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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 11.5


Thank you for the birthday and new year wishes. He Zhi Zhou’s ‘ol’ pal’ only appeared in the online version of the novel but not the published book so you are in for a treat lol.

Chapter 11.5 — A Sweet Burden (5)

Shen Xi pressed three times in a row, one, two, three!

He Zhi Zhou’s blood was flowing rampantly from being squashed like this. He opened his mouth but was unable to say anything for a short while. A mass of air was caught in his chest, unable to go up or down.

“You see see, so easy!” Shen Xi said to him.

Yes, he saw it!

He finally saw those “deranged” things that she had done to his body before. So, she has always pressed it down like this, fast and brutal.

But how could she even make herself bring her hand over to press it down!? He Zhi Zhou let out two “ha-ha’s” and blinked his eyes in disbelief. She just shoved his ‘ol’ pal’ (old friend/brother is a Chinese slang for penis) until it was stuffed between his thighs… WTF! WTF! WTF!

Flame burned inwardly in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, he was angry. A few seconds ago, he still thought that she sincerely wanted to help him …

In short, he “thanked” her!

On the other side, Shen Xi was scared by He Zhi Zhou’s appearance: Why did big brother He look at her like this?

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou rubbing his two paws repeatedly and felt that the expression showing in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes was like he was staring Little Li Flying Dagger at her. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh flying at her to stab her right in the heart.

Why this happened ah!

Last night, they were obviously a loving couple, so shouldn’t they be all over each other early in the morning? How come they were like enemies now? Even though, he woke up and played with his phone with a long face, she just wanted to curry favor with him by acting cute to help him to solve a matter of inconvenience, but in the end, he still pulled a face …

Shen Xi was a little unhappy, glanced at He Zhi Zhou, sat down at the bedside and waited for He Zhi Zhou to talk to her first.

For the time being, He Zhi Zhou really has no energy to coax his girlfriend. He wanted to go to the bathroom first, to check the “exact condition” of his ‘ol’pal’. He immediately got up from the bed, walked barefoot to the bathroom and closed the door.

He Zhi Zhou closed the door like normal, the sound neither soft nor loud, but Shen Xi heard it, like a kind of provocation.

WTF! So hard and unreasonable. Okay, she will leave!

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After He Zhi Zhou finished checking in the bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief, Shen Xi was already sitting in the living room and packing up her belongings. She put back the clothes she took out last night, simply stuffed them in.

He Zhi Zhou who was wearing a gray pajama pants and white singlet came over. He stood in front of Shen Xi and the tone of his voice was not as harsh as before when he started to speak. There was even a trace of uncertainty: “Little Xi, what’s going on?”

Little Xi, sounded really affectionate …. humph! Suddenly Shen Xi, suddenly Little Xi, she has never met such a fickle-minded man! Shen Xi looked up, her voice indifferent: “Since you do not like me to come over, I’ll just go home. Why pulled a long face at me early in the morning? Only you woke up at the wrong side of the bed ah, I also ah …..”

She thought he just woke up at the wrong side of the bed? He Zhi Zhou did not know whether to laugh or cry, he bent down and touched Shen Xi’s face: “Cut it out, I’ll go and prepare breakfast.” After saying that, he walked toward the kitchen.

Shen Xi sighed and looked at the back of He Zhi Zhou walking into the kitchen: What can this be regarded as, urge her to stay? Or let her eat breakfast and then go ……

Shen Xi continued to pack the suitcase slowly and leisurely until He Zhi Zhou finished making breakfast, her suitcase lid still not closed back.

He Zhi Zhou called her to eat breakfast. Her last shred of pride made her pick up the luggage and drag it to the entrance hall.

The left side of the kitchen was the entrance hall. He Zhi Zhou stood at the kitchen door to look at her, as if unable to make sense of her wanting to leave action, he directly took her hand: “Cooked a few of your favorite boiled eggs, come and eat la.”

Shen Xi: “…..”

Truly a scoundrel! Who said she loves to eat boiled eggs! Such a simple thing, some more said she loves to eat it, really shameless! Shen Xi was full of complains, but still sat down with He Zhi Zhou to eat breakfast.

