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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 12.1


Due to time constraint, I’ve to give up my beloved He Zhi Zhou for Yu Tu lol. This is my parting gift to you. Hoju will take over and probably finish the translation for this book. Actually this is our joint project but I think she did most of the work. With a heavy heart, I’ve to bid farewell to He Zhi Zhou, Shen Xi and Lin Yu Tang, the cute and funny trio. It is an interesting book and one of my favorite especially after the soul swapping part. Unfortunately the drama adaptation is a big let down for deviating too much from the novel until unrecognizable except for the name of the characters 😦 I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride with me and will continue until the end with hoju.

Chapter 12.1 — The Peach Is Ripe

Shen Xi strolled for more than an hour in the supermarket, resulting in her not able to carry all the things in the shopping cart. A total of two shopping bags, there were all kinds of food, daily use products, and also a large watermelon.

She intended to call He Zhi Zhou but she was not sure if he has finished work, so she put the phone back into her bag.

Not far away, there were five to six schoolboys who were wearing a certain high school uniforms, pushing and jostling around until a tall boy was pushed to the front. Blushing, he walked over: “Do you need help?”

A bashful boy will always leave a favourable impression on people. Shen Xi quickly nodded: “I need help now.”

The supermarket was situated in Le Yang Plaza in Ming De district, only two to three hundred meters away. Shen Xi carried the light bag herself, whereas the high school boy helped her to carry the heavy bag. All the way, the schoolboy was a little shy, mumbled for a long time, but not one word can be heard.

Shen Xi was a few years older than him so she asked him about school. The boy was feeling even more shy and said: “I’ll be in my third year of senior high school next year. With my grades, I can only take the entrance exam for ordinary college.”

Shen Xi: “……” Why were they so modest!

Shen Xi praised him, resulting in the boy feeling even more shy. He held out his hand towards her: “Let me help you to take this bag as well.”

“Thank you.” Shen Xi shook her head and declined,” No need, I can carry this bag.”

After the boy’s offer was declined, his face turned red. Then he obediently walked beside Shen Xi. She gave the boy an encouraging smile, resulting in him feeling full of strength immediately and did not feel the shopping bag was heavy.

Afterwards, this high school student asked her where she was studying, whether high school or college student and so on.

Shen Xi shrugged her shoulders: “I’m already a college student.”

Suddenly, a bell sound can be heard from behind, breaking the silence in the air. Shen Xi turned around, it was He Zhi Zhou riding his bicycle coming home, and his hand was also carrying a home textile bag.

He Zhi Zhou looked askance at her and the high school student, then withdrew his line of sight.

Shen Xi also looked askance at him, copying him.

At the same time, because of the ringing of the bell sound from behind, the high school student moved closer a bit toward Shen Xi, taking the initiative to make way.

He Zhi Zhou was not a happy camper. Pressing the bicycle bell again, he oh-so-suavely cycled between the two of them. In between, he turned to glance at Shen Xi with strong warning in his eyes. Shen Xi blinked her eyes, pretending not to see it.

The apartment building was in front. He Zhi Zhou got off the bike, silently moved the bike into the small garage in the passageway, as if he was just a passerby.

Shen Xi only let the high school student accompanied her until the passageway. The big boy still did not want to go, kept on mumbling, and then plucked up the courage to ask: “Can you give me your phone number?”

Shen Xi: “Ah?”

The high school student probably also felt that he was being too intrusive by asking for her number, so he came up with a hasty excuse: “I’ll be in my third year of senior high school next semester, so later I’ll want to ask you about filling in the application form for my main field of study in university……”

Shen Xi blinked her eyes and felt that she had grown taller all of a sudden. Out of the corner of her eyes, she looked at He Zhi Zhou who was not far away. In the end, He Zhi Zhou only let out a sound of laughter, who was he ridiculing?

Okay. Shen Xi said to the high school student: “But I don’t really know much.”

