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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Epilogue and Author’s Afterword *NOVEL COMPLETED*


This is the end of My Darling! Woohoo! This final post contains the epilogue and author’s afterword, which are both only in the printed book (actually, there’s an editor’s afterword, too, but I didn’t include that), as well as some customary closing comments from me.  Thank you to everyone who has been reading along and especially those who dropped an encouraging little comment, even though I haven’t been around this last month to respond.

Ah, to be the son of a celebrity. The little guy is just adorable…




Chu Jian endured quite a bit of suffering during the birth of their baby. That evening, after a successful natural birth, she lay on the bed, her entire body drained of strength, and stared at the baby inside that transparent, plastic bassinet. In a quiet voice, she stated to Jian Bianlin, “He came out from me…”

For the entire day, Jian Bianlin’s heart had felt as if it was breaking, and only now was he somewhat in the mood to take a glance at that wrinkly little person. “Mm, he came out from you.”

“Bring him onto the bed for me to see.”

Bending over, Jian Bianlin picked up their baby into his arms, supported him securely, and then set him down beside Chu Jian.

Chu Jian felt even more that this was so amazing, and stroking her baby’s hand, she remarked, “Jian Bianlin, look. I really did birth a person out…”

“Mm… You birthed a person.”

This was just too amazing. It felt as if it was only yesterday that they were both sitting at that square table in the corner of the living room of Chu Jian’s old, dated home, each person occupying one side of the table as they did their homework, and in passing, she would copy a bit of his, too. And now, the next day, they had partnered up and birthed a person out…

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When their baby was two years old, Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin took him on a vacation for the first time. To prevent herself and their son from being photographed, Chu Jian brought the baby and went separately from Jian Bianlin. While going through the security checkpoint, Jian Bianlin, as usual, put his cap and sunglasses back on again after passing the screening officer. This brought about a flare up of exhilaration from the people waiting in the queues behind him and nearby. Cries of excitement sounded out incessantly. “Jian Bianlin!” “He’s so handsome in real life! So crazy handsome!” “My Baby Jian!” “Dammit! Where’s my mobile? Where is it?!” …

The baby did not understand at all any of what was being said. With the pitter-patter of his little steps, he scuttled from inside the door of the security checkpoint all the way over to Jian Bianlin. “Daddy, uppy!”

In that moment when everyone was still stunned, Chu Jian covered her head and face with a garment and darted over with swift strides, scooping up her son and enfolding him securely in her embrace. Then, like she was doing the 100-metre dash, she fled from there…

“Everyone, my apologies.” Jian Bianlin was extremely afraid that Chu Jian would blame him for causing their child to be exposed to the public eye, so very astutely, he chose to remove his cap and sunglasses. With a couple of very unnatural-sounding coughs and a rather solemn air, he unfastened the top two buttons of his button-up shirt. “Let’s just take pictures of me…”

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Chu Jian loved aquariums. With their little darling in her arms, she examined all the glass tanks one by one, reading the interpretive signs while teaching their son how to say the names of all the different kinds of fish. As Jian Bianlin followed along behind them, the only thing he did aside from taking photographs was to take more photographs—an endless number of photographs… At last, Chu Jian grew displeased, and turning to look at Jian Bianlin, she quietly chastised him, “Why aren’t you interacting with our baby? Boys should spend a bit more time with their fathers. It’s good for the physical and mental health of the little man.”

Restraining his love of taking photographs of Chu Jian, Jian Bianlin stepped closer to them. After gazing intently at the fish inside the glass tank for a long time, he informed their baby in a low tone, “That’s the daddy fish. That’s the mommy fish. That’s the baby fish.”

Huh? Chu Jian was taken aback. How can he tell?

Taking a couple of steps to the left, the extremely family-oriented Jian Bianlin very responsibly stated in a soft voice, “That’s the daddy lobster, and that’s the mommy lobster. And look, that one that’s a little smaller is the baby lobster.”

Chu Jian: “… Forget it. Just go take pictures…”

Men who were completely immersed in their happy married life and unable to transfer correct scientific knowledge were just too scary.

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When outside the home, Chu Jian liked to stroll through little stores and replenish groceries and other supplies, with the “strolling” part being her form of amusement.

