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The Healing Sunshine (一厘米的阳光) — Chapter 26.2


Love that has not been translated into action is not really love. You will see through Jì Chengyang’s actions that his care for Xixi was never simply out of convenience. You will see the extent he considered her in the past and continues to do so for the future. *sniffles* At last, the right that was once stripped from Xixi has been taken back, and she can again freely walk through every corner that contains her childhood memories. (So, so, so grateful that Jì Chengyang has family that supports him and has always treated Xixi so well.)

Chapter 26.2 — Right Here Waiting (2)

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The direction of her words had shifted too quickly. Even though her voice was very light, each word seemed to strike into the furthest depths.

This direct assertion of her standpoint plunged the entire living room into another deathly stillness.

Very quickly, someone broke this momentary quiet that had caused awkwardness in everyone. “Uncle Jǐ.” Jì Chengyang rose from the couch and addressed Jǐ Yi’s grandfather. “Just as I said in the presence of my father just earlier, I will shoulder the responsibility of Jǐ Yi’s future.”

Upon stating this, he bent at the waist, opened up a document folder, and set it on the coffee table that was in front of everyone.

“Ol’ Jǐ,” Grandpa Jì spoke up, a faint smile on his face, “if one really must say who is at fault for this sort of thing happening between these two children, then it is my son who is at fault. How do I say this? The age difference between these two children is actually not that big. You could consider them to have been brought together by fate. I’m going to state my position on this right here: I very much like Xixi. If it does not pain you too much to have to part with her, how about you do this as a favour to me and let her come to the Jì family?”

Jǐ Yi could feel her face was burning, burning to the point it hurt, like she was running a fever.

The whole time, Jǐ Yi’s grandfather remained silent. The people of the Jǐ family also dared not say a word.

After a lengthy time had passed, the elderly man at last heaved a sigh and shook his head. “I do not know what else I can say.”

Before Jǐ Yi got here, Jì Chengyang had already told the two elderly men what was inside this document folder of his. Now, seeing that Jǐ Yi’s grandfather could be considered to have relented on his stance, he took off the black pen that had been clipped onto the folder and had Jǐ Yi come over.

Four handwritten sheets of paper in total were placed into her hands.

The dates on which they were signed, however, were all different.

2001, 2003, and also, for two of them, today. His name was signed on each one.

In 2001, prior to the surgery to remove his brain tumour, she, because of Zhao Xiaoying, had been pulled into an incidence of school violence. At the time, Jì Chengyang, the one who had stepped in to mediate all this, had pulled a lot of connections, from the family of the injured, to the school, until he had finally settled everything. This paper had been written with his own hand; it was the first sum of money that he had left to her and was for her to complete her schooling. If his surgery had failed, this sum of money would have been passed on to her by Grandpa Jì.

In 2003, before departing from China, he had left all of his personal assets to her.

As for the two documents from today, the first one was a certificate of personal accident insurance coverage with a high coverage amount. The beneficiary was Jì Chengyang’s father, that is Grandpa Jì, but a contract of gift had been attached to it stating that the entire sum was to be gifted and the recipient was Jǐ Yi. The other document was Jì Chengyang’s pledge to her: if anything should happen to Jì Chengyang, regardless of whether or not a matrimonial relationship existed between the two of them, all assets belonging to Jì Chengyang, including all of the inheritance he would receive in the future through the Jì family, would be left to Jǐ Yi.

This last document required her signature.

These were the entirety of the sincerity that Jì Chengyang had brought here today.

Before Jǐ Yi had even stepped again through the doors of this home, he had already had a discussion about all of this.

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Clutching that pen, Jǐ Yi looked at what she held in her hand. Her head was bowed as she stared at them for a long while. When she lifted her eyes again, her gaze had already blurred over. She had never signed anything like this before, especially this type of thing for which his death was a prequisite to preserve and guard her personal benefit …

Jì Chengyang looked at her and gave a slight nod, indicating that she should not hesitate.

Jǐ Yi squatted down, like a little child squatting in front of the coffee table, and set the paper down in front of herself. Beneath the pen was the place where she needed to sign; beside it were three fluidly-written characters: Jì Chengyang.

In that instant when the pen was brought to paper, many pictures rose up in her mind.

Those things of the past, the separations, and many of the words the two had spoken to one another, ruthlessly came sweeping over her.