Difficult to decline an invitation so kindly made, isn’t that so?

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou’s type of breakfast was very simple, two pots of heated up rice congee made with red beans, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, nuts, four boiled eggs and twenty steamed dumplings.

This summer, He Zhi Zhou had joined S&N to work on their projects. He made his own breakfast every day, ate the company-provided food at lunch, and ate an arbitrary dinner on the way back from work. Since he was alone, if every meal could be taken care of easily, he would not make it complicated.

For today’s breakfast, he had already changed variety to put it together, almost rummaged through the refrigerator to find ingredients and took out everything he has. The twenty dumplings on the table were made by Nanny Gu when she came over last time and put in the refrigerator for his dinner.

Look, girlfriend came over, of course the treatment was not the same.

This kind of breakfast … even if Shen Xi disliked it, she will also feel embarrassed to say it. The egg was a little hot so when she touched it, she immediately put her hands on her ears.

He Zhi Zhou saw it, peeled for her in a calm and collected manner, and then handed it to her: “Give you.”

Shen Xi took the egg, continuing to keep her huffy silence while putting on a little show of airs.

He Zhi Zhou peeled the rest of the eggs and thought for a while before deciding to explain to Shen Xi. He felt that she should be able to comprehend because after all, she has also been a man for a month. But some things were still a little hard to speak about. He looked at her, his tone of voice was serious and also awkward: “I was angry in the morning ….. because that area is very fragile, do you know?”

That area is very fragile … Of course she knew. In that one month, she had accidentally tugged those balls several times. It was so painful that she wanted to put ice on it immediately. Shen Xi lowered her head and argued: “But I … have technique ….” Moreover he was definitely not hurt just now, or else when she pressed it down, he would not have had this kind of expression; it would have been that kind of expression.

“That is not technique; that’s fooling around with something you don’t know anything about.” He Zhi Zhou’s manner of speaking was preachy, as if he was methodically teaching her to do it properly. “Could it be that you don’t know there’s a proper method to solve it?” He did not believe that that period where she had been a “man” was completely without any learning.

Shen Xi’s face turned red, of course she knew, but she was not that kind of bold and unrestrained woman ah. Thus she can only “move the sword with side stroke” (meaning unconventional gambit).

He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi lowering her head and blushing, he also felt that he was too serious, with also a trace of vulgarity. In fact, he flew into a rage out of humiliation this morning, that rage that came from experiencing the drop from heaven to hell in one second, and he did not know how to regulate his mood.

After He Zhi Zhou’s explanation, Shen Xi turned from being righteous to being in the wrong. She thought for a while, still a little dissatisfied: “Then after you got up this morning and played with the phone, why didn’t you let me see?”

This one……

This one was really difficult for He Zhi Zhou to explain. Can he tell her that the reason he did not let her see was because he was searching for a certain knowledge? Honestly and with dignity, telling her the evil intention of the heart?

In summary, Shen Xi was a very easy-going person. When she woke up in the morning, she intended to pack up her suitcase to go home. After breakfast, she already can cheerfully see He Zhi Zhou off to work.

He Zhi Zhou left her a set of keys, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his face: “Big brother He, see you again later.”

He Zhi Zhou was still a little worried about Shen Xi because there was nothing to eat at home and he cannot rush home for lunch at midday. On the one hand, he worried Shen will go hungry. At the same time, he also worried that she would be bored, possibly resulting in her packing and leaving after staying for just two days.

Thus, before leaving home, He Zhi Zhou spoke to Shen Xi about nearby places to eat, location of relaxing cafes, and where to watch movie. Shen Xi pushed He Zhi Zhou out the door: “Okay, you can rest assured that I can take care of myself. Work hard and perform well.”

He Zhi Zhou left home with a grin.

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Shen Xi will definitely not be bored. After He Zhi Zhou left, she cleaned up the kitchen first, then mopped the floor and washed the clothes, turning into a snail girl who loves to perform tasks. Finally, she opened the fridge, except for a few cans of beer and Red Bull, practically nothing else can be found. She opened a can of Red Bull, drank two mouthful and put it back. Not nice, wait for He Zhi Zhou to come back to dispose it.

