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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) Fan-Made Music Video Translation and Male Lead Poll


After the release of the novel, the next step would be to adapt it into a drama. I think Tencent, the owner of the game King of Glory has bought the film right. No cast has been announced yet but it is speculated that Tencent will use its own artists. I don’t know who are managed by Tencent. Probably all the young fresh meats that auntie Peanuts has never heard of lol. I am willing to give them a chance provided they look good, have tolerable acting skills and most importantly the leads must have sizzling chemistry 🙂

There are a few fan-made music videos on bilibili. The best looking and most complete one with dubbing has Yang Yang and Dilraba as the leads. So, I’ve subbed it for your enjoyment. Bong doesn’t think they’ve chemistry, judging from their interaction at an event they attended together recently. But I doubt Yang Yang will be cast as Yu Tu since he was already Xiao Nai. As for Dilraba, she stands a high chance since most of the fan-made MVs have her as Jing Jing.

Big Sister Ling: What she wrote is true or false ah?
QJJ: Some truth and falsehood. It is false to say that I was not pretty. Also, when he rejected me, he was very courteous.
YT: I’m sorry, I want to find someone who can strive hard together with me.
Ling: Did you really make a love confession and got rejected?
QJJ: It is natural for me to do so because that guy is really handsome.

Ling: Since you don’t know anything, why are you playing the game blindly?
QJJ: After all I am the ambassador of the game, when you keep on projecting the image that I am a gaming expert, I do feel guilty.
Ling: I should have known you have this problem.

YT: You don’t need to give me skin.
QJJ: Can I invite you to be my coach? My workplace will be holding a King of Glory competition. I want to win and win it nicely, as it will help me with my work in the future.
YT: I think it’ll be better if you find someone else. I might stop playing this game at any time.
QJJ: Jade Rabbit God, please!
YT: Okay.

QJJ: I was afraid someone might think I’m too much of a big shot, so I came down to meet you.
YT: Long time no see.
QJJ: Long time no see.
YT: Let’s go and see your air purifier.
QJJ: I’ve been at home and haven’t gone out for a few days. I’m a little dizzy and my eyes seem blurry. Why don’t we go out for a walk first?

QJJ: I feel a little unsafe walking with you.
YT: Shouldn’t I be the one to say this?
QJJ: What do you think of my gaming skill? If I go and play in a competition…
YT: Even if you get one additional player like you onto the team, I reckon you still cannot win.
QJJ: After all, I can’t look for someone else to teach me.
YT: Okay, I’ll teach you.

Zhai Liang: By the way, is Cotton pretty?
YT: She can be seen everywhere on the street.
ZL: Isn’t your mouth a bit mean? How can you say that of a girl?
YT: I spoke the truth.

YT: You are playing Wang Zhaojun again?
QJJ: You even have a surveillance camera?
YT: I just took a quick look. Do you want to go out to have fun?
QJJ: Where are you?
YT: Downstairs.
QJJ: Where are we going?
YT: How about to watch a movie?
QJJ: Let’s go.

QJJ: Um, I didn’t know the storyline will be like that.
YT: It’s quite good. The guy in the movie is a lucky dreamer.
QJJ: Then, what do you plan to do next?
YT: Investment banking, I guess.

QJJ: I suddenly remembered a sentence which is very suitable for you.
YT: What?
QJJ: But you’re already a rabbit that has seen the most stars.
YT: Jade Rabbit’s Weibo?
QJJ: Yes. Rabbit God, add oil!
YT: Thank you. You should go to sleep. We will start ranked matches tomorrow.
QJJ: …Good night!

QJJ: Are you really planning on going into investment banking?
YT: Yes.
QJJ: When I was in high school, I had always admired you. Because you always scored full marks in mathematics and physics. At that time, I thought, this classmate will probably become a very amazing scientist in the future. If that’s, I’ll also bask in his glory…. as your classmate.
YT: I’ll probably disappoint you.
QJJ: No, investment banking is also very good. I feel that you’ll be awesome in whatever you do.

Yu Tu, the J-X satellite suddenly broke down in the orbit and was going out of control. No matter where you are, end your vacation immediately and rush to Xian Satellite Measurement and Control Center as soon as possible.

YT: You did not reply me in WeChat, so I come to ask whether you still need me to teach you? When I was not around, you played the game very well.
QJJ: You also knew.
YT: I saw your accomplishment in your history last night. So do you still need me?

