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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 24


This is another filler chapter without Yu Tu but nonetheless an important one. Read on to find out how Yu Tu will come into play 🙂 Gu Man said please take note that the exhibition match did not take into account the different versions of the game as the strong heroes have been changing in different versions. Also, all other heroes mentioned in this chapter except the two with pictures, had already been introduced in prior chapters.

Are you watching Never Gone with Elvis Han? If you don’t know about the drama, it is adapted from Xin Yi Wu’s novel called You’re Still Here which was translated by yingniang in Fanatical a while back. There was also a movie version which I am not fond of. I’ve watched about 4 episodes of the drama, so far so good. It is following the revised version of the novel quite closely. The kid and adult cast are also pretty spot on in terms of their looks and acting abilities. I think Viki has applied for the license to sub it into English. In the meantime, you can read lidge’s summary, but don’t hold any high hope that she’ll complete it 😛

Chapter 24 (translated by peanuts and edited by hoju)

After Xia Xue went on stage, the team selection process for both sides was complete. The large-screen shot switched over to the commentator, and both the red and blue teams took their seats.

There were ten minutes of discussion and preparation time before the game started. The staff also needed to help them quickly set up their game ID during this time.

Within the Good Luck Come team, Qiao Jing Jing spoke first. “After the contestants were announced, I went to look for the live stream videos of this anchor. He is very strong, but his hero pool does not seem deep (meaning he cannot play a lot of heroes reasonably well). When he was playing King of Glory, he mostly used Luna (mage/warrior), Li Bai (warrior/assassin) and Han Xin (warrior/assassin). Moreover their intention in choosing Qi Zhu and He Liu was very obvious. It was to let him be the jungler. I suggest that we ban the jungling heroes that he is good at, and then be the first to take a strong jungling hero. This will be tantamount to the other team losing a strongest king.”

Zhou Yin gave her a thumbs up.

The camera happened to shoot this scene.  The crowd who were watching the live broadcast continued to speculate.

“What did Qiao Jing Jing say that my male god actually praised her?”

“During the player selection process just now, I already thought she was quite smart.”

“If they can win, I really will become her fan.”

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Qiao Jing Jing said with a smile, “I think we have another big advantage. We know their positioning but they don’t know which position we play. So the probability of us winning is very high.”

Be sure to encourage your teammates before the game.

The short-haired girl did not look as nervous now.

The five of them talked it over for another while. After the ten minutes were up, they officially entered the Ban and Pick phase.

In accordance with the tactics discussed beforehand, the Good Luck Come team banned Luna, Li Bai and Han Xin in succession. It turned out the other team surprisingly exercised the first ban on Wang Zhaojun (mage).

Everyone froze for a moment, because this ban was too unconventional.

By the time the other team gave their second ban to Cai Wenji (support/mage), Qiao Jing Jing was certain. “I reckon the third ban will be given to Zhang Fei (tank/support).”

As expected, the third ban was really given to Zhang Fei.

Suddenly the short-haired girl realized something and said, “You posted the achievements of these few heroes on your Weibo before.”

Qiao Jing Jing nodded. She would indeed sometimes post some of her battle achievements. But actually, her results with these heroes, apart from Wang Zhaojun, were quite ordinary, including with Cai Wenji and Zhang Fei. She would only post some results in passing when she occasionally played well with them. She did not expect that this would give the other team some misinformation.

“It seems that their tactic is the same as us and is more targeting me.”

The short-haired girl was a little anxious. “What’s to be done? As support, I am best when using Cai Wenji?”

Qiao Jing Jing said, “Then you use Bian Que to play solo mid. I will be the support.”

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Many fans of Qiao Jing Jing were following this exhibition match closely. They realized that their idol were being targeted and were a little worried.

Soon, the lineup of both the red and blue teams were set.

Good Luck Come team: Bian Que (mage), Armour (Luna’s brother – warrior/tank), Dong Huang Tai Yi (The Great Unity, God of the Eastern Sky – tank/support), Baili Xuan Ce (assassin), Lady Sun (Sun Shangxiang – marksman).


Pluck Stars team: Mai Shiranui (Huo Wu – mage/assassin), Marco Polo (marksman), Zhao Yun (a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China – warrior/assassin), Hua Mulan (warrior/assassin), Bull Demon (Niu Mo – tank/support).

Zhao Yun

Qiao Jing Jing was using Dong Huang Tai Yi.

The battle began. With no need for instruction from Zhou Yin, the moment the game started, Qiao Jing Jing, with practiced motions, headed toward the river, walked around, and positioned herself to get a broader view.

Zhou Yin felt rather at ease now. You can half-tell once a game begins whether a person knows how to play or not. Furthermore, during the pre-game battle discussion just a moment ago, there was a constant feeling that this person seemed very familiar with his style of play.

