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Hi everyone, please see below the cut.


Firstly, to everyone who wrote words of support and encouragement and love after my last post, thank you, thank you, thank you. I genuinely appreciate every word and cried reading your messages. ❤


Let me think about how I should begin this. (LOL… doesn’t this sound a bit like one of MBFB’s afterwords?)

I’m sure that after last week’s post, most of you gathered what my decision was going to be. Yes, I have decided that it is time for me to bow out from the translation scene, and that is effective immediately. I will not even be finishing the translation for Unsung Friends, despite my great, great love for that novel. When I told Peanuts what my decision would be, she asked me, are you sure? I took another week, even after my post last week, to make sure that in my heart of hearts this is what I believe is right for me to do. Ultimately this decision is for me and about me; however, so many of you have shown care and support, and I really wanted to give you some insight into what led to this.

(The rest are my personal thoughts. If you only wanted to know the decision, please feel free to skip the remainder of this.)


This decision has been harder for me than anyone may realize. Prior to November, I never thought that I would be discontinuing translating now, much less stopping in the middle of a story. Coming this May, it would have been 7 years that I’ve been posting here on Fanatical, first beginning as a guest translator with posting my translation of Really, Really Miss You and ultimately becoming a permanent fixture with many other translations that followed. (Hehe, Peanuts didn’t know what she was getting into when she invited me.) I’ve placed much of myself and my heart into my translations, because I love the process of translating itself, I love many of the messages expressed within the novels, and I loved sharing and the discussion with readers that ensued after each post. I have many, many fond memories that are a direct result of translating and the readers here.

Translation itself is a genuine passion of mine. I enjoy the process of letting the original words roll through my mind and experiencing the feelings those words give, and then expressing the whole package—the words, the atmosphere, the feelings—in a completely different language. The joy I feel from figuring out the perfect phrasing after being stuck on one passage for days is something I cannot even express to you guys. (Geeky, huh? Yeah, I admit it.)


In November I found out that someone had copied every single one of my completed translations on this site and is selling them on Amazon. I experienced a myriad of negative emotions when I learned of this: anger, obviously, but also sadness, disappointment, betrayal, and anxiety. The incident affected me more deeply than I really wish to admit, and it made me reflect on why and how something like this could do so. And this led me to the awareness that perhaps I needed to ponder on whether I truly still belong on the translation scene.

These last couple of years I have actually been working on my stress and anxiety levels. I have actually manifested physical symptoms associated with anxiety. The translation process itself—sitting down with the novel, pondering upon word choices, analyzing characters and trying to find wording that is consistent with the traits the author bestowed upon them—is a form of relaxation to me; I love it. But I’ve realized that posting has actually become more of a stressor to me. I don’t want to admit it, because it makes me feel I’m hypersensitive, that I have a “glass heart” that shatters so easily, but in reality I do get affected by the negatives (for example, plagiarism, unauthorized copying, discouraging comments, etc.) associated with posting, and it exacerbates any anxiety in me. At times, it can affect me for days at a time. (Posting is not in itself the source of anxiety, but it can amplify what I am feeling.) Hence, for myself, I need to remove myself from the stressors and remove the stressors from me.

Also, inside myself I feel that that posting just is not the right thing for me to do anymore; I have poured much of myself into this blog, and it is time for me to withdraw. Too much of my identity has been built into the 2D world, and upon reflection, I realize I have neglected parts of my life in the 3D world. (RRMY readers will know what I mean by 2D and 3D world. 😉 ) I need to put myself back into real life, my family, and myself. I have told you guys before: when all else fades away, there are not many things more precious than your loved ones and health.

So ultimately, the decision is not directly related to the Amazon incident. That incident served as, perhaps, a straw that broke the camel’s back. Or, more accurately, the catalyst that made me realize that it is the end of a season. Seasons can last longer—and I’ve had a great season here—but all seasons eventually come to an end.


