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Send Some Words to Mo Bao Fei Bao!


Mo Bao Fei Bao is Hoju’s favourite author (as if you guys didn’t know that… hehe) and the author of, from the novels translated on this blog to date, Really, Really Miss You; One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones; Together Forever; Stewed Squid with Honey; My Darling; and Life: A Black and White Film. She is much loved by her fans and has a following on Weibo that exceeds half a million.

I know many of you have said that you, too, have enjoyed her writing. If you would like to say some words to her, there is now an opportunity. Read on!

Please read all the way through the post. 🙂

As I had mentioned before in a previous post, a group of Mo Bao Fei Bao’s Chinese fans is putting together a book that will be given as a gift to her. Within it will contain words from fans to the authors.

We would love it if her international fans participate in this little activity. Mo Bao Fei Bao is well aware of the existence of all of you international readers. I have passed on hellos from you guys to her before, as well as some of the comments you have left here. ❤ (So thank you, everyone, for your comments. They truly are read.)

If you would like to take part in this, here’s what you need to do. In the comments section of this post,

  1. Let me know a line or two from her novels that, for any reason at all, you love. It could have inspired you, touched you, made you squeal… Anything! Feel free to quote from the English translation.
  2. Say something to the author. Say hello, send your thanks, give your well wishes, tell her how one of her stories has impacted you, etc. You can write just a word or two or write paragraphs. And definitely feel free to write away in English. If necessary, I or someone else will translate it.
  3. Leave your name (or nickname, alias, online handle, etc.).
  4. Let her know which part of the world you are from so she knows how far her novels have reached. (Reveal as much as you are comfortable. You can just state your country, or you can let her know all the way down to which city.)

If for any reason, you do not want to do this in the comments section, still comment with an @hoju and leave me an email where I can contact you. We can do this via email and I’ll still gather it from there. Just a favour please, if you are comfortable with doing this in the comments section, please do. It will gather all of your words into one place and minimize the number of ones I will have to piecemeal in from email, hence minimizing the risk of me losing your comment! LOL.

This activity will be running all throughout the month of March to give you some time to think about what you want to say. If you are participating, please complete everything on or before March 31, Beijing time (so for those on the other side of the world, it will be March 30 for you).

Just a note: The gift won’t be presented until August, as a Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s) gift, but everyone’s words need to be gathered and page numbers need to be calculated before the book cover and interior art can be designed. The book will later be sent off and printed. Therefore, I won’t be able to let you know about the final product until quite a bit later. 🙂

Lastly, let me take the time to thank all of you, our readers. I can definitely speak for myself and Peanuts when I say we really appreciate all of you, your comments, and your support. And from what I know about Mo Bao Fei Bao, I can say with confidence that she, too, appreciates all of you. ❤ ❤

Cheers, all!

— H

58 thoughts on “Send Some Words to Mo Bao Fei Bao!

  1. Hi. I love your writings. I can reread them multiple times. All your stories are original and i hope you write more.

  2. For me, it was this line from One Life One Incarnation Beautiful Bones:

    “Just this single glance, and she knew it was him.

    The face was different, the voice was different – all of those outward attributes were completely different from that person in her memory, but she just knew that it was definitely him.”

    That just caught my heart. I love this novel so much, I’ve read it multiple times. The back & forth of her memories, the Family hidden in society with their rituals intact, the Library tower (!!!!!). I love how different they are the second time around, I love how she leaps at him, and how once he decides something he goes for it. Ah! Thank you SO MUCH.

    I have enjoyed every single novel of yours I have read in translation. The silly ones, the deep ones, all are good. Thank you for writing all of these down, and giving us the gifts from your imagination. I greedily hope you will write for a long time and enjoy every single minute of it.

    Thank you from the bottom of my captured heart, in the middle of the United States.


    (As an addendum to Hoju & Peanuts – THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating all these books. What gifts you have given me also, the ability to read them, AND the substantial & always enlightening and entertaining footnotes! I have learned so much these past few years.)

  3. The lines is from My Darling. ” He had only ever wanted to kiss her. Since they were kids, it had only ever been her.” I think that lines was a very touching to me. I just want to said thank you for all you work hard. I l especially love reading every one of your novels that was translated into English. They are very touching and entertaining to read especially after a very tired day. I just to to said stay healthy and thank you again from your fan that lived in United States. In addition, I would like to said thank you so much to Hoju & Peanuts for the English translation of the Chinese novels. There are so many interesting and entertaining books to read from China but it is very hard to find a English translation of the book that I want to read. It was a blessing to find this site that translating Chinese novels. Thank you again!

    Sincerely, Jaynecastle2

  4. Silent reader here but would love to do something for the author.

    Favorite Line: “Did we… ever agreed to break up?” (From Novel Still Not Wanting to Forget 念念不想忘). A novel that wasn’t translate on this site but written by Mo Bao Fei Bao
    This line basically summarized the main idea of the book. The pain of waiting for ‘X’ amount of years suddenly disappear.