H: We welcome King of Glory’s ambassador, Qiao Jing Jing.
QJJ: Hello, everyone, I am Qiao Jing Jing.
H: Your firstost time to an exhibition match, are you nervous?
QJJ: I’m usually not nervous.
H: Oh
QJJ: It’s my teammates who are nervous.

QJJ: Yu Tu, do you want to be together with me?
YT: Jing Jing, you belong to the dazzling world, whereas I belong to another world. We are not suitable for one another.

QJJ: I recently confessed my feeling to a person I like. He seems to find my grades to be too low, so I want to be admitted into the same university as him. Maybe he’ll like me then?

YT: Jing Jing, are you going back to Jing City during the Spring Festival?
QJJ: Thank you for your replies. But… This means nothing to me anymore.
YT: It really means nothing to you anymore?
QJJ: I don’t want that, Yu Tu.
YT: Jing Jing, are you willing to be together with me?
QJJ: I am a little willing, but when I say this, my heart also doesn’t feel happy.
YT: I am sorry.

YT: Jing Jing, I found that you’re trending towards becoming a BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System).
QJJ: What is BDS?
YT: Search in Baidu yourself.
QJJ: Wow! You still dare to say words like that to me!

In addition, there is one MV with the man of the moment, Leo Luo Yun Xi. There is also one MV with another hot favorite, Zhu Yi Long. Auntie Peanuts doesn’t know who is Xiao Zhan but he has 3 fan-made MVs (One, Two and Three) Is he very popular? Does he really have the aura to be Yu Tu? There are another two MVs with Kris which are actually Part One and Part Two. Finally, there is a MV on the favorite couple from Goodbye My Princess, Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiao Ran.

In conclusion, I’ve set up a poll. Since Dilraba is in most of the MVs, I won’t do a poll for Jing Jing. I’ve arranged the male leads in the fan-made MVs in alphabetical order so there is no order of preference. Please don’t vote just because you are his fans but vote because you think he is suitable to be Yu Tu. Also, you can suggest others who you think are suitable to be Yu Tu. The result of this poll is purely for fun and will not reflect the casting choice since I am merely a peanuts, so no say in the final decision. But if Gu Man has a say, she usually takes into consideration her fans’ preference.

16 thoughts on “You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) Fan-Made Music Video Translation and Male Lead Poll

  1. But why cant Yang yang be both Xaio Nai and Yu tu 🤔

  2. Dear drama gods, i will take any actor or actress as long as their voice dub remotely sounds like a human being and not a baby squeaky voice. Could not stand dilrabas voice dub in that video.

    Ps i love that book cover, best ever

  3. Please Yang Yang pleaseee. I can imagine him being Teacher Yu

  4. I have not problem with who the actor is✌✌…

  5. I don’t like mv’s female lead y don’t use zheng shuang and yang yang they r the best screen couple I ever seen and they really have good chemistry..😐

  6. Unpopular Opinion: He may be too young but I’ve been picturing Hu Yitian as YT while reading. He’s super tall and handsome! I think he’s perfect. Yang Yang is forever Xiao Nai in my book.

  7. when I read you are my glory, I picture yangyang as yutu. he’s the most favorite guman actor based on her interview, she praised his acting skill in the king avatar. coincidentally the game’s name in the king’s avatar is glory same with in You are my glory, and his latest drama called Glory of the Special Forces

  8. Well… Looks like it is Dilireba and Yang Yang bringing Qiao JingJing and Yu Tu to life after all ^_^! I DIED when Yang Yang’s short video message of asking “Do you want to see the stars with me?” and I felt he was the most like Yu Tu. I think now that he’s more mature, he could pull off the role.

    I’ve always imagined them when reading the novel and now to have them confirm it through tagging each other Weibo, I’m so happy.

  9. Well wish granted because Yang Yang and Dilreba has been casted to play Qiao Jing Jing and Yu Tu. Filming starts soon! Thank you for your hard work. ❤ ^_^

  10. Dear peanut. Hope u r happy, healthy and safe. Just want to inform u tor another page shushengbar is not working.. U put so much effort back then to make it alive… Hope u can fix the problem soon. Thank u. Stay safe.

  11. The drama adaptation was so good. Very happy with the way they did it.

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