I’ve cried over this decision. I asked my husband why it was so hard to make this decision, because to other people, it just means shutting down an Internet ID, right? He told me, it’s because I value what I have here. Dear readers, please know that I value you, value your comments of encouragement, value the time we spent together. I will always carry with me the memories of us, the ardent bunch, having enthusiastic debates about the characters in Beautiful Bones. I will always remember introducing ancient-style songs here to you guys and marvelling together at how beautiful the lyrics are. I will always smile when I think about how we laughed together as we experienced the stories together. And how some of you told me how encouraged you were by The Healing Sunshine and Together Forever that you felt you could face the troubles that life was throwing at you and you could continue pressing onward. And how you told me you looked forward to reading my posts because they brought a slice of solace and comfort in an otherwise hectic life.

What a privilege I have had that, through this bit of translation work, I was able to impart a little bit of something in you. I think that will be the piece that I will remember the most, that through this little blog, I was given the honour of being a part of your life for a little while. Mo Bao Fei Bao once said, the link between a writer (and in my case, a translator) and a reader is actually very fragile; only one side needs to walk away, to either stop writing or stop reading, and that link is severed. However, I also believe that in the process of reading, some things will forever stay with you, the feelings you as readers experienced when you read the story and also the way you, the readers, made me feel with your comments of encouragement and gratitude.

I don’t think I’ll stop translating for myself in private, but I think it’s time to allow the internet ID “Hoju,” the translator, to gradually fade, and I will make myself fade out from this blog. (I will begin this by removing all Unsung Friends posts from here.) It’s time for me to let go of the old and look forward to new beginnings. I believe there are good things in store for me. Will you believe that with me?


I can’t say for sure whether this goodbye is permanent. ( Who knows, I may come back with a little comment about the drama adaptation of Beautiful Bones.) I had “retired” from translating once before I came out of retirement and started translating here on Fanatical. Perhaps one day I will be back. Or perhaps not.

Regardless, the last thing that Hoju wants to leave now with all of you is this: Thank you, everyone, for all your support and more than 6 years of memories. I will miss you. Know that you are loved and valued and important. I pray that as you go through your journey of life, may you have peace and joy and may health be with you. Press on! I believe there are good things in store for each of you, too. God bless!




The journey of life is shadowy and hard to tread, but press on and be honed with each step down its path.
— Mo Bao Fei Bao, from The Road Home

Even if there were but one centimetre of sunshine, it would still have its own searing heat.
— Mo Bao Fei Bao

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

172 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Thank you so much for your time all these years. I’m one of your silent reader that really really appreciate your hard works. Hoping the best for you and your family

  2. Como lectora siento una pena muy grande aunque no te conozca, realmente creo que los buenos traductores son muy pocos, generalmente cuando sé que hay alguna novela o historia que me gusta porque lo vi en un drama o alguien me comento y me pareció interesante la busco en mi idioma, pero encontrar alguien que no traduzca de forma literal y que lo enlace con lo figurativo y cree totalmente en su mente y pueda plasmarla y transmitir las sensaciones es muy difícil, te felicito porque eres un traductor excelente. Gracias por el tiempo que tomaste para cada capítulo de cada obra que tradujiste, gracias.

  3. *tear* wow, how time has passed & how our legs don’t use to work like before or will your eyes smile from your cheeks. I read this post a few time *breathe* & idk what to say then. I guess I was aching for a 2D friend/older-sis who show me the wonder of song lyrics, poems, clothing choices on Boss & Me or random pictures sharing. idk how to put it into words. I feel like it was just yesterday where I was looking for an outlet to numb my feeling of losing people left and right & I found this site with peanut and the others. And I remember how you took a hiatus & again this. Time fly & it stop for no one I tell you. 2020 was a roller coaster, & I’m glad you’ve survive it like all of us did & I know “Nothing is forever.” However, I wish you the best in the 3D world & for you to get better, and will always waiting for you here if you ever will. 🙂 You know the happy & sad tear, yeah it’s now. Thank you so much for doing what you were doing, bringing a smile to someone sad day or even making us think, cry or giggle. I might have try to translate & seriously, some words or meaning cannot be convey correctly ngl, so you’re amazing! *breathe*


  4. Thank you for all those translation you had done. I really appreciate it. I just silent reader in this blog. I always come back to this blog and reread again your translation especially when i want to relax and coping with my stress. I really love your translation and i hope you get well and free from your anxiety. You done great. It’s okay to let go these things, your health is important.