“Never mind. Oh, by the way, is your English good?” For the high school student, one excuse was not enough, he found another excuse, “My English is not good, so my parents are going to help me to find a private tutor. If you’ve time …… ”

English ah …… Shen Xi quickly shook her head: “I can’t even pass my CET-4 ……”

“Like this ah.” The senior high school student felt disappointed, and then asked for the phone number again.

Shen Xi looked at the indifferent He Zhi Zhou, a little unhappy. She will count to three, and if he still did not speak out, she will really give him the number.

One, two, three … Shen Xi cleared her throat, and was about to speak, but a voice can be heard first: “Mobile phone number, is it?”

The boy hurriedly took out his mobile phone.

He Zhi Zhou said some numbers: “138897764XX, have you remembered it?” While saying the number, he walked over.

The high school student had memorized half of them before asking: “Whose number is this?”

He Zhi Zhou gently lifted his eyes, said with a dull tone: “Her boyfriend’s number.”

Whoosh! The high school student’s face turned red again, looking at the two people in front and using a bit of thought, it was obvious what was happening. When he was still feeling awkward and did not know what to do, He Zhi Zhou had already taken away the shopping bag in his hand, as well as the stuff in Shen Xi’s hand. Then ruthlessly, he commanded Shen Xi: “Go upstairs to cook!”

Tsk, tsk, this tone! Really changed so fast! Shen Xi complained in the heart about master He’s tone in instructing his wife. Appearing like a young married woman, she waved goodbye to the high school student: “I’ve to go up to cook, goodbye …”

He Zhi Zhou appeared disliking her talking too much, cast a sharp glance at her.

Shen Xi quickly went upstairs.

The high school student was already shocked until speechless, because the love rival before his eyes suddenly became his idol. He shamelessly said: “Big brother, your girlfriend is totally obedient to you, may I know what is your secret?”

“Secret?” He Zhi Zhou confidently said, “Do you think I need that?” After saying that, he left the high school student alone with his fluster.

“Go upstairs to cook!” The high school student once again reflected on the words spoken by his idol just a moment ago, really too manly. In the future, he also wanted to be like this! Made a fist! ! ! !

Unfortunately, after his “idol” returned to his apartment on the third floor, the girlfriend sat on the sofa eating snacks, whereas he went into the kitchen.

Shen Xi opened a bag of snacks, walked to the kitchen, fed He Zhi Zhou a piece, and asked him: “Big brother He, don’t tell me, you’ve nothing to ask me?”

He Zhi Zhou really thought nothing of the recent love rival, but he cooperated by asking: “Who is he?”

Shen Xi explained at length: “I met him at Tesco, he took the initiative to approach me and help me to carry my things.”

“Truly the good boy of China.” He Zhi Zhou finished washing the rice, sighed with emotion.

Shen Xi looked at He Zhi Zhou: “You don’t feel jealous ah?”

He Zhi Zhou poured the rice into the rice cooker: “I do feel jealous ah, but he is younger than me, isn’t that so?”

What he said was really good … accepting a compromise! Shen Xi quickly pacified him by saying: “Big brother He, I don’t like young one, I like old one like you.”

Old one …… He Zhi Zhou snorted with laughter, opened his arms and looked at Shen Xi.

Shen Xi took the initiative to hug him, and then lay in He Zhi Zhou’s bosom and rubbed against it. Sometimes, as long as two people stay together, doing anything also feel happy.

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He Zhi Zhou boiled some soup, then ordered three takeaway dishes. Shen Xi did not know what was the point of He Zhi Zhou cooking. In between, she eagerly washed the pink with small flowers as decorative border four pieces set bought by He Zhi Zhou. Who could have thought that big brother He has such unusual taste.

The two people ate dinner face to face. A mobile phone on the dining table was playing music, it was a touching music that Shen Xi must play. The lighting in the small dining room was from the old-fashioned colored glass chandelier, in retro and cute tangerine color.

At around seven or eight o’clock at night, all the lights in the house were switched off. Like this, leaving only a small chandelier in the small dining room on, it has its own unique feel.

At the same time, the early evening lights of S city were first lit. She and he here, were also one of the lights in this city ablaze with lights.