So, into their shopping cart, Chu Jian would continually be tossing items: children’s cooling gel strips for fever relief, children’s cold medicine, children’s hand soap, children’s mosquito repellent bracelet, children’s…

And the things that Jian Bianlin also would nonstop place into the cart? Same.

Whatever Chu Jian took, he would add another one of the exact same item. At any rate, if she wanted to buy something, he could not go wrong in buying a bit more.

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One time before a vacation, Chu Jian was handed a long list that came from Jian Bianlin’s dad as well as her own parents and relatives. Written out on it was a series of items: rice cooker, mouthwash, sunscreen, shampoo massage brush, sponge used to scrub cupboards… Chu Jian was vexed from simply looking at that lengthy list, and it consisted completely of products that could be bought at the supermarket. Therefore, Chu Jian handed the mission over to Jian Bianlin, which he successfully completed.

But they overlooked one thing. These sorts of tourist destinations basically all had fellow Chinese who provided shopping guide services. They also overlooked the extent that Jian Bianlin’s face had pervaded into the general populace. As a result, that night, there was a live video on Instagram that revealed the sunscreen that Jian Bianlin most loves to use, the cupboard sponge that Jian Bianlin purposely went to purchase, the shampoo brush that Jian Bianlin highly recommends, the mouthwash that Jian Bianlin loves, the powdered milk that Jian Bianlin’s dearest had and then did not ever want to put down again…

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There was a period when their baby was especially attached to his daddy. Every night after going to sleep, he would every so often wake up and crawl out from the crib and onto the big bed to look for Daddy. Because of this, there were practically two weeks where Jian Bianlin did not have the opportunity to so much as even touch Chu Jian’s finger. Today, after waiting until the baby had finally fallen asleep, Jian Bianlin made every minute and second count. Dashing into the bathroom, he rinsed out his mouth in just a few seconds with mouthwash, squeezed out some soap, and washed his hands. Then, turning the already-asleep Chu Jian over, he bent down and covered her with his body.

His control had been nonexistent to begin with. And then, he heard Chu Jian, her arms entwined around his neck, mumble, “Don’t bother taking anything off… Let’s just do it.”

His heart gave a dull thud in his chest. Chu Jian was completely unaware of just how seductive her words were. But before they could even do anything, the crib began to rock again, and the baby sat up inside, gazing with wide, innocent eyes at the both of them. The little guy did not speak, only stared.

Guiltily, Jian Bianlin turned his head so that his gaze met the baby’s, for fear that making even one extra move would leave an unhealthy impact on the child’s young mind.

In the end, when Chu Jian turned over beneath him and carried on sleeping, he and the baby were still staring speechlessly at one another…

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When their baby was learning his numbers, he especially liked the number “8.”

There was one time when Chu Jian was away on business, and they were out of milk powder at home. Jian Bianlin had no choice but to drive the car out and bring along their son to the supermarket to buy some milk powder. After they had made the purchase and went back downstairs, he was still putting the item away into the car’s trunk when the baby darted off… to begin a lengthy expedition of looking for and recognizing numbers. Beginning with the car beside Jian Bianlin, the little guy found the “8” on the rear licence plate. With a giggle, he said to Jian Bianlin in his little baby’s voice, “Eight.”

The little darling had an extremely strong thirst for knowledge and also remarkable patience. With a few of his little steps, he pattered up behind the third car. Staring at it for a few seconds, he again found what he was looking for. “Eight.”

Jian Bianlin nodded. “That’s right. Eight.”

His son was gleeful at this. And then, next car…

That night, Jian Bianlin, his cap pulled further down than any other person’s, followed behind the entire way while constantly shielding his own face as well as his son’s. They went from vehicle to vehicle until they had checked out the large majority of all the rear licence plates in that underground parking garage. If, by chance, the vehicle owner was present and Jian Bianlin was recognized, he would even have to take photographs with the people and give out autographs, with the only request being that the other party did not photograph his son’s face…

Hence, without even knowing it, the little darling benefited the whole parking garage of people.

Voluntarily leading the way, he distributed his dear daddy’s autograph for an entire evening.

After they returned home and Jian Bianlin was talking on the phone with Chu Jian at their scheduled time, he was still sighing ruefully over this. “I think our baby’s stubbornness and patience… comes from me.”

