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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 11.2


Hi everyone ! I am back. Did anyone miss me lol? I won’t be posting on a fixed schedule as I am very busy so don’t wait for my post on Sunday/Monday. This chapter actually feels like a filler. I find the author a bit draggy but I am not going to edit out anything out of respect for her.

Chapter 11.2 — A Sweet Burden (2)

The wind was blowing, Shen Xi was sitting on the iron bench on the rooftop. On this big night, she also specially changed into a skirt. The night wind was blowing the skirt, moving around her legs. Xiao Yue planted a lot of flowers and plants on the rooftop, there was a marble pond in the middle of the flowers and plants. Water can be seen in the pond and a blurry moon can be seen in the water.

On top was the silk black sky, with sparkling stars. Shen Xi looked up to count the stars. When she was counting to twenty-one, the white wooden door on the rooftop was pushed open. He Zhi Zhou had come, he was still wearing the same shirt he wore during the day.

She withdrew her eyes, pretended to look nonchalantly at the city lights afar. She was thinking about their previous conversation. “I want a kiss.” “Okay.”

Shen Xi sat there without speaking, feeling a little awkward, shy and also happy. In such a summer night, a person was willing to accompany her to go up to the rooftop.

He Zhi Zhou sat down beside her and also did not speak for a moment. Shen Xi can feel the quiet atmosphere. After a while, He Zhi Zhou put his hand on her shoulder and utilized a little energy to draw her directly into his arms.

“He Zhi Zhou, are you going to work during the summer vacation?” Shen Xi asked with a soft voice.

He Zhi Zhou replied plainly: “Yes, have to earn money to support the family.”

An answer like this, has a kind of down-to-earth happiness. Shen Xi looked up from He Zhi Zhou’s embrace: “Then after earning the money, will you give them to me to spend?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Yes.”

Shen Xi held onto He Zhi Zhou’s waist and asked the next question: “If I am still very extravagant, will you scold me?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Won’t scold you.”

Shen Xi was very touched: “Big brother He, you are so good.”

He Zhi Zhou touched Shen Xi’s head: “Won’t scold you, but will directly beat you.”

Shen Xi was displeased and “wailed” twice, how can he deceive her feelings like this. He Zhi Zhou kept his hand on her head, and raised his beautiful eyes to ask her: “What do you want to do?”

Shen Xi: “Bite you!”

“Okay.” He Zhi Zhou immediately moved over to let her bite, a gleam in his eyes. His delicate eyes blinked twice, before kissing her directly …….

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
He Zhi Zhou returned to the guest room. Zhong Yu who was sleeping on the left side, squinted and asked: “Cousin, where have you been?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Went to toilet.”

“Cut it out, don’t treat me as a seven years old.” Zhong Yu mumbled vaguely, turned over and continued to sleep. He Zhi Zhou moved Zhong Yu’s arm to the other side, lying straight as a ramrod on the right side and closed his eyes.

Zhong Yu was really not a little boy anymore. Early in the morning, he sat on the bed in a confused state looking like someone who did something wrong. He Zhi Zhou lifted up the quilt, took a look and immediately understood the reason. The veins at his  temple throbbed wildly: “Zhong Yu, can you wait until you are home to ……”

Zhong Yu blushed and explained: “I’m still young, so my control is not good ……”

He Zhi Zhou: “It has nothing to do with being young.”

Zhong Yu continued to justify his action: “Probably because I do not have a girlfriend yet ……”

He Zhi Zhou: “…. it also has nothing to do with not having a girlfriend.”

Zhong Yu used lame argument and perverted logic: “Then why is it me but not you.”

He Zhi Zhou: “… because I don’t have a head full of evil desire.”

Zhong Yu snorted twice: “This is not rational ah. The one sleeping beside me is you, not Maria Ozawa (former Adult Video idol).”

He Zhi Zhou rubbed his forehead, he really wanted to beat people.

Door knocking sound can be heard, it was the hard-working Xiao Yue coming in to change the quilt cover and bed sheet. Zhong Yu resentfully went to open the door, whereas He Zhi Zhou went directly to the bathroom to wash the face. Zhong Yu who was outside struck first and gained the upper hand.

When Xiao Yue lifted opened the quilt and saw the mark on the left side of the bed sheet, she looked incredulously at Zhong Yu. Although she did not say anything, her meaning was very clear —— “WTF, you actually wet the bed!”

