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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Epilogue 7


The novel is officially available for sale on 20 May. This is a special day in China for young netizens because it is sort of a Valentine’s Day for them. In Chinese, 520 written as 五二零 (wǔ èr líng) sound very close to the words 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ), meaning I Love You. The picture above of Yu Tu wearing high-top military boots, pants tucked into military boots, his long legs perfectly straight, and a camouflage jacket is one of the free postcards you’ll get with the novel purchase. If you read my translation and will like to write a review of the novel, please do so at Shushengbar. I like to hear what the readers think of the novel, be it good or bad.

In this epilogue, Yu Tu went to visit Qing Qing at the film set. People normally will bring food and/or drink when they go and visit someone. But can you guess what Yu Tu brought lol? Would you’ve prefer food and drink or what Yu Tu brought?

All the Time Epilogue 7: Visit the Film Set Record (translated by peanuts and edited by hoju)

Quote from Big Sister Ling: You go and visit teacher Yu’s workplace, you can’t get in. Teacher Yu Tu wants to visit your film set, he doesn’t have the assets.

Qiao Jing Jing: No such thing!

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There are always some unavoidable things in life. For example, you actually have to act with someone whom “the whole world knows you don’t get along with”.

Of course, even if the whole world knew, she still have to act her part in front of everyone. It was just that the other party was a bit exaggerated in the way she behaved. When they met in the film set, the other party dashed forward and hugged her warmly. “Jing Jing, I miss you very much. Hey, your skin is very good recently.”

Qiao Jing Jing was very angry! She only had a pimple once in a blue moon. Why did she have to see it?

Although caught unprepared, how could Qiao Jing Jing lose when it came to being hypocritical thing like this? She put her arms around the other party and gave an even more powerful hug, brimming with enthusiasm, “Qi Qi, I also miss you very much. My dear, have you grown thinner recently?”


The other party was known to have a body type that got fat easily.

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Since they were both a hypocritical female celebrity, filming naturally was also especially lively. In the more than half a month of filming, there were simply all kinds of turbulent undercurrents.

Therefore, when Xiao Zhu knew that Teacher Yu surprisingly wanted to come to visit the film set, she started to worry. Of course, it was good for Teacher Yu to come to visit the film set. He had also gone to Jing Jing’s other film sets to visit before, but it was different this time. The rich boyfriend of the other party had just come to visit the film set a few days ago and had been especially grandiose by bringing a few cars. It was practically a fleet of cars transporting countless foods and drinks to the cast and crew who were filming in the desert.

How could Teacher Yu top him?

But her artiste was especially happy and didn’t realize what the problem was at all.

On the morning of the film set visit, in the dressing room, after the makeup artist left, Xiao Zhu couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher Yu is coming. Aren’t you the least bit worried?”

Qiao Jing Jing was baffled and glanced at her. “What is there to worry about? There are not many kissing scenes in this drama.”

Xiao Zhu: “……”

Too scary! She didn’t even have the basic mentality of a female celebrity of comparing herself to other people!

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“Why does Teacher Yu suddenly have time to want to come over?”

“I also don’t know. He only told me the day before yesterday and only said that he’ll arrive around noon today. I asked him where he is, but he wouldn’t say.” Qiao Jing Jing suspected that he had a work assignment nearby but could not tell her because of confidentiality requirements . Could he also be somewhere here on this part of the desert? Didn’t those involved in aerospace often do testing in the Gobi Desert and places like that?

However she did not speak to Xiao Zhu about these suspicions.

“He’ll arrive around 11 o’clock. I’ll most likely be filming, so you wait for him outside.”

Xiao Zhu couldn’t help herself. “In that case, want to get Teacher Yu to bring something for the cast and crew? Last time, that boyfriend of you-know-who, brought so much stuff. We can ask Big Sister Ling to apply for reimbursement.”

Qiao Jing Jing: “… You’re so young but you already like to compare!”

Xiao Zhu: “……”

You’re obviously the one who every time says that you must be prettier than the other party!

“Zhou Xiao Qi’s boyfriend was bit over the top last time. In fact, the director was a little unhappy. You didn’t notice?”

Xiao Zhu shook her head honestly. She had been preoccupied with scrambling to get the food and drink. After all, eating the other party’s things for free was like making a profit.

“They disrupted filming. If it happens again, he’ll surely explode, so it is best for Teacher Yu to come and go quietly.”

Qiao Jing Jing was adjusting her lip color. She turned her chair and said seriously, “When I normally ask you if I am better looking than her and so on, I’m just kidding around, so don’t take it seriously. If you want to compare, then just compare our works, you understand? What’s up with comparing boyfriends? What kind of practice is that? My Teacher Yu is so smart, outstanding, and handsome. But have I brought him out to crush others? No! Because it is most important that you yourself are strong.”

Qiao Jing Jing had just fed Xiao Zhu some chicken soup for the soul and also bragged about her boyfriend. She was a little thirsty, so she took a sip of hot water and happily summed up—— “So it is enough that I am better looking than her!”

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… If weren’t for the last sentence, Xiao Zhu was almost convinced by her.

