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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 42


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Chapter 42 — The Road Home Leads to a New Day’s Dawn (1)

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The little one, Lu Chuyang, had blood tests taken when she was one month old, and also half a year old. Everything was normal.

Their wedding ceremony and banquet were set for the day little Lu Chuyang was to turn one and a half. It was not that Lu Yanchen and Gui Xiao did not want to have the wedding on her first birthday; it could only be blamed on the fact that the little one was born in the winter, when the weather was simply too unsuitable for her mommy to wear a wedding dress. Therefore, they could only postpone the event to the early summer.

Regarding the choice of the wedding location, Gui Xiao and Lu Yanchen discussed and decided that they would hold two weddings.

The first one would be relatively grand and traditional and would be held where the groom’s family was, so they would need to go back to the town. The second wedding would be more casual; it was mainly to treat all of Gui Xiao’s and Lu Yanchen’s colleagues to a meal, and that would be enough. The first time Gui Xiao went to Lu Yanchen’s family home, the Meng family and Qin family accompanied her on the visit. Although this wife of the eldest son was not viewed as having any importance, because her “backers” were strong and powerful, she did not suffer any ill treatment. Lu Yanchen stated clearly that he did not need his dad to buy a house or car for him. Hence, his dad, not needing to lose anything out of his own pocket, did not give them a hard time. Nobody really mentioned anything about Gui Xiao’s family’s background and financial situation. Moreover, both Gui Xiao’s mother and father currently were not in Beijing, so that saved a lot of trouble. Only Lu Yanchen’s mother muttered a few words, saying that the two families were joining in marriage and they should at least all meet and have a dinner, but Lu Yanchen’s younger sister shot back a retort at her. Lu Yanchen’s mother, bearing in mind that she only had this one son and one daughter and she would need to rely on them when she was old , thus did not say anything more.

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The night prior to the big day that Lu Yanchen was to go fetch his bride[1], Gui Xiao went to her gugu’s home, using it as her “bride’s family home,” to stay the night and wait for the groom to come with his groomsmen to fetch her.

The sound of rain came in droves. On the bed, Gui Xiao shifted on her knees over to the window.

She saw large raindrops knock against the glass, forming splatter after splatter of water suffused with a white hue.

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“This heavy rain is such a bother. If it’s still coming down like this tomorrow, your wedding shoes will be a write-off.” Yawning, Meng Xiaoshan leaned back on top of the heaped quilt, one palm propping up her head while the other hand flipped over that wedding invitation.

The invitations were all handwritten by Lu Yanchen. On the bottom of the front side were the words Dawn’s light illuminates the road home[2] [Chen xiao, zhao gui lu].

When the invitation was turned over, there on the back was another sentence, one that Gui Xiao had added onto each one the night before they were all sent out: There is a dream for every inch of our Motherland, and so clearly it shines in the hearts of the pure and loyal.

“My hubby especially likes this sentence of yours. He even pulled it out and used it to lecture me,” Meng Xiaoshan griped. “He says you understand Lu Chen particularly well, but I don’t understand him…”

“Let’s not talk about the invites… I’m so ridiculously nervous. What should I do?” Gui Xiao was about to have an anxiety attack.

She had never had a wedding before, so she could only be extremely anxious.

“What’s there to be nervous about?” Meng Xiaoshan soothed her. As she tidied up the bed, she recapped, “At any rate, just remember what I said to you. After you’re married, you and Lu Chen just live a sound life out in the city. Don’t come back here often. I asked Lu Chen about this in private, and he has the same thought. Since he was a kid, his existence in his family has been dispensable, and if he doesn’t need to, he won’t come back. You two just live your own sound life together. That’s good enough.”

At the mention of this matter, Gui Xiao was still grateful. “It’s thanks to you and Qin Feng and the fact that you guys are so respected. You guys saved a lot of trouble for us.”

“It’s only because you want to marry him. Your big sister, here, then had to do my best to sweep away all the obstacles for you, eh.” Meng Xiaoshan looked over at the babe sleeping peacefully by the wall. “She’s so pretty. Hey, if I have a son and he marries your daughter… it’ll be an older girl/younger guy romance, eh? Will you mind?”