F**k your sister, wetting the bed! Do not understand, do not misunderstand! Zhong Yu raised his chin and said lightly: “Last night, I slept on the right of the bed.”

Xiao Yue: “…..”

He Zhi Zhou was brushing his teeth inside the bathroom, “snapped” and his toothbrush fell into the basin.

Outside, Xiao Yue looked incredulously at the bathroom with the “Shen family’s future son-in-law” inside. Boo hoo hoo, she ran out of the guest room, her dream broken! ! ! She felt sorry for Prince Charming Kris Wu Yifan! ! ! (She’s saying her dream that He Zhi Zhou is a “male god” has shattered because he wets his bed at night. She actually thought before that Kris Wu isn’t even as good as He Zhi Zhou, so now she feels bad that she betrayed Kris Wu, her male idol)

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
He Zhi Zhou really did not expect that he will fail to save his reputation at the last minute. When Shen Xi sent him off, she sorrowfully stroked his face: “Don’t be angry.”

He Zhi Zhou turned his face away.

Shen Xi tilted her head to look at He Zhi Zhou. She caringly pledged: “Well, even if it really was you who wet the bed, I also don’t mind, okay?”

He Zhi Zhou has fire in his eyes: “Shen Xi!”

Zhong Yu who was standing beside them, interrupted: “Cousin brother, don’t be angry la. Look, sister Xi Xi is so good, already said she doesn’t mind ……”

“Get lost!” He Zhi Zhou shoved Zhong Yu into the car and sat in the driver’s seat.

Shen Xi stood outside, covered her mouth with her hand and also waved her hand.

He Zhi Zhou rolled down the window. Although he has lost face, he still has to seriously say goodbye to his girlfriend: “I’ll call you when I am in S City.”

Shen Xi nodded.

He Zhi Zhou: “Be good at home.”

Shen Xi raised two fingers and promised: “Of course!

When He Zhi Zhou was reversing the vehicle, he turned around and looked at Zhong Yu, his expression completely overcast like an approaching storm. Zhong Yu felt uneasy and continually hitting the window: “Sister Xi Xi, save me! Save me!”

He Zhi Zhou quickly changed gear and pressed down on the accelerator, the car already gone out. This frightened Zhong Yu into screaming loudly: “Cousin brother, I am wrong …… I am really wrong ……”

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
Except for the last “bed-wetting incident”, He Zhi Zhou’s trip had nevertheless left the Shen family with a good impression. Wu Ling and Shen Jian Guo, as well as grandfather consented to let Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou date.

However, Shen Jian Guo still has his worry. In his eyes, Shen Xi had liked Tang Tang for a very long time; whereas Tang Tang has more of the brother and sister kind feeling for Xi Xi. So he was a little worried that Xi Xi was being emotional in dating He Zhi Zhou.

The Shen family’s thinking were a bit special. After He Zhi Zhou left, Shen Jian Guo became his daughter’s relationship advisor, instructing Shen Xi on how to use the correct outlook on life and love to treat emotional issue.

Shen Xi’s attitude was not good: “I understand all these better than you.”

“You understand nothing!” Shen Jian Guo raised a question without bottom line, “Then I ask you, if He Zhi Zhou and Lin Yu Tang were both kidnapped by a villain, but you can only save one, who’ll you save?”

Is this any different from the falling into water question? Shen Xi fumed and went upstairs. After walking a few steps, she turned back: “I’ll save neither, I’ll go hang myself on the southeast-facing branch!” (Slang for “I’ll just go commit suicide.”)

“Aiya Xi Xi, you cannot be like this.” Shen Jian Guo chased after her, “If like this, your outlook on love will have problem? The best answer is that you can bring daddy along, so both of us can save the two of them, right!?”

FML! Shen Xi almost fell on the stairs. She initially thought Shen Jian Guo was asking her to make a choice in love, but it turns out to be his quick thinking to get his way!

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
Lin Yu Tang and He Zhi Zhou were both in S city. One was an intern in a foreign company, the other joined a new company to take part in a project. Both were extremely busy, only she was so free she was going crazy.

Every morning, Shen Xi will first post with “Faint is Dawn’s Light” Weibo account. Then “Islet in the River” will forward it. In the evening, she will use “He Zhi Zhou” Weibo to act cute and “Faint is Dawn’s Light” will forward it.

The daughter dividing her time in such a way, even “Lion in the Wind” could not stand it anymore. After work, he came back and asked Shen Xi: “Xi Xi ah, are you bored out of your mind?”