Because of too little things at home, a woman’s urge to buy was especially strong, Shen Xi walked one round, carried her bag and went out.

Shen Jian Guo gave her a lot of money, because of this, she shopped extravagantly. She first went to a department store. After buying herself a set of newly released whitening and hydrating mask, it was natural to wander to the men’s clothing area.

She saw He Zhi Zhou’s wardrobe this morning and discovered that he only has two formal shirts to wear to work. She wanted to buy him a shirt, but which type to buy.

Shen Xi found an affordable but luxury men’s clothes brand which often appeared in fashion magazine. The men’s clothes fad here was more youthful, very suitable for young people who just started their careers. She chose a white shirt with dark pattern for He Zhi Zhou. The department store was having a special promotion, so can get 30% discount, but still cost more than two thousand dollars after the discount.

She reluctantly put it down, continued to shop and became interested in a blue shirt.

A blue shirt that was suitable for Tang Tang.

While looking at the shirt, Shen Xi recalled something: Last year, she promised Lin Yu Tang that she will buy his first work shirt for him. It has only been two months, she had already completely forgotten about it.

It will be good if she had really completely forgotten about it, but unfortunately she recalled this now. So should she buy, or not?

The previous shop was too expensive, so Shen Xi wandered through one men’s clothes sales counter after another. A sales counter at the corner was having a special promotion, only $99 for one men’s shirt, so she walked over to take a look.

Feel the quality first, not satisfied.

Look at the style, not good enough.

Finally look at the brand, she has never heard of it.

You get what you pay for, how can her man wear a $99 bargain shirt! Shen Xi hardened her heart and went back to buy the two shirts she had chosen just now.

All at once, more than $4,000 was swiped from the card. On the way home, she nearly wanted to hug these two shirts tightly. Such expensive shirts, cannot let them be stolen, boo hoo hoo.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

He Zhi Zhou called Shen Xi three times today. When he first called, she was shopping in the department store; when he called a second time, she had an appointment with Chen Han, to have a meal to chat about the part-time job; during the third call, the telephone receiver sounded noisy and she was strolling through the supermarket.

Somemore when he left home in the morning, he was worried that she will be bored. Thinking about it, he really worried too much.

On the way back from work, He Zhi Zhou passed by a bedding store. After hesitating for a moment, he still went in. No matter whether Shen Xi wants to continue sleeping on the same bed with him or not, he still has to buy her a set of bedding because her father could come any time for a surprise check.

This was He Zhi Zhou’s first visit to a bedding store, but luckily the shop assistant came in time to provide recommendation to him. The first sentence from the shop assistant was: “May I ask if you’re buying it for marriage use?”

Marriage? He Zhi Zhou coldly shook his head: “Not yet married.”

Oh, then it was cohabitation …… The shop assistant led He Zhi Zhou to look at a six pieces set of aqua blue silk for double bed.

He Zhi Zhou glanced at the six pieces set, very good, but he did not have a double bed in the apartment. He asked the shop assistant: “Is there a smaller one?”

The shop assistant nodded: “1.5m, can or not?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Just right.”

When the shop assistant went to get a 1.5m size six pieces set, He Zhi Zhou looked around and saw another pink bed sheet with small flowers as decorative border.

He pointed at it: “Don’t want that one anymore, I want this one.”

Shop assistant: “… but this is for children’s bed.”

He Zhi Zhou was not a person who will easily change his mind, especially for things he had chosen. He felt that this kind of pink with small flowers as decorative border was very suitable for Shen Xi.

He asked the shop assistant: “Do you have it in 1.5m?”

Shop assistant: “Yes.”

He Zhi Zhou nodded, then what can be a problem? He did not have to say anything, directly used the expression showing in his eyes to trouble the shop assistant to get the goods. He still has to rush home.

Special promotion price for the children’s four pieces set was $499. He Zhi Zhou paid cash, then carried the bag and rode the mountain bike parked outside to go home to see Shen Xi.

The shop assistant accompanied He Zhi Zhou until the doorway, looked at the handsome rear view riding further away and lamented in the heart: Is it concealed in every man’s heart a pink with small flowers as decorative border feelings!

Ah ah ah ah! It was also the same with such a cool man!


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