Shen Xi gave him the shirt she bought from the shopping mall. Two shirts which she deliberately cut off the label of the brand because firstly more comfortable to wear, and secondly need not be too concerned about the price.

He Zhi Zhou received the white shirt with dark pattern, he asked Shen Xi: “How much?”

Shen Xi glared at He Zhi Zhou: “$99 including shipping, are you going to wear it?”

He Zhi Zhou did not continue to ask any more. He wore this shirt’s brand before. The special design concept was its buttons, so even though Shen Xi cut off the label, he can roughly guess the price.

His girlfriend was really generous to her boyfriend. However, ten minutes later, He Zhi Zhou thought otherwise —— Shen Xi was not only generous to her boyfriend.

After dinner, he saw another wrapped bag next to the sofa, inside was a shirt with the same brand as his but the color was blue. He asked, “There is another one here, is it buy one get one free today?”

“Ah, what buy one get one free?”

Shen Xi was outside, talking with Chen Han about the summer vacation job. The moment she hung up the phone, she was questioned by He Zhi Zhou. In her heart, she also knew that this was not easy to handle, so after bringing back the shirt, she did not immediately give it to Tang Tang.

He Zhi Zhou picked up the blue shirt, intended to keep asking. Shen Xi weakly sat on his thigh first: “Big brother He ……”

He Zhi Zhou pretended to be puzzled, blinked his eyes, held Shen Xi’s waist and asked: “Could it be that this shirt is not for me?”

Shen Xi felt very embarrassed, but still nodded her head.

He Zhi Zhou took a deep breath and tried to ask calmly: “Giving it to Uncle Shen?”

No … Shen Xi shook her head.

He Zhi Zhou deliberately did not mention Lin Yu Tang’s name and continued to guess: “Giving it to a relative?”

Shen Xi still shook her head.

The more He Zhi Zhou guessed, the more guilty Shen Xi felt. She even started to feel nervous when looking at He Zhi Zhou’s eyes. But she was not a person without courage. Under such pressure, she still can speak up that the shirt was for Lin Yu Tang.

“I am giving it to Tang Tang.” she said.

He Zhi Zhou became silent.

Shen Xi grabbed He Zhi Zhou: “… He Zhi Zhou?”

He Zhi Zhou still did not say a word.

Shen Xi pulled his hand: “Are you angry?”

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Finally, He Zhi Zhou spoke up, his voice even softer than before, he asked her: “Do you think it is appropriate to give something so personal like a shirt to a man other than your close relatives?”

Shen Xi bowed her head, she wanted to say that Tang Tang was also her close relative, but in the end she lacked confidence.

He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi, and asked again: “Moreover you’ve a crush on him before, isn’t that so?”

Shen Xi bowed her head again. He Zhi Zhou’s questioning made her felt rather uncomfortable. She took the initiative to lean on He Zhi Zhou’s chest, appearing all quiet and demure.

He Zhi Zhou touched Shen Xi’s head and changed the topic: “In fact …… you also feel inappropriate?”

Shen Xi slid into He Zhi Zhou’s arms, please do not say anymore!

He Zhi Zhou became more gentle: “Actually, you do understand? Otherwise you will not bring the shirt home and let me spot it, right?”

Please, please do not place her on a pedestal …. She did not understand as clearly as he said! Shen Xi buried her face in He Zhi Zhou’s arms again. After a long time, only then she said softly: “Yes ……”

He Zhi Zhou breathed a sigh of relief, he patted Shen Xi’s back: “In this case, give me this shirt first.”

Huh? Shen Xi lifted up her head to look at He Zhi Zhou, why did she hear a trace of shamelessness.

He Zhi Zhou looked face to face at her: “Reluctant to give me?”

“No,” Shen Xi shook her head.

He Zhi Zhou: “That’s good, since I also like blue color.”

Shen Xi: “…”

Shen Xi still felt a little reluctant, two shirts totaling more than four thousand dollars. She felt that it was highway robbery in disguise but she dared not speak out, the heart wrenching pain. She pound He Zhi Zhou with a fist, silently thinking: She used all her “money” to buy two shirts for him, so if he dare to treat her badly in the future, she will …

Bite him to death!