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She did not have any of the love experiences that those in her age group did, including those most common ways of dating. Even the most inarticulate and ineloquent boy of her age would still have times when he would profess his feelings. But Jì Chengyang would not. He never was like the ordinary people around her who, with their girlfriend’s grilling, would either willingly or be forced to give an account of how their hearts had been stirred with the first inklings of feelings and how they had fallen in love.

He was forever calm, forever able to think through everything in advance.

That included this time. Or perhaps it could be said, since that year when she was fifteen years old, he had already begun to think through many things for her.

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The tip of the pen came to the paper. She signed her name.

“Jǐ Yi” and “Jì Chengyang” lay written side by side, just like the “Jǐ” and “Jì” that had been written back then on the blackboard of her primary school.

This was the final conclusion of this matter.

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Jì Chengyang had used document after document, ones from 2001 onwards, to prove his stance that he would bear the responsibility of Jǐ Yi’s entire lifetime. Though this way had been a little heavy-handed, it was the swiftest method of resolution he could think of. The most fortunate aspect was, from the very beginning, Jì Chengyang’s father had supported him and had even come with him to personally make the visit to the Jǐ family, allowing all of the adverse effects to be minimized.

He drove his car and brought Jǐ Yi away from the military dependents’ residence area.

The leaves of the poplar trees on either side of the road were beginning to look dense and lush, completely unlike when he had first returned to the country, when everything had been drearily gray and bare. All this time, as Jǐ Yi sat by his side, her heart was still thumping loudly in her chest. Now, after the fact, she began to continuously replay in her mind how she had spoken those words of wanting to marry him, and how, with all eyes centred on her, she had signed such a document.

Their vehicle drove past a huge, gardened roundabout and onto the main road leading to the gate.

If you took this main road all the way to the east, it would lead to the main gates that left this place. Following it westward to the very end would bring you to the indoor swimming pool, and then after a right turn, you would enter the military area. In there were the barracks, the blocks of teaching buildings, the training areas for outdoor flame-throwing, light weapons firing, and chemical agent and drug detection…

Jǐ Yi swiftly sketched out the map of this place in her mind. She suddenly wanted to have a walk around everywhere.

It was as if she all of sudden had the right and could once more return to this place to re-experience every corner that contained memories from her childhood.

“Where are we going?” she asked him, looking out at the views beyond the car window.

“Wherever you please.” Smiling, he took a glimpse of her sitting there with her hand against the window.

“Then how about we go do some driving?” She suddenly turned her head back, her eyes sparkling.

Jì Chengyang did not have any objections to this. Glancing at the time, he made a few phone calls. After verifying that there were no official activities taking place there anymore at this time, he turned the car around and drove all the way in the direction of the place that she wanted to go.

Because they had called ahead, the on-duty soldier let them pass straight through.

Without slowing down, the car drove from the asphalt road onto the dirt road, joltingly passing through training ground after training ground until finally it came to a stop in the place they had once been.

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The evening sun sank into the west.

Hopping out of the vehicle, Jǐ Yi’s eyes took in this place that, though she had come here once before, she had not gotten a full view of because it had been nighttime at the time.

The perimeter walls in the distance could not be seen. There was only a large, continuous stretch of bushes extending outwards. The golden-red rays of the setting sun spilled onto the bushes. While this could not be considered any sort of beautiful view, it did carry the atmosphere that was unique to a military training field.

Jǐ Yi strolled a couple of ambling steps by herself before turning around and looking at him, her mood indescribably good.

Jì Chengyang seemed to see through her intentions. With a glance around at their surroundings, which were empty of all other people, he stretched out his arms to her, indicating that she could do as she wished.

And then, a white figure threw herself at him, colliding into his embrace.

“The last time you brought me here, had you already started to like me?” Her large, sparkling, black eyes peered through the gap underneath his arm to continue gazing at the sunset while she somewhat shyly asked him this.

Last time? Jì Chengyang worked out the dates. “If I had, then I really would be morally depraved.”

At the time, she would have been about fourteen years old or so. To a man in his twenties, she truly would have been a child, a child who was afraid of the dark, who liked to cry, and who was always very gingerly trying to be kind to the people around her, hoping that this would bring in exchange some sort of response. Back then, why had he brought her here at night to learn to drive? He was not certain himself either, but at the very least, that could not be considered romantic love.