Shen Xi’s head popped out from the sofa, faintly said: “Dad, rest assured, only nearly out of my mind …”

Shen Jian Guo patted Shen Xi’s head: “Please keep it up, add oil, daughter.”

Shen Xi vomited blood.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
Recently, Shen Xi was often “so bored she had a ballache.” Xiao Yue had something to say about that. “Xi Xi, don’t tell me you know what it feels like to have a ballache?”

Heehee, of course she knew! Shen Xi sat upright and said seriously: “Xiao Yue, do you have menstrual pain?”

Xiao Yue: “Occasionally.”

Shen Xi gave an analogy: “Ballache is almost the same as menstrual pain, but these two kind of pain are not the same. If menstrual pain can be considered as a kind of dull pain, the type that slowly torturing people; ballache is more straightforward, rather like electric shock.”

Xiao Yue sceptically pulled at the corner of the mouth: “Don’t tell me you’ve experienced ballache before?”

Shen Xi nodded seriously: “Tell you the truth, yes.”

On the other side, Wu Ling cannot bear to listen anymore: “Xiao Yue, don’t listen to her talk nonsense. I think she is dying of boredom!”

Shen Xi pitifully looked at her own mother: “Mom, you know me too well, I am really dying of boredom. I beg you to let me go out to work part-time, to earn money to support the family.”

Wu Ling cannot be bothered to deal with her daughter, so she immediately went out to run errands.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

In the afternoon, Wu Ling and Shen Jian Guo were not at home. Grandfather went back to his own home to stay for two days. Shen Xi saw Xiao Yue appeared like she has an appointment and wanted to go out, so she gave her half a day off. Then she said repeatedly: “When you come back from your appointment, please help me to buy back a bowl of liangpi (noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour) from the West Street entrance.”

Xiao Yue had not gone out for an appointment in a long time, so all of a sudden she has forgotten the time. She also forgot that Shen Xi was still waiting for her liangpi at home.

In the end, Shen Xi who did not get her liangpi, touched her growling stomach. She posted a message to express her hunger. Not long after posting the message, she received a phone call from Lin Yu Tang. He directly asked her: “Have not eaten dinner yet?”

Shen Xi honestly replied: “No one is at home. Xiao Yue went out to buy liangpi for me but has not come back yet.”

Lin Yu Tang: “Go to my house to have dinner.”

Shen Xi was shy, so she softly declined: “No need la, Xiao Yue will be coming back soon.”

Lin Yu Tang changed tack: “Or I get aunt Li to come over to cook something for you to eat?” Aunt Li was the Lin family’s housekeeper, coming from the same hometown as Mrs. Lin.

“Really no need, I can take care of myself. I am not a three-year-old child.” Shen Xi smilingly changed the topic and asked Lin Yu Tang about his internship. Lin Yu Tang simply gave a brief rundown but she got the feeling that his “future is promising”, “Tang Tang, you are so awesome!”

Lin Yu Tang laughed: “What is so awesome? When I was in uni, I also felt that I was so awesome, but while working now ……”

Lin Yu Tang did not continue his sentence. With a little thought, Shen Xi also can guess that Tang Tang has to work hard outside, certainly not as smooth sailing as at home. She held her mobile phone and said: “Tang Tang, if you are tired, then come home la.”

“Xi Xi, I am a man.”

I am a man. With such a word, Lin Yu Tang stopped Shen Xi from continuing her speech.

Shen Xi blinked her eyes which were a little dry. Recalling their childhood, when Tang Tang fell down and his knees shed a lot of blood, she was the one who started to cry first. Half way through crying, she stopped and asked him: “Tang Tang, why aren’t you crying?”

At that time, Tang Tang was really in pain, but he told her: “Xi Xi, I am a boy.”

With the passing of time, the handsome boy has become a man. Having to face life alone, no longer like when he was still eating and sleeping at home. Shen Xi has mixed feelings, she was ashamed yet feeling rather proud  —— that boy who grew up with her has embarked on an independent life journey and given up a comfortable life, choose to battle the elements to forge a forward-looking life. Everyone says dreams are empty things, just empty talk, but that is because they have not worked hard ……

The doorbell rang, so Shen Xi thought Xiao Yue has come back. She quickly put on the shoes to open the door.  As it turned out, the person outside was not Xiao Yue, but a delivery guy. But she did not order takeaway!