Soon, a battle for a blue buff (a temporary boost to one’s stat) in the opposite team’s blue area proved his intuition was right. They cooperated perfectly and successfully got the other team’s blue dad (commonly known as buff, because of transliteration it can also be fondly called “dad”, which in Mandarin is “baba”) and first blood (first hero kill of the match to gain initial advantage in term of currency and experience) from the other team’s jungler.

3 Buff and first blood. A perfect start to the game.

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This game lasted for 20 minutes. It could be said that it was very smooth sailing. The two professional players cooperated very well and played very well. On the contrary, the cooperation between the teammates of the opposing team were not as good as this side. Their jungler took away a lot of the currency and also seriously affected the professional players’ performance.

The Good Luck Come team successfully won the first game and Dong Huang Tai Yi’s battle stats were 5-4-12.

The number of deaths was relatively higher, but Dong Huang Tai Yi has always been a one-for-one hero. Three times, Qiao Jing Jing was able to, in exchange, inflict damage on the other team. It can be said that her performance was perfect. There was one time where she flickered (also known as flash which teleports the hero over a short distance) into the tower to start a team fight (all members of the two opposing teams are battling one another at the same time in one area of the map), and another time, Dong Huang Tai Yi threw the ball and crushed to death the other team’s low-HP (Health Point) jungler. Both instances were given great praise from the commentator.

Fans of Qiao Jing Jing who were watching the live broadcast on tenterhooks practically cried tears of joys. Finally, their hearts could be set at ease.

However, the most eye-catching performances on stage, of course, were still from the professional players. Zhou Yin controlled the rhythm of the game, suppressing the other team economically (deny the opposition team gold and XP). Xia Xue’s four successive outstanding plays at the end completely settled the victorious match for them. Therefore, it was inevitable that some people ridiculed Qiao Jing Jing that the victory was presented to her on a platter. But her fans did not care! A win was good enough already, okay? Besides, even if the victory was presented on a platter, it was also due to her good foresight and strategy in choosing people!

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After the end of the first game, the second game did not immediately commence, and both teams returned to the center of the stage once again.

The host first congratulated the Good Luck Come team, and then his expression was somewhat mysterious as he said, “Everyone knows that this is an exhibition competition, so making it fun is the first priority. The way we play in the second game will be a bit different.”

A staff member went up to the stage holding a raffle box.

The host explained, “There are some small slips of paper inside this box. Each small slip of paper has a right written on it. Both sides get to draw once. Once drawn, they can exercise their corresponding right. The winning team will draw first.”

Everyone looked at Qiao Jing Jing, so she went up and drew out a slip of paper. The host took the slip of paper she had drawn and read, “The Good Luck Come team has the right to ban an extra hero of the opposing team.”

The host nodded: “It seems that the goddess is pretty lucky.”

Then the anchor on the other team came up to draw theirs. The host took the slip of paper he had drawn and read, “The Pluck Stars team has the right to ~~~”

The host made an ‘oh’ sound. “This is interesting. The Pluck Stars team can ban the other team’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) from the last game.”

Zhou Yin was shocked. “Four against five?”

The host explained. “It means that you must replace your best player from the previous game.”

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The highest score in the previous game was Xia Xue as the marksman. He had the most head counts. At this time, he could only wave goodbye to everyone and get off the stage.

Host: “So now the Good Luck Come team has to choose again a new person to be their teammate. Jing Jing, who will you choose? Still from Tian Gong? But the most powerful marksman in Tian Gong is Xia Xue.”

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

Suddenly, Qiao Jing Jing asked the host, “Do you remember it was written on the official Weibo that we can choose our teammates from the audience off the stage? So, can I choose a non-professional player?”

The host was stunned for a moment, and then he heard the excited voice of the director through the headset: “She can, she can. Say yes to her, say yes to her.”

“Regarding this, the official Weibo really did write that.” He had also said the same thing earlier, but that was just to be quick-witted. The host felt that he still had a shred of conscience, so he tried to persuade her a bit. “But are you sure? Although I don’t know who you want to choose, are you sure his skill will surpass that of a professional player?”

Qiao Jing Jing: “I am sure about your first question, but not sure about the second one. However, I want to choose him, because he has always been my teammate. Hence, I hope that I can also battle side by side with him this time.”

The host was also a little excited. “So who do you want to choose?”

Qiao Jing Jing: “Wait a minute. I still have to ask my teammates for their opinions.”

Zhou Yin shook his head to indicate that he had no objections. On the contrary, he was very curious. The other two teammates also did not have any objections.

“Then I want to choose…” Qiao Jing Jing looked at the audience. Her eyes fixed firmly on the person who she had already spotted earlier.

“Yu Tu.”


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