    Words to the Author: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I truly enjoy reading your books. Makes me happy! Stay healthy and most importantly, be happy. SMILE =D

    Best Wishes,
    From the South West of America

    PS: To Hoju and Peanut: Thank you so much for translating! You girls ROCK! Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to read these novels!

  5. First of all, thank you so much for allowing the English translation of your novels. Seriously, there are so many my favorite novels are from you. Really, Really Miss you, Stewed Squid with Honey, Together Forever, My Darling, Still Not Wanting to Forget, One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones, Life: A Black and White Film. Personally Really, Really Miss you, Stewed Squid with Honey are my most favorite. I like to reread these two novels a lot.My favorite line is from One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones “Beautiful bones. Rare in this world.Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone”
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing amazing and beautiful novels.I hope you continue to write more amazing novels in the future.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope you stay happy and healthy💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Lot’s Of Love, From

  6. Where do I begin? First of all, thanks to this blog, I found the gems that are your novels, MBFB. I don’t think I can count how many times I’ve re-read RRMY, BB and MD. Here are a few lines that I absolutely love; (I have many more actually…)

    1. “Beautiful bones. Rare in this world. Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone. Most people’s eyes are shallow, seeing only the skin-deep appearance and not the bones, the appearance of the inside.” The absolute truth that we tend to forget, sometimes. I love the weight that the sentences carry.

    2. “I have always had this feeling…” “In our previous life, we may have had the fate of knowing one another.” I could vividly imagine the scene in Beautiful Bones before my eyes.

    3. Another one from BB, “So long as you allow me to always be with you, I will trust you unconditionally.” “She wanted him to live. Even if that meant she died.” Shi Yi’s love towards Zhousheng Chen just gave me so much pain. My heart hurts for them.

    4. Lastly, from My Darling, “Beautiful scenery is the view from the peak after climbing the mountain. True love is the love of your life whom you have waited for and who is now yours.”

    My name is Nailin and I’m from Malaysia. I hope you love this gift that the team compiled and do know that you have so many fans loving your work!

  7. Hi…I’m from India…I have read most of the English translated versions of MBFB. But out of it I still re-read “still not wanting to forget”….. Especially cola and Sprite…. Please continue writing…. Best luck for your future..jiayou!!!

  8. The line are from Together Forever:

    “I have so many things to tell you.”
    “I’m listening.”
    “Many things. Very many things …”
    “I have two days planned here. If that is not enough for you to say all that you want to tell me, I can request to take my annual vacation time. If you still think that is not enough time, I might need to request to transfer back to the office in China so I can take my time to listen to you.”

    This part is really touching, There are many other quotes from your novel that are my favorites.

    I just want to say thank you for your writings from you Indonesian fan. I really enjoy your novels, they are great. I’m so grateful you want to share your stories with us. You are one of my favorite novelist. And I am really happy reading your novel. Always be happy and healthy.


    ps for Hoju & Peanuts: I am so grateful you all make this blog and translate these Chinese books to English. Thank you for your hard work.

  9. Helloo I really love your novels, I can re re read them over and over again, especially Little Squidie 😄 so please continue writing cause I really enjoy your every novel and thanks to Hoju and Peanuts for translating the novels if not how can I enjoy such a great works, thank you from France 😘

  10. For this purpose, I actually went back to read the translated novels all over again over the past week (started when Hoju briefly mentioned it in the previous post).

    My love for Mo Bao Fei Bao novels started, thanks to Hoju whom did a fantastic job translating these great work on this website that I discover by chance one fine day more than 3 years ago. I started to Really Really Missed You.

    Really Really Missed You, an enjoyable read that I had truly enjoyed over and over again. My favourite line in this novel : Til the different directions of the world no longer exist, ‘til the seas dry, only then will I cease to love you…. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Really Really Missed You also open up my 💕💕💕💕💕 for Ancient Style music. The wonderful recommendation in the novel had got me searching Ancient Style Music online. And months / years later, those songs are still on my playlist… 💕💕💕💕💕

    One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones is the other favourite of mine. I don’t usually read novel of such nature, but One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones is one that caught my attention. I remember the agony of waiting for the scheduled post twice weekly to read the latest chapter. A novel that was so capable to bring one’s emotion up and down in accordingly. A truly amazing piece of work!

    Beautiful bones. Rare in this world. Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone. Most people’s eyes are shallow, seeing only the skin-deep appearance and not the bones, the appearance of the inside. A truly amazing line that carries a deep meaning which is so true to our daily life that we tend to forget at times.

    Each and every translated by Hoju novels by Mo Bao Fei Bao are unique and different in their own way. I could go on and on about each and every novels which may end up pages long. So I choose to only speak about two of my top selections for now. Together Forever, Stewed Squid with Honey & My Darling each has their way of captivating my heart to make me go back to read them over and over again.

    Life: A Black and White Film is the only novel that I have not been able to get around reading due to the craziness around my personal life over the past months. I am confident that this novel will be as fantastic and meaningful as all Mo Bao Fei Bao’s work.

    Thank you Mo Bao Fei Bao for bringing us such wonderful and meaningful read. Wishing you all the best in everything you do. Looking forward to reading more of your work and even watching some of the dramas that you screen-write as well.

