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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 32


You can understand why Lu Chen needed to leave and find himself, find his own identity. Also, for many, many years, she had held some words in her heart and thought she would never get the chance to say them. Now, she finally does.

Chapter 32 — So Shines the Hearts of the Pure and Loyal (5)

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Lu Yanchen had originally thought they could go directly to register their marriage.

However, his profile was still tied to Erenhot and the transfer procedures were not completed yet. He still needed to wait another week.

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With regard to Lu Yanchen’s side of things, he had already fully resolved the issue of work and career, and his current situation was quite good.

Now, all he needed to do was, as a mere formality, bring Gui Xiao back to his home and then hold a wedding ceremony and banquet in town. That would be considered as giving his dad enough due respect. Otherwise, his dad would undoubtedly take out all of his anger on Lu Yanchen’s mom and sister.

In all honesty, though, Lu Yanchen did not want Gui Xiao to go.

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In order to mentally prepare Gui Xiao, Lu Yanchen had briefly explained his family situation to her.

He had a younger brother who was in university so was not living at home. He also had younger sister who had served in the military as well. She, however, was not as capable as Lu Yanchen, and after being a prison guard in Qinling for two years, she had come back here. Lu Yanchen had actually asked Hai Dong to help her find a job in the town government office. Unfortunately, his younger sister was not one who did well in studies and for several years had tried but failed to pass the civil service examination, so she could not be considered to have a true, proper occupation yet.

“Didn’t your dad refuse to allow you to go into the military? Why’d he let your little sister go, then?” When she finished listening to him explain all this, Gui Xiao had felt something was odd.

At the time, Lu Yanchen had been checking Qin Xiaonan’s homework, sitting astride the chair in the study, his body leaning forward and bent over slightly as he listened to this question. After looking through the very last bit of the homework assignment, he closed the notebook.

“When I was a kid, my mom got a divorce. My younger sister was born from her second marriage. Lu Qing is not my dad’s daughter by birth. Later on, my dad and mom remarried one another, and Lu Qing was brought back here and her surname was officially changed. That’s why everyone in the family didn’t really want to spend the money to put her into university at the time and just sent her off to join the military instead.”

Gui Xiao gave an “oh” and then did not probe further into this.

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The following day, Gui Xiao talked on the phone with Meng Xiaoshan, and after that she basically understood the entire situation.

In earlier years, Lu Chen’s mother, after giving birth to Lu Yanchen, had not been able to handle the domestic violence and her husband’s infidelity and consequently had divorced. Later, her family had arranged for her a marriage to a military officer, and she had given birth to Lu Yanchen’s younger sister. Meng Xiaoshan was not clear what that military officer did in terms of work, but at any rate, when life was going pretty good, he died. Lu Yanchen’s mother, bringing her one son and one daughter with her, had come back and married Lu Yanchen’s father again.

“I’ve always disliked the whole situation and environment in their family. It’s not because his mom divorced and then remarried his dad. It’s because, from beginning to end, his dad has always had two wives. Lu Chen’s younger brother was born from the affair between his dad and that outside woman.” Meng Xiaoshan sighed pensively. “Lu Chen’s mom remarried his dad roughly around the time when Lu Chen was in middle school. Hai Dong told me, the reason Lu Chen hasn’t lived at home since his dad and mom remarried, and will only stay in the auto shop is because that woman still frequently goes to his home.”

At any rate, in their family, the one Lu Chen’s dad treated best was that younger brother of Lu Chen’s, giving him anything he wanted. That son, though, was the one who had most failed to achieve anything in life. Lu Chen’s dad treated Lu Chen okay at times, sometimes, when he was in a good mood, tossing Lu Chen a handful of bills of money and other times, if he was in a bad mood, throwing fists and giving beatings. As for Lu Chen’s younger sister, he did not even provide her food or clothing, but rarely would he hit her. This was because, back when Lu Chen was in middle school, each time he found out that his younger sister had been beaten, he would retaliate against his dad with all his might.

Moreover, Hai Dong had even told Meng Xiaoshan, in the beginning the reason Lu Chen had made himself so formidable amongst the gangsters and the likes was so that his dad would “pay more attention” to him and “discipline” him more, thus giving his younger sister some space to catch her breath and be able to study. Eventually, Lu Chen had spent too long in that type of lifestyle and had become apathetic and demotivated. But later when he was in his second year of high school, because he wanted to get into military academy, he had picked up his academic studies once again…

When she was done recounting everything, Meng Xiaoshan had asked Gui Xiao, “Isn’t the whole situation especially complicated?”

At the time, Gui Xiao had been in the office making herself some milk from a pregnancy milk powder. In that drinking glass, the silver spoon stirred and stirred. Her spirits were low after listening to all that, and she felt simply that she could love Lu Chen for another five hundred years.

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It was already nine o’clock by the time Lu Yanchen returned from his work unit that night.