  5. I really appreciate your work, your dedication and the joy you showed as you translated. I’ve been reading your translations on and off over the years and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for them. I’ll miss your translation and the sparkle that showed your passion. I’m even more grateful that you’re choosing to care for yourself. When you’re doing great, those who care for you will do great as well. I hope for the very best for you and know that so many of your readers are thankful for you and really wish you the very best.

  6. Thank you for all your hardwork!! I’m not good at encouraging and comfort people. The least I can do is comment at this section. I wish the best for you!! ❤ ❤

  7. I really do love your translation that I can found how beautiful of chinese culture in a novel.. your translation “beautiful bones” was the first novel that I read made me comment “omg.. what a beautiful story”. I can’t explained in words cz my limitation in english, but I think that really reallllyy you’re great. I’m a silent reader but this time I want to say “thank you very much”, I don’t know about recent topic but hopefully you can live happily ever after in your 3D world, stay safe and stay healthy hoju ^^

  8. Thank you hoju for all your hard work. I am one of your silent reader and not following the translation by the episodes (I read the completed version). But your translation has introduced me to the world of c-novel. I sincerely hope the best for your 3D life. Thanks again 😘😘😘

  9. Hi Hoju, I am one of those who enjoyed reading your translated works. I love chinese novels but I’m not fluent enough to read them as is. Your translations helped me enjoy reading and understand the nuances in the novel. Thank you so much for that. Though I’ll miss your translations, I understand that your wellbeing should come first above all. I wish you good health and good luck on your future endeavors.

  10. Although it is very late, Hoju thank you so much for providing good novels for us, i literally got addicted to cnovels after reading silent separation, RRMY, SSWH, BTHMY, OH GOSH I CAN SAY I HAVE READ ALL! I really appreciate all you efforts with the team, and really sorry that somebody stole your translations and i completely understood your decision. Really wishing you a good life with your loved ones, and happily ever after with your hubby ✨🤟🏻🔥💜

  11. Dear Hoju,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful translations. Like many other readers here, I am a grateful, long-time fan of your eloquent wordsmithing. Your passion and love for translations really shows, and I really appreciate how you capture the subtleties and sentiments of the original work! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

    Best wishes to you!

  12. Thank you for your hard work all this time. Your translations have been a source of happiness from ever-since I’ve followed this blog. In as much as I want the translations to continue, I 100% support your decision as someone who understands how stress and anxiety affect one’s life. God bless you richly!

  13. Dear Hoju,

    This is my first time in leaving a comment. I want you to know I am heartbroken that you are going to stop translation but I also understand your reasons. I want thank you for all the time, effort, hard work and dedications you put into each of your translations. You are a gifted translator, one who could bring life to the story by your articulate, eloquent and beautiful words. You are the reason I fell in love with Chinese novels. I want you to know how grateful I am and wish you well and continued success on whatever endeavors you pursue.


  14. Thanks on your hard working, im enjoying your translation from the day i found the page. all the best in the future.

  15. Dear Hoju,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for all the joy you have spread through your translation to so many people!
    This site was the one that first got me into the world of Chinese novels and I will forever be thankful for that!
    I think I can still remember the fun, laughs and warmth I felt reading those first few novels (god only knows how many years ago).

    Hoju, you have such a way to make the translations feel true to themselves, so that it doesn’t feel like a translation at all but still feels as if the original author has written it, and that truly showed the patience, time and care you took with all your translations.
    Especially all the emotional novels and scenes, were such amazingly immersive reads.
    I used to also always enjoy reading your comments and especially your final comments once a novel used to finish.