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During the time when the baby was just starting to talk and still did not know many words yet, no matter what happened, he would always simply say, “Brokey.” The meanings of that word included, “don’t feel well,” “it’s shut off,” “it’s broken,” etc. So, on those set days when Jian Bianlin was in charge of watching the baby, from morning to evening, he would constantly be hearing, “Brokey.”

When Jian Bianlin shut off the television after finishing only half a program, the baby pointed at the pictureless television screen and said, “Brokey.” When he took the baby to get vaccinations, the little guy pointed at the back of his own hand where the needle had been inserted and said, “Brokey.” When Jian Bianlin finished washing his face and shut off the tap, the baby pointed at the faucet and said, “Brokey.” When the baby was fevering in the middle of the night, the little darling sobbingly point at his own head and cried, “Brokey” … Moreover, the little guy had extremely strong self-esteem, and each time after he said it once himself, he would make Jian Bianlin repeat it three times.

After one week of this had passed, there was one time when Jian Bianlin was discussing business matters with Xie Bin. While he was solemnly holding a pen, about to sign his name, he discovered that there was no ink left. His first reaction to this was, “Brokey.”

… Xie Bin gave a cough, not saying anything.

Sighingly, Jian Bianlin covered his face with both his hands, explaining in a low voice, “My son has been teaching me that lately.”

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Author’s Afterword — Do You Still Remember the Dreams of Our Youth?

The online instalments for My Darling began in October 2015 and came to a conclusion in January 2016, which just happened to be the three coldest months of the southern part of the country.

This is my first story about a boy and a girl whose friendship began in childhood.

When I was a kid, I had five or six good guy friends who grew up with me, and we had always had quite good  relationships. Anyone who has had a childhood guy friend will know that that sort of relationship is quite remarkable, similar to having another family member. We knew each other since we were three, four years old, that age when you still don’t really differentiate between boys and girls. Together we grew up, went to school, and also quarreled. Then when we were grown up, we dated people and broke up, and I watched them go off to study at military academy, which separated us into different parts of the country.

Many years later, when we saw each other again, it was “Whoa, how come he looks like that?” So remarkable.

As we gathered together, eating, drinking, and just having fun, it was just like when we were kids, and we showed not even an ounce of the sensibility and maturity that adults should have.

That’s why I have actually always wanted to write about this type of relationship, and also to do it as a form of commemoration. Quietly, without even being aware of it happening, we have all grown up, and quietly, without even being aware of things changing, we cannot return to what we once were. Many relationships have nothing to do with romantic love, but they are still worthy of being remembered. Feelings and relationships are not only about specific people; they also come about because of a specific period in time.

When that age has passed, all those things related to childhood friendships are also gone with the past.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When I first started writing this story, I had lofty ideas and aims for it. I even told my BFF, “Humph, humph, humph, humph. I’m starting a cheesily dramatic and exciting story with lots of twists and turns using the movies and television industry as background. Since it has to do with stuff that’s part of my day-to-day work, when it’s written, it’s going to be awesome.”

In the beginning, I had thought that, because I understood the inner workings, it would be realistic, and realistic things are always the most interesting to read.

But in the end, I realized that I had overestimated myself. When it was time to begin writing, I suddenly did not want to bring in any complicated stuff into this. That is why you can see that in this story, aside from some small, trivial matters that skirt the edge of the movies and television industry, everything else does not involve it at all.

When you get to the bottom of it, I still just like things that are simple.

With this world, I understand what it is like, and I also know just how disappointing it sometimes can be to people. But those are not what I want to express. Ugly things are not worthy for me to, after completing my strenuous work for the day, still persist beneath my desk lamp, in front of my computer, working late into the night to write them out. As a screenwriter, I certainly understand what a powerful and effective weapon dramatic conflict can be. Yet as an author, I want, in the limited time that I have, to write about people and stories that I genuinely admire and like.

I have always said that it is my readers who have helped me to persevere in continuing to write, because during the times when I have wanted to set down my pen, they have always pulled me back. But each book that I write must be written for me. So long as I have begun the story and written its first word, then it most certainly is because I want to write it, that I love it. So in a certain sense, what I write is also a gift to myself, book by book, and all of them are my process of self-healing and restoration.