    Wishing you happiness always! Stay healthy! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    mhryu from Malaysia

  11. Thanks for your lovely novel! I really spend my good time on it 🙂

  12. It’s so difficult to choose favorite lines from one of my favorite authors as there are lots especially from Beautiful Bones. But this line always remain on top of my head.

    Time, in the end, had still been kind to them. – from Together Forever.

    I too believe that time will heal one person, make them strong, wiser and help one create their own happy endings and so when I read those lines it touched me lots.

    Dear Author, Your stories are beautiful and very well crafted. I have read only translated works and even after multiple reads, it still gives the same charms and satisfaction of reading a good story. Wish you the very best and may you write many more stories and let them all be timeless works.
    Regards from East coast, USA.

    Hoju, Peanuts and everyone behind this blog, I will be forever thankful for your selfless translations and helping me to read this wonderful author’s works.

  13. Actually choosing a line from her books (the ones that you guys translated) was really hard. But this particular line is what made my heart all mushy. It’s from One Life, One Reincarnation: Beautiful Bones.

    1. And what he was scared of was that she would leave.

    This was the first time he had ever stated what he feared.

    The feels from these lines tugged my heartstrings.

    2. All I can say to the author is for her to continue doing what she is doing because let’s face it, we all can benefit from it. I was glad that I was able to follow her on her weibo even though I don’t know how to read Chinese. She’s awesome and her themes when writing are different and I love her versatility. Her books made me cry, laugh and squeal. In the middle of the night. I had to cover my mouth with a pillow so I won’t disturb my neighbors.

    MonstreJeanne, Philippines

  14. There are so many quotes from MBFB novels that stay in my mind. I can’t just pick one or two, but here’s the few:

    One Life One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (Xiao Nanchen Prince)
    Plea to Shi Yi: “Eleven. You look the prettiest when you are smiling. Always smile, yes?”
    On Empress Dowager’s Decree: ““Then this prince shall, for this once, defy the decree.”
    The parting memo: “Chen, in this life, never forsook the world and has only forsaken Eleven.”

    This Great Prince caught my heart with his solemn and loving persona. His commitment and integrity was beyond commendable. Shi Yi owned his heart, but he chose to live and die for his beloved country. For his emperor whom he pledged his life. How can I not fall in love to such great man? *sigh*

    Together Forever (Gu Pingsheng)
    On life’s choices: “In this world, you have the right to choose anything… The one exception is your parents… And you cannot give them up.”
    On his unwavering love: “I never left.”
    The heartfelt closing: “Time in the end, had still been kind to them.”

    From the other novel: Healing Sunshine (Ji Chengyang)
    On the memory of Ji Yi: “That was… His little lady, and his home country.”
    On love: “Today is Nuannuan, Tomorrow may be your parents, your family, neighbors. I respect them all, but… I cannot give you up because of their opinions.”

    To my favorite Chinese writer, Mo Bao Fei Bao, tell me honestly, do Chinese men in the mainland this romantic, loving and loyal? You make me wondering and have a slight regret for not finding it out years ago. When I was still single.

    Thank you for the wonderful books you shared with us. Because of your beautiful novel, I went to Chang’an. I walked along the city wall in one cold autumn while remembering this beautiful book you wrote. I clutched my heart as I imagined the final parting of the beautiful Xiao Nanchen Prince and Shi Yi, I wept over their lost love. You made me go to the places from Xi’an down to Wuzhen where the Xiao Nanchen Prince, Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi crafted their stories. You make me fall in love with China.

    Of all your books I read, Beautiful Bones is my favorite. I love everything in that book. I love all the beautiful ancient poems in it too, including… of course, the ‘Wu Song’… ^^

    I still can’t decide what Chinese name should I take if I want to have one. Would I be Shi Yi or Ji Yi? I love these female characters to bits. For the male characters, Xiao Nanchen Prince own my heart, second is Ji Chengyang.

    Thank you dear writer, for the wonderfully woven stories you shared with us, I can’t wait to read your next book. Also, many thanks to our dearest Hoju, who selflessly shared her love of your books to us, the non Chinese speaking fans.

    Love from Osaka

  15. Hello, Mo Bao Fei Bao. One of your overseas fan here! I have read your works (Thanks to Hoju and Peanuts) and in love with world that have you created. It’s hard to pick favorite work of yours since every story is special. But if you asked me which one that I’ve been re-reading soo many times, then it’d be “My Darling” and “Really, Really Miss You”. I will have a good night sleep after reading them :D.

    Few of my fave lines will be:
    1. My Darling. When Chu Jian ask him,” Can you just not… like me?” and basically tell him that it was time to let her go but Jian Bianlin cut her, “No. I can’t”. It’s simple, but it show’s Jian Bianlin’s perseverance.