    I absolutely understand your choice to step back, as you said this was a season and perhaps its time for you to go on to other experiences and paths.
    Your mental health and well being should always be the number one priority, and you must do whatever you feel necessary for it.

    I sincerely wish that you are healthy, happy and always safe. May you be forever surrounded by warmth and love.
    Wish you all the best for the new experiences that you may embark on.
    Please know that a small small part of the vast internet, will remember your work fondly and we will always wish the very best for you and your family!

    Sending you lots of love! Stay blessed! ❤

  16. I’m one of your silent readers. You’ve been the best translator ever. You’ve put too much effort into every chapter of the stories you’ve translated. YOU’RE NO ORDINARY TRANSLATOR. I’ve learned a lot from your additional inputs when you try to explain the culture as well as the details that might be hard for us to grasp just by reading the story. I know it’s a very difficult decision to quit but the weight of it is only you can tell.
    Take a breath. Take a rest. You surely need it.
    Quitting has been weighing on your mind for months, and for enduring to stay in 2D world because of your passion is really remarkable. I’m just sorry that we cannot do anything to lessen your pain. But from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you for your dedication. The name, Hoju, will always be remembered.
    Thank you! Thank you!
    God bless you.
    감사합니다 Hoju님

  17. Hi, H..
    You have know idea how i love your work, i wish i know/ met you too so i will love u as person .
    I’ve been follow you almost for years, but since my english not good enough for writing so i just become a silent fans.
    I really wish you and your family a happy and healty life.

  18. Wow, this is my second time leaving a comment and I can’t believe it’s goodbye. I was first introduced to you and MBFB through rrmy. I had just finished Shan Shan and needed something similar and there you were. Your translation brought me so much joy and healing these past years it’s hard to believe this is goodbye. Each time I think of MBFB Hoju comes to mind. I even made a promise to myself that one day if any of my books gets big and a version needs to be sold to China. I’d have Hoju take the reigns of translating and pay her back handsomely for all the years she comforted me with her translations. I’m sorry you had to go through all that you have. I know just how painful it is to have your work stolen and wish it had never happened to you. While this may be goodbye. I’d like to believe it isn’t as while I may not see new works from you. Your words and the memories of the prior days are etched in my heart and mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, skills and favorite books with us. Thank you for brightening our days even when yours might have needed brighter weather. I’m sorry there’s not much more I can do but say I’m sorry and grateful to have met you through your translations. If we do meet again I’ll be here with open arms. If we do not meet again I hope my words serve as the open arms to hold you in love and let you know you mattered and meant more. Thank you Hoju and I truly wish you the best, please stay healthy and thanks for putting your health first!

  19. I just discovered you this past week and read this today. My heart is sad for the evil in the world where others steal to make gain off of another’s hard work! (I know you said that wasn’t the reason but that upset me). I’m so thankful for you! I love reading and just discovered these novels and I am grateful for all of your efforts! Sending ❤️ And peace to you to heal your heart ❤️. I also looked up in the US Amazon and only the Chinese copies are for sale. All the best to you🌺

  20. Im heartbroken but deeply understanding of your decision. Sadly you are not the only one who has given up due to selfish and evil people who steal the hard work and efforts of others It’s so heartbreaking for translators, and people like us here who cannot read Chinese but love these cnovels nonetheless.

    Please know that there are many of us who appreciate your hard work and who have gained so much from reading your beautiful translations over the years. You brought me into the world of MBFB and i will never forget these wonderful stories. Your work will forever remain in my heart. God bless you and your family and keep you safe. Hope that one day you will be back to write again Hoju.