“What about in Wellington?”

“Wellington?” Jì Chengyang continued to work out the dates.

Some things had happened there. He remembered them very clearly, how, on that late night by the seaside, when he had picked her up in his arms to avoid the ocean water, she had veiledly used a song to hint that she liked him. That should have been the first time he perceived that she held some feelings towards him other than the dependence one feels towards an elder, feelings of which even she was unaware of the gravity.

And it was also that night, when he had carried her in that empty stairwell, that he had sensed the warmth of her cheek resting lightly against his collarbone. And so, he had left Wellington earlier than intended and not carried through on the original plan of taking her to Mount Victoria.

Afterward, when he returned to the United States, that incident that had shocked the entire world, the 9/11 terrorist attack, had occurred.

Not hearing his answer, she rather uncertainly lifted her head to look at him.

From this angle that she was at, she could only see his chin and the slightly upturned corners of his lips. However, she was utterly unable to infer the answer from this smile. From the looks of things, though, that was still too early…

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In the end, Jì Chengyang did not give her a precise answer.

After the sun had completely disappeared below the horizon, the air still carried the remnants of warmth from the daytime. The weather in mid-May was already a little hot and dry. As the breeze rustled through the bushes, she continued to embrace him, and she gave herself a presumed answer.

She would let 2001 be the beginning of all the feelings.

That year when he had gone from being God’s favoured child, to an ordinary person who had lost the ability to see any light. At that time, his future had been uncertain and his fate had been hard to see. And she, for the first time, had also had to directly face the indifferent uncaring of all of her family. In that blackness, all her support had come from him, the one who had lost his sight…

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By the time they headed back, it was already approaching nine o’clock.

Taking the same route they had come in on, the car drove out of the training grounds. With the salute of those soldiers behind them, they drove back along the empty main road. It was the same as that night, except the person beside her no longer would face out the window and smoke as he drove.

Jǐ Yi opened her window. The warm night wind coursed continuously into the car.

“Do you still remember that good friend of yours, Wang Haoran?” She all of a sudden remembered some things.

“He’s in Germany right now doing an exchange performance. What about him?”

“What about Su Yan?” she carried on asking.

“Su Yan?” Jì Chengyang thought for a moment. “I remember Wang Haoran said that he and Su Yan got married three years ago.” He also remembered, right after he came back to China, downstairs of Jǐ Yi’s family home, Wang Haoran had given him a fierce punch. It was several weeks later that Wang Haoran had eventually somewhat awkwardly told him that he and Su Yan were married.

He could still remember when he, Wang Haoran, and Su Yan had first met; it had been at a competition where they had all placed.

The friendship between the three of them had carried on all these years, and so when he learned of this news, he had given them a very generous gift. When people reach a certain age, they will discover that, regardless of the personalities of the people around them or the number of things they have experienced, eventually, when they are talking about how each other is doing lately, they will all use as an indicator the topics surrounding family—either marriage or having children.

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“A few years ago, when I saw Xixi, she made me think of Lolita.” The words Wang Haoran had once spoken floated up in his mind. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not that raunchy. I just feel that every time I see her, I really want to coddle and spoil her, you know, that type feeling when a man wants to coddle and spoil a woman…”

Perhaps it had been because of these words?

Beginning approximately that time, he had known that Wang Haoran had certain thoughts with regard to Jǐ Yi. At the time, he had turned his nose up wrly at them. But in the end, the one who was unable to get around the name “Jǐ Yi” was himself.

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Jǐ Yi had originally wanted to talk about some things regarding Wang Haoran that were from those four years when Jì Chengyang had been away, but the news of Su Yan and Wang Haoran’s marriage had shocked her and caused her to forget that her initial intention for asking this was that she had wanted to see if he had the “skill” of getting jealous.

Her arm resting on the side of the car window and her chin propped on her hand, she became submerged in a sentiment of “things may remain the same but people will change.”

It was evident that at her age, she still had not seen enough of such matters, and therefore she was slightly perplexed and unable to figure some things out. For instance, how could Su Yan, someone who had once liked Jì Chengyang so much, marry Wang Haoran?

In her way of thinking and reasoning, if you once loved Jì Chengyang, you would never again be able to fall in love with anyone else.

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.


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