    2. My Darling. “In these twenty-plus years, the one thing he could not let go of was the little lady who he believed belonged to him.”- “Up until a moment ago, he had still held onto a wishful fancy, hoping to make her tacitly admit that they had once been a couple.” – “Xie Bin was right—to be loved by him was pretty rotten luck.” (Arghhh my heart ache for Jian Bianlin)

    3.Really, Really Miss You. When Toupai sang Bai Shou. SQUEALLLLL.
    “Sleepless this night, watching the lights as they wane
    Singing a song, sheng sheng man [slow, long, drawn sounds]
    My feelings are still warm, though we have parted
    Alone, in thin, cold garments”

    Anyway, I hope you keep writing stories that you enjoy to write bcs in that way us , readers, will also be happy reading your stories.

    Thank you so much.

    Ayoepan, indonesia

  16. Hello there! Thank you very much for your wonderful stories(and thanks for letting Hoju to translate them). They’re all so fun, interesting, poignant and heartwarming.
    Wishing you all the best!
    S. from Belgrade,Serbia.

  17. Thank you author for your stories and allowing translations. As an asian growing up in a small North American town, I have little exposure to asian culture besides at home (and was not taught how to read my first/native language) so your stories help give me more of that feeling.

  18. First of all, english is not my main language so sorry if i can not talk with you comfortably.

    I know mo bao fei bao from your website, slowly but surely i enticing with the stories from her. I like how Mo bao fei bao descriptioning some characters, environment like she really know bring us the reader into her novel. Unfortunately, in my country, indonesia) there are really so little mandarin novel translation to english so i just depend on some blogger or author to introduce interesting novel to us. There are a lot of stories that give me some comfortable feelings like Really, Really Miss You; Stewed Squid with Honey; My Darling; One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones; Together Forever.

    Your imagination, your story, trully are beautiful, and of course i like the romantic one. And the characters feels so real. Just like us human, not perfect but you can see a lot of the strength point.

    I hope my short message can encourage you to write another beautiful and amazing stories. Just remember there is another fan outside.

    Love you


  19. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao,
    Consider this my love letter to you. In the sense, a confession of my awe and admiration of your writing skills that makes the whole story and setting, no matter simple or complex, ethereal.
    This line from One Life One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones is always be there in my mind: “世人大多眼孔淺顯,只見皮相,未見骨相。這個小姑娘很少見,能一眼看到這個男人的本質。”
    This is the love I want to find some day. Honestly my character isn’t like any of your heroines. I’m noisy, nosy, and go about my business as if I own this world lol. But your heroes are the ones I fall in love with. Because that’s the kind of man I’m looking for. They’re honourable and that kind of honour is instinctive to them. The solid, calm, but sharp and intelligent guys are the ones I like. And your stories made me realise that I even have a type.
    Stewed Squid with Honey is another wonderful book that I’ll always love. It came at a time when I had a crush for the first time in my life and it was on a guy who wasn’t even from the same country as mine and inhabited a completely different world: the world of pro-gaming. He’s a popular name (and for the sake of anonymity I won’t be revealing it) in the field and I felt out of my depth. So it felt like a cosmic coincidence that Hoju translated it around the same time. Mind you, as time progressed the feeling waned and I realised I like him better as a friend, even though he lated confessed that he reciprocates my earlier feelings.
    Together Forever and My Darling are other examples of the strokes of your brilliance. How do you do it? How do you make a very simple premise come out so beautifully? Words cannot begin to describe the absolute wonder I feel when I read your books.
    I’m, in truth, a very anti-romantic person. I like small gestures of affection, perhaps. But the melodrama that most romances seem to have, the declarations of undying love, the trumpeting of passionate and tumultuous relationships put me off due to various reasons with the main one being that love seemed so much of work. I mean, I know that any relationship needs adjustments etc. But this seemed more like the OTP is… suffering. Such stories made me wonder if the OTP will even stick till the end.
    But your books…. they gave me hope. The showed that love can be a comfortable feeling. It need not be tumultuous. Yes, there will be difficulties that the OTP will have to face. But the whole story seems like a… a wave. The waves of the ocean. They rise and fall uniformly. There’s a beauty in that symmetry. That quiet passion. The steady romance. A heroine you know you’ll love and a hero you know will always have your back and will love you know matter what.
    Black and White Film showed me that yes, love CAN be violent but it can also heal old wounds. There will be danger. But the moment you place your heart in someone else’s trust, you take a risk and yes, probably it may lead to heartbreak, but it can also to joy for the years to come.
    Healing Sunshine did the same. To love someone, to trust and to depend on that person and to have him depend on you is a beautiful feeling. We become one… in our shared lives, feelings, memories.
    Your stories, with the exception of Black and White Film, are deceptively simple. There’s a complex underbelly behind all of them. The way you set the whole plot, your characters and their consistencies, their small quirks that make them oh-so-real. Dear MFBF, words are not enough to describe how much I love your books. I’ve read many books by famous authors in the States, and I can say without a doubt that you surpass Judith McNaught, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Linda Howard etc
    Okay this is where I also wriggle in a request for an internship: Could you please consider taking me in as an intern? I’ll work for free of course. I don’t know much Chinese but I’m a fast study. And I would consider it an honour to be given the opportunity to study the inner workings of the brain of a woman I so admire.