He had only just stepped in through the doorway before that person who had been waiting in the entrance hall was already, in a very attentive and eager-to-serve manner, setting his slippers down in front of his feet. “I’ve waited half an hour for you already.”

Qin Xiaonan had originally had been sticking close to Gui Xiao’s side, having finally gotten the rare chance to watch a little bit of a spy drama. Now, though, he immediately made an exaggerated motion of twisting his head away from the sight and embarrassedly strode away. Before Lu Yanchen had processed and interpreted all of this, Gui Xiao was already hugging his arm and wagging it, suggesting, “I’ll keep you company while you shower?”

Lu Yanchen took off his jacket and lobbed it lightly. The jacket very accurately landed on the back of the chair beside the dining table.

Pulling Gui Xiao into his arms, he asked in a low voice, “What’s triggered you?”

“I want to be with you. You came back so late, and then by the time you’re done your shower, it’ll be time to sleep… If I keep you company when you shower, we can spend a bit more time together.”

The breath she exhaled was moist and warm and lightly teased the edge of his collarbone, again and again searing into him.

Lu Yanchen felt a little hot and restless.

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Gui Xiao’s pregnancy this time was unplanned.

Psychologically and emotionally, he was beside himself with joy. However, from a physiological perspective, things were not that happy.

This was, after all, the girl whom he had kept in his heart for many years. They finally had reconciled and could do some things that an adult man and woman will do to nurture their relationship and affection for one another, but then he had been “confined” for thirty days. Then, when he came out again, he dared not have any sort of extra “action.” He was, nevertheless, a first-time father and she was also early in her pregnancy, so he did not dare do anything blindly or rashly.

Gui Xiao had lots of bad, little behaviors when asleep. Ever since the two began sleeping in the same bed, she had unlocked her “pursuit mode.” No matter how he slept, she could always, while in a state of deep sleep, put herself into a position in which her arms were wrapped around him, her body was pressed to him, and, on top of that, even her legs were right against him…

And what she did not know was, regardless of whether it was the soft, regular breaths that she blew out, the warmth of her fingers, or that instant when her toenails grazed over his skin, it would cause him to awaken immediately.

These last two days, it was not that he had not slept well; he genuinely had not even slept.

Theoretically, he believed he should not have any inappropriate desires and lust anymore when facing a pregnant Gui Xiao.

But in reality, everything that could go through the mind still did go through his, and furthermore, because of that “cannot do it” barrier that now naturally existed, what he desired was all the more clear to him…

Covering her cheek with his palm, he told her, “The air in the bathroom isn’t good. I’m worried you’ll find it stuffy.”

“It’s fine. If I find it stuffy, I’ll come out myself.”

With that, he did not refuse her anymore.

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Gui Xiao’s original intention truly had been to simply chat with him.

However, as soon as she was inside the bathroom, she felt that something was not right. Lu Yanchen’s physique was just too good… When he was wearing clothes, he looked hot and attractive, and when his clothes were off, he had muscles. By the time he had stripped off nearly everything and only a pair of pants remained on him, Gui Xiao even found it strange: Eh? Why isn’t he taking it off? The next instant, though, she understood: Oh, there are no extra clothes under that…

Not restraining the thought that he wanted to be intimate with her, Lu Yanchen encircled her against the sink just outside of the shower stall and kissed her. He could distinctly perceive the neckline of Gui Xiao’s nightgown sliding across his chest and that her fingers from time to time were stroking over his back.

Before long, the tip of his nose, which was beaded with sweat, brushed against the centre of her brow, and in a throaty voice he said, “Your breasts really do seem bigger.”

His kisses had long left her unable to stand. A rosy blush coloured her cheeks as she gave an “mm-hmm” and answered, “They’re quite a bit bigger…”

The water had been turned on earlier and had long since gone from cold to hot.

Rising white steam diffused outwards. Gui Xiao pulled in a deep breath, also feeling hot and restless.

“… A little gentler.”

His motions really did become lighter. It was just that he did not want to stop.

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In the end, Gui Xiao truly did find it hard to breathe and hightailed from there first.

After finishing his shower, Lu Yanchen went to the study to tidy up some things. Qin Xiaonan was head down and in the midst of grinding away at his studies, but now he lifted his eyes from his workbook of extracurricular practice exercises. After casting a glance out the door, he remarked with great seriousness, “I looked it up on some websites. They say that in the first three months, a husband and wife can’t share a bed. How about, starting tonight, you sleep with me?”

The Internet really needed to be split into different age categories. Primary school students in the past never knew this stuff!

Lu Yanchen could not even be bothered to look at Qin Xiaonan and only took his workbook from him to look over. It was a book of math Olympiad training problems. He stated, “Go memorize two model essays.”

“I’m good and still when I sleep. Just sleep with me, eh, Uncle Lu?”

