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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 13.2


Shen Xi’s Saturday date turns out very different from what she had hoped. Even the person she’s with is completely outside of her expectations. We noticed it creeping in before, but the overall tone is much more serious in this chapter. Still, enjoy the super-long chapter.

Chapter 13.2 — I’ve Always Been Here (2)

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When Shen Xi went to find He Zhi Zhou, he was in the midst of a sub-team meeting. In front of his chest hung a team leader badge, and his slender fingers were tapping the mouse with sounds of click, click, click. His presence and air that he emitted were very calm, though he was clearly the youngest person amongst the group members.

He Zhi Zhou… Sub-team leader… Such an amazing presence, aaaah!

Standing outside, Shen Xi took a glance around. S&N itself was not large, but its office design was youthful and bright. Once you stepped past the glass doors, there was the front reception desk. The girl who was the receptionist had an apple-shaped face and was very pretty.

Shen Xi paced outside for a couple of back and forth steps, but in the end, she still decided not to disturb He Zhi Zhou. There were still another two hours before He Zhi Zhou would be getting off work. She planned on going to a nearby shopping mall to stroll around.

Right as she was about to turn around, she heard a sweet voice chime, “Team Leader He.” The light-blue glass door was pushed open, and then a tall, slender figure walked out from inside. Shen Xi turned her head back. He Zhi Zhou took a couple of leisure steps and then beckoned to her.

This guy! Didn’t he know how to walk over himself? Shen Xi was rather unwilling to go over to him, but in the end, just for her boyfried’s good looks, she still slowly shifted her feet over and came up in front of He Zhi Zhou. “Weren’t you having a meeting? Why did you come out?”

He Zhi Zhou only smiled. This was a rare occasion for his girlfriend to come visit him. How could he not come out to welcome her? He had indeed been in the middle of a meeting just now, but they had only been halfway through the discussion of the problem when the gazes of that group of “programming monkeys” were all drawn to the young girl outside the door. He had turned his head for a look. Hey, wasn’t that girl outside his girlfriend?

Shen Xi stood awkwardly in front of He Zhi Zhou. The spot where she and he were standing was directly facing S&N’s glass window. The blinds were half open, and the five or six heads gathered around the conference table were all curiously peering in her direction. She could see inside, and the people inside could see her and He Zhi Zhou.

Shen Xi suddenly understood why He Zhi Zhou wanted her to walk over to where he was. Did he want to do some PDA here, or did he want to do some PDA?

Regarding this question, He Zhi Zhou seemed to know what she was thinking, and unperturbedly, he gave a few words of explanation. “You know, when you work in an office, a lot of troubles can be avoided if you have a girlfriend, such as, you don’t have to go social events after work, or such as…”

Or such as, it can very quickly encourage the pretty receptionist to give up on any hopes she might have! He sure knew how to use the resources available to him! Shen Xi swept her gaze over the disappointed look on the receptionist’s face before blinking her eyes at He Zhi Zhou. It was quite nice that her boyfriend was aware of such things and what to do.

She wanted to leave first. Glancing at the time on his mobile phone, He Zhi Zhou instructed her, “There’s a pretty good dessert house upstairs. You can go up to have a cup of coffee and then wait for me.”

“Okay.” Shen Xi nodded her head, very well behaved and very open to advice.

He Zhi Zhou had a rechargeable store card at the dessert house, and he pulled it out and handed it to her. Not shy at all, she took it from him. Before leaving, she gave a wave of goodbye to the curious “colleagues” inside. Everyone, wearing friendly and kind smiles, waved back to her as well. But when He Zhi Zhou looked toward them, they all whipped their heads back and pretended to continue doing their work at hand.

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This was a sub-team leader’s ability to cause people to cower?

Shen Xi also gave a wave at He Zhi Zhou and bid goodbye to him for the time being. “See you in a bit.”

“See you in a bit.” He Zhi Zhou placidly tossed out this sentence, gave a little pat to her head, and then, with a face of deadpan seriousness, walked back into the office.

Such a poser for a boyfriend!

The dessert house was directly above S&N. Shen Xi had only just taken a seat when a text message came in. The message was from He Zhi Zhou. In it, he specifically told her which tea he liked here and, with a very lofty air, suggested that she give it a try.

Shen Xi gave a “harrumph” in her mind, but still she ordered He Zhi Zhou’s favourite afternoon tea and dessert.

There were very few customers at the moment. Very soon, the server brought her tea and dessert over. She thought to herself, Does He Zhi Zhou come here every day to have a cup of afternoon tea? Is he alone, or does he come with co-workers?