  21. I never left any comment before and one of your silent reader. Thank you so much for all the time and care for us, your readers. I really appreciate your effort and I know it’s not an easy way to have come this decision. My first Chinese novels were read at your blog, and I never got any translator as you in my way of reading Chinese novels. Since I just understand very very little Chinese, your works really made me fall in love with the plot, the characters, the background, the author and your works itself. Really really thank you hoju. For whatever your decision, I know you know it the best and I just can wholly support you 🙂
    Stay safe and healthy always… Be blessed more and more…

  22. Thank you so much for all these times. No word can explain how much your translation mean to me during my difficult years back in the days. I have read my first Chinese novel through here, Really really miss you, and it gave me so much comfort than I could ever admit. Even though, I barely read anything on internet anymore, I have save all those songs you have posted in playlist. And because of that, I come back to the site after reminiscing the time through the song and find out about your last post. Thank you so much for all of your effort and kindness to us. Really appreciate all cares, times and dedication for us reader.

    Wish you love, laughter and joy always.

    • Coming here after some times to find your opinion on Beautiful Bones drama adaptation since i love both Allen Ren and Bai Lu.

      But reading your farewell letter is such a heartbreaking. But i could understand your point of view. I could understand the betrayal, sadness and the mix feeling you had while making the decision.

      I support you as long as you’re happy.

      Hoju, thank you super much. Words cant describe how much i love your translations.
      Thank you foe your hard work.

      Then, see ya when i see ya.

      Stay healthy and happy. Fighting!!!

  23. i really appreciate your work and i hope you have good rest. I always love the novel you translated and I anticipating the note you leave under every chapter that makes me thinking more about the character . thank you hoju for your hard work

  24. Thank you very much for your translations. I had been reading here for only about 2-3years and rarely have I left comments. However, I just want you to know that I very much enjoyed your translations and appreciated the pictures, the side comments and the explanations on certain words and expressions. It is through this way that I feel like I have really understood the story and did not just interpret it in the way I want to. As someone with anxiety problems as well, I support your decision.

    I hope that your anxiety eases and that it doesn’t impact your life too negatively as it does now. Please be safe and may God bless you always.

  25. Thank you for so many years of bringing happiness to people. I am one of your loyal yet silent readers and I am so grateful that you introduced me to this world of literature that I had never even considered before. Bless you always?

  26. Dear Hoju
    Thank you for all your hard work in translating. I’m one of those silent readers and have been blessed with your translations from your very first post. Your translations are rich with depth and nuances and a great source of comfort when you need to get away from the stresses of life. I’m so sad you’ve been affected by the thoughtless and greedy actions of people 😦

    I wish you all the best, stay healthy and happy. Will miss you and your translations so much x

    • I’m a silent reader here. Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort in translating the different novels. We wish you all the best in this world. Keep safe and stay happy. May our Almighty Lord bless you always. We (your readers) will always support and love you!💞💞💞

      – Em

  27. Whether destined or by chance I found you through the recommendations after reading “By The River of Forgetfullness For Seven Lifetimes.” It was “One Life One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones” that caught my eyes and I do not regret the decision for having found you although the discovery was late, and now a wonderful translator in this pool of translation c-novel world is leaving the scene.

    There has ever been only one other translator I greatly admire until I found you and he went by the name ayszhang. I haven’t spend enough time around your translations to know your cup of tea but from what I gather throughout your notes from Beautiful Bones you don’t seem like a narrow-minded person, so if you haven’t read these two novels yet I recommend “Living to Suffer” and “Till Death Do Us Part” by Tangstory.

    I haven’t yet finished reading through Beautiful Bones but am enjoying the picture you’re laying out in capturing between languages that tend to lose meaning in translation, and I believe anything worth enjoying is also worth savoring.

    It is unfortunate that it takes just one to ruin it for the rest. Nevertheless, I am not one to give sympathy nor say goodbyes and am only wishing you to find your steady point and remain in good health. If you had neglected the importance of caring for oneself eventually this Hoju would have taken a toll on you and possibly leave a terrible taste to never be tasted again. So although it is with regret for such an admirable translator to leave I’m am happy for your decision to choosing yourself.

    When I miss you I will be coming back to reread your works and send you good juju that you have found your center again. May blessings be upon you day after day.