“… We’ll wait until you actually have one and then we can talk about it.” She couldn’t even see hints of that happening yet…

Meng Xiaoshan was just joking around. She liked the life of just the two of them, husband and wife. Qin Feng was the youngest son of his family anyway, and his parents had long since had their fill of holding grandchildren and did not place any hopes on the two of them to add members to the family. She and Qin Feng could happily live a leisure and unfettered life.

Seeing that the time was late and also working out that they would need to be up at five o’clock in the morning to get their makeup done, Meng Xiaoshan hastily went to the guest room and, squeezing onto the bed with a bridesmaid, went to sleep.

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When it was one in the morning, Gui Xiao put a small pillow by Lu Chuyang’s arm, then secretly slipped out of the bedroom, crossed through the living room, and went over to the patio, gently unlocking the door.

Into her face wafted the earthy aroma of soil after a rainfall.

The rain had stopped.

She walked out onto the steps and closed the door behind her.

Back when Gui Xiao was young, Gugu had still been in a leisure enough frame of mind to grow grapes and strawberries here. Now, however, it had all become a vegetable garden of either green onions or yu choy… Before she could sigh over this for very long, a phone call from Lu Yanchen came in. When Gui Xiao saw his name on the call display, she found it a little strange. Wasn’t tonight the time for him to hang out with his buddies? She answered the call and brought her mobile phone up beside her ear, asking, “Don’t tell me you had too much to drink?”

“No. Didn’t drink.”

“They actually let you off the hook without drinking?”

“Lift up your head. Look in front of you.”

Complying with his instructions, Gui Xiao brought her gaze forward.

In that same spot as before—the exact same spot from which he had picked her up when he drove his car over after his college entrance exams—there was once again a car parked on the side of the road. There beside the car was he, and also that vague speck of light that would disappear, then reappear again.

“You’re not going to sleep?”

“Quite a few of them drank too much and now they’re all occupying the beds and couch.”

“Well, okay then… since I can’t sleep either.” She fixed her eyes on that person on the road. “But, still, I can’t go over to find you. Meng Xiaoshan said you’re not allowed to see me the night before we get married.”

Lu Yanchen seemed to give a chuckle. “Has my daughter’s diaper been changed?”


“She had her milk yet?”

“… It’s one o’clock already and you’re only just asking? She finished it a long time ago.” Gui Xiao grumbled, “Don’t make it seem like you’re her actual dad and I’m the stepmother.”

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“There’s a card in your purse.” Lu Yanchen took a drag from his cigarette, then told her unhurriedly, “It’s all paid off now. From now on, that card’s given to you.”

“The bank card that your wages are deposited to?”


“It’s all for me?”

“All for you.”

“You don’t want any spending money?”

“My meals are either at the base or at home, I normally have to wear a uniform of some sort, and my workplace has shuttles for transportation; there isn’t really anything that requires me to spend money. You don’t need to leave any for me.”

Biting down on her lower lip, Gui Xiao smiled and uttered, “That’s true.”

Beginning tomorrow, all that he owned, including himself, would truly belong to her.

Although Lu Yanchen had never said this, he had already carried this out in action, and furthermore, he had done it wordlessly and thoroughly, without any indecisiveness or possibility for backing out. No wonder… It turned out his insistence on waiting until after their daughter’s first birthday to hold their wedding was because he very early on had already planned this. He had worked for a little more than two years, and now the debts were all paid off and the money he had remaining was enough for a wedding banquet.

“All right. I’m done telling what I needed to tell. Going now.” In the darkness, that little speck of glow from the flickering sparks also disappeared.

“Where are you going?”

“To drive around. Go sleep for a while, tomorrow’s bride.” He gave a little laugh before, at the end, letting out a faint sigh and remarking quietly, “I honestly never thought that there would be this day when I could actually take you as my wife.”

Her heart fluttered, and very soon her lashes were dampened by the tears that had surged up.

“Going now. I’ll be here tomorrow to pick you up.”

Saying no more unnecessary words, he got into the car and, amid the glare of the headlights and the gunning of the engine, drove away from there.