He Zhi Zhou looked at Shen Xi who has an aggrieved look on her face, his back leaning on the sofa, holding her and saying: “We can change to a different present for Lin Yu Tang.”

Shen Xi did not say anything because she has no more money.

He Zhi Zhou: “Like this la, I have a set of out-of-print books here, which I know Lin Yu Tang has always wanted. Hence you can give them to him as a present. I believe compared with the shirt, he definitely will want that set of books more. Also, isn’t it more meaningful?”

Shen Xi did not understand why it is meaningful, so she looked at He Zhi Zhou in puzzlement.

He Zhi Zhou said the answer with a serious face: “Firstly, book is a means of advancement and improvement for the human race, so it is most appropriate to give as a present; Secondly, this present can be considered as our gift to him jointly, isn’t it meaningful?”

Shen Xi: “……”

On the next day, He Zhi Zhou put on the new shirt to work in S & N; At the same time, Lin Yu Tang also received an express delivery of a set of out-of-print books under Shen Xi’s name. The books are good but he really wanted to burn them, what to do?!

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Shen Xi has no more money in the pocket, so she quickly contacted Chen Han. She received a call from Chen Han in the afternoon to go to teach a class in Star Dance Training School at two o’clock in the afternoon. She was very grateful to Chen Han, so before going out, she purposely booked a meal nearby Star Dance Training School using Groupon. Then she happily took the dance shoes and dance clothes along and went out.

Shen Xi arrived an hour early. Chen Han was already very familiar with the people in the dance class, like a person in charge and assigned a small class to her. She also told her about the remuneration: “Fifty dollars a lesson, two lessons a day.”

In the afternoon, Shen Xi effortlessly taught two classes, teaching thirteen girls Xinjiang dance. The two classes ended very quickly, she was very happy teaching them. She was even more grateful to Chen Han, and after the class ended, she found Chen Han and said: “I’ve booked a meal nearby using Groupon, let’s eat dinner together.”

Chen Han declined: “No, I have something on tonight.”

Shen Xi waved her hand and said nicely: “Okay, then tomorrow la.”

Wages was paid daily, Shen Xi’s two lessons were exactly one hundred-dollar. The money was given directly to her by Chen Han. Shen Xi put the money into her bag, the heart full of a sense of accomplishment.

Chen Han asked her: “Shen Xi, where are you staying during the summer vacation?”

Shen Xi schemed, by not saying clearly it was He Zhi Zhou’s place. She said with a smile: “A friend’s place.” A boyfriend is also a friend, isn’t that so?

She asked Chen Han and she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t have as many friends as you so I’m staying in the dormitory.”

Shen Xi made a hundred-dollar with her own blood and sweat. She first gave He Zhi Zhou a call, then Shen Jian Guo, Wu Ling, grandpa …… Lin Yu Tang was the one who took the initiative to call her, specifically “to thank” her for the gift she sent him.

Lin Yu Tang was so polite, making Shen Xi felt embarrassed. In the middle of the conversation, she cannot help but show off her one hundred-dollar: “Tang Tang, I’ve earned a hundred-dollar today by teaching children to dance.”

Lin Yu Tang praised her: “Really good.”

Shen Xi: “I’ll treat you to a meal later.”

“Keep it for yourself, I’m afraid you might not have enough to treat me.” Lin Yu Tang smiled and told her, “I am also in S city. If there is anything, you can look for me.”

Shen Xi promised.

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In fact, He Zhi Zhou was not particularly happy with Shen Xi doing summer vacation job, moreover introduced by Chen Han. But Shen Xi looked like she enjoyed it and not tired. When he came back, she also showed off that one hundred-dollar to him.

He touched Shen Xi’s face: “Really great.”

Shen Xi pointed towards the kitchen: “I feel happy today, so on the way home, I bought an extra-large watermelon back. You go and cut it.”

Look at her, earning money now, the tone of voice so arrogant.