  28. Thank you so much hoju for your amazing translations, hard work and passion. I still remember that my friend introduced me to cnovels, and especially Beautiful Bones. Your translations and insights really made me appreciate Beautiful Bones so much, and I still hold a soft spot for it till this day. As does Together Forever cos I could personally relate to it.

    Currently, I try to read in Mandarin Chinese if possible, but the exception is your translations, which I always thought flowed so naturally. I could feel your love for every MBFB novel, and enjoyed not just the novel, but also your genuine thoughts and remarks. So thank you so much again!

    You have successfully shared MBFB works with many people and made us all fans of them, including myself. I will miss your posts, but I completely respect your decision to put yourself and 3D life first. Wishing you and your family all the best. Please take care, and stay safe and healthy. ♡

  29. thank you very much for all your hard work, time and passion in translating so many wonderful stories. i remember reading ‘Really Really Miss You’ years ago, and it was very life-changing for me, introducing me to a whole new world of online singers and gu feng music. your extra effort to translate the songs and even link to MVs made the experience so immensely exciting for me, that even until now i still have that joy imprinted deeply in me. i just cannot express how thankful and appreciative i am for what you have done.❤️

    reading this post made me so sad, but i know this is the best decision for you. i support you and wish all the best for you. please always take care of yourself. ❤️

  30. I am a casual reader of this website and I love the dedication and the professionalism of this translation blog. The attention you guys give to the novel, many readers including me greatly appreciated it. Thanks for taking up translations and spreading cnovel to english readers all over the world. You’ll be miss Hoju!! Many thanks and good luck in your future endeavor.

  31. I just found you… Thanks for leaving behind your work, I look forward to diving into them. Wishing you all the best on your future endeavors, but also especially if you decide to grace the English speaking world with your favorite non-English novels. 🙂

  32. Thank you for your time and for sharing you talent on this blog. It is greatly appreciated. I am grateful to be able to come to your blog and read these novels again and again. Translation is such a difficult and tedious occupation, but it means so much to those of us who really enjoy reading about and watching series about Chinese culture. Whatever you decide to do in the future, know that you have made a difference in the lives of your fans. I am one of them.

  33. Dearest Hoju,
    Thank you for sharing so much beautiful literature with us and so much of yourself!
    This site has been such a sweet reprieve and great community — thank you for creating and maintaining some so special.
    Kudos to you for making a tough but I believe right and commendable choice to take care of yourself, turn the page, and live more in the 3D world.

    Take care and Godspeed!

  34. Dear Hoju,
    You will be missed.
    I have not visited the blog for a few months, so these news is a bit of a surprise. But I’m certain it must have been such a hard decision to make.
    Your translation works have enriched my last few years and opened me a door to Chinese online romance novels.
    I know it’s been a couple of months since this post was uploaded but I hope my more sincere thanks can reach you.
    I’m greateful and feel extremely fortunate to have come across your work.
    Whichever endeavors you embark on in the future, being public or private, I wish you all the best.

  35. Thank you for your hard work. While reading, i also learn something because of your explanation and also the pictures you put in. Im a silent reader too. And only starts reading them when its finished. Im super pissed at them who stole your hard working translation. If im, only a reader, feels like that, it cant be compared to your feeling, the translator. Once again, thank you so much. And please be happy.

  36. Thank you so much for all the hard work!! I really like your translations, as I always skip the additional comments in another web, except yours. You give me deeper understanding about the story. Therefore, please be happy with everything you have decide!!

    -your loyal fan

  37. It has been a while since you posted this and I wasn’t aware of it. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Now I know. First off, if you see this. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful translations. I always come back time and time again to read/re-read them. I’m currently crying. Your good bye was also really beautiful, and I think it’s fitting when people say that books become us.