She felt that, as a person, He Zhi Zhou was a little cocky and a little snooty. He would never deliberately try to build friendships. So, in the workplace, did he have any interpersonal problems?

However, he was also like this in dorm room 921, yet Monkey and Brawny still really liked him.

Two hours were not difficult to get through. More than half the time passed amidst “thinking about this and pondering about that.” And plus, her boyfriend was just downstairs. The table by the window in the dessert house faced S City’s Linguang Street. The final glows of the setting sun languidly splashed across the billboard on the opposite building, and the golden light that refracted off dazzled the eyes. Written on the billboard was a sentence: “A dream is a seed hidden beneath the city’s ground.”

But in a city made of reinforced concrete, getting that dream to break through the surface was easier said than done.

This was the slogan of an outdoor sporting goods company. He Zhi Zhou had bought a hiking jacket of this brand before. At the time, she had been selecting with He Zhi Zhou which brand to buy. She had wanted to buy a foreign brand, but He Zhi Zhou had chosen this one. Shen Xi, her chin resting on her hand, thought of another question: did He Zhi Zhou have any dreams?

He was so outstanding, so independent; he would definitely have his own dreams, right? Shen Xi gave a slap to her own head. This was such a serious topic. But somehow, while she was pondering and pondering away on it, her thoughts managed to turn to Wang Feng and, later, even the whole thing about him getting into headlines…
[Wang Feng is a rock musician and composer, who was a judge on The Voice of China. In that show, he would frequently ask contestants, “What is your dream?” Wang Feng has been observed for being unlucky in his career, for any time he released any sort of news, it would be buried by some other entertainment news released almost at the same time that would steal the thunder. As a result, there was a movement by netizens to “send Wang Feng into headlines.”]

Her thinking was expanding and diffusing much too rapidly. Even Shen Xi herself was not really able to keep up with the rhythm of her own mind.

That evening, S&N had a social gathering for colleagues. He Zhi Zhou declined the event.

Sitting on He Zhi Zhou’s bicycle, Shen Xi returned with him to their old apartment. Regarding He Zhi Zhou turning down the social gathering, she lectured on and on in the back, “He Zhi Zhou, when you go to work in a company, it’s about interpersonal relationships. A company social gathering is such a good opportunity. Why didn’t you go?”

As he detoured through an alley, He Zhi Zhou lightly tossed out a sentence. “Men don’t talk relationships; they rely on their own strength.”


A single sentence had shut down everything else that Shen Xi had wanted to say. She kicked her legs, feeling that He Zhi Zhou’s words were just too spot-on! Men didn’t need to talk relationships; they needed to rely on their own strength.

She hurriedly found a way to back out from her previous stance. “Giving you a thumbs-up. Sensible words.”

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That evening when they were home, Shen Xi wanted to have zhajiang noodles [fried sauce noodles]. He Zhi Zhou said they could consider giving it a try. On his phone, he did a search on how to make zhajiang noodles, then set the phone on the countertop and began carrying out the steps.

He Zhi Zhou began cooking the noodles. With the already-pared potato in her hands, Shen Xi jogged over. She felt that this current house-husband image of He Zhi Zhou really ruined his “Great God” style. Opening her mouth, she asked, “He Zhi Zhou, may I ask you a rather deep and heavy question?”

He Zhi Zhou paid no attention to her, not believing at all that she could ask any sort of “deep and heavy” question.

Defiantly irked by this assessment of her, Shen Xi simply tossed out her question directly. “He Zhi Zhou, do you have a dream?”

Flicking a glance at her, He Zhi Zhou threw back a question to her. “Are you Wang Feng?”

Aaaah! How could he say she was Wang Feng?! But He Zhi Zhou actually knew about Wang Feng? Shen Xi changed the way she asked her question. “My dream since I was a kid was to find my Prince Charming. How about you?”

The water began to boil. He Zhi Zhou tossed the noodles in, his motions so graceful and easy it was as if he was a martial arts master sending forth Tempest Pear Blossom Needles [a concealed weapon often mentioned in wuxia stories, to the point it has become cliché in the genre, in which numerous needles are fired out in succession to bombard the intended victim]. He finished putting the noodles into the water before composedly turning around and stating, “Congratulations. Your dream has come true.”

Wha? What dream has come true? Shen Xi, still holding that bare potato, stared at He Zhi Zhou. He had led her to a different topic again!