He Zhi Zhou obeyed and went to the kitchen to cut the watermelon. However when he saw the so-called “extra-large watermelon”, his eyes widened. He came out: “Shen Xi, where did you buy the ‘watermelon’ from?”

Shen Xi spread out her hands: “From a grandpa at the roadside ah.”

He Zhi Zhou took a deep breath: “What you bought is not a watermelon, but a winter melon.”

Shen Xi did not believe him: “Impossible!” She had bought watermelon for so many years, so it was impossible that she cannot distinguish between winter melon and watermelon.

He Zhi Zhou cut the winter melon, to verify.

When Shen Xi saw the truth, the tears were falling down: “WTF, this winter melon looks too much like a watermelon! WTF! She carried it in the arms and on the shoulders all the way home, but turned out to have merely carried a winter melon back!?

She cannot accept it!

He Zhi Zhou followed the cookbook and cooked a large pot of winter melon pork rib soup for dinner. Shen Xi continued to feel indignant: “Seeing that he is an old man, I only gave business to him. Humph, he went so far as to put the winter melon into a watermelon to sell to me and cheat me, too unscrupulous!”

He Zhi Zhou silently ate the winter melon pork rib soup and did not make any comments. His girlfriend cannot distinguish between watermelon and winter melon, what else can he say.

At night, when Shen Xi changed the pink bed sheet and quilt cover with small flowers as decorative border and took the initiative to climb onto the bed to wait for him, He Zhi Zhou also did not make any comments. He did not intend to tell Shen Xi that this set of bed sheet with small flowers as decorative border was bought separately for her .

These last two days, his nights had been rather “enriching.” A certain thought seemed like a seed that had fallen on his heart, and every day, it rapidly took root and sprouted. Currently, it had already grown into a twisting vine and was spreading, a bit at a time, crossing his bottom line.

What is the bottom line? He Zhi Zhou did not want to remember.

Late at night, He Zhi Zhou woke up again from his “sweet dream”. In the dream, while he was doing “push-ups”, he would shout “little hussy” repeatedly, almost sinking into his depraved pleasure.

But where did he learn these two words, hussy from?!

Really FML ah!

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

The next day, Shen Xi took the subway to go to Star Dance Training School to teach. She planned to invite Chen Han to have a meal at night, so she specially sent He Zhi Zhou a text message before she went out.

It was rare for He Zhi Zhou to act shamelessly in replying her: “Than, what do I eat at night?”

Shen Xi: “……” Wasn’t he the one who did all the cooking before?

He Zhi Zhou sent another message: “Cannot bring your boyfriend?”

Shen Xi reluctantly agreed.

In the afternoon, after Shen Xi finished two consecutive classes, she sat in the dance studio to chat with the students. There was a lively girl who asked her: “Teacher Little Shen, how long can you teach us?”

Shen Xi extended a finger: “At least a month.”

Everyone clapped, Shen Xi blushed, her heart so happy which cannot be described with words. However, the moment she walked out of the dance studio, a basin of cold water was poured directly at her.

Chen Han gave her the one hundred-dollar wages for today: “Shen Xi, the head teacher Li told me to tell you that you don’t need to come tomorrow. I have already pleaded for you but still unable to help you.”

Shen Xi blinked her eyes, incredulous, she even forgot to take the money. Chen Han stuffed the money into her hand and walked away abruptly.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

Shen Xi slowly wandered along the long hallway of the dance studio. She slumped her upper body on the railing and wallowed silently in her depression for five minutes. Then carrying her bag, she walked down the stairs at snail speed, and finally went into the ladies washroom. Her mood was so bad she was about to cry out loud.

Until two people who were chatting came in, one of the voice belonged to Chen Han.

“Han, my cousin sister really can come to teach tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give a detailed explanation to teacher Li.”

“But your classmate …”

“She is okay with it and will not come tomorrow.” Chen Han’s voice sounded like laughing, the laughter has a hint of smugness and pleased with oneself, “I found an excuse to make her go.”

Shen Xi lowered her head, a “bang” sound can be heard. She pushed open the door of the toilet cubicle in the ladies room.


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