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You Are My Glory: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial


It has been a tradition here to do a post on clothing and accessory pictures in the drama. But this time I am early. The source is from a fashion expert in Weibo and all the information on those brand names are from numerous online sources. If you want further info or buy the clothes, you can search online, but don’t ask me.

Jing Jing’s Clothes

Time flies and I’ve been left behind. Because I’ve not heard of most of the fashion brands below. But fear not, I’ve caught up now. It is good that quite a number of them are Asia’s brands so they are more suitable for the Asian taste as well as look. Also, it might help newly established brands to gain some exposure. If I’ve made any mistake with any of the fashion brand, do let me know. I’ve no complain with what Jing Jing has been wearing in the drama. Each and every one of them are fitting for her age and station in life. There are a variety of color and style to suit all occasions. My favorite would have to be that oversized tee with a bear behind. It would be even better if it is a rabbit instead lol. So, which is your favorite? Did you notice Jing Jing wore a lot of rabbit earrings up until her failed confession?

13De Marzo – The name derives from the creation of the brand, which was formed in Paris on March 13th, 2018. 13 DE MARZO translates from the Spanish meaning, 13th of March and also has special meaning of peace and cheerfulness in Chinese culture. The simple, oversized tees and hoodies were originally made famous by the inclusion of a bear on the rear of the apparel.

Acne Studios – a multidisciplinary luxury fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, footwear, accessories and denim.

Lanvin – a French multinational high fashion house, which was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. 

Ader Error – a South Korean unisex brand designed by an off-the-radar fashion collective. But what does the name mean? Well, the first part of the name is an acronym: A standing for aesthetic, D for drawing and the ER is added to create a verb that means “people who draw on aesthetics”.

Alexander Wang – an American fashion designer.

Rene Caovilla – Dream shoes for women, precious, hand-made, following the noblest tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship. 

IRO – a Paris based fashion brand has a distinct vintage feel, whilst mirroring a nonchalant, easy chic style.

Not Just Pajama –  a London brand store with modern sleepwear made from sustainably sourced silk.

The Beast – is a womenswear ready-to-wear brand based in Warsaw, Poland.

Fedeli – a traditional label that produces Italian-made knitwear.

La Premiere – means “the first time” in French.

Loewe –  a Spanish luxury fashion house specialising in leather goods, clothing, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Founded in 1846, Loewe approaches 175 years as LVMH’s oldest luxury fashion house.

Ming Ma – completed his BA and MA fashion course at Central Saint Martins after receiving a Lane Crawford Scholarship, and established his namesake label in Shanghai in 2018.

Anna Quan – Founded by Australian designer Anna Hoang in 2011.

Gelato Pique – Inspired by sweet indulgences, Japanese-designed roomwear is “wearable dessert” for young and mature adults.

Chen Peng – a Chinese designer, created his namesake brand in London in 2015.

Max Mara – an Italian fashion business.

Kara – a NYC handbag label launched in 2013 by Sarah Law.

ABYB Charming –  Jewelry Brand from Hong Kong since 2017. 

Isabel Marant – a French fashion designer.

Joseph – a luxurious fashion brand and retail chain that was established in London by Moroccan entrepreneur Joseph Ettedgui and his family in 1972.

Allude – Luxury knitwear brand has its headquarters in Munich’s chic Lehel quarter.

Andersson Bell – a Seoul based fashion label that merges Korean urban street-inspired style with a minimalist Scandinavian.

AMI – Founded in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI offers a stylish and comprehensive wardrobe that blurs the boundaries between both casual and chic.

Ralph Lauren – an American fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments.

Emu Australia – an Australian lifestyle brand that designs, produces and markets footwear and accessories. 

Ganni – a Danish contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand founded in 2000.

JW Anderson – a British fashion label, founded by Jonathan Anderson.

Frame Denim – an American fashion-retail company that designs and sells high-end clothing for men and women.

Coperni – Parisian womenswear label was established in 2015 by French designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant. It is named after the renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who discovered the Heliocentric theory, which states that the sun is at the center of the universe.

 N°21 –  in 2010, Dell’Acqua launched a new contemporary womenswear line named after his birthdate and lucky number.

Mackyo – a design collective founded in Shanghai.

IMMI – a ready-to-wear brand which created by Joyce & XIAOMIN.

Galia Lahav – a fashion company established in 1984 in Tel Aviv. The brand is primarily known for its bridal and evening wear.

Mikimoto – Japan’s representative jeweler. In 1893, the founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first in the world to successfully culture a pearl.

Coolbrella – The revolutionary umbrella with reverse opening and closing system to solve your problems on rainy days.

Junn. J –  Korean designer.

Cissonne – founded in Paris, France. It is named after the classical ballet term “Sissonne”, which means “jumping with feet, free movement in the air” in French.

Stuart Weitzman – Known for over 35 years for its artisanal Spanish craftsmanship and precisely-engineered fit.

Dsquared2 – a high fashion brand launched in 1995 by twin brother’s dean and Dan Caten in Milan Italy.

Knightly – established in 2005 as a manufacturer of quality wedding dresses and prom dresses, based in China.

Cochains – a New York & Paris-based cutting edge handbag brand founded in 2016.

Louis Vuitton – a French fashion house and luxury goods company founded in 1854.

Magyann – a brand from the young European designer Marguerite Yann.

Alessandra Rich –  an Italian-born, London-based designer.

Ambush – Tokyo style tycoons VERBAL and YOON first launched AMBUSH in 2008 to distribute the high-end jewelry pieces.

Jil Sander – Heidemarie Jiline “Jil” Sander is a minimalist German fashion designer. 

Zimmermann – A luxury Australian fashion brand.