Thank you, J&C, for showing up in the winter of 2015 and, thereafter, forever existing.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The line of lyrics at the conclusion of the main story is what I most wanted, when the story came to an end, to give to myself and to all of you:

Do you still remember the dreams of our youth? They are like a flower that shall never wither.

There have been bumps, and there have been setbacks. Who hasn’t fallen into the mire before? But still, to the day I die, I will reach for the sun, as well as the dreams of my youth.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated with the express permission of the author for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Additional Comments:

So, another translation has come to an end. 🙂 I’m still on vacation and though I have VPN that allows me to access the blog, doing anything on it takes forever. Still, I could not end this translation project without saying a few words.

My introduction post for this novel gave you my recollection of my initial impression of this story. Since then, I’ve re-read it several times. What does this novel do to me? Hmm… kind of like how the cast and crew of Jian Bianlin’s filming project felt when they were told that Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin were one another’s first love. “What does one’s first love represent? It is not simply ‘love;’ it also embodies ‘youth.'” (chapter 8.1) I giggled quietly when some of you were wondering why Chu Jian didn’t want to tell their parents about their “new” relationship. Yes, why? Just like, why did my then-boyfriend, now-hubby and I initially keep our relationship quiet from friends and family for nearly a month before a group of our mutual friends ran into us holding hands (and we literally threw off each other’s hand and pretended we didn’t know one another)? In that first relationship, why do you feel shy, not knowing how you should let people know about this person in your life, wanting to both shout it from the mountaintops and also keep the relationship your sweet, little secret. There’s something innocent and special about first love—that heart-racing feeling whenever you see the person, the shyness, the uncertainty about what you should do but no matter what you do, you still feel so sweet it’s like you drank a bottle of honey. Perhaps because that relationship is very pure.

When I followed along with the development of Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin’s relationship, I was transported back to those days when I first started dating my hubby, and I found so many similarities to our leads. The author truly captured those feelings, and so the “magic” of this novel to me is how well the joy of that first relationship is brought out from the words that she wrote.  (Technically, like Chu Jian, I had dated someone—my childhood guy friend, in fact—for a few days before breaking up and dating my hubby a couple of years later, but also like Chu Jian, I don’t consider that guy my first love. LOL. Hubby deserves that title.)

Xie Bin said, “…most people’s first love is usually like a novel of the pains of youth” (chapter 7.5) because most first loves eventually come to an end. But when your first love blossoms into a love that lasts for a lifetime, that is something that’s pretty darn special. Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin are pretty darn blessed, and the long wait that led up to it becomes worth it.

So, if you have a novel of the pains of youth, perhaps in this My Darling universe, J&C were able to give you a happy ending, but regardless, whatever novel you “write” in your life, I wish you the happiest of endings. If you haven’t started your novel yet, maybe this will give you a little hope. And if your novel ends like theirs, I’m happy for you that you’ve found something so special. ❤


I have always found that there is something about this author—be it the values or views on life that shine through in her writing or the little glimpses that I get of her through certain things, like this afterword—that resonates with me.

“I have always said that it is my readers who have helped me to persevere in continuing to write, because during the times when I have wanted to set down my pen, they have always pulled me back. But each book that I write must be written for me. So long as I have begun the story and written its first word, then it most certainly is because I want to write it, that I love it.”

If you take the word “write” in the above paragraph and replace it with “translate,” these are like the words of my heart and why I have been translating these last few years.

To all of you, whether you have been reading along with me since Really, Really Miss You, came in just with this translation of My Darling, or found this blog anywhere in between, I am very grateful to you, all of my readers. My husband wonders why I do this—I earn no money, I stay up into the wee hours of the night, I forgo the time I could have used for other hobbies. The reasons I keep picking up yet another project, even with my ever decreasing spare time due to, mainly, kids who are growing up, are (1) I truly want to share this author’s work with more people, and (2) I read your comments and you tell me that the translations brightened your day, or encouraged you to reflect on something, or just brought some fun. I like discussing characters (can you tell? LOL) and hearing people’s thoughts on the stories that I love as well as sharing my own thoughts. So thank you to all of you.