    Thank you for all your wonderful stories!


    P.S. are you and soju sisters or something? Or maybe, you guys have a telepathic link? Because you couldn’t have found a better translator even if you searched for one!! I swear! ❤

  20. Hi Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    I’ve read many of your novel translated by Peanut and Hoju, It’s an awesome opportunity for me who is a Chinese illiterate to enjoy Novel i might never read if not translated.

    I enjoyed reading Together forever, Really Really miss you, My Darling, One life,one incarnate: Beautiful bone and others.

    A particular line from Beautiful bones really stir my feeling when i read this novel because it’s very similar to what my Hubby said to me one day.

    The line in your novel is ” Till the different directions of the word no longer exist, Till the seas dry, only then will i cease to love you”

    But my Hubby says and i quote ” Till the world no longer exist will i cease loving you” this statement always stir my heart each time i remember it.

    So i am saying a very big thanks to you for sharing your world with us,

    Lots of Love from Crowncare


  21. Hello from Arizona, in the United States!

    Thank you for letting your works be translated into English!

  22. Hello,
    I’m from EastAfrica and I’m so grateful for your books, I read and reread them and never get tired of them. I’d like to thank you for allowing your books to be translated into English because I’d hate to think of a world where I’ve never read your beautiful stories. Please know that somewhere in Africa you have a fan who reads your novels religiously and trust me I have watched the movie and drama adaptations. My friends are obsessed with my Sunshine /silent separation and i told her if you think the drama is great, the book is way better😊

  23. Hello Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    I really love reading your books!

    I’ve read almost all your books and if i have read your book once in Chinese, i will still read the english translated version on this web.

    It helps me to understand the story better as my first language is English 🙂

    One of my favourites would be 蜜汁炖鱿鱼 and 很想很想你.

    I really enjoyed reading them as it’s sooo fluffy and cute. ^^

    Looking forward to seeing you come out with more books!

    Claire, SG

  24. He wanted to make all of her become all of his, to use all possible ways to do so…~Han Shangyan (Stewed Squid With Honey)

    There are still many lines that I like from your novels but I like this one the most, knowing how much Tong Nian loves Gun and her effort didn’t go wasted is really nice. And also this line makes us know that no matter how cold Gun is, he loves Tong Nian very much.

    Finally, I want to say thank you very much to you Mo Bao Fei Bao. Your novels really are beautiful, you make me know many things about China and also other cultures that I never know before. I like every novels you write, the translated one of course cause I can’t read Chinese. And also thank you very much to Hoju because you allowed me to read these beautiful novels, you really are a great translator.

    ~Zuha, your fans from Indonesia

  25. I truly enjoy reading your novels and am so appreciative that they’re translated into my language so that I have the opportunity to do so. My favorite so far is Really, Really Miss You. I’ve read it many times! It’s a sweet escape. 😊

    Warm regards, Kren from East Tennessee, USA

  26. Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    I really love your novels! I had to do some searching, but one of my favorite lines comes from Really, Really Miss You chapter 17 when Gu Sheng is leaving to go meet with Toupai in RL for the first time. “She did not want to spend several hours trying to explain to her mother the difference between online and 2-D world friends… mainly because there really was no actual difference.” For some reason I laughed so hard because I could relate so well to that sentiment. Even if I super enjoy novels like RRMY that make me laugh all the time, I most enjoy those touching, about-to-make-me-cry novels like One Life, One Reincarnation: Beautiful Bones. Thank you for all your hard work, and I hope to read more novels from you!

    Love you bunches!
    Austin, TX, USA

  27. Hi, I am from Guatemala, So excuse me for any mistake with my english, I don’t know how to begin, but I only can say Thank you soooo much for allowing the translation of your amazing work, I don’t know how many times I reread each one of the novels. Thank you for make my life Happy when I am reading EACH ONE of your novels, in the time when I am reading I am in another world, the world that you Write for us. THANKS again, you have a great fan in GUATEMALA 🇬🇹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹😃

  28. “Beautiful bones. Rare in this world. Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone. Most people’s eyes are shallow, seeing only the skin-deep appearance and not the bones, the appearance of the inside.” is the quote that inspire me so much. The story with that genre is totally not my style but one life one incarnation : beautiful bones totally caught me off guard and i really really love that.

    My fave novel is still obviously “really really miss you”, i have re read it like for 5 times already i almost memorize everything! lol
    and Together forever, the most inspiring story above all, SARS fit perfectly into the story timeline and we know more about it from your story.

    Thankyou for writing all of these beautiful and inspiring story, and Hats off to Hoju and Peanuts, and even Huier, for creating this website and translate her novel and give us the stories that deserve much more love from International fans.

    For author, MBFB, i hope you keep inspiring us, keep writing many many stories that will be translated. xD We may not be able to buy your book but we are cheering for you, and really are grateful from deep inside our heart!! Can we wish these novels being adapted into drama without changing the storyline and reaching more people? xD

    With love: Starletjul (Jakarta – Indonesia)

  29. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao Lao Shi,

    I am your fan from Sydney and When I read your novel “Really really miss you”. I have fallen in loves so deeply with your novel…I learned a new things about Voice actor and start to pay attention to voice Reality life is hard and cruel ..True love is very hard to find it in the life but I found it on your novels..