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The following day’s wedding was much livelier and charged with more excitement than even what she had imagined. In a bustle that was similar to rushing to catch a train, she was picked up by the groom’s wedding party. The car left the military compound and drove to Meng Xiaoshan’s restaurant. As bride and groom, they had to welcome and receive all the guests and take photographs, and then, after they had finished the wedding processional to the tune of Wedding March, they did not even have a chance to catch their breath before they were shoved up onto the stage.

As this husband-and-wife couple stood there on the stage, the man beside Gui Xiao, who probably had only worn a suit this one time in his entire life, unthinkingly pinched the knot of his tie with two fingers and tugged it slightly looser. Down below, someone heckled, “Chen Ge, can’t take it already? You want to take off your tie and head into your nuptial chamber, huh?”

With a lift of his brows and a smirk, Lu Yanchen narrowed his eyes and sought out the source of that voice. “Punk, you’re not planning on going home today, are you?”

In this moment when his life was going most smoothly, he actually seemed as if he had returned to those days in the past when, no matter where he went in town, he would be called “Chen Ge.”

That person hastily wagged his hands. “No, no, I don’t dare. Chen Ge, I don’t dare.”

Everyone roared in laughter.

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Putting on an air of seriousness, Meng Xiaoshan rose and announced, “This is the last part. We’re going to ask our groom to say a few words. When he’s done, everyone, go eat if you want to eat, or drink if you want to drink. If you end up having a few too many drinks, the private rooms upstairs have all been made available. Feel free to sleep there.”

She moved as if to hand the microphone over to Lu Yanchen, but then unexpectedly pulled it back again, adding, “Oh, right. Let me just say a couple more words.”

Qin Feng, who was presiding as witness to this marriage, could not stand watching this anymore and gave a cough. “That’s about enough now. If you want to be the star and centre of attention again, I’ll throw something for you in the future for our ten-year wedding anniversary.”

Off the stage, there was another burst of guffaws. Normally these people would never get to see this husband-and-wife pair engaging in a war of words, so today they were getting their fair share of watching.

“… Hubby, I’m just going to say one more thing.” Meng Xiaoshan turned to face Lu Yanchen. “You just say it aloud right here, am I generous or not? The wedding banquet menu that your wife booked with me two years ago, I did not raise the price by even a penny today. Lu Chen, you say it now, am I generous enough or what?”

His hands tied in this, Lu Yanchen took the microphone from her and answered resignedly, “Yes, you are.”

To win a round, at least in words, against Lu Chen was Meng Xiaoshan’s wish since childhood. Now she could be considered to have fulfilled that, and so with a heart filled with satisfaction, she stepped off the stage.

Finally, only Lu Yanchen and Gui Xiao remained on the stage.

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Lu Yanchen raised the microphone and spoke. “The year I met my wife, she was thirteen years old and in her second year of middle school. It was out on the north side of the middle school’s sports field, by the poplar tree in front of the little store there. At the time when I saw her, my first thought was,” he, shifting his gaze to Gui Xiao, stated, “ ‘Where did such a pretty girl come from?’ ” Since middle school, he had started making his way on the streets. If any girl in town was even a little bit pretty, her name would be well known, but he had never heard the name “Gui Xiao” before.

It was as if she and he had lived in two parallel worlds until that year when his younger girl cousin brought Gui Xiao over in front of him.

And so, he remembered that her name was Gui Xiao.

The “gui” in gui lu [the road home; the way back]; the “xiao” in chen xiao [dawn’s light][3].

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He only gave these few opening sentences. Truly, such a man of few words.

Everyone down in front of the stage knew Lu Yanchen’s temperament, and with rowdy cries they began to call out to the two to hurry up and have a kiss.

Gui Xiao was still carefully musing over those few sentences of Lu Yanchen’s when his face drew very near. All eyes were on them right now! Gui Xiao was certainly not unperturbed about that. So, shifting her head away slightly, she whispered, “Just a little one, for show only. That’ll be good enough…”

Lu Yanchen, however, seemed as if he was going for the real deal.