However, each individual project that I take on comes from somewhere within me. I have a love for each novel that I have translated, whether it is because I have been captivated by the story, touched by the characters, enthralled by the atmosphere and language, sent into girly giggles and happiness that I just had to share, or spurred on to reflect on my views on life. So in this way, each translation is also for me, and that is what motivates me to make it to the end of every one.

Time is something that most of us wish we had more of, and I am no exception. When I started this project, I didn’t realize how crazily busy this period in time would be for me, and to be honest, I’m a little pooped. So, I’m going to take a little break from taking on a project myself. I’m not exactly sure how long it will be, maybe a month, maybe several months. But I promise to be back, because you are all here (I hope! You will be, right?) and I still have several novels in mind that I “need” to do. In fact, I have already received the author’s approval for the next translation, so when I’m ready, I’ll come back with an announcement and a start date. For now, you might see me around occasionally helping my also-very-busy friend, Peanuts, with Don’t Be So Proud.

In the meantime, take care.




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      Yay! Glad you loved this little story about J&C. ❤

      Hope to see you around. 🙂

  21. Even if i just begun read Chinese novel translation this 1 year, i definitely love your work the most. Its all begin from Beautiful Bones till now, every book that you mention i try to read it even in the original form coz i cant find the translation that resulted headache afterward see too much Chinese writing hahaha…… I’m so grateful for all your hard work and share it for us 🙏🙏🙏 thank you so much… ❤❤❤❤

    Ps : i’m so curious about the novel that you mention in the beginning of My Darling, if you dont mind, can you please tell me the title? Thx b4

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    • Yay! I’m glad you found us. 🙂 If you don’t mind coming back regularly, join us in our in-progress translations (right now, there is “Don’t Be So Proud” and “Black and White Film”). We’d be happy to have you along on the ride.

      Thank you for reading. ❤

      • I finished reading Together Forever today, which I kept last because of the ahem teacher-student love theme. Cried buckets. Reminded me to count my blessings. Yes, I will definitely follow Don’t Be So Proud and Black and White Film, but first need to re-read My Darling, Beautiful Bones and Squidie. I miss them so so much 😍. Thank you dear Hoju ♥️

        • The teacher-student part is there, but in reality, it’s not the biggest part of the story and certainly not a real obstacle in their relationship. That story isn’t angst-y, but it’s like someone is digging at your heart with a spoon.

          My Darling, Beautiful Bones, and Squidie—a great lineup, but Really, Really Miss You feels left out. 😉
          Looking forward to seeing you in B&W and Proud. 🙂

  23. My heart is “brokey”💔💔
    Though i discovered this story late, its still one of my best reads.. i love it💖 thank u hoju for translating😙
    I will dearly moss them, i even hope for another epilouge where Jian Bianlin and his son will compete for the attention of Chu Jian😆 it will be a very interesting read! I love the interactions between the father and son duo.. how Jian Bianlin is under the thumb of Mrs. Jian.. i wish theres more😢 again thank u for translating😙😙😊

    • Don’t be “brokey.” Just come back for re-reads. 🙂 Haha, oh poor Chu Jian would have a tough choice between the two. Thankfully, she really doesn’t have to choose.

      So glad you loved the story!

  24. Done reading this today. I felt so empty a while ago since tomorrow is my birthday. But upon reading this, I’m feeling full right now. Thanks for translating and sharing! 😁

  25. thank you for this. its the most satisfying story ever. my fantasy realised. again, thank you

  26. Thank you so much for translating this awesome story!!

  27. thank you for translating all this beautiful story! (I already read all your mbfb’s story translation). I’ve been ur silent reader for quite awhile and I think that I need to come out at least to say how thankful I am AWW hahahaha.

    • I’m so glad you chose not to hold your silence any longer. I love hearing from readers. ❤ Thank you for all your support and also your kind encouragement.

  28. Thank you so much for your translations! I’ve mainly been a silent reader for the last couple of years, but after rereading this yet again, I’d like to voice my thankfulness (that sounds weird somehow 🤔). Reading your translations always give me a sense of joy and happiness, they are so well done. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in!!

    Also… where do you find all these great books? Any suggestions for sites to browse? Thanks!

    • And I am very thankful that you decided not to hold your silence. 🙂 It makes a translator’s day to know that readers like the work, and enough to come back for a reread at that! 🙂 Thank you for reading.