However in reality, comparisons will be made. Moreover, comparisons are made on the most superficial of things. If Teacher Yu came empty-handed, people would definitely discuss that in secret.

She really didn’t want to see the smugness on Zhou Xiao Qi’s assistant’s face!

With this kind of worry, Xiao Zhu would go out from under the canopy from time to time to see whether any cars were arriving. The sun is vicious in the desert, so it is not following common knowledge to stay outside under it to wait for a long time.

When she went out for the tenth time, a little worn out off-road vehicle finally appeared far away at the end of her line of sight. Xiao Zhu immediately climbed to a slightly higher place and waved.

The person in the off-road vehicle saw her, drove straight towards her, and stopped steadily at her side. The car door opened and the person in the car stepped down. Xiao Zhu was about to greet him, but when she saw the person approaching, she stopped and was at a loss for words.

This, was this Teacher Yu?

How had he suddenly become so fashionable?!

The man who jumped down from the off-road vehicle wore high-top military boots, pants tucked into military boots, his long legs perfectly straight, and a camouflage jacket and sunglasses. Actually, theirs was the most common dress to protect from the sun and sand. But when he wore it, he suddenly gave off a type of handsomeness that had an uninhibited, rough aura.

Of course, Teacher Yu was normally very handsome, but it was a different kind of handsomeness now ah ah ah!

While Xiao Zhu’s soul was shouting, Yu Tu walked with long steps to stand in front of her. He took off his sunglasses and smiled at her. “Xiao Zhu, long time no see.”

At this moment, Xiao Zhu had only two words in her heart —— already won.

Even if the the other party’s boyfriend came with 10,000 fleets of cars, it was still useless. Teacher Yu’s long legs and military boots slaughtered everything.

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Xiao Zhu swept away all her worries, and happily brought him inside. As expected, they attracted the attention of countless people all the way. Qiao Jing Jing was rehearsing with the director. She stood in front of the monitor, looked at the script, and discussed things with the director from time to time.

Yu Tu and Xiao Zhu quietly stood aside.

After a while, the director put away the script. “Try it this way first.”

Qiao Jing Jing nodded and walked toward the camera. At this time, she saw Yu Tu and her eyes immediately lit up. But she immediately recovered her composure and stood in front of the camera.

“《Yellow Sand》Scene 18, take one!”

There was a “clap” sound.

The place fell into absolute silence.

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This scene took three takes before the director gave his okay. Qiao Jing Jing very calmly first went to the director to look at the result. Then she unhurriedly walked towards Yu Tu. Too bad she was only unhurried for a few steps and then she couldn’t help but quickly run over and, covered in sand, slam into Yu Tu’s arms.

“Yu Tu.”

Yu Tu securely caught her, and it seemed like her heart and soul were instantly filled up. But right after, she was actually sighing in her heart. They hadn’t seen each other for more than a month, but sadly this time he also had to come and go in haste.

Both of them were momentarily overcome by emotion. Xiao Zhu coughed repeatedly on the side, trying to use her non-imposing body to help them to block the stares of the cast and crew.

Only then did Qiao Jing Jing disentangle herself from his embrace. After informing the director, she brought Yu Tu to her rest area.

“Why did you only tell me the day before yesterday? I did not have enough time to make arrangements. The shooting schedule is arranged a few days in advance, so it can’t be changed.”

“I was only certain about my time the day before yesterday.”

Qiao Jing Jing walked backwards while talking to him. “Are you on a mission nearby? If it’s not convenient to answer, you don’t have to answer.”

The mission was already over. Contrary to what she expected, Yu Tu could answer her. “Yes, it just finished yesterday, and we left the site this morning”

“It was also in this desert?”

“Two hundred kilometers from here.”

Two hundred kilometers, ah. Actually, they already could be considered very close to each other, but unfortunately they still can’t see each other. Qiao Jing Jing’s mood was somewhat low, but her spirits quickly rose again.

“Then, you can watch me filming this afternoon. The scene in the afternoon is quite fun. Then after I’ve finished work for the day, we will visit places nearby. It can be considered desert vacation tour spending company money la.”

“Jing Jing.” Yu Tu’s voice was a little apologetic. “I have to arrive at the airport by six o’clock this evening and go back to Beijing with my colleagues.”

Qiao Jing Jing was surprised and stopped in her tracks. “You’ve to leave today?”


Qiao Jing Jing stopped talking. After arriving at her rest area and closing the door, she silently put her head against Yu Tu’s chest. Yu Tu took her into his arms and sighed. “I am sorry.”

“What is there to be sorry about? I am also very busy.”

After keeping quiet for a while, Qiao Jing Jing huffing with frustration said, “I want to rest for two months after this film is finished shooting.”

“Sure. I should have a little more free time at that time.”


“At least I need not go on any work trips.”

Qiao Jing Jing felt a little better. “You haven’t eaten lunch yet, right? I’ll ask Xiao Zhu to bring us two boxes of lunch.”

Yu Tu looked at the time and said, “There’s no hurry, let’s get the business done first.”

Business… What business?