While signing for the acceptance of the delivery, Shen Xi asked the delivery boy: “Who ordered the delivery?”

The delivery boy took out the order paper to take a look: “A Mr. He ordered this online, the address is here.” After saying this, he gave Shen Xi the order paper.

The moment Shen Xi heard Mr. He, she already knew who.

Before eating the takeaway, Shen Xi first posted Weibo that was brimming with a feeling of happiness that you could practically see. Immediately after she posted, Brawny wrote a comment. Everyday, Brawny lurked around “Islet in the River” and “Faint is Dawn’s Light” Weibo, to jest and act cute to seek attention

There was only one reason for this: Brawny was also bored like Shen Xi, every day living in a state of eating and waiting for the time he died.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
He Zhi Zhou and Lin Yu Tang were also in S city and met once due to work. The reason was that S & N needed to sign a supplier contract with the company where Lin Yu Tang was working. Coincidentally, Lin Yu Tang’s intern group was in charge of this contract, so they met at the dining table.

After dinner, He Zhi Zhou and Lin Yu Tang went to the bar to continue drinking. Both of them also wore formal working shirts and looked displeased with each other. Lin Yu Tang raised his glass and said: “My mom called me yesterday and asked me whether I know that Xi Xi has a boyfriend. I said I knew, then my mom scolded me for not knowing how to cherish her. Frankly speaking, I like Shen Xi until I’ll not allow her to suffer even a little bit of grievance. But my mom, my dad, including  uncle and aunt Shen, all thought that I only have green plums and hobby-horse (childhood) affection for Shen Xi, don’t you think it is odd?”

He Zhi Zhou looked indifferent and did not express his opinion.

Lin Yu Tang’s shirt only has two buttons. He had already drank a lot of wine at the dining table, and now two more glasses of wine, his handsome and fair face became red. While lying on the bar counter, he said: “He Zhi Zhou, I like Shen Xi more than you.”

“Is it?” He Zhi Zhou finally responded and said faintly, “I think you realize this after I got together with Shen Xi.”

Lin Yu Tang was frozen to the spot.

He Zhi Zhou finished his wine, put the empty glass on the bar counter and said: “Let’s go.”

In the noisy bar, He Zhi Zhou and Lin Yu Tang were simply inexperienced newcomers. One moment, they were about to leave, the next, there were women coming to strike up a conversation. He Zhi Zhou picked up his suit from the back of a chair and gave a cold glance. As a result, the approaching women immediately took a few steps back.

Lin Yu Tang and He Zhi Zhou lived in different areas of S city. When the two walked out of the bar, the cool night breeze blew through their shirts. The weather forecast had already reported typhoon warnings several times.

After being blown by the wind, Lin Yu Tang became more clear-headed. Before leaving, he said to He Zhi Zhou: “Thank you for reminding me. If I still have a chance, then there is nothing you can do.”

Lin Yu Tang was good at being calm and even-tempered. In such a dark night, when saying these words, there was hostility in his eyes.

“Well, I’m not being nice.” He Zhi Zhou walked two steps, turned his face and said, “I can remind you but I will not give you a chance.”

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.
He Zhi Zhou returned to his apartment, bathed and started a video chat with Shen Xi, with the upper body naked. Shen Xi covered her eyes with the hands: “Big brother He, quickly put on your clothes!”

He Zhi Zhou put on a T-shirt and asked her what she did today.

Shen Xi reported one by one, and then sighed with sorrow once again that she felt very bored. She looked at the room where He Zhi Zhou was living and asked, “Big brother He, are you living at home?”

“No, I live alone in an apartment outside.”

Shen Xi propped her chin on her hands. She really wanted to move out to live together with him! During the day, she and he will go out together, he will go to work and she will do summer vacation job; In the evening, they will come back together to cook, wash dishes and go out for a walk.

Thinking about it made Shen Xi felt shy, she purposely asked: “How many rooms in the apartment?”

He Zhi Zhou used the towel to wipe his short hair while replying: “There is another small one.”

Shen Xi was getting even more excited.

There was a hint of a smile in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, as if he can see through Shen Xi’s thought. He asked her directly: “Do you want to come over to visit for a few days?”

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    However he needs not to deliberately so sneaky either.
    He talked on phone secretly while they were in the yacht and he’s acting like a cheating husband …so shocked when he heard that SX looked for him before. But he still didn’t try to explain, so what does he expect?
    It only meant that she was not so important to him to let her know too much about his issue.
    Now it’s just too late

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