Uooyaa – was created in Shanghai in 2013 to break down the boundaries between high fashion and street culture.

Marseven – a Chinese jewelry brand full of space and time imagination and fantasy color.

Sei Carina Y –  a local designer brand in China. Sei Carina means “You are cute” in Italian. 

Mood x Miura – a designer women’s wear brand under the Murang Fashion (Wuhan) Co.

Simon Rocha – an Irish international fashion designer.

Mashama – Masha Ma is a Chinese fashion designer.

Mayali – Maya Li is a womenswear fashion designer graduated from Northumbria University in England.Poem – one of Thailand’s most locally and internationally successful fashion brands.

See by Chloe – Dominating the fashion scene since 1952, French powerhouse Chloé delivered IT-girl little sister, See By Chloé to the scene in 2001. Following in the footsteps of her sophisticated older sister, See By Chloé stays true to the label’s quintessential aesthetic, while catering to the next generation of fashion connoisseurs. 

Self-portrait – a contemporary luxury label which has experienced a rapid rise to commercial success, was established in London by a Malaysian-born designer. 

Sounder Wang – established by jewelry designer Wang Song in 2018.

Lee Wei – founded in 2019.

Lost in Echo – a made in china designer brand focusing on shoes and jewelry, founded in 2018. 

SJYP – Korean designer duo Steve J and Yoni P launched their streetwear brand in summer 2015.

Maison Kitsune – a French—Japanese electronic music record label and fashion label created in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki and the London-based company Åbäke. Kitsune is the Japanese word for “fox”. 

Sence La – Founded in Los Angeles, a mixture of fashion and street wear.

Re’van – women’s clothing branded founded in 2019 in Shanghai.

Victoria’s Secret – an American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer.

We Couture – this Chinese designer label was founded by Demi Jiong and Derek Wongin in 2008.

Welldone – Korean fashion brand.

Tibi – an American fashion company based in New York City.

Yaozonku – Founded in Shanghai and named as independent designer.

PH5 – Established in New York in 2014, PH5 is an advanced contemporary women’s knitwear brand founded by Wei Lin.

Masion Margiela – a French luxury fashion house headquartered in Paris and founded in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. 

Other Accessories 

Craftholic – a series of characters designed by Ikuko Yamamoto of Accent, a Tokyo-based interior goods and lifestyle company.

Rimowa – a high-quality luggage manufacturer, founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany.

Yu Tu’s Clothes

Because Yu Tu is a poorly paid aerospace engineer, he is not wearing branded clothes that can easily be recognised like Feng Teng. Bong said he is Gu Man’s poorest male lead, which I agree. Thus, you can’t expect him to have as many clothes as Jing Jing. But his outerwear is not cheap. Many people have been complaining that his clothes are too dark and dull. But, his wardrobe shown in a scene in the drama is more colorful. I guess it is befitting his current dark mood as well as his fascination with the galaxy and occupation as a man of science and technology. Many of Yu Tu’s clothes have aerospace elements, and a few of them are “space series”. Let’s see if his clothes color will change later. At least those clothes look fitting and good on him so I’ve no complain. Could they be Yang Yang’s personal clothes? Another reason why Yu Tu is always in black, could be to create a contrast to or to differentiate from his all white, prince charming image as Xiao Nai in Love O2O. 

Acne Studios – a multidisciplinary luxury fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, footwear, accessories and denim.AMI – Founded in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI offers a stylish and comprehensive wardrobe that blurs the boundaries between both casual and chic.

Daneil Hechter – a French fashion and lifestyle brand.

Dunhill – a British luxury goods brand.

Evisu – a Japanese designer clothing company that specializes in producing denim wear through traditional, labor-intensive methods.

Junn. J – Korean designer.

Mackage – Mackage was founded in 1999 by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan in Montreal, Canada. Together, they developed one of the most well-known and high-quality outerwear brands.

Neil Barrett – an English fashion designer who built his business around minimalist menswear.

Ports – a luxury fashion house that was founded by Canadian fashion designer Luke Tanabe (1920–2009) in Toronto in 1961.

Agender – a South Korean brand founded in 2016 with a unisex approach.

Stone Island – an Italian luxury men’s apparel brand from Ravarino. 

Thom Browne – an American fashion designer.

Unawares – emerging Chinese label. 

Other Accessories 

北斗TA603 – satellite positioning military watch developed by China with accuracy to nanoseconds.  


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  4. Oh wow, this is true dedication! I don’t think I would have been able to identify any of the clothing brands hahaha. I must admit that I generally don’t pay much attention to the clothing in dramas, so I didn’t even notice until this post that Yang Yang has pretty much been wearing the same thing. I agree that he still looks fantastic in them.

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  8. Thank you! I wish they would have showed the one sweater she wears in the beginning that has a little bear on her back! I was laughing. I’ve never seen this before! So creative! Anyway Great to hear from you! Thank you for keeping your work up. I’m enjoying reading while watching the show. They are sticking pretty close to the novel. Love your work!

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    I really love the Poem dress and most of the evening dresses Jing Jing wore.
    Can’t afford any of them but they are so pretty. 💗

  16. im currently at ep3, i found QJJ’s pajama is so eye catching, so i came back here to see the brand name. thank you 😀

  17. Omg omg. How did I just find this site just now? This was fab… mom and I are both trying to find that white bucket hat. I see it twice above but no designer mentioned. Ahhhh! Looked around but no luck yet. Must. Have. That. Hat.


  19. Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for narrowing down the brand on the astronaut shirt that Yang Yang wears. I fell in love with it the second I saw it in the show. Do you by any chance have any idea where I could find it for purchase? I can’t even figure out what year/collection it belongs to using the “Ports” or “Ports 1961” brand name. Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

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