      Most of the stories that I like are found on I also find the occasional one from Too many stories, not enough time to do all the reading and translating I want!

  29. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this. I really enjoyed it. I’m also a fan of Really Really Miss You and have re-read it a few times. Just like a really good KDrama 😅 there is always the withdrawal and having to say goodbye to the characters that you came to love. ❤

  30. Thank you for putting so much time and effort in translating these books!

  31. Thank you so much for translating hoju. I appreciated the effort you put into each chapter and the links you provided to the songs were such a gem ❤ Some advice.. as a basic Cantonese speaker myself who can read and write only just a little mandarin, what would be the best way to learn? I would love to read the original context and have only been learning how to speak it by watching dramas and repeating words over and over just like the little Jian Bianlian 😂. Despite discovering this late, thank you for your quality translations!

  32. Hello hoju,

    Thank you for translating this awesome novel. I was looking for the last chapter of Hua Xu Yin and somewhere I could read the conclusion of Mu Yan and Ah Fu’s story but couldn’t find it anywhere so thought of reading some other story with a happy ending.
    After reading introduction to all of the MBFB books translated on this blog I decided to start with this and I am glad I wasn’t disappointed. I was looking for something similar to Gu Man’s books and I found another author whose writing has me smiling from the beginning of the story and after I read the Epilogue/last chapter I am left with feeling satisfied and not the least bit taken advantage of (in the sense that I spend all this time reading the novel/translations and in the end, the author does a cop-out and writes a very bad ending and leaves me feeling disappointed and angry).

    So thank you again for translating this novel and a big Thank You to the author Mo Bao Fei Bao (who I hope reads all the comments on this blog and realises she has fans not just chinese-reading ones but those who read her works translated by her very dedicated and hard-working-translating fans.)

    I just have one question that I am quite curious about and had been wondering since I first read Come Eat, Shan Shan (just a couple of months ago after dilly-dallying watching the TV adaptation of it since I had been burned by quite a lot of Chinese dramas endings/story in the past and gave up the Chinese dramas altogether). How long are these novels in Chinese. As in how many pages on average the actual printed form does a novel like My Darling come to? Is it classified a short novel? I have also read 3L3W (amazon version) and The Pillow Book (an aweome A* translated work) and those are quite long. Especially The Pillow Book so if I compared My Darling to The Pillow Book, for example, My Darling seems like a short-story-novel.

    Again, thank you.

  33. I have been thinking about Jian Bianlin and Chu Jian’s love… journey since I finished reading it and once question that I can’t seem to find an answer to is: when should one stop with their unrequited love for someone who has on multiple occasions rejected that love?
    I still remember when I first read Chapter 1 I was quite annoyed at both Jian Bianlin and Chu Jian:

    Jian Bianlin – does he not understand what ‘no’ means? Chu Jian very clearly told him she is not interested in that way. Then, again, she reiterated her stance with her cold and distant behaviour. To me Bianlin seemed on the border of stalking her. Not in that creepy ‘I’ll follow your every move and watch you from a corner’ way but just very, very, very persistant anf frustrating way.

    Chu Jian – can’t she just accept his love, acknowledge it and may be try it one more time instead of being distant and cold? If not, then perhaps start a relationship. It’s not like they were joined at the hip and would only meet whenever their parents got together. Perhaps that might have been a better way of fending off Bianlin’s affections for her. She stayed single, though it was only because she felt guilty, but Bianlin didn’t know that. He had no way of definitely, for sure, 100% know that she couldn’t move to another relationship because of her guilt towards him. Of course, he had some inclination of that and guessed it but that’s not 100% knowning . Chu Jian never once actually said these words to him, did she?

    Of course, after I read the part where he asks for one more chance and she gives him that. She won me over when she tried to sincerely give him that chance he asked for and not just pre-set her mind and only act like she is giving him a chance. And this last chance actually lead to both parties finding each other again – things they didn’t previously know such as Chu Jian going to beg that 3-days-boyfriend to forgive Bianlin, her isolation from the rest of her classmates in Highschool. Bianlin’s onscreen persona (his fans, his same as before he got famous attitude towards people, etc), his copying/writing all the things she got wrong in her English homework and her other subjects homework, etc.