Today was Friday. Shen Xi dragged He Zhi Zhou over to watch “The Voice of X” [play on “The Voice of China”] with her to try to sense this question of having a dream. Cupping a bowl of mashed potatoes in her hand, she would take a bite, then feed He Zhi Zhou a bite until, without even being aware of it, she reached the bottom of the bowl.

When it was the last spoonful, she only ate half of it and held the other half up to He Zhi Zhou. He Zhi Zhou scoldingly tossed out a “Disgusting!” at her, but he still brought his lips over and ate it.

Shen Xi was smug. “If it’s so disgusting, why’d you eat it?”

The commercials finished up, and holding Shen Xi in his arms, He Zhi Zhou carried on watching the program. “You’ve misunderstood. That wasn’t criticizing you just now; I was criticizing myself.”

Fine. She wouldn’t keep harping on his wrong. Shen Xi lay against He Zhi Zhou’s chest, giggling. Tomorrow was Saturday. She wanted to go swimming with He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou shook his head, turning down her request. “After that whole thing, I have absolutely no interest in any sort of water sport.”

Poor kid. He’d been frightened. But she had just bought a bathing suit online. When women go swimming, exercise is only secondary. The most important part is to show off her beautiful swimsuit and nice figure.

Shen Xi protested to He Zhi Zhou, “But I just bought a new bathing suit. I want to wear it.”

He Zhi Zhou still refused and, furthermore, offered a suggestion. “You can wear it now.”

Humph! Shen Xi glowered furiously at He Zhi Zhou, then stood and stomped toward the bedroom, looking very much like she was having a tantrum. He Zhi Zhou called out from behind her, “Where are you going?”

With a stomp of her foot, Shen Xi snapped, “To change into my bathing suit!”

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The next day was Saturday. They had agreed to go rowing out on Siming Lake together, but in the end, He Zhi Zhou still backed out. At six o’clock in the morning, his company’s QA/QC department called him and said they needed him to make a trip to S&N.

Shen Xi was still in a groggy state of sleep. Sensing that He Zhi Zhou was getting out of bed, she was also going to get up. “Is it really late already?”

“It’s still early. Sleep first.” He Zhi Zhou pressed Shen Xi, who had been struggingly trying to get up, back into the bed. Kissing her on the forehead, he said, “Shen Xi, I need to head back to the office.”

Shen Xi’s eyes were squinted. Though she still was not completely awake, she did know that the plans of going rowing, which she had looked forward to for an entire night, were now down the drain. She did not want He Zhi Zhou to go out, and in a displeased and wronged tone, she asked, “Isn’t it Saturday today? …”

He Zhi Zhou apologetically brushed aside Shen Xi’s long hair that had grown back by now. “Last minute need for overtime. If there’s anything, call me.”

Not happy. Deliberately kicking off the quilt, Shen Xi turned over to continue sleeping.

He Zhi Zhou gave a pull on the quilt and covered her back up. Then, standing by the side of the bed, he pulled on a dress shirt, the sounds of its material rustling with his movements. In that quiet bedroom, it was as if all that remained were these sounds.

He Zhi Zhou needed to leave. In the end, Shen Xi still, like a good girl, slipped out from the quilt and stretched out her arms at him. “Hug.”

Bending down, He Zhi Zhou enclosed her in his arms. His heart felt so incredibly soft.

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He Zhi Zhou needed to work overtime on Saturday. This made Shen Xi, who had specially waited for Saturday to come so that she could go out and have a date with He Zhi Zhou, terribly disappointed. But, she couldn’t not let him go to work.

After He Zhi Zhou left, Shen Xi also boredly got up.

When she finished brushing her teeth and washing up, she practiced her dance skills in the living room until nine o’clock and then watched a movie alone. Her lunch was takeout. While she was washing the dishes, she discovered that more than half of a perfectly good Saturday had already passed.

Shen Xi decided she would still go swimming—she would go alone!

Her swimming skills were not good, so when she bought her bathing suit, she had also bought an adult-size swimming ring. Busily, she gathered and packed everything. Right as she was about to grab the swimming ring and head out the door, the doorbell rang.

Shen Xi jogged over and took a look through the peephole before opening the door.

On the other side of the doorway, there stood an exquisitely dressed woman. After several seconds where they each assessed the other person, the woman smilingly asked, “You are Shen Xi?”

Huh? … Why did this voice sound so much like her future mother-in-law’s? Hurriedly setting down the swimming ring, Shen Xi carefully examined this woman’s facial features. She had found the source of He Zhi Zhou’s cool and aloof countenance.