Lu Yanchen frowned. Earlier, he had only had a little “taste” and then had had to stop, so now he wanted to go out to the stairwell and have a smoke as a way of relief. He commanded the kid, “Three essays.”

Turning, he left.

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In the stairwell, Lu Yanchen stood at the topmost step. His gaze passed over that dim staircase and through the half-open window down below, where the stairs turned a corner, to land outside. Beginning in May, he would be travelling for work again for three months. He needed to go to several munitions plants. Prior to leaving, he needed to resolve the issues of getting a marriage certificate and a birth approval certificate and also needed to hold the wedding. After all, he should not make his girl carry around a big, pregnant belly at the wedding banquet. Actually, he did not care about this, but to Gui Xiao, it would become a regret. Every bride should look her best and be most beautiful.

Hence, preparations for the wedding needed to be done—and done swiftly. Fortunately, he had set aside a little bit of money. It would be enough. The only thing was that he was not very clear on the whole process and what needed to be done, but it was good that Meng Xiaoshan was there and could provide advice… All of this was within his plan. None of it would be a problem.

There was only one thing: it so happened that when Gui Xiao was at three months gestation and needed to open a file at the hospital and have her prenatal check-up,  he would be away from home and, moreover, in a confidential unit. It was not even certain whether the two of them would be able to get ahold of one another on time if they needed to.

He was someone who could be considered battle-hardened, but simply thinking of this one point made him = uneasy.

The Gui Xiao of the present still liked to stick close to him and be lovey-dovey with him. There really was no difference from the past, where a little kiss or holding hands could make her happy for half a day. Yet when they were in two different places and separated by distance, she also was no longer as insecure as she used to be. As soon as there was only herself, she was able to immediately switch her focus back to her career… Lu Yanchen knew that with her abilities, Gui Xiao was capable of taking care of herself.

But at the end of the day, he was a normal man. The two words “wife” and “child” were simply too heavy, and they weighed down on his heart.

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For a long time, Lu Yanchen took in some air out on the balcony. Then he rinsed out his mouth and went back into the bedroom.

Gui Xiao was having her last glass of milk before bedtime. This time it was fresh milk. Since learning that drinking milk was good for the baby, she practically wished she could soak herself in a tub of it every day. When Lu Yanchen saw that she was done drinking, he took the glass from her, wanting to go downstairs to wash it and put it away. Gui Xiao, though, grabbed his arm. In a small voice, she protested, “I’ve waited so long for you already… We’ll wash it tomorrow.”

Amused, Lu Yanchen observed her by the glow of the bedside wall lamp. He wasn’t sure what was up with her, but she was especially attached to him today.

“Put the glass on the table.” She lifted the covers. “A cozy and warm blankie, a nice and warm wifey. Come on over.”

The corners of Lu Yanchen’s lips came together in a smile. After setting the glass arbitrarily somewhere on the television stand, he turned off the lights, removed all his unnecessary articles of clothing, and got on the bed. And then, he cradled his “nice and warm wifey” against his chest.

“Lu Chen…” Eyes closed, Gui Xiao nuzzled her cheek against his chest and softly called, “Lu Chen.”


“The first time we met, how old were we?”

“You were thirteen, not even fourteen. I was seventeen.”

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Gui Xiao’s palm was on his bare chest. Her nose tingled and her eyes stung. “Back then, I was wrong; I hurt you. I thought I’d never get the chance to say sorry to you… Don’t just see how I was the one who wanted to break up. I actually really love you. Since meeting you, there’s only one type of man I like. I only like someone whose eyes are gorgeous like yours. I only like the type like you who doesn’t really like to talk and gets annoyed whenever meeting someone who talks a lot… And I like that type that’s like you, who kisses so tenderly and gently, who knows how to fix cars, whose grades aren’t as good as mine in school, who’s really good at playing pool, who’s the one the little ruffians are all scared of… And every time we get in a quarrel, you won’t say anything. Whenever you’re sulking, you’ll smoke. And in the middle of winter, beside the canal, you’d kiss me…”

Lu Yanchen’s voice was husky as he asked, “Gui Xiao?”

While the words were pouring out, Gui Xiao had already had the urge to cry. Now, when she heard even just this slight response from him, the tears spilled over. She supposed it must be because she was pregnant and was ridiculously sensitive and emotional. “I just regret that I broke up with you… Once I think about it, I’ll regret it. Even when I don’t think about it, I regret it…”

His hand, little by little, brushed aside her bangs, dabbed away the perspiration that had formed on her forehead, and wiped away the tears streaking her cheeks. “This month, I will marry you. Give me a bit of time to prepare.”

Gui Xiao mind at this moment was fuddled from weeping, and bewilderedly she lifted her head and looked at him through a blurry mist of tears.

“Book Meng Xiaoshan’s restaurant. Qin Feng will witness the marriage. We are getting married. This month, we will get married.”]com only 

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or re-posting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.


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