There are so many people here. Don’t stick your tongue over, eh… Fine, forget it. But we don’t need any sort of sizzling kiss, okay?…

Amidst the hoots and heckles that were flooding this first-floor banquet hall, Lu Yanchen cupped the back of her head in his right palm, adjusted his angle, and kissed her deeply, plunging to the very depths. Gui Xiao gave in, surrendering herself to this kiss. The roar of cheering that exploded out crashed into everything, seeming as if it could upend the entire hall, and made Gui Xiao’s eardrums buzz. He released her. Their eyes locked, and for a long time they were unable to speak.

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Now that the husband-and-wife couple had satisfied everyone’s desire to watch a good show, the banquet smoothly kicked off.

Gui Xiao finally had a free moment to take a seat at the head table. Under Meng Xiaoshan and her bridesmaids’ urgings, she had a few bites from the hot dishes of food. As she ate, she would take glimpses of Lu Yanchen beside her, who had already undone his tie and tossed it onto an empty chair.

Lu Yanchen set his daughter on his right thigh, and following the little one’s commands, he would spin the glass lazy Susan turntable and pick up some food with his chopsticks. From each dish he would take a little bit and then bring the food right up to her little mouth for her to have a taste.

“It’s about time, Lu Chen. You guys should go do the toasts.” Meng Xiaoshan quietly reminded him, “The wine that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are holding has been watered down. We all know it, but we’re not going to say anything. Don’t drink too much. It’s still uncomfortable having a stomach full of watered-down wine. Just let them shove the booze down Hai Dong, and that’ll be good.”

Thr matron-of-honour and best man should have sat at the head table as well, but the relationship between Hai Dong and Meng Xiaoshan was, after all, rather special, and Hai Dong had specially requested to sit at another table with his young girlfriend. Right as Meng Xiaoshan said this, Hai Dong, with a show of seriousness, pulled out some King Drink tablets[4] and slapped them onto the table. “Tonight, whoever tries to get Chen Ge drunk will have to get past me first, so, all you bros, you guys better take it easy. Yeah, Chen Ge’s heading back to the city when the banquet is all done, but I still live here and we’re all bound to see plenty of each other. If you make me drink until my stomach bleeds, it wouldn’t be very pleasant, would it?”

Someone said, they wouldn’t dare. Another person called out, “Hai Dong, it’s not like you’re the one getting married. Why are you making it like you’re worse to cross than even Chen Ge?”

Hai Dong replied with a sentence that conveyed his true feelings. “Chen Ge getting married is the same as me getting married. It’s the same, the same.”

Someone was helping him fulfill the promises of his youth—this was a form of ending, too.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. Translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot] only 

[1] One of the traditions of Chinese weddings is the groom’s fetching of the bride from her home. Usually, when the groom, accompanied by his groomsmen and male buddies, arrives at the bride’s home, the bridesmaid troop is blocking the door and preventing his entry. The groom and his groomsmen have to pass various tests/games (e.g. singing songs, reading love declarations, etc.) in order to get in, of which usually one of these is providing a red packet that is filled with a sum of money that is an auspicious number. Only when the groom has passed the tests (or entered by trickery!) will he be allowed to have his bride and bring her away.

[2] 晨晓,照归路 “chen xiao, zhao gui lu.” The first character, 晨, is the “chen” in Lu Yanchen’s (Lu Chen’s) given name, while the second character, 晓, is the “xiao” in Gui Xiao’s given name. These two characters, chen xiao, combined mean “dawn” or “dawn’s light.” The fourth character, 归, is Gui Xiao’s surname, and the last character, 路, is Lu Yanchen’s surname. Combined, these two characters, gui lu, mean “the way back” or, as I have interpreted, “the road home.” Therefore, this sentence that is written on their wedding invitation plays on the characters of their names. It means “Dawn’s light illuminates the road home.”

[3] Refer to previous footnote [2].

[4] 海王金樽 Hai Wang Jin Zun, which has the English name, King Drink, is a pre-packaged Chinese health product that allegedly can prevent alcohol poisoning and cure hangovers.

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or re-posting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.


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