    I keep thinking of Su Jin and Ye Hua from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Su Jin loved Ye Hua since they were children just like Bianlin loved Chu Jian. Ye Hua never once reciprocated Su Jin’s love and Chu Jian actually, verbally, rejected Bianlin’s love for her. So if I think about Su Jin’s love for Ye Hua and compare it to Bianlin’s love for Chu Jian, Su Jin doesn’t seem as bad, does she? She loved Ye Hua so much that she even suggested and acutally married Ye Hua’s grandfather so that she could be in a position where Ye Hua had no other choice but to accept her. Was her persistance justified? She did do all those horrible things to Bai Qian Qian because she loved Ye Hua and wanted to be with him. When should she have stopped? May be if she had persisted, who knows, Ye Hua might have reciprocated at sometime (if we are to follow the logic presented in My Darling that persistance and true love wins in the end).

    I have a feeling from Bianlin’s character that even after this last chance Chu Jian still rejected him, he would have still loved her only and may be guilt-trip her into giving him another “one last chance”. I don’t know. May be that’s the impression I got.

    • Wow. Thank you for your long comments and remarks. I read all of it and really appreciate the thought that you put into it.

      Regarding your last bit, that “in My Darling that persistance and true love wins in the end”, I actually have a different opinion. I think that the author is saying quite the contrary. Love and persistence, yes, are important. She is not disputing that fact. However, Chu Jian was well aware of his love and persistence all those years and never accepted him. Why? Because of lack of communication. I had thoughts about this before and jotted them down here:我的曼达林-chapter-3-4/
      I won’t repeat completely what I said, but I believe that the point is, no matter how much he loved her and persisted, Chu Jian’s heart would not soften for him until he was willing to be open and vulnerable to her. When that moment happened, she was willing to take down her own resistance and give him a chance. And only then could she see the good and purity of his love and persistence.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the novel. Have a look around the blog and maybe you’ll find others that you like. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  34. I read all your little notes at the beginning and end of the chapters and it’s amazing that you spent so much effort doing this for free when you could enjoy time with your family. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that you translated this novel!

    • ❤ ❤
      I definitely put my family first. We have hang out time and enjoy our time together. That's why most of my translating nowadays takes place in the wee night hours, past 10:30 at night, since my little ones have grown past the age when they have afternoon naps.

      And I am thankful that you read it, including my little comments! Thank you for begin such an awesome reader.

  35. Thank you so much for all these translations! I’m just getting into c-novels and your translations have been a treat. These epilogue snippets are adorable.

    The ‘brokey’ bit reminded me of an American celebrity talking about this happening to him. He was with his nephew all the time and the kid’s phrase “I don’t wike it” snuck into his life, haha. I linked it below. It starts around the 1:15 mark!

  36. Thank you so much! I had lots of fun reading this novel and you are such a good translator!

  37. Thank you for your translate…that make us very happy….thank you very much

  38. Thank you Hoju- we are so lucky to have you translate these heartwarming novels and magically transporting us to the Mo Bao Fei Bao’s loving world. I feel like each of her novels brings different feelings, emotions, memories throughout my mind and body. Your talent in translating is truly amazing. Thank you again for taking the time to do this. I know time with kids and family is truly precious and you sharing your passion with the rest of us is our lucky gift. I will be forever be your and No Bao Fei Bao’s fan. Sending 💖 to you and your family. Thanks again!

  39. Thank you so much for this amazing translation. I know basic mandarin but not at a level that would allow me to proficiently enjoy such a masterpiece.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this- the feels I get from this story are indescribable. Even more, the songs featured resonate so well.

    Thank you very much!

  40. Thank you so much for translating this lovely novel 💐💐💐😘😘😘 It felt so nostalgic reading this and invoking past emotions from our own childhood experiences. 💖💖💖 I hope you had a good rest and have a blessed time relaxing💕💕💕 💌💌💌p.s. with what your hubby noted he just wanted to spend more quality time together with you 😉😉😉😍😍😍🌸🌸🌸

  41. Hi Hoju! I hope you’re relaxing this Christmas holiday. Thanks for translating this nostalgic and heartwarming story, 🙂

  42. Hello.
    I have already read several of your translations but this is my first time to pop in a comment. This might be because this story’s plot is the kind of love story that I wished and dreamt of ever since I was young. It’s just too bad that all my childhood friends are related to me by blood. T_T

    I wanted to thank you for your translations. The stories here cheers and tears me up(depending on the scene and story) especially after a tiring shift from work (almost an everyday occurence for me).

