excited to this adaptation! Wonder who’s going to be God Gun in the adaptation 😍😍

  16. Beautiful Bones!!!! The novel that had me stay up late, crying and sobbing.

    Once I saw the news, I had to pause and pray that the Beautiful Bones adaptation will be good, right after some squee-ing, of course. 😊

    Love o2o was decent (except for Yang Yang’s posturing) and My Sunshine also was, despite some of the changes.

  17. OMG I am scared and terrified!!! 😲😲😲😲😲 They better not mess up my favorite novel beautiful bones because I read that book like a million times over because I love it so much and also that company that bought the rights out of those three movies only my sunshine was actually good the other two sucked!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿 But that is just my opinion but still!!! 💔💔💔 Hopefully they stay close to the novel but I don’t know what to think I am so conflicted with this news.

    Well thank you for the news ❤❤❤

  18. OMG! I’m really excited to this adaptation of Stewed Squid with Honey and One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones ….especially SSWH .

    Thanks for the news 🙂

  19. i am here because of the drama One and Only & Forever and Ever..

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