Qiao Jing Jing had not completely recovered from her downcast mood, but he already made her blush up to her ears. She still had her make-up for filming on. So dirty. How could they do “business”? She still had to continue to film in the afternoon so she could not wash it off … Why did Teacher Yu have such wild taste? He even wanted to role play?

Qiao Jing Jing’s brain was running riot. She stammered, “But I still have two more scenes to film in the afternoon.”

Yu Tu said, “I can do it by myself.”

Qiao Jing Jing: “???”

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An hour later, Qiao Jing Jing held a meal box, squatted in a certain corner, and expressionlessly watched Yu Tu fiddling with a metal rod.

Oh, two. One of them had already been tied to a pole and was standing vertically.

The assistant director observed from the side for a while, came over, and asked, “Jing Jing, is this your friend?”

“No.” Qiao Jing Jing said coldly, “He is a handyman I hired to come here.”

Assistant director: “???”

He left in confusion. Not long after, the director, with an air of authority, came over and made a coughing sound. Yu Tu and Jing Jing stood up together and greeted him.

“Continue what you’re doing.” He was curious and squatted down. “What are you installing?”

“Mobile signal booster,” Yu Tu replied.

The director didn’t hear clearly at first. “What?” Then he understood and said, “Oh, I know. I remember that we’ve installed it? Xiao Huang, right?”

The assistant director, who had also followed over, nodded energetically. “It has been installed, but it’s still not good. It shows that the signal strength is better than before installation, but in fact it’s quite useless.”

“Yes, Jing Jing told me before.” While adjusting the equipment, Yu Tu explained, “There is good and bad on the market for this equipment. The quality of the equipment you bought might not be good so do remember to dismantle it later. Poor quality equipment doesn’t have much use and will interfere quite a bit with the main network.”

The assistant director was confused when he heard this, but it didn’t matter. “Then, this one can do it?”

“Should be able to.” Yu Tu had asked his friend who specialized in this field to buy this set of equipment and send it to the home of the local guide of their experiment team. When he bought it, he had not been sure if he would have time to come over. Fortunately, he found the time.

After adjusting for a while, Yu Tu said, “Okay now.”

“I’ll try.” The assistant director immediately took out his mobile phone and tried. After a minute, he said in surprise, “It’s really much better.”

“Oh.” The director was also very pleasantly surprised. “I really want to thank you for helping us to solve a big problem.”

“You’re welcome. I also did it for my personal benefit.” Yu Tu smiled, turned his head to look at Qiao Jing Jing, and said. “The signal here is really delaying my sleeping time.”

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.


A certain entertainment section forum.

Title: Very Funny Story that I Just Heard About Two A-List Actresses 

Detail: One of my friends in my Moments (social networking function of smartphone app WeChat), contacts has been part of a filming cast and crew. There are two female leads, A and B. They have always been at loggerheads with each other. A’s previous movie did well and is slightly more popular, but B has also always been a leading actress. They are working together now, of course, because of a big director. Then B’s boyfriend went to visit the filming set a while ago with lots of pomp and show. He brought along a Japanese food master chef, a barbecue master chef, and a hot-spicy soup master chef to prepare food on the spot. There was fine dining as well as everyday food. There was also a beverage car. Do you dare to believe it? The place where they are filming is very remote, so it was really not easy to organize these. In short, it was ostentatious generosity.

Then yesterday, A’s boyfriend also came to visit the filming set. He came quietly by himself, drove a very old off-road vehicle, and did not bring any food or drink. But! Please allow me to use 80,000 exclamation points to express myself ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He helped everyone’s mobile phone have full signal! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

As I had mentioned before, the place where they are filming is very remote, so the mobile signal is very bad. Phones keep dropping calls, so no need to mention connecting to the internet. What kind of personal equipment did he bring? I don’t really understand that stuff. Anyway, after his adjustment, the signal was instantly much better.

It is said that the entire cast and crew were moved to tears.

When he left, the big director even gave him something to eat on the road 2333333 (hahahahaha) ~~~

What is this called? …

Knowledge is power?

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation was taken without consent of the translator.

1L (L stands for “lou” in Chinese, meaning poster): Poster, your code is simply too easy to decipher, QJJ? ZXQ?

2L: I laughed for three minutes. A godly unfolding of events. ZXQ must have been hopping mad.

6L: Is QJJ’s boyfriend that one from the aerospace institution? He is really talented, hahahahaha, rolling with laughter. The other guy visited the filming set and brought food and drink, he brought signal.

8L: On behalf of myself, I want to express that one can be without Japanese food and barbecue but must have signal ah!

10L: I also want signal hahaha.

16L: Poster, I want to know, what was ZXQ reaction?

27L: I say, didn’t you notice the sweetness? QJJ’s boyfriend went there with the equipment, so he came prepared, ah. He went all that way just to help his girlfriend have a better signal so it would be easier to contact him. When the science and engineering man starts to get romantic, it’s really frightening. I am already crying from the sweetness.

28L: Crying from sweetness +10086 (well-known customer service phone number of China Telecom. In internet slang, + with it means “adding my agreement”)


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