    Thank you very mochii~

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m happy to hear from you. When I was young, I always thought that childhood friendships that blossomed into true love were the most romantic (maybe because I watched too many Chinese dramas when I was a kid?).

      Thank you for your kind words. ❤ It is my pleasure as well as privilege to be able to bring these stories to all of you. I am so happy that I can bring a little cheer into your life. 🙂

      Thank you for reading. ❤

  43. Thank you so much for another lovely story and translation! It was nice to see the couple overcome the gap between them and get together. I like my happy endings in stories 🙂

    Saw that another story was referenced (Black and White Film) in this novel. Will definitely check out the other translated stories by MBFB one by one~

    • Me too! In the stories I read, I need to have a rainbow after the storms.

      B&W is completely different from RRMY and My Darling. Have fun perusing through the novels here! 🙂

  44. Thank you so much. It was a very enjoyable read.

  45. I came to reread this novel. And the feeling is still great. I found another things and views that maybe I didn’t get when I first read the novel..

    Thank you Hoju for this translation…

  46. Hey H!

    First, thank you for sharing this story with us. Shuffling through Novelupdates landed me onto this translation. My Darling has been the first story that I have read by the author. Honestly, I have become her fan.

    I have so much to say, but I don’t think the words are enough. Thank you so much for all your hard work.


  47. Hey H

    Thank you so much for your time and energy and for giving us readers an opportunity to be able to read this story.I have really enjoyed this book.

  48. Just reread this story and picked up some little bits of wisdom that I had not previously taken on board.

    I love this author’s works and without you translating them I would have missed them, so thank you! Thank you for translating them and please pass on our thanks to the author for allowing you to translate them. If not for your translation I would not have started watching Go Go Squid! So avidly.

  49. When I first read this, the one thing that comes to my mind is: “Hey! I come from the same hometown as Jian Bianlin!” LOL
    My grandfather is from Guangdong, before he move to Indonesia (where I’m living now). That’s one of my biggest regret. If he stayed in China instead of going to Indonesia, right now my Chinese would be good enough to actually read Chinese novel without translation. But then again, I wouldn’t be here to read this translation and write this comment. So, all is good 🙂

    Firstly, I want to say that Jian Bianlin I think is the most devoted male lead ever in C-novel, more than He Yi Chen (of My Sunshine). He waited for Chu Jian for so long, didn’t give up even after knowing how cold she is to him, and just stayed silently and loving her and staying by her side. What makes me think that he’s so swoon worthy, is when he thinks that he would even wait for her to get divorce if she’s unhappy, and if she’s happy then he will just stay by her side to make her happier, even if the person who make her happy was not him

    Actually, the incident in the high school was not that bad. As someone who truly love Chu Jian from the bottom of his heart, he only wanted the boyfriend who courted Chu Jian to cherish her. The boyfriend could say: “I would promise to protect her and cherish her” and I’m sure that accident wouldn’t happen. But they were young, so what can we expect from them? To them, dating at young age is just that, simply dating, without much baggage. For Jian Bianlin, dating with Chu Jian means he wanted to be with her forever and ever. So I guess it’s just the difference of the weight on the feeling that he put for her

    All in all, I actually fell in love with Jian Bianlin, because to him, there’s only ever one person in his heart. I’m so touched that he didn’t even want to touch other girls or being intimate with others, because in his heart he could have no one else other than Chu Jian. If that’s not devotion, how could you express them?

    Thank you Hoju, for sharing this translation with us. As I said, you’re the one who make me fell in love with Mo Bao Fei Bao’s works, and you have to take responsibility for it haha

  50. @hoju I’ve been reading your translations and gobbling up novel after novel since I found a link to your site on Soompi.

    I love the way you translate. I appreciate that you research songs and poems to include as part of the translations. It adds so much value to understanding the nuances of the story and call attention to the underlying culture.

    I love that you connect with MBFB and send along reader comments and wishes. It is heartwarming what you do to build this community fandom.

    Thank you.

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