  38. First, you are my favorite translator once I fell in love with Chinese novels, I know Shushengbar thanks to you. Second, I’ve read mostly every novels in this site, even I watched the drama after I read the novels here first. I really love your works, how you gave us the reader thoroughly understand the stories and your notes describing the things that we the readers unaware of. So it is a heartbreak news for me to hear this. However as much as sadness I felt, I really hope that you will always be blessings to everyone around you, as you are to me. Dear Hoju, Respect 🙏🏻

  39. Thank you for all the hard work. Without you (and all the translators/editors on this website or anywhere else), there’s no way for most of us to enjoy these great literatures.

    I’ve only discovered this site recently due to Gu Man’s You’re My Glory and I can see the level of effort being put in the translation. The novel made me cry at some part (and it’s not even a sad novel). I think we can attribute that also to the translator/editors for being able to bring forward the emotions into a translated contents.

    You guys rocks! Thank you for everything Hoju! Hope you can stay safe and healthy. Last but not least, you’ve worked hard ❣️

  40. This post made me cry. Thank you so much. I’ve said it before, that you are my favorite translator of all time (and will always will be) who is able to make me laugh and cry with the perfect wordings (and I know you spend tons of hours/days trying to convey the authors original meaning in your translation(s). I will miss reading your translations…but know that you’ve made the best decision for yourself at this time by stepping down. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your hard work all these years. Take this time to rest and focus on your mental and physical health in the 3D world.

  41. I just finished your translation of One Life One Incarnation : Beautiful Bones and was looking for something else to read when I came across your GoodBye post.
    It’s been about 3 months since you originally posted. I hope you are enjoying your time off with your family and want say thank you for the time and effort you put into the translations. While it is the author’s words, translating takes so much more than just copying word for word – it’s about conveying the spirit of the words and the emotion. You did an amazing job and I’m sorry some lazy person stole your hard work and is attempting to make money off of it. I hope this good bye is not permanent but if it is, I wish you happiness and success in your next journey.

    Farewell and Safe Travels

    P.S. I do hope you come back to post your thoughts on the Beautiful Bones drama – I need people who read the novel to discuss this with 🙂

  42. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, but I do understand stress can harm you. Thank you so much for your translations, I’m also one of your silent readers. Because of you I was able to pull myself through my hard times and I really appreciate. I wish you all the best to you and your family. God bless you so much.❤❤

  43. Thank you for your years of beautiful work.❤

  44. You are amazing. I hope all is well with you. You gave us a lot of joy and appreciation with all the hardwork you put into the translations. I do not read much American books but yours I have stayed up to 3 am reading.

  45. thank you so much for all your hard work.
    Your translation introduce me to c-novel and i am very into it. i remember my first time here was because of boss and me drama but the first c-novel that i read was actually really,really miss you.

    Whatever your decision is, i really appreciate all your effort for translating them. you have done a lot for us by introducing a lot of mo bao fei bao novel.
    Farewell, i wish you always happy and healthy whereever you are. ❤

  46. Sad to see you go. Thank you for introducing your personal and favorite stories to us non-Chinese speaking readers. Take a step back and relax. Who knows along the way something might change your mind. Wish you the best.

  47. One Life One Incarnation : Beautiful Bones is my first Chinese translated novel that I read on the internet. It’s like opening a completely new world for me. Thanks you for all your hard work all this years. I wish you a great happy life ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Not a person with nice or good words.

    Thank you for all.

    I am glad I found this blog translation when I started liking and knewing about Chinese novel and there are site for engliah translation.

    Thanks for everything.

  49. This is so sad. I started to appreciate translated chinese novel because of you. Your work is amazing. You help put to life the book for us. BUT your decision is more important. Take care and stay safe.
    – silent reader

  50. I stumble upon this blog when i tried to find the translation of you are my glory last year. Sometimes i came here when i found my real life hard to cope. Thank you so much to Hoju, Peanut and all behind this blog.

    I never good with words. I am also introvert person that very like reading something that poetic. All the novel here, then its translation give me new feelings.

    Lastly, thank you so much. May God bless you. Always be happy with your loves one and stay healthy. ❤

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