Shen Xi’s mind reacted quickly, and she hastily invited He Zhi Zhou’s mother inside.

Sob, sob. She hadn’t even graduated from university yet… Why did she, time after time, have to keep seeing her boyfriend’s family members? First it was [paternal] Granddad and now it was Mother-In-Law. And the worst part was, she had to face them all by herself.

A smile was on Zhong Jing Yue’s face as she took a seat on the sofa. Brushing a glance over the swimwear and swimming ring inside the bag, she asked with a smile, “You’re going out to swim?”

Tremblingly carrying a glass of water over, Shen Xi gave an honest nod. “I didn’t know you were coming.”

Zhong Jing Yue smiled. “I am sorry. I have intruded on you.”

Shen Xi shook her head. Don’t misunderstand; that was not what she meant.

Rising to her feet, Zhong Jing Yue allowed her gaze to sweep around the entire home. “This place is my dad’s old home. When Zhi Zhou was a kid, he lived here with his grandfather for a period of time.”

“Oh.” When Shen Xi finished listening to these words, she did not forget to nod her head as well, as if she was listening to an imperial decree.

Zhong Jing Yue turned around. “You don’t need to worry about taking care of me. Weren’t you going to go swimming?”

Shen Xi blinked her eyes. Mother-In-Law was just so funny. Did she think Shen Xi could still go swimming now?

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But reality proved that nothing in this world is impossible. Shen Xi ended up soaking in the swimming pool with Zhong Jing Yue, feeling not just a little bit that this was all a big joke on her.

In the swimming pool, Zhong Jing Yue swam like a mermaid. Over in the shallow end, Shen Xi, with a swimming ring around her, flopped and slapped, and then, when she had flopped and slapped until she was tired, she splayed herself on the pool’s edge and panted.

While Zhong Jing Yue swam here and there, Shen Xi climbed up onto the pool deck, took the towel that one of the staff handed her, and walked with bare feet over to a nearby deck chair, where she took a seat. At the same time, a message from He Zhi Zhou came in on the mobile phone in her bag.

What are you doing?

Sob, sob. He finally returned her message! Feeling like she was having a terrible internal struggle, Shen Xi replied,

Swimming with your mom.

He Zhi Zhou: “……”

Zhong Jing Yue had also come up onto the deck, and gracefully, she walked over. Shen Xi smiled at her abashedly. “Since I was a kid, I’ve been a bad swimmer.”

“It’s all right. Zhi Zhou swims quite well. You can have him teach you later.” Zhong Jing Yue slipped on a robe.

But your son won’t even go in the water with me… Shen Xi ordered two orders of fresh coconut juice and respectfully offered one to Zhong Jing Yue. With a flattering smile, she said, “Here you go, Auntie.”

“Thank you.” Taking a sip, Zhong Jing Yue leaned languidly back into the deck chair

Sitting cross-legged on her own deck chair, Shen Xi carried on texting He Zhi Zhou.

“Shen Xi.” Zhong Jing Yue spoke.

Shen Xi immediately set down her phone and turned her head. “Auntie, please go ahead.”

“Oh, child, you don’t need to be so overly polite.” A smile came onto Zhong Jing Yue’s lips. “What do you think of our Zhi Zhou?”

Shen Xi’s eyes that glistened with moisture darted around for a bit. “… He’s very good.”

“Yes. There have always been a lot of girls who like him.” As Zhong Jing Yue brought her eyes onto Shen Xi, her insipid tone carried traces of pride.

Shen Xi pretended not to understand. In an even prouder tone, she replied, “Really? But it was He Zhi Zhou who pursued me first.” After she finished saying this, her heart felt a little nervous. But it was true that He Zhi Zhou had pursued her first, right? She hadn’t lied.

Zhong Jing Yue was slightly curious, but she believed her. She was puzzled over how He Zhi Zhou, with his personality, would woo a girl. But then, when she pondered on it, she surmised that she likely did not pay enough attention to her own son. Zhong Jing Yue closed her eyes to rest. There were not many people at the swimming pool, but she could still sense quite a few footsteps coming and going in front of her.

Opening her eyes, she turned her head to look at the girl on her left side. Truly, so very young. “Shen Xi, I came back to China this time specifically to see you,” Zhong Jing Yue told her.

Ah?! Specifically! Shen Xi grew anxious. “You are just too kind. It should be me and He Zhi Zhou going over to see you.”