    I have read all of your novel that has been translated as I could not read chinese (Really thank to Hoju and Peanut that make it
    possible… ).. Thank to them I found your novels. I love the most is “REALLY REALLY MISS YOU”.. it was so sweet and has read so many time even wish I can buy the actual book so I can keep it with me all the time when no internet connection… Because of Qiang Qing Ci.. I have tried to make the dishes that mentioned on the story…or even try to find it on the restaurant so I know the taste.. have talked about you to my friend and they thought I am your crazy fan.

    My Darling and Stewed Squid with honey made me giggle and smile and relaxed as it was so nice

    Beautiful Bones and Together Forever’s story has given me motivation when I was down and lost about everything… and finally I finished” life ; Black and white film”…was not sure but because the author was you so I gave it a shot but love it even thought the wave was so strong and I felt like I was riding roller coaster. and the best things from your novel is all of them are happy ending… please dont give me a nightmare as life is already not always happy ending at least I can find it on your novels..

    Hopefully one day I will have a chance again to read your another work or even meet you…Thank you so much for your hard works, you gave me moment to escape from this world. inspired me, motivated me and fallen in love as well…Thank you so much

    And Thank to Hoju and Peanut to make it happens and grateful that you share your translation to us…Thank you…no word can express my feeling…thank you

  30. Hi Mo Bao Fei Bao

    I’m a Hugh fan, I live in Hawaii, but am from New Zealand, I love all your books that have been kindly translated by Peanuts and Hoju. Supper thankful to these two lovely people for bringing your works to the non Chinese reading population. I am currently learning Chinese, but it’s a very slow process, as real life comes first and that’s just a hobby.
    Not much else to say but thank you very much for sharing your imagination with us.😊😊😊


  31. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao.loads of love from a fan from Bangladesh.don’t know how I express my feelings as I am not good at English. But I want to say thank you to my favourite writer.I started reading Chinese novels (translated)one and half years ago .I love all of your books (which is available in english)and I love reading them.My favourite? still not wanting to forget,really really miss you,together forever,my darling.i read this stories 6/7 times.thank you so much once again for giving us opportunity to read your books through translation.keep writing and stay healthy.wish you all the best.

    Hoju and peanut thank u .my c novel journey started with come and eat Shan Shan.i finished reading all your translations. But keep visiting this site…love you all.

  32. “Most people’s eyes are shallow, seeing only the skin-deep appearance and not the ‘bones,’ the appearance of the inside.” is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite novels of yours!!! I love reading your novels. You put such great thought and details to your novels. Your book was one of the first Chinese Novel I read (I do not understand nor can I read Chinese, thankfully you’ve got a great fan translating your novel for people like me). Happy birthday! Keep up the great work! ❤

  33. Hi..From Nigeria
    I really really love all your novels (the ones I have been able to read on hoju’s blog). I have many favourites, but the one I can easily quote is from One life, one reincarnation : Beautiful bones
    “Beautiful bones, rare in this world. Those with bones don’t have skin, those with skin do not have bones. Most people are shallow, only looking at the skin-deep appearance”. I love this quote so much. It holds so much meaning and it is movingly poetic (from a person who doesn’t even like poems, this is high praise…lol).
    I just want to say, you are doing an amazing job. Your stories are always well written , with poignant and touching messages (case in point, “Together Forever” about Gu Ping Sheng, the humane doctor who became deaf as a result of SARS). Each storyline is unique in its own way, all your books are definitely worth re reading. Please, keep writing, keep bringing tears and laughter to our mouths, and joy to our hearts through your books. Thank you so much. God bless and be with you always. Stay healthy.

  34. “In this world, you have the right to choose anything. The one exception is your parents. You cannot choose them and you cannot give them up.”
    “I have so many things to tell you.” Her voice suddenly choked up.
    He gave a light chuckle. “I’m listening.”
    “Many things. Very many things …”
    “So, no matter what, Gu Pingsheng can only ever have that one Mrs. Gu.” these are the moments I can recall and will never forget this couple… also Squidie’s request for Bi Dong😂😂😂😂
    “I just don’t get it. Why did you never take a fancy to him before?
    Chu Jian was silent for a moment before sending back three words:
    I was blind.”
    “Once, I was like duckweed, with nothing upon which I could depend
    Toward love, I had an unexplainable fear. But Heaven let me encounter you.”JBL singing for Chu Jian…..
    Thank you Hoju for your endless efforts which made us fall in love with MBFB novels! The story of Ji Yi and Ji Chengyang, Tong Yan n Gu Pingsheng are really touching and heartbreaking not to forget our golden couple Shi Yi n Zhousheng Chen…..really want to send loads n loads of love to the author 💕 💕 💕

  35. I’m a reader from Thailand. I like to read your novels. They give me good feelings and brighten my day. Thank you for your writing.