Zhong Jing Yue smiled. “I can tell that you and Zhi Zhou have a very strong relationship.”

Shen Xi’s head bowed. Mm-hmm, it is pretty good

Zhong Jing Yue interlaced the fingers of her hand. There were words she wanted to say to Shen Xi, but some of them were difficult to get past her lips. She was He Zhi Zhou’s mother, but it seemed she really had no right to put on and flaunt the mother’s airs and status here.

Looking at Zhong Jing Yue, Shen Xi tried asking, “Do you have something you want to say to me?”

Snapping her mind back, Zhong Jing Yue nodded. In her heart, she thought, the more she interacted with this girl, Shen Xi, the more she liked her. She turned to look at her, inquiring, “Shen Xi, did you know that last year, Zhi Zhou applied to work in a research institute in the U.S.?”

Last year… Last year, she still hadn’t met He Zhi Zhou. But she did know about this matter; He Zhi Zhou had mentioned it to her already. Shen Xi nodded. She was starting to somewhat understand why Zhong Jing Yue had come to find her.

“That is a very good opportunity. His father and I both hope that he can go.” Zhong Jing Yue cut directly to the reason she was here. “Originally, his plans and arrangements were always to go to the U.S. to further his studies. That was why when we first learned that he had chosen to stay in the country to work, his father and I were both very surprised.”

Shen Xi’s head bowed. She truly did understand now. Only a second ago, she had thought Mother-In-Law had come to see her, but it turned out she was here on an expedition to denounce her… Well, it really could not be considered as denouncing…

Zhong Jing Yue carried on. “Little Xi, I hope you can understand what I and Zhi Zhou’s father are feeling. Our relationship as a married couple is not a good one, but we still both hope that our son’s future and how it develops will be even better.”

Shutting her eyes, Shen Xi remained silent. She could understand what He Zhi Zhou’s parents were feeling. It was just that… After a long while, she spoke. “Auntie, He Zhi Zhou career is doing really well here in China too… His annual salary right now is 500,000 [RMB]…”

“Mm.” Zhong Jing Yue fixed her eyes calmly on Shen Xi. “500,000 just after graduation is indeed quite good and is even something that a lot of people will never achieve in their lifetime. But Little Xi, do you really believe Zhi Zhou’s value is only 500,000?”

For once, Shen Xi was smart. “I don’t believe a person’s value is reflected only in his annual salary.”

“That is true.” Zhong Jing Yue gave a happy chuckle. “Zhi Zhou thinks the same. He is still very young. His value should not be reflected in just a little company, don’t you think?”

For a long time, Shen Xi was unable to form any words.

With a look of sincerity in her eyes, Zhong Jing Yue gazed at Shen Xi. “So, Little Xi, can you help me persuade Zhi Zhou?”

Shen Xi: “… I don’t know.” She did not know how she should persuade him.

“I know I’m forcing you to do something so difficult.” Zhong Jing Yue jeered at herself, “If you really were to say, I am a failure as a mother. I can’t even persuade my own son, and I’m putting my hope in my daughter-in-law. But Little Xi, there is one thing you cannot deny: it is for you that Zhi Zhou stayed in China.”

For her? Shen Xi completely turned into a mute. She looked at Zhong Jing Yue. “I asked He Zhi Zhou. He said he’s already signed a contract with S&N, and if he leaves, he’d have to pay a big penalty for breaching it.”

“The breach-of-contract penalty is not a problem.” Zhong Jing Yue’s voice was gentle. “Shouldn’t the most important part be Zhi Zhou’s own desire? I already know the amount of the penalty. As his mother, I will bear that sum for him.”

Shen Xi: “…….”

“Little Xi, this world has always been unfair. The unfairest piece is that the value of each person’s life is different. Some people will silently walk through the entire journey of life while others’ names can go down in history. The people over in the U.S. have already acknowledged Zhi Zhou’s talents and abilities, and they all trust that he can go far. Of course, I’m not saying China is bad; I simply do not want him to be limited to such a small circle and become part of that large band of ordinary office workers.”

Shen Xi’s head sunk down, and her voice was somewhat low. “But how do you know that Big Brother He does not want to be an ordinary office worker?”

“But you don’t know either whether Zhi Zhou really does want to be an office worker, is that not true?” Zhong Jing Yue countered with this question. “Little Xi, don’t you want Zhi Zhou to become even more outstanding?”

Shen Xi was struggling. What was “more outstanding”? And to what extent of “outstanding”?

Holding a mobile phone in her hand, Zhong Jing Yue continued, “Little Xi, I’ll tell you something honest. I don’t want Zhi Zhou to set the direction of his life so early. If his studies in that American research institute come to an end and he still chooses to come back to China, I will wholly be able to accept that and will even be proud of him. But that isn’t true for right now. He’s still young. He can still learn a lot of things. He can still come in contact with the most outstanding people in the world and get to know them. His talent and dreams should not be wiped out so early by this society’s fickleness.

“Everyone is different. The Zhi Zhou of the present may feel that an annual salary of 500,000 is great. This has to do with his age and his surrounding environment, because he may already be the most outstanding person within it. But the reality is, he can do even better, and he can create an even higher value for his life. This value is not based simply on money, but rather, how much a person can contribute to all of society, right?

“Little Xi, I believe you definitely know, too, that Zhi Zhou does have that ability.”

Mm-hmm. She knew.

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When Shen Xi saw He Zhi Zhou again, she and Zhong Jing Yue had already stepped out from the aquatic centre. He Zhi Zhou and Zhong Jing Yue truly were not very close. The two merely exchanged a few words of impassive greeting and did not say anything else.

Shen Xi, holding the swimming ring and standing to one side, suggested, “How about we have dinner first?”

Zhong Jing Yue had driven. He Zhi Zhou took the key from her to drive her car. Shen Xi left the front passenger seat for Zhong Jing Yue and, of her own accord, opened the back door for herself. Zhong Jing Yue stopped her. “Little Xi, you sit up front.”

When Shen Xi had seated herself in the front seat, He Zhi Zhou glanced at her, asking, “What would you like to eat?”

Shen Xi turned around to ask Zhong Jing Yue, “Auntie, what would you like to eat?”

Leaning back into her seat, Zhong Jing Yue stated a restaurant name, then added, “I remember you liked the food in this place when you were young.”

He Zhi Zhou was silent. He did not drive often, but still with very familiar motions, he turned the car around.

Dinner was eaten in a restaurant that had an architectural style based on the Republican period. In regards to the matter about studying in the American research institute, Zhong Jing Yue did not so much as mention a single sentence about it. The entire time, she spoke only simple words of care and asked how things were for them.

When dinner came to an end, Zhong Jing Yue took out a card from her purse to pay, but He Zhi Zhou had already settled the check. Zhong Jing Yue gave a resigned shrug.

In between them, Shen Xi stole a peek at He Zhi Zhou. She had not expected that this was how he and his mother got along with one another.

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On the trip back, Zhong Jing Yue was no longer with them. Shen Xi’s head was down as she texted Shen Jian Guo. Right now, she needed to find someone to help her straighten out her emotions. After reading her entire narration, Shen Jian Guo responded with only one sentence:

Go discuss it with He Zhi Zhou first.

Inside the car, her mobile phone’s screen would illuminate, then turn off again. He Zhi Zhou turned his head and took one look at her before stretching out his arm and pulling her against him.

Shen Xi clutched his shirt as she wordlessly hugged him.

Today, Zhong Jing Yue had said many things to her. All the reasons and justification she had never heard before in her lifetime, she got to hear today. Zhong Jing Yue said, young people should not set their life’s direction so early, and moreover, they must take advantage of their youth to improve their strength and assets. They have the ability to take their fate into their own hands.

Zhong Jing Yue even used her own marriage as an example. At age twenty, she married He Zhi Zhou’s father so that their families would form a business alliance. The marriage had been too early. Neither of them had had the awareness or resolution to build a family before they were already inexplicably married. They had not developed a strong marriage foundation, and as a result, after she bore He Zhi Zhou, they had separated and lived apart…

But the thing was, if He Zhi Zhou went to the United States, she and he would be apart for two years…

And what’s more, how was He Zhi Zhou going to become even more outstanding? His existence was already one of those beautiful flowers that grew up on the crevices of a cliff, so unreachable. What would he be like if he was even more outstanding?! What if he turned his nose up at her, the little bok choy plant, when he came back?

Sob, sob… She was just dating someone. Why was her dating life plagued with such bad luck?

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    Thanks my dear Hoju!

  10. I like how she can go to her father for help and advice. What a lovely father-daughter relationship!

  11. SX may not have brain smarts — sometimes I get annoyed by how HZZ sees her as a little stupid, her Dad too — but she certainly has emotional smarts! Finally we understand how the emotionally starved HZZ is so drawn to her open and brave ability to be affectionate, honest, & caring. And her wicked sense of humor doesn’t hurt ; )

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