    Thank you Hoju too.

  36. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    Greetings from 美国! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and love for writing to all of us and also allowing it to be translated into English. I have laughed, cried, blushed, be angry and curious along with the characters in your novels. I am not good with quotes, but I have enjoyed all of the novels (whether translated or shared through 喜马拉雅 because I cannot read Chinese) that I have come across penned by you. It shows how many people love your work and want to share your work to others. I look forward to any future creative works from you and wishing you the best in everything.

    With love,

  37. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao,
    My English is not so good but I just want to say thank you for sharing your amazing work. I became a fan by reading your book Really Really Miss You, since then I really enjoyed reading your novels. I also learned a lot of things from your books such as voice actors which I am very happy to have discovered them. From time to time I will re-read your novels. Last summer I went to china and the first thing I did was to purchase your books and tried the dishes you mentioned in Really Really Miss You. ^^
    At last I want to thank Hoju and Peanuts for translating such wonderful novels and that I am very grateful for their hard work.
    Lots of love from Fang

  38. To Hoju, THANK YOU for putting this project together!!!


    Ms Mo Bao Fei Bao , below are some of my memorable moments with your admirable works:

    First novel of yours: Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) {Love, love, love this novel! Can we get a drama adaptation please?}

    Favorite screen play project: My Sunshine 墨宝非宝 {One of those few novels to drama adaptation that does justice to its original counterpart. We need more good screen play writers like you.}

    Favorite Quote: “See there the purity of the lotus, and know then that the heart is untainted” from 一生一世美人骨. {Although a line from a poem by Meng Haoran, but it was so fitting to the story line. My heart felt complete.}

    A simple story made unique: Still Not Wanting to Forget 念念不想忘. {A first love story line that’s been done so many times before. Yet, there was something so surreal and genuine with your version. When two person yearns for each other and they finally reunite after a long separation, this is how I foresee lovers to interact.}

    Stories I loved and especially enjoyed: 一生一世美人骨, 很想很想你, 蜜汁炖鱿鱼, 念念不想忘.

    Lastly, I just wanted to “Thank you” for allowing Hoju to translate your wonderful novels to English. Please know that whenever you decide to print your novels into English, I’ll be the first person in line. If you don’t know who to hire to translate them, I would recommend Hoju. 😉

    Chewywon, USA

  39. Thank you for all your beautiful words that create even more beautiful worlds and characters that I hold dear like my own friends. It’s amazing to see your stories transcend languages and countries, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to read them.

  40. Where do I begin?. First of all thanks to this amazing blog and the amazing translation work which has made your writing accessible to me. Best translations bar none!
    And dear Mo Bao Fei Bao, words cant describe how much I love your writing. Your characters walk into my head and my heart and they simply refuse to leave. My favourite in a string of favorites has to be Really, really miss you. Probably because I react to voices just as strongly as the lead pair. Voices can make or break relationships for me so yes, I relate.
    So here’s wishing you a very happy birthday. Please, please keep writing as you do. It’s a joy to step into your world and meet the people within.

  41. Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    Lots of hug from me, your fan from Indonesia ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ

    I’ve been bitten by a bug–a chinese modern literature bug, that is–since reading your wonderful books. One of my favorite is Still Not Wanting to Forget–it really warms my heart.

    Thanks for letting hoju & friends to translate your stories, and in the end letting us, your fans, to enjoy your writing.

    I hope one day you can officially published your translated works here, in Indonesia, so that I could own your stories in paperback. Oh, I can’t wait to watch Squidie too!

    Hope all your future works will be successful, we will be cheering you on from afar!

    Fighting! o(>ω<)o

  42. 有多久?

    To be honest, there are many more lines from 一厘米的阳光 that thorough touched my heart, made me 偷偷流泪。It is simply my favorite Chinese novel. Everything is woven together so well, past and future events very cleverly tied together. Thank you so much for writing this novel and the other ones too, and thank you for Hoju for introducing me to your books.
    I’m from Thailand… Just wish that there were more people who read your novels here, so I can have someone to talk to. 😉

  43. Hello! This is HappyTraveller from the Philippines. I discovered Chinese novels just late last year and so glad to have known you and your novels through Fanatical. I enjoy reading them immensely. Looking forward to more of your works!

  44. Thanks to the kindness of Chinese to English translators, I’ve been fortunate enough to read many Chinese translated novels. Out of the many stories I’ve read, the one I find myself coming back to over and over again is “Really Really Miss You”. I think it’s because the premise of the story is sweet and simple. There’s little drama. The friends are hilarious. And the accompanying music brings the story alive in like a wuxia live animation. There’s a time and place for all stories. The action packed adventures. The heart wrenching bittersweets. But for those I feel like I always have to be in the right frame of mind. What makes this story awesome is I’m able to reread it no matter what I’m in the mood for…it’s always enjoyable and brings a smile to my face. Thank you for taking the time to write it and all of the other wonderful stories you’ve shared with us. – reader from the USA

  45. Hi hoju,

    I am so sorry I missed the deadline. I completely failed to see that comments were due March 30 for North Americans. I decided to write this regardless so that there’s a mark somewhere in the web showing my appreciation for you and Mo Bao Fei Bao.

    Thank you so much hoju for everything that you do for us, especially for taking the extra mile in giving us more context so that we can fully appreciate the novels you translate. We are so lucky to have a great translator to match a great writer.




    Dear Mo Bao Fei Bao,

    I have been pondering on what to write since hoju posted she was gathering comments for you. I have actually thought for so long that I missed the Canadian deadline by a day. I kept on waiting for the next day to write, not out of procrastination in which I excel, but in hopes to find the right words to show my appreciation for your writing.

    Over the years, hoju has been such a wonderful translator of your novels: “Really, Really Miss you”, “Together Forever”, “One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones”; “Stewed Squid with Honey”, “My Darling”; “Life: A Black and White Film” and now “Healing Sunshine”.

    Reading “Really, Really Miss You” reminded me of the youthful excitement, sweetness and shyness that come with a first boy-girl relationship. This was my first exposure to your writing and I thought it was a breath of fresh air – there was no tragedy, just a very sweet courting of a couple who now holds a soft spot in my heart.

    “Together Forever” struck a personal chord due to Tong Yan’s family circumstances and the fear, stress and embarrassment that come along with them. Gu Pingsheng and her came across as so real, so genuine, so true. They have such incredible hearts, I actually thought at one point that I would happily be their friend, hoping I could give them a big hug.

    “One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones” holds the one line I love most of all your novels: “Chen, in this life, never forsook the world and has only forsaken Eleven”. So much is expressed in this one heartbreaking line that I am lost in thoughts whenever I think of it. Zhousheng Chen. I am glad Eleven found her way to him in the end. Eleven. I am glad it is no longer his duty to forsake her.

    Your characters who are never perfect, one simply cannot avoid cheering for them. Reading your novels is such a joy as they touch the heart. While I am of Chinese descent, I sadly cannot read Chinese so it is a gift to read translated novels. Thank you so much for allowing hoju to translate your novels so that we, international readers, have the opportunity to read you. She is a wonderful wordsmith and so very dedicated to keeping the spirit of your writing. How lucky we are to have a great translator for a great writer.

    I look forward to meeting the many more couples you write.

    With great appreciation,


  46. From last year i start reading your novel and i like it so much , i lately read “life black and White film” and like the novel so much that i will re-read it again (i did that with “really really miss you ” too )
    Thank you that you write this wonderful healing novels.
    Aysha from saudi arabia ♡♡ .

  47. I would like to send my regards to MBFB, I have read all the completed novels of hers on this website. My fav were Really really made miss you & My Darling. I liked all the stories I read. I shed tears on reading Together Forever & Beautiful Bones. I really liked all stories. Thank you MBFB & big thanks to the translators to bring these to non Chinese speaking masses.
    P.S – I live in US.

  48. TT I was muddling over what to write and before I knew it, the deadline had passed… Still gonna leave some words anyways :p

    Every time I come across a quote that moved me or just stood out to me, I save it on a doc. I was going through this doc for the quotes from you, dear author, and I came across this one by Shi Yi.

    “I was 26 before I finally met him. Even if I am lucky enough to live until I’m 80, that’s only another 54 years left, 19710 days. You said yourself, he’s in research. It’s very easy for him to need to leave like this and be gone for several months. That means, the actual amount of time we have together may be less than ten thousand days. I don’t have time. I don’t have time to use tactics, to use techniques. I need to seize every minute and second and just be with him, do you understand?” ~Shi Yi, One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones/一生一世美人骨(cn)

    I was rereading this quote and I was immediately moved. Even now as I type this up I get choked up. I’m still in my late teens and haven’t fallen in love yet, so I have yet to empathize with Shi Yi’s feelings. But from the experience I’ve gained from reading (from all your novels on this site >A///v>;;;.

    (I feel like I’m writing too much oops quickly quickly quickly >A<)
    I really really really liked that line, 平生一顾,至此终年 in Together Forever. I'm trying to learn ASL right now!
    Stewed Squid with Honey made me blush. Tong Nian, ah, Tong Nian…don't think your crush is not obvious! I felt a little like a mom cheering her on, radiating with second-hand embarrassment XD.
    Beautiful Bones, simply beautiful! Sometimes I just reread the past life scenes for that masochistic pain :') Stabbing pain every time. I fell a little-a lot for the line,

    Because really, how true that is :').
    Haha I tried listening to the audiobook of Beautiful Bones. Level of Comprehension: "They're…in the airport? Ah! First re-meeting!" Well, it was a very very important scene so I'm glad I got that much at least XD.

    Ack this is long.
    So thank you thank you thank you for writing, I look forward to reading even more of your works!

  49. Hi…i am from india..recently came across ur site and i couldnt just stopr reading ur novels again and again and again.. .they r romantic,realistic and much much more… all time favorite is together forever…u dont know how many times i ahve read it..but still i want t. Read it agin…thank u fr giving us such wonderful books and moments….cant wait